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  1. Mosaic   8s
  2. Debate Mosaic   8s
  3. Ask Trapper   8s
  4. Support Mosaic   6m
  5. Sex   6m
  6. Parasites   13m
  7. Parasites: RX   13m
  8. Accutane   13m
  9. Acne   13m
  10. Liver Flush   13m
  11. Candida   13m
  12. Leaky Gut   13m
  13. Anxiety   15m
  14. Cleansing & Detox   15m
  15. Iodine VWT   27m
  16. Favorites   27m
  17. Enema & Colonics   37m
  18. Probiotics   37m
  19. Islam   50m
  20. Adrenal Fatigue   64m
  21. Parasites: Skin   121m
  22. Endocrine   127m
  23. Hypoglycemia   127m
  24. Fibromyalgia   127m
  25. Hypothyroid   127m
  26. CFS, ME, CFIDS   127m
  27. Helminthic Therapy   137m
  28. Barefooters' Library   137m
  29. Malabsorption   150m
  30. Lymph Cleanse   150m
  31. Master Cleanse   157m
  32. Ask CureZone   157m
  33. Prophecy   157m
  34. Spirituality   157m
  35. Fasting: Water   4h
  36. Fasting General   4h
  37. Fasting: Weight   4h
  38. Fasting Intermittent   4h
  39. Parasites Protozoa   5h
  40. Hulda Clark   5h
  41. Zapper Support   5h
  42. Dr. Beck   5h
  43. Electro-Medicine   5h
  44. Conspiracy   5h
  45. Nasal Rinse   5h
  46. IBS   5h
  47. Hair Health   6h
  48. Christianity Debate   6h
  49. Diabetes Type II   6h
  50. Acupuncture   6h
  51. Politics   7h
  52. Jokes for Kids   7h
  53. Animals & Pets   7h
  54. Just for fun   7h
  55. Cancer   8h
  56. Ask Barefoot Herbalist   9h
  57. Herpes Simplex 1   10h
  58. Body Odor   12h
  59. Hypertension   13h
  60. Heart   13h
  61. Kidney Failure   13h
  62. Psychiatry   13h
  63. Oil Pulling   14h
  64. Dental Health   14h
  65. Coconut Oil   16h
  66. Dental   16h
  67. Truth in Medicine   16h
  68. Eczema   16h
  69. Hair Loss   16h
  70. Candida Debate   21h
  71. The Candida Diet   23h
  72. Cavitations   24h
  73. Chemical Sensitivity   24h
  74. Fungus   24h
  75. Diet   25h
  76. Sleep Disorders   25h
  77. Chronic Pain   26h
  78. Neurology   28h
  79. TMAU   29h
  80. Seborrheic Dermatitis   30h
  81. MRSA   31h
  82. Rife   31h
  83. Computer   35h
  84. Consciousness   35h
  85. Abuse Support   35h
  86. Mathematics   35h
  87. Physics   35h
  88. Astronomy   35h
  89. Market Place   36h
  90. Peeling Lips   38h
  91. Dorn Method   38h
  92. Natural Healing   39h
  93. Mirena IUD   47h
  94. Vaccination Debate   47h
  95. Ask Tony   48h
  96. Morgellons   51h
  97. Colloidal Silver   51h
  98. Sinus Problems   51h
  99. Allergies   51h
  100. Hepatitis C   51h
  101. All Forums
  1. Forgotten Words! by kerminator  146m   201,553 page views
  2. Atoms アトたち by UtsU  3h   3,137 page views
  3. Spiritual healing by #461  4h   93 page views
  4. Ya’ think?? by kerminator  6h   752,644 page views
  5. My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator  70h   506,632 page views
  6. ”Atoms have consciousness” with images by Takashi  3d   28,003 page views
  7. Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener  3d   15,259,604 page views
  8. Raw Milk: The Whole Truth by chef jem  5d   612,640 page views
  9. Chef Jemichel by chef jem  6d   634,456 page views
  10. ABCs of Conscious Evolution by luckman  6d   709,134 page views
  11. The message which a cell is pleased with by BDOC  6d   5,007 page views
  12. Son of Truth of Self by Chef JeM  6d   933,572 page views
  13. Path of my Life by Karlin  7d   816,282 page views
  14. At war with nature; parasites by forbetterorworse  18d   210 page views
  15. Natural Life Force Energy - Selenite/Plasterite Natural Life For... by plasterite  26d   2,674 page views
  16. Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator  27d   662,008 page views
  17. Dreaming a New Reality by lfire  28d   494,176 page views
  18. Luckyhopes journey out by luckyhope  32d   13,442 page views
  19. Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle. by caa522  34d   7,834 page views
  20. Black Cumin - Nigella Sativa - Black Seed Benefits by Blackseed Expert  35d   4,030 page views
  21. The Benefits of Yemeni Honey and Honeycomb by #185897  37d   3,891 page views
  22. Coping with Betrayal by SoulfulSurvivor  38d   78,949 page views
  23. Letting My Body Heal Itself- 60 day water fast by Itslikerubber  44d   4,911 page views
  24. Atoms have consciousness by Takashi  52d   35,768 page views
  25. 80 Day Water Fast by ssan6004  54d   455 page views
  26. Vitamin D3 treatment for Diabetes type 1b by #136856  56d   78,531 page views
  27. Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator  59d   592,568 page views
  28. ~~Thoughts of a Lady~~ by Fastingchick1000  69d   92,134 page views
  29. The Splendifurous Power of Fasting!!!!! by Fastingchick1000  69d   92,657 page views
  30. Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse.... by Kerminator  77d   718,958 page views
  31. Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator  82d   529,568 page views
  32. EarthSpirit by Mayah  87d   764,204 page views
  33. water only fast till completion or return of true hunger by esperenza  89d   635 page views
  34. Candida Answers and Cures by slowsmile  3mo   4,663 page views
  35. Herpes Nation by natropractica  4mo   298,696 page views
  36. Birthday Bash by #195831  4mo   13,623 page views
  37. Evolving Nutrition Awareness - By Chef Jemichel by Chef JeM  5mo   28,234 page views
  38. The Candida Diet by Dr.Jeff  7mo   161,106 page views
  39. Taurus Rising by gosslin  7mo   2,644 page views
  40. My 120 Day Broad Fast by celery stick  7mo   8,329 page views
  41. My Healing Journey by Daisylover  7mo   4,178 page views
  42. Heal Thyself/Sacred Woman by ren  8mo   215,057 page views
  43. Parasites and how I am dealing with them physically, emotionally... by whenwillitend  10mo   198,240 page views
  44. The Maven by stupierce  10mo   2,182 page views
  45. Codependency: The Curable Addiction by randigfine  10mo   169,698 page views
  46. Just News by freedom4us  11mo   2,615 page views
  47. The Real Cause of All Diseases by joseph031  11mo   2,915 page views
  48. Another Alternative of MMS Acidified - Sodium Chlorite 28% not ac... by gjplaceres  11mo   2,472 page views
  49. Herbal Medicine and Modern Research for Male Enhancement by TryVigfx  11mo   2,569 page views
  50. Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss by katiemarie  12mo   99,010 page views
  51. Raw Foods is it for Everybody by bluepastry  12mo   1,191,525 page views
  52. Adventures in Self-healing: 40 Day Water Only Fast by journeyembarking  12mo   2,825 page views
  53. Natural Vision Corner by darmar  12mo   3,416 page views
  54. Mother Earth Heals by Liora Leah  12mo   1,965,823 page views
  55. CURED of PARASITES: Blastocystis hominis & Dientamoeba fragilis. by dsquat  12mo   154,207 page views
  56. Treating Fecal Body Odor, Not Curing. by StrivingtoTreatThis  13mo   3,646 page views
  57. Kinesiology by iamnatural  13mo   2,860 page views
  58. affordable cold press juicer by  13mo   2,773 page views
  59. Juice Fasting to Cure Mold Illness by SuperWoman29  13mo   7,301 page views
  60. Red’s water fast journey. by Redswaterfast  13mo   8,445 page views
  61. Tomorrow Will be Better by mary88  13mo   27,259 page views
  62. Water fasting for weight loss. by SSMM  13mo   2,276 page views
  63. Depressed Fecal Smelling Teen by depressedstressedgal  13mo   5,757 page views
  64. Nursing in the Raw by ren  14mo   456,031 page views
  65. Water Fasting - 21 days by earlybird14  14mo   3,484 page views
  66. Moringa Oleifera combat malnutrition by kyamites  14mo   2,156 page views
  67. Blue Pastry by bluepastry  14mo   312,840 page views
  68. Iodine dosage chart by DogTired  15mo   3,628 page views
  69. 20 day fast experience by labelletea  16mo   3,839 page views
  70. Day 1 of ?? by blackrabbit85  16mo   3,450 page views
  71. Stage IV Kidney Cancer Ramblings Insights Humor Etiquette and Hop... by Stillhere  16mo   3,575 page views
  72. Kasima’s Journey to Health by kasima  17mo   63,804 page views
  73. 28 day water fast by R2idaho  17mo   9,366 page views
  74. Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary by Archangel777  17mo   518,865 page views
  75. Healing Journey - Water fast (4th attempt) by caa522  18mo   9,224 page views
  76. The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free) by mysogood1031  19mo   17,112 page views
  77. Experiencing Empty by Experiencingempty  19mo   3,503 page views
  78. HIV survivor by Rickster12345  19mo   5,540 page views
  79. Broth Fast 30 days by diotima  19mo   4,408 page views
  80. Rife Frequencies via Dowsing by Newport  20mo   497,581 page views
  81. PATTY Giving up-NOT an option. Suffering-NOT an option by #133830  22mo   92,598 page views
  82. Detoxing with coffee enema by ProPaul  23mo   213,614 page views
  83. a day in the life by sunnydd  23mo   7,241 page views
  84. Test Blog (Software Testing) by Webmaster  23mo   34,179 page views
  85. BLogs Frequently Asked Questions by Webmaster  23mo   407,078 page views
  86. Healing Journey - Water fast (2nd attempt) by caa522  24mo   7,203 page views
  87. Gluten Intolerance by iamnatural  24mo   5,528 page views
  88. I Am Natural Therapies by iamnatural  24mo   17,232 page views
  89. Newport’s Extended Favorites by Newport  25mo   26,132 page views
  90. Herbal World by MichaelXu  25mo   5,526 page views
  91. Obamacare Facts Analysis by ObamaHealthCare  25mo   7,998 page views
  92. Target Weight :30 days Fruit Diet dOLLY by ramya  26mo   5,866 page views
  93. The Whey, The Truth and The Life! by Chef JeM  26mo   37,855 page views
  94. Natural Remedies for the respiratory system disorders by sanaherb  26mo   7,758 page views
  95. The Crescent Moon Shines On Us All by mo123  27mo   451,832 page views
  96. Floating the Abyss by SoulfulSurvivor  27mo   152,020 page views
  97. SomethingsArt by parkupton  28mo   16,175 page views
  98. Transformational by forgood123  28mo   15,367 page views
  99. Water Fasting by lunasister  28mo   10,868 page views
  100. Personal Experience Fighting Parasites by hopefulandhealing  28mo   7,738 page views
  101. All Blogs

Favorite Messages

  1. FGM - Evil in operation... by kerminator  146m   27  Blog: Forgotten Words!  
  2. Why Heroes? by kerminator  6h   17  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  3. Science by Ginagirl  13h   89   RRR
  4. Re: Mucous, mucous, and more mucous by archus  25h   48   R
  5. Re: Raw Vegan Juicing, vs. Fasting. Handoff Unclear by archus  48h   27  
  6. Spiritual healing part two... by #461  52h   21  Blog: Spiritual healing  
  7. Re: Switching over to a blog format maybe... by #461  52h   45  
  8. GOD’S NOT GUILTY Lesson 13 of 48 by kerminator  70h   65  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  9. Candida Diet Plan Final Solution MUST READ by utopianfreeman  3d   116  
  10. Re: First 10 day water fast. Well-wishes welcome! by SisterNightingale  3d   66  
  11. Re: Physical Pain While Fasting by archus  3d   55  
  12. mattk3 protocol Re: can anybody help me? by HotelParasite  4d   102  
  13. Re: Diet Audit - EAT TO LIVE by archus  4d   51  
  14. Re: Scada RSG-4 zapper by #461  5d   95  
  15. Re: everyone i found who beat candida went very low carb ,or no carb by frostymug  5d   94  
  16. Fasting, schizophrenic and take medications by archus  5d   83  
  17. Image Embedded Award-winning Novel Highlights Lucid Dreams, Shamanism by luckman  6d   102  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  18. Confusion reigns supreme by kerminator  7d   115  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  19. INTEGRITY OF GOD’S WORD Lesson 12 of 48 by kerminator  7d   96  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  20. WHEN A CHRISTIAN SINS? Lesson 11 of 48 by kerminator  7d   83  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  21. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 8 of 48 by kerminator  7d   75  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  22. Re: a little mike rivero in the morning by Newport  8d   96  
  23. I am He by kerminator  10d   69  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  24. Re: Tested for parasites - came back negative. Now diagnosed with Candida instea... by Cimber38  11d   168  
  25. Ascaris, Fluke, Tapeworm Short and Sweet - How I did it. by mattk3  11d   190  
  26. Image Embedded Video Embedded 432 DNA Tuning & the “Nazi-ization” of Music by luckman  13d   99  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  27. german television shocker by trapper/kcmo  13d   168  
  28. Re: I think they would have worked, had he dedicated his time to his health, whe... by sman1109  14d   134  
  29. Re: Parasite cleanse symptoms by #461  14d   141  
  30. Discipleship Evangelism - IDENTITY IN CHRIST - Part 2 by kerminator  15d   92  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  31. Please help with list of symptoms by Maroni  17d   178  C  
  32. Re: Why did natural therapies not work for Steve Jobs? by #87118  17d   185     1 of 1 (100%)  
  33. Lugols Help please by cheshiremike  17d   133  
  34. Re: In case you didn't notice it by lovelovelovelove  18d   128  
  35. Re: Keshe plasma reactor for sale by trust2009  18d   98  
  36. So very sick...looking for any advise you can offer by sierra2016  18d   199  
  37. Re: Why did natural therapies not work for Steve Jobs? by #461  19d   251  
  38. Re: the most attacked article i have ever seen on the internet by trapper/kcmo  19d   169  
  39. Re: the most attacked article i have ever seen on the internet by ohfor07  19d   184  
  40. Image Embedded the most attacked article i have ever seen on the internet by trapper/kcmo  19d   205  
  41. Image Embedded fecebook by trapper/kcmo  19d   136  
  42. number 4 by MH  19d   127  
  43. Re: An apple and an orange by david1o1  19d   168  
  44. Re: new products by MH  21d   225  
  45. Re: Essential oils while fasting by archus  22d   210  
  46. Re: Unknown mouth rash - please help I'm miserable by allthatstuff  24d   180  
  47. Re: Let's GO! by kmg4  26d   134  
  48. Re: Let's GO! by kmg4  26d   144  
  49. A wrong understanding of the purpose by kerminator  27d   115  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!!  
  50. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 7 of 48 by kerminator  29d   88  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  51. How to not disagree? by kerminator  29d   95  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!!  
  52. From where I stand part 1 by kerminator  30d   101  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  53. Know starvation and Autolysis by archus  30d   201     1 of 1 (100%)  
  54. Image Embedded Reset Your "Ener-genetic" Blueprint by luckman  30d   114  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  55. sarahann32: Strongyloides Protocol - Albendazole, Ivermectin, & Doxycycline by ICU  31d   256  
  56. anti-cancer foods and remedies by DesertLili  32d   183  
  57. Re: Parasites might ruin my marriage!! :( by #461  32d   333  
  58. Hair Loss,Oily Scalp,Low Body Temp,Fatigue..HELP by secrethero89  33d   328  C  
  59. Re: Fasting buddy: day 1 of 40 day water fast by earthwalker7  33d   193  
  60. Signs of the Coming.... by kerminator  34d   103  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  61. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 6 of 48 by kerminator  35d   106  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  62. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 5 of 48 by kerminator  35d   74  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  63. A long Ways to go by MH  35d   174  
  64. The World's Cannabis Information Resource by InCharge  37d   89  
  65. Are there benign parasites? Advice needed on stool analysis results by Funguy  37d   224  
  66. Image Embedded Regenetics Compared to Other Forms of DNA Activation by luckman  39d   122  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  67. Re: Vitamin D supplement in non-oral form by MH  40d   221  
  68. What do you do when you don't know what to do? by bugrally  41d   103  Blog: My personal journey  
  69. Benefits of a Physical Therapist by azsds111  41d   92  Blog: Physical Therapist  
  70. Re: Keshe plasma reactor for sale by trust2009  42d   231  
  71. Learn to harness your emotions! by kerminator  43d   118  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  72. Re: Day 12 of 14. The last days are the hardest. by archus  44d   202  
  73. Re: Follow up zapper questions by parazapper  44d   234  
  74. Re: Follow up zapper questions by parazapper  44d   243  
  75. Pineal Gland and Fluoride #trapper/kcmo #Pixer by lovelovelovelove  45d   232  
  76. Re: Piperazine or reeses? by mattk3  45d   199  
  77. Image Embedded Searching For Answers 2 Help my 3 year old son by #202761  46d   312  C  
  78. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 4 of 48 by kerminator  47d   129  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  79. The True Nature Of God by kerminator  47d   126  Blog: Forgotten Words!  
  80. More profit in treatments and less in cures! by kerminator  47d   118  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  81. DNA MONTHLY (Vol. 11, No. 5) by luckman  47d   112  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  82. Video Embedded Re: Next assessment by vektek  48d   182  
  83. Re: my current assessment by vektek  48d   174  
  84. Haven't they stolen enough already?? by #461  50d   346  
  85. Re: I need help for breaking my 12 day fast by archus  50d   182  
  86. Re: I need help for breaking my 12 day fast by glaxony  50d   216  
  87. Re: Rod Class's Latest by #202311  51d   143  
  88. Re: Need help in identifying pronged parasite, notice: graphic photo included by mattk3  51d   143  
  89. Speaking of the truth? by kerminator  51d   143  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  90. Re: Atypical lyme disease by Newport  51d   205  
  91. Re: Need help in identifying pronged parasite, notice: graphic photo included by stillbattling  51d   132  
  92. Re: Need help in identifying pronged parasite, notice: graphic photo included by mattk3  51d   153  
  93. I wrote that unprocessed fats are good, but is wrong to combine them with starch... by DesertLili  52d   173  
  94. Re: Intermittent Fasting - Help please by HariEmani  52d   270  
  95. Image Embedded Listen Free to Part 1 of the Award-winning Novel SNOOZE by luckman  52d   140  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  96. Re: Day 7 of 40 day Water Fast by archus  53d   216  
  97. Re: Hyperinfection Hospice by mattk3  55d   395   R
  98. Re: Pork tapeworm by MH  56d   328  
  99. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 3 of 48 by kerminator  57d   142  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  100. Discipleship Evangelism Lesson - 2 of 48 by kerminator  57d   149  Blog: My Unusual Road of L  
  101. Favorites Forum: All Favorite Messages
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