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  1. Fibromyalgia   59s
  2. Adrenal Fatigue   59s
  3. Stress   59s
  4. Anxiety   59s
  5. Mosaic   59s
  6. Support Mosaic   59s
  7. Chronic Pain   59s
  8. Debate Mosaic   9m
  9. Ask Trapper   9m
  10. Master Cleanse   15m
  11. Rape Survivors   36m
  12. Abuse Support   36m
  13. Depression   36m
  14. Child Sexual Abuse   36m
  15. Victims of Crime   36m
  16. Men Raped   36m
  17. Fasting General   44m
  18. Bigorexia   44m
  19. Iodine VWT   47m
  20. Parasites: RX   48m
  21. Parasites   55m
  22. Liver Flush   77m
  23. Juicing   77m
  24. Cavitations   79m
  25. Dental   79m
  26. Amalgam   95m
  27. Fasting: Water   95m
  28. Coconut Oil   128m
  29. Beauty Tips   128m
  30. Health Education   128m
  31. Teeth Whitening   128m
  32. Bad Breath   128m
  33. Oil Pulling   128m
  34. God Without Religion   159m
  35. Religions Debate   160m
  36. Roman Catholic   165m
  37. The Candida Diet   3h
  38. Gallstones   3h
  39. Candida   3h
  40. Acid Reflux   3h
  41. Body Odor   4h
  42. Sore Throat   4h
  43. Parasites: Skin   4h
  44. Liver Flush Evid.   4h
  45. News   4h
  46. Favorites   5h
  47. MMS   5h
  48. Fasting: Weight   5h
  49. Mercury   6h
  50. TMAU   6h
  51. Ask Barefoot Herbalist   6h
  52. Zapper Support   7h
  53. Rife   7h
  54. Iodine   8h
  55. Sjogren’s Disease   9h
  56. Sex   9h
  57. Dental Health   9h
  58. Urine Therapy   10h
  59. Parasites Protozoa   10h
  60. Nail Fungus   10h
  61. Ask CureZone   10h
  62. Hair Loss   12h
  63. CFS, ME, CFIDS   12h
  64. Mirena IUD   12h
  65. Autoimmune   12h
  66. Urinary Tract   12h
  67. Peeling Lips   13h
  68. Kevin Trudeau   14h
  69. Enema & Colonics   14h
  70. Cancer   14h
  71. Root Canal   16h
  72. Bowel Cleanse   18h
  73. Weight Loss   19h
  74. Seborrheic Dermatitis   21h
  75. Fasting: Ketosis   24h
  76. Fat Flush Plan   24h
  77. Fasting Intermittent   24h
  78. Edgar Cayce   24h
  79. Barefooters' Library   28h
  80. Electro-Medicine   28h
  81. Eczema   28h
  82. Hulda Clark   28h
  83. Hypoglycemia   28h
  84. Ask Tony   28h
  85. Fungus   28h
  86. Salt   28h
  87. Success Stories   28h
  88. Vaccination Debate   28h
  89. Leaky Gut   29h
  90. Politics   31h
  91. EM Radiation   31h
  92. Sleep Disorders   32h
  93. Stomach Ulcer   34h
  94. IBS   34h
  95. Cleansing & Detox   34h
  96. Hypothyroid   35h
  97. BreathWork   39h
  98. Colloidal Silver   40h
  99. Raw Diet Weight   40h
  100. Digestion   40h
  101. All Forums
  1. Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener  59m   13,633,534 page views
  2. Atoms have consciousness by Takashi  161m   14,798 page views
  3. Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse.... by Kerminator  5h   665,124 page views
  4. Dreaming a New Reality by lfire  18h   432,922 page views
  5. Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator  25h   605,879 page views
  6. Son of Truth of Self by Chef JeM  26h   819,084 page views
  7. Letting My Body Heal Itself- 60 day water fast by Itslikerubber  32h   1,110 page views
  8. Ya’ think?? by kerminator  45h   701,221 page views
  9. Forgotten Words! by kerminator  70h   172,377 page views
  10. ABCs of Conscious Evolution by luckman  70h   629,948 page views
  11. Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator  6d   495,284 page views
  12. My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator  6d   462,422 page views
  13. Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator  6d   547,844 page views
  14. Black Cumin - Nigella Sativa - Black Seed Benefits by Blackseed Expert  10d   1,527 page views
  15. Path of my Life by Karlin  10d   749,004 page views
  16. Evolving Nutrition Awareness - By Chef Jemichel by Chef JeM  10d   24,830 page views
  17. Raw Milk: The Whole Truth by chef jem  11d   544,364 page views
  18. Chef Jemichel by chef jem  11d   555,589 page views
  19. EarthSpirit by Mayah  27d   673,363 page views
  20. Dying from Parasitic Dissemination by vch  27d   7,532 page views
  21. Fasting to jump start getting back to healthy eating/lifestyle. by caa522  57d   3,877 page views
  22. The Candida Diet by Dr.Jeff  70d   149,445 page views
  23. Luckyhopes journey out by luckyhope  79d   9,980 page views
  24. Taurus Rising by gosslin  82d   1,259 page views
  25. Coping with Betrayal by SoulfulSurvivor  85d   68,438 page views
  26. Candida Answers and Cures by slowsmile  86d   1,519 page views
  27. My 120 Day Broad Fast by celery stick  3mo   5,044 page views
  28. My Healing Journey by Daisylover  3mo   2,375 page views
  29. Heal Thyself/Sacred Woman by ren  4mo   205,178 page views
  30. The Benefits of Yemeni Honey and Honeycomb by #185897  4mo   2,209 page views
  31. Parasites and how I am dealing with them physically, emotionally... by whenwillitend  6mo   168,667 page views
  32. The Maven by stupierce  6mo   1,195 page views
  33. Codependency: The Curable Addiction by randigfine  6mo   139,647 page views
  34. Just News by freedom4us  7mo   1,553 page views
  35. The Real Cause of All Diseases by joseph031  7mo   1,734 page views
  36. Another Alternative of MMS Acidified - Sodium Chlorite 28% not ac... by gjplaceres  7mo   1,425 page views
  37. Herbal Medicine and Modern Research for Male Enhancement by TryVigfx  7mo   1,514 page views
  38. Juicy Journal - Fasting experience for weight loss by katiemarie  8mo   93,326 page views
  39. Raw Foods is it for Everybody by bluepastry  8mo   1,118,340 page views
  40. Adventures in Self-healing: 40 Day Water Only Fast by journeyembarking  8mo   1,795 page views
  41. Natural Vision Corner by darmar  8mo   2,248 page views
  42. Mother Earth Heals by Liora Leah  8mo   1,871,349 page views
  43. CURED of PARASITES: Blastocystis hominis & Dientamoeba fragilis. by dsquat  8mo   137,502 page views
  44. Treating Fecal Body Odor, Not Curing. by StrivingtoTreatThis  9mo   2,425 page views
  45. Kinesiology by iamnatural  9mo   1,843 page views
  46. affordable cold press juicer by  9mo   1,768 page views
  47. Juice Fasting to Cure Mold Illness by SuperWoman29  9mo   5,562 page views
  48. Red’s water fast journey. by Redswaterfast  9mo   6,300 page views
  49. ~~Thoughts of a Lady~~ by Fastingchick1000  9mo   81,620 page views
  50. Tomorrow Will be Better by mary88  9mo   22,111 page views
  51. Water fasting for weight loss. by SSMM  9mo   1,483 page views
  52. Depressed Fecal Smelling Teen by depressedstressedgal  9mo   4,249 page views
  53. Nursing in the Raw by ren  10mo   400,520 page views
  54. Water Fasting - 21 days by earlybird14  10mo   2,297 page views
  55. Moringa Oleifera combat malnutrition by kyamites  10mo   1,378 page views
  56. Blue Pastry by bluepastry  10mo   279,775 page views
  57. Iodine dosage chart by DogTired  11mo   2,601 page views
  58. 20 day fast experience by labelletea  12mo   2,638 page views
  59. Day 1 of ?? by blackrabbit85  12mo   2,413 page views
  60. Stage IV Kidney Cancer Ramblings Insights Humor Etiquette and Hop... by Stillhere  12mo   2,593 page views
  61. Kasima’s Journey to Health by kasima  13mo   54,527 page views
  62. 28 day water fast by R2idaho  13mo   7,425 page views
  63. Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary by Archangel777  13mo   476,719 page views
  64. Healing Journey - Water fast (4th attempt) by caa522  14mo   7,650 page views
  65. The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free) by mysogood1031  15mo   14,133 page views
  66. Experiencing Empty by Experiencingempty  15mo   2,514 page views
  67. HIV survivor by Rickster12345  15mo   4,051 page views
  68. Broth Fast 30 days by diotima  15mo   3,249 page views
  69. Rife Frequencies via Dowsing by Newport  16mo   464,403 page views
  70. The Splendifurous Power of Fasting!!!!! by Fastingchick1000  17mo   79,794 page views
  71. PATTY Giving up-NOT an option. Suffering-NOT an option by #133830  18mo   76,371 page views
  72. Detoxing with coffee enema by ProPaul  19mo   201,628 page views
  73. a day in the life by sunnydd  19mo   5,657 page views
  74. Test Blog (Software Testing) by Webmaster  19mo   32,230 page views
  75. BLogs Frequently Asked Questions by Webmaster  19mo   389,686 page views
  76. Healing Journey - Water fast (2nd attempt) by caa522  20mo   5,711 page views
  77. Gluten Intolerance by iamnatural  20mo   4,344 page views
  78. I Am Natural Therapies by iamnatural  20mo   14,384 page views
  79. Newport’s Extended Favorites by Newport  21mo   23,003 page views
  80. Herbal World by MichaelXu  21mo   4,471 page views
  81. Obamacare Facts Analysis by ObamaHealthCare  21mo   6,646 page views
  82. Target Weight :30 days Fruit Diet dOLLY by ramya  22mo   4,808 page views
  83. The Whey, The Truth and The Life! by Mixologist  22mo   31,998 page views
  84. Natural Remedies for the respiratory system disorders by sanaherb  22mo   7,109 page views
  85. The Crescent Moon Shines On Us All by mo123  23mo   407,291 page views
  86. Floating the Abyss by SoulfulSurvivor  23mo   123,823 page views
  87. SomethingsArt by parkupton  24mo   12,293 page views
  88. Transformational by forgood123  24mo   12,983 page views
  89. Water Fasting by lunasister  24mo   9,159 page views
  90. Personal Experience Fighting Parasites by hopefulandhealing  24mo   6,476 page views
  91. Water Fast Blog by spiritualclarity  25mo   19,745 page views
  92. The Fast and Final way~~~ water fasting by daisylou1976  26mo   30,777 page views
  93. Mirena and ITP by Michaeline  26mo   5,248 page views
  94. Travelling Inward by exposure  27mo   10,843 page views
  95. starting 15 days water fast then go from there.... by jojogoflush  27mo   9,395 page views
  96. exfoliative cheilitis cure by pratheek raj  27mo   42,743 page views
  97. Spooky! by John White  27mo   6,780 page views
  98. 10 day fast from my Hawaiian diet by Hawaiian girl  28mo   5,013 page views
  99. Minimalist Yeast Abatement Protocol by #147951  28mo   68,761 page views
  100. Adrenal Fatigue, and many other problems. Depressed. by AznDollie  28mo   5,027 page views
  101. All Blogs

Favorite Messages

  1. On the Birth of a Nation by Kerminator  5h   15  Blog: Absolute Truth Some  
  2. Re: Amalgam removal by illys / elisah  11h   22  
  3. “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.” by kerminator  25h   32  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!!  
  4. Tapeworms? by Slooop  26h   56  
  5. Please Help Cancer Patient Identify Parasites In Stool & Thousands Floating Whit... by Faithor  41h   134  C  
  6. Homosexual community are the ones who hate Christianity by kerminator  45h   44  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  7. Re: I just need help by mattk3  58h   62  
  8. Protocol Chart by Buggered  67h   40  
  9. You can believe a lie Part 1 by kerminator  68h   50  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  10. Re: Throwing Up Breaking 40 Day Water Fast by InCharge  69h   64  
  11. Just part of life? -1 by kerminator  70h   51  Blog: Forgotten Words!  
  12. Juicy Excerpt of Award-winning SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING by luckman  70h   55  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  13. Re: Searching for a systematic protocol by mattk3  3d   108  
  14. Image Embedded The Use Of Flouridation For Mass Mind Control by trapper/kcmo  4d   53  
  15. Image Embedded Longevity Soup by LuellaMay  4d   41     1 of 1 (100%)  
  16. Re: Taking Iodine Without Extra Selenium by trapper/kcmo  5d   180  
  17. Success combining Lemonade Diet & P&B shakes - Ultimate Fast by RIC1276ALVAR  5d   76  C  
  18. Re: Banksters, and Kings, and Dragons! Oh, my! by trapper/kcmo  5d   93  
  19. going by the book by trapper/kcmo  5d   129  
  20. Just part of life? by kerminator  6d   57  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!!  
  21. your last highway by #33957  6d   209  
  22. Antibiotic resistant bacteria and WF? by glittergalaze  7d   76  
  23. Video Embedded winged disc by trapper/kcmo  8d   110  
  24. Uterus scar dehiscence by #199148  8d   88  
  25. Re: Regaining energy after a week long fast - how and how long? by iandthou  8d   77     1 of 1 (100%)  
  26. Diabetes Cured Testimonial by grizz  11d   164  C  
  27. with q10 by MH  11d   102     1 of 1 (100%)  
  28. e-mails by MH  11d   98  
  29. people today by #33957  12d   102     1 of 1 (100%)  
  30. Re: Start the protocol or wait for the Doxy?? by Victim2  13d   179  
  31. Re: Asked before: lifespan w disseminated worms? by vch  13d   214  
  32. Re: mind-expanding radio show; good for water fasting! by chirontherainbowbridge  14d   79  
  33. starvation by MH  15d   201  
  34. Re: Tell GP about hyperinfection? by Flossy  15d   137  
  35. What Really Happened To Our Guts by hsongi90  15d   201  C  
  36. freeze drying by MH  15d   106  
  37. Re: Experiencing edema in my lower legs. by MH  15d   152  
  38. Should zapping be painful? by x12nu  17d   107  C  
  39. so far by MH  17d   122  
  40. Re: Help with calculation...(Iodine) i seem to be too dumb ... by trapper/kcmo  17d   217   R
  41. Can you see the truth? by kerminator  17d   82  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  42. Re: It's a microbial action adventure! by forbetterorworse  18d   29  
  43. the pineapple by MH  18d   151  
  44. The Future of Q10 by MH  18d   132  
  45. Re: Stronglyoides and spider veins by SHARKMAN  19d   256  
  46. bummer by MH  19d   146  
  47. few questions regarding moist healing treatment. by jsl123  19d   260  
  48. some light iodine reading for while laying around the beach this summer by trapper/kcmo  20d   299   RRR Educational
  49. I am AMAZED by MH  20d   183  
  50. It's a microbial action adventure! by Delusional Doctor  21d   66  Blog: Delusional Doctor  
  51. Q10 by MH  22d   144  
  52. Re: Collapsing by Delusional Doctor  22d   71  
  53. sleep / nerve concentrate by MH  23d   138  
  54. q10 experiment by MH  23d   256  
  55. Collapsing by Delusional Doctor  23d   94  Blog: Delusional Doctor  
  56. Image Embedded Flossy: Excellent Post - Great Advice - Moderator Should Move Thread To Debate ... by ICU  23d   260  
  57. Q10 by MH  23d   170     1 of 1 (100%)  
  58. Re: Vancouver CANADA by MH  23d   179  
  59. Re: I've failed..I had to stop the ICU protocol due to herxing. by Bubby82102  24d   259  
  60. Headtohealth: Ivermectin Dosage Instructions by ICU  24d   195  C  
  61. Vancouver CANADA by Reggie Jones  24d   186  
  62. Re: I've failed..I had to stop the ICU protocol due to herxing. by Bythc  24d   323  
  63. Re: Fasting & Food Cravings by archus  26d   150  
  64. Re: Dr. Shulze colon cleanse? by Pamela Viktoria  26d   187  
  65. Re: I Am Only 36 and This Disease Will Kill Me by vch  26d   87  
  66. Parliament of Wise Owls--Episode 2 (June 2015) by luckman  27d   79  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  67. Re: dmso by trapper/kcmo  27d   264  
  68. Image Embedded Re: dmso by trapper/kcmo  27d   270  
  69. Re: dmso by trapper/kcmo  27d   255  
  70. Image Embedded Re: dmso by trapper/kcmo  27d   268  
  71. Image Embedded Re: dmso by trapper/kcmo  27d   268  
  72. Re: dmso by Newport  27d   318   RR
  73. Image Embedded dmso by trapper/kcmo  27d   295  
  74. I Am Only 36 and This Disease Will Kill Me by vch  27d   196  Blog: Dying from Parasitic  
  75. Dr Schulze on Appendicitis by knowledge seeker  28d   60  
  76. Re: Possibly Nearing the End? How to Recieve Help? by Flossy  28d   249     1 of 1 (100%)  
  77. life and ##### by MH  29d   167  
  78. Re: Possibly Nearing the End? How to Recieve Help? by linenup  29d   375  
  79. Meds and fasting by Gene123Pgh  30d   140  
  80. Image Embedded The Arabian Peninsula=The boot which shows the mankind's w by Takashi  30d   108  Blog: ”Atoms have consciou  
  81. Re: I'm new here. Diatomaceous Earth/Coffee Enemas and parasites exiting skin! by releaselove  31d   421  
  82. Re: I'm new here. Diatomaceous Earth/Coffee Enemas and parasites exiting skin! by cloverbelle  32d   508  
  83. Silver Bullet / Sputnik on ebay by mikuspalmis  33d   268  
  84. widow77: Treatment With Bactrim/Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim/SMX-TMP by ICU  33d   213  
  85. Re: Cheering you up Brother Trapper by trapper/kcmo  34d   186  
  86. Headtohealth: Ivermectin Suspension Safe To Ingest by ICU  34d   282  
  87. Bubbly82102: Ivermax & Valbazen Suspensions Are Safe To Ingest by ICU  34d   243  
  88. Deadly hyper parasitic infection--- what to do? by vch  35d   334  C  
  89. Image Embedded Novel about Lucid Dreaming Wins Major Literary Award! by luckman  36d   112  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  90. The equality in the universe The equality in the universe by Takashi  37d   118  Blog: Atoms have conscious  
  91. quick and easy alkaline boost by LD Di  37d   107  
  92. WHERE IS LD Di??? by LD Di  37d   127  
  93. DottedSwiss: Suggested Treatment For Parasite Infections by ICU  38d   206  
  94. Re: oil pulling making me severely depressed, tired and brain foggy. by Jenifer  40d   277  
  95. Horsehair worms and other nitemares, morgellons part trois by maybelle180  41d   150  
  96. Bone Broth - For Large Worms by hsongi90  41d   287  
  97. Plasma beam ray Rife machine selling for half new by Frequency55  42d   116  
  98. Image Embedded Headtohealth: Measuring Ivermectin Dosage ~ Use Oral Medicine Syringe by ICU  42d   490  C  
  99. Fasting shown to regenerate stem cells, reverse immunosuppression after three da... by InCharge  43d   375  C  
  100. Re: Not said much here about my life over the last 3 yrs, so here goes by #85605  43d   245  
  101. Favorites Forum: All Favorite Messages
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