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  1. Christianity Debate   110s
  2. Mosaic   110s
  3. Debate Mosaic   110s
  4. Ask Trapper   49m
  5. Support Mosaic   51m
  6. Parasites: RX   51m
  7. Fasting: Water   57m
  8. Favorites   80m
  9. Adrenal Fatigue   143m
  10. Peeling Lips   3h
  11. Seborrheic Dermatitis   3h
  12. Parasites (Alt Med)   4h
  13. Christianity Biblical   4h
  14. Mirena IUD   4h
  15. Hair Health   4h
  16. EBV Epstein-Barr   4h
  17. Parasites: Skin   4h
  18. Colloidal Silver   4h
  19. Parasites Protozoa   4h
  20. Coconut Oil   4h
  21. Diabetes Type II   5h
  22. Rife   5h
  23. Liver Flush   5h
  24. Candida   6h
  25. Nigella Sativa   7h
  26. Weight Loss   8h
  27. Politics   8h
  28. Neurology   9h
  29. Medical Marijuana   11h
  30. Hemp   11h
  31. Addiction: Drug   11h
  32. Macrobiotics   11h
  33. Help Me   11h
  34. Rheumatoid Arthritis   11h
  35. Pregnancy/Birth   11h
  36. Psoriasis   11h
  37. Body Odor   12h
  38. Conspiracy   13h
  39. Dr. Schulze 2 [A]   13h
  40. Chelation   13h
  41. Chelation: Cutler   13h
  42. Morgellons   14h
  43. USP Parasites   14h
  44. Christian Healing   15h
  45. Iodine VWT   16h
  46. Probiotics   18h
  47. IBS   18h
  48. Leaky Gut   18h
  49. IUD Malfunctions   18h
  50. Hair Loss   18h
  51. Barefooters' Library   19h
  52. Diet   20h
  53. News   20h
  54. Child Sexual Abuse   21h
  55. Rape Survivors   21h
  56. Abuse Support   21h
  57. Victims of Crime   21h
  58. Men Raped   21h
  59. Ask Barefoot Herbalist   21h
  60. Bad Breath   22h
  61. Bleeding Gums   22h
  62. Detox & Cleansing Forum   24h
  63. Kidney Stones   24h
  64. Cholesterol   24h
  65. Cancer   26h
  66. Colostrum   26h
  67. Itch   26h
  68. Depression   26h
  69. Gynecological   26h
  70. Sex   26h
  71. Lyme Disease   26h
  72. Ask CureZone   27h
  73. Stress   30h
  74. Skin Cancer   30h
  75. Folliculitis   30h
  76. Anxiety   31h
  77. Bacterial Vaginosis   35h
  78. Ask Tony   35h
  79. Zapper Support   36h
  80. Marriage   38h
  81. Abused Husband   38h
  82. Happiness   38h
  83. Women’s   38h
  84. Sleep Disorders   38h
  85. Food and Mood   41h
  86. Sugar   41h
  87. Fasting: Dry   43h
  88. Liver Flush FAQ   51h
  89. Iodine   53h
  90. Ask Agnes&Bob3[A]   53h
  91. Aromatherapy   56h
  92. Urine Therapy   56h
  93. Ayurveda   57h
  94. Ask Dennis   58h
  95. Elimination Diet   59h
  96. Celiac Disease   59h
  97. Allergies   59h
  98. No-Grain Diet   59h
  99. Fungus   64h
  100. Demodex Mites   65h
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  1. Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener  4h   18,610,408 page views
  2. Atoms have consciousness by Takashi  29h   86,427 page views
  3. ”Atoms have consciousness” with images by Takashi  51h   91,414 page views
  4. Dreaming a New Reality by lfire  6d   623,412 page views
  5. ABCs of Conscious Evolution by luckman  6d   857,145 page views
  6. The ’Creme de la Creme’ by Chef Jemichel by Chef JeM  7d   7,469 page views
  7. Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator  12d   595,493 page views
  8. Son of Truth of Self by Chef JeM  13d   1,186,076 page views
  9. Path of my Life by Karlin  14d   943,589 page views
  10. Getting the parasites out by mizmac  15d   25,214 page views
  11. Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse.... by Kerminator  18d   822,868 page views
  12. My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator  20d   605,363 page views
  13. Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator  23d   772,206 page views
  14. Plaster Orgonite Blog by NanoTech  25d   276 page views
  15. Chef Jemichel by chef jem  42d   810,404 page views
  16. kerala tour package by ansondavid  45d   164 page views
  17. How I got rid of my 18 year old Dermal Melasma by simplebeauty  56d   303 page views
  18. Natural Virility Supplement by saminten  65d   273 page views
  19. Vig Power Capsule by toniantonio  86d   381 page views
  20. I Am Natural Therapies by iamnatural  3mo   22,414 page views
  21. Atoms アトたち by UtsU  3mo   9,282 page views
  22. EarthSpirit by Mayah  4mo   947,124 page views
  23. The message which a cell is pleased with by BDOC  4mo   19,546 page views
  24. Uncovering The Starchild Within by Ren  4mo   1,032,014 page views
  25. Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator  5mo   679,354 page views
  26. Forgotten Words! by kerminator  5mo   263,158 page views
  27. Brain Cancer Hope by EPiC Thunder  5mo   825 page views
  28. chronic care management services and programs by georgeharry0022  5mo   479 page views
  29. Ya’ think?? by kerminator  5mo   842,435 page views
  30. nfl by wyadmin  5mo   528 page views
  31. Health N Fitness Mantra by architapatel12  6mo   402 page views
  32. Movies by prilifigh  6mo   384 page views
  33. A Library of Healing Tricks by blueplanet  6mo   5,896 page views
  34. Ramadan 2016 dry fasting intermittent fasting by mrsFKH  6mo   467 page views
  35. VitD3 for Diabetes type 1b by #136856  7mo   103,939 page views
  36. Black Cumin - Nigella Sativa - Black Seed Benefits by Blackseed Expert  7mo   9,179 page views
  37. Evolving Nutritional Awareness - By Chef Jemichel by Chef JeM  8mo   36,404 page views
  38. Luckyhopes journey out by luckyhope  8mo   20,479 page views
  39. CAUSES OF CANCER Me against the BIG! by curefx  8mo   671 page views
  40. Raw Milk: The Whole Truth by chef jem  8mo   753,198 page views
  41. Selenite/Plasterite Life Force energy Healing Sjamanism Natural ... by plasterite  9mo   8,658 page views
  42. New Jordans 2016 by sh460121  9mo   919 page views
  43. 30-40 day water fast - on day 13 now by lovesolvesall  9mo   3,102 page views
  44. Fluroquinolone Toxicity Poisoning ... Antibiotics that ruin your... by Foods2health  10mo   1,505 page views
  45. 40 Day Water Fast for Lent by MsAmbitious  10mo   1,572 page views
  46. 40+ Day Water fast by J e k k y  10mo   1,177 page views
  47. Depressed Fecal Smelling Teen by depressedstressedgal  10mo   9,126 page views
  48. weird things that happen to me by madisonj213456  10mo   1,047 page views
  49. zandorfox by shannon321  10mo   731 page views
  50. water only fast till completion or return of true hunger by esperenza  10mo   2,108 page views
  51. Handsome03283 by Handsome03283  11mo   1,391 page views
  52. How we got rid of demodex mites by slygal  11mo   904 page views
  53. How Not to Die by #185897  11mo   1,015 page views
  54. Day 1 OF WATER 14 WATER FASTING CHRONICLES LOL by Mrs Richey08  11mo   1,907 page views
  55. A New Therapy for Health & Energy - The Therapy with Pictures! by NewTherapy  11mo   10,037 page views
  56. A New Therapy for Health & Energy - Explanations about The Therap... by NewTherapy  11mo   9,094 page views
  57. Spiritual healing by #461  11mo   3,317 page views
  58. Opt out of Morgellons. Click to cure it instantly. by BeyondEnigma  11mo   1,524 page views
  59. Morgellons Please help me identify these pictures by #202566  12mo   982 page views
  60. At war with nature; parasites by forbetterorworse  13mo   1,512 page views
  61. Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle. by caa522  14mo   14,702 page views
  62. The Benefits of Yemeni Honey and Honeycomb by #185897  14mo   7,657 page views
  63. Coping with Betrayal by SoulfulSurvivor  14mo   98,471 page views
  64. Letting My Body Heal Itself- 60 day water fast by Itslikerubber  14mo   11,819 page views
  65. 80 Day Water Fast by ssan6004  14mo   1,627 page views
  66. Burning bladder irritation by Bexy  15mo   2,245 page views
  67. ~~Thoughts of a Lady~~ by Fastingchick1000  15mo   113,005 page views
  68. The Splendifurous Power of Fasting!!!!! by Fastingchick1000  15mo   120,109 page views
  69. How to Deal with Addiction by recoverygroup  15mo   2,254 page views
  70. Candida Answers and Cures by slowsmile  16mo   10,379 page views
  71. Herpes Nation by natropractica  17mo   323,668 page views
  72. Birthday Bash by #195831  17mo   24,594 page views
  73. The Candida Diet by Dr.Jeff  20mo   184,525 page views
  74. Taurus Rising by gosslin  20mo   5,870 page views
  75. My 120 Day Broad Fast by celery stick  20mo   16,245 page views
  76. My Healing Journey by Daisylover  20mo   7,960 page views
  77. Heal Thyself/Sacred Woman by ren  21mo   231,116 page views
  78. Parasites and how I am dealing with them physically, emotionally... by whenwillitend  23mo   251,437 page views
  79. The Maven by stupierce  23mo   4,058 page views
  80. Codependency: The Curable Addiction by randigfine  23mo   233,674 page views
  81. Just News by freedom4us  24mo   4,581 page views
  82. The Real Cause of All Diseases by joseph031  24mo   5,146 page views
  83. Winning the fight against Herpes. My story. by slovocavich  24mo   5,400 page views
  84. Another Alternative of MMS Acidified - Sodium Chlorite 28% not ac... by gjplaceres  24mo   4,522 page views
  85. Herbal Medicine and Modern Research for Male Enhancement by TryVigfx  24mo   4,449 page views
  86. Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss by katiemarie  25mo   108,378 page views
  87. Raw Foods is it for Everybody by bluepastry  25mo   1,321,406 page views
  88. Adventures in Self-healing: 40 Day Water Only Fast by journeyembarking  25mo   4,753 page views
  89. Natural Vision Corner by darmar  25mo   5,477 page views
  90. Mother Earth Heals by Liora Leah  25mo   2,144,175 page views
  91. CURED of PARASITES: Blastocystis hominis & Dientamoeba fragilis. by dsquat  25mo   183,429 page views
  92. Treating Fecal Body Odor, Not Curing. by StrivingtoTreatThis  26mo   6,092 page views
  93. Kinesiology by iamnatural  26mo   4,720 page views
  94. affordable cold press juicer by  26mo   4,553 page views
  95. Juice Fasting to Cure Mold Illness by SuperWoman29  26mo   11,482 page views
  96. Red’s water fast journey. by Redswaterfast  26mo   12,501 page views
  97. Tomorrow Will be Better by mary88  26mo   36,934 page views
  98. Water fasting for weight loss. by SSMM  26mo   4,263 page views
  99. Nursing in the Raw by ren  27mo   570,657 page views
  100. Water Fasting - 21 days by earlybird14  27mo   5,715 page views
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