My Human Design
by Chef JeM

Donald Trump's Human Design   10 mon  
"Government Is Force" and yet there can be a right use of force when guided by the right use of personal power.
Mercury rules communication. Understanding the placement of Mercury in Donald Trump’s Human Design (and what that can offer America) may bring insight to superficial characterizations of this ”President Elect”. Trump’s Heart Center at Gate 21 is activated by his personality Mercury at Line 1. Gate 21 is known as ”Biting Through - The Gate of the Hunter/Huntress”. The activation gives him ”the justified and necessary use of power in overcoming deliberate and persistent interference.” Line 1 is ”Warning - The use of force as a last resort”. His Design Mercury is located in Root Center ...   read more

131 Testable Hypotheses in Human Design For Starters   13 mon  
What Human Design Will Tell You
”Human Design gives you the big picture all the way to the limits of the Universe and thousands of other pictures all the way down to the tiny, tiny subatomic particles of neutrinos. It has applications in psychology, history, physical and cultural anthropology, nutrition, astrology, spiritual systems, genetics, astrophysics, economics, sociology, communications, politics, marketing, business, personnel management, relationships, sex, family, children, and on and on and on. Its applications are infinite.”[1] ***********^*********** Notes: [1]   read more

Need Management by Human Design?   18 mon  
Hexagram Line 6: "Where the ego is out of touch, the display of will power leads to disorder."
If you understand how Human Design truly operates - on a mechanical basis - (not on a ”reasoning” basis or an ”ethics” base) then you can begin to have a proper respect for the energy that fuels the mechanics of each and every individual regardless of whether or not you personally like the individual. Here is one example where if you don’t understand the mechanics then the mechanics you set in motion could possibly end up ”biting through” you! ”The 21st gate needs to be in control of its domain. In order to apply the strength and will of its ego to ensure the survival of the Tribe, it m ...   read more

"Bible Tells You How to Go to Heaven Not How the Heavens Go"   20 mon  
The greatest gift that astrophysics gave culture in the twentieth century.
Quantum physics (the Universe) intercepts the (cellular) DNA via (star born) neutrino stream after it passes through the planetary bodies of our local solar system (as above) and into our Human Design Centers (so below). All of this is integrated with correlations to the ancient wisdom of the I Ching and several astrological systems and more! This is the basis of The Human Design System! It is my divine joy to share understanding with others via complimentary introductions to individuals Human Design.[1] ”Galileo ..., during his trial, is credited with saying ’the Bible tells you how to ...   read more

"Neutrino Stream" Weather Reports   20 mon  
"Give up the game of trying to allow our minds to control our destiny, as we prepare to step into a new cycle."
”January 17th begins with the Sun in the 1st line of the 60th hexagram. The Sun in the 60.1 is: ’Acceptance: exalted: The ability to maintain inner harmony when confronted by external limitations. Harmonic energy that can deal with external limitations. detrimented: The drive for diversity, that when limited can become restless and agitated. Restless energy when confronted with external limitations.’ We continue progressing towards the Rave New Year, with the Sun in the gate of limitations, which is a time of letting go. Letting go of the seduction of the mind. Letting go of inse ...   read more

Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef-Doctor Jemichel   20 mon  
The creation of individualized BodyGraphs plus video-taped presentations.
September 20, 2017 - ”To understand your own unique nature is the first step towards self love and fulfillment.”[45] *** March 8, 2017 - Usually I add my updates at the bottom of these blogs however this time the following quote of Ra deserves to be right on top!: ”Human Design offers a mechanical understanding of the nature of being. With understanding comes a genuine revolution, the realignment of a life and the awakening of awareness. Human Design offers a methodology uniquely tailored to your design that liberates you from ’not-self’ conditioning (and the accompanying conflic ...   read more

Light Transmissions   22 mon  
We are designed to be enlightened and to enlighten the world! That's because in truth we are the light!
This just came to me today in the ”Journey with Omraam” subscription that I have with the Omraam teaching community.: ”... Humans have to develop new centres, and light new lamps within their being, so that they can cast a ray of light onto the objects and creatures of the invisible world, thereby making them visible.”[1] If you are already familiar with the Human Design System you may know that it anticipates the development of new centers. (I apologize for not having a reference at is time.) In any case mutation is a certainty and it will involve the Solar Plexus Center ~ especiall ...   read more

Human Design - Relationship Psychology   25 mon  
+ The only way that individuals can get a message to the collective.
Inspired with my current reading from where I offer the following quote: ”The basic circuitries are simple but powerful – two collective circuits drive logic – the shared search for patterns to control circumstances for survival; and experience – the shared collusion to experience a wide range of possibilities and witness and share all that as culture; the large individualistic circuit – moody impulsive melancholic glimpses of the occult, mystical and unknown that often are glimpses of new truth not acceptable to community. The small survival circuitry – a crossover intent on sur ...   read more

Gene Keys   28 mon  
From Human Design to authentic community!
Up till now I’ve been thinking of The Human Design System as a necessary foundation for understanding self and others. Once that foundation is sufficiently realized for an individual to ”experiment” with it then the next step in my thinking has been to introduce the individual to their Gene Keys, adding another dimension to their Human Design. Today I can imagine that my thinking on this may change. The Gene Keys community that is forming around the ”virtual retreat” now is a major factor in how I am viewing this. Authentic community can change everything for me! I can imagine authentic co ...   read more

The Channel of Community   29 mon  
A new way to be introduced to people is firstly to look at their Human Design and work toward understanding that before making any judgements about the individual.
I refer to Human Design on a daily basis and realize now it deserves its own blog. (That makes a total of at least 10 individual blog sites here at CureZone!) I have ”The Channel of Community” Defined in my Human Design. That plus ”The Channel of Mating” might possibly give an individual the most insight as to what makes me tick (mechanically ; ~ ).   read more

Welcome to My Human Design (and Hologenetic Profile)!   29 mon  
A personal introduction to the Human Design System and its many applications in life! (1st Post and continuing)
The Human Design System is the finest tool that I know for obtaining certain self-knowledge of our unique individuality. I consider that knowledge as highly supportive of self-realization. With the addition of the Gene Keys these two systems support individuals all along their unique path of personal transformation. The Human Design Body Graph ”captures your true nature long before it was influenced or shaped by outside conditioning, so you really do get to see the most authentic version of you. From birth, and through the years of childhood, adulthood and love, the people around us ten ...   read more


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