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Nubia Sutton on defining raw fooders...   3 y  
I am eating a level one flexitarian diet   visit the page

Rawfood weight loss/gain thread   3 y  
my weight record as I restart my rawfood journey
Starting weight 161.4 Goal weight 150 Current weight 160.4   visit the page

Moving to California?   3 y  
Nubia Sutton on moving for the raw and lifestyle benefits
Supercharge Me!   3 y  
Full length rawfood documentary
Sunset thoughts!   3 y  
a brief video of sunset with my eclectic thoughts
Celebrating Spring...Raw returns to rural PA   3 y  
getting back to raw now that it's warm
Apples Berries Packed organic greens frozen blueberries organic bananas I am incorporating more rawfoods into my diet the warmer it gets. I feel happier, lighter already. I believe the grocery store will have enough for me to give the Garden Diet challenge another go. Meanwhile, I bought a mini blender where the bottle goes directly onto the blender. My kitchen is in chaos and so I don’t want to use an unfinished dirty kitchen as an excuse. Also, I am working out again at the gym. I will have to post a Nubia Sutton video and a Dan the Man video soon. I get them on my youtube ...   read more

Computer Problems! Lemonade from lemons...   3 y  
where I have been
Hey ya’ll.... it’s been a while. Two weeks or so I’ve had computer trouble and the last few financial challenges. Not setting aside my rawfood diet goals, I am reshaping them. It is also -15 below zero here in rural PA and as such I am eating cooked warm foods. It is okay to be a little heavier in winter I reason and happy and not obsessing about food when there is nothing i can do about it. I send metta to people without food. Period. My grace before meals is to pray for people who don’t have food. Keep my marriage together and clean/organize my home to make space for healthy living ...   read more

Feh...plateau continues...and Biggest Loser stuff   4 y  
it's hunting season in PA, venison nom nom nom...NO
I’m holding at 155.6. My percentage of rawfoods for the last week is about forty-ish. Why is this? My husband made a turkey and I had some of that and we had a financial lean time spell so I’ve been eating meat and some cooked rice. No problem with rice because it’s the winter. But bread is my perennial nemesis LOL Also is the basic fact that it’s COLD and not that kind of cold that can be rid of with warming spices :) and I’m a little ashamed that I let the condition of the kitchen degenerate as my husband has shirked his cleaning duties and left raw turkey juice everywhere. Not ...   read more

Plateau...and Biggest Loser review   4 y  
spiritually raw 100% all the way... plateauing but I will be plateau busting next week!
154.8 not an amazeballs weight loss in fact it is a plateau. I am releasing tremendous amount of spiritual baggage and also facing some marital and environmental challenges. Not that I’m bingeing. My level of rawsome living was 50% or so this last week with not too much exercise. This week I am under financial constraints but I have enough things to juice and still fight a winter cold haha... You know I had to get a flu shot for work but I was sick for an afternoon and drank ginger tea and took an allergy pill and just...slept. Of course living in rural PA, living raw foods is hard t ...   read more

Turkey Breast horror...   4 y  
overdue review of Biggest Loser
Yes tainted by splash away from my husband’s raw turkey cooking...Oh coming out both ends yesterday morning. So yesterday was a wash in terms of rawfoods. I ate apples and bananas and had a cooked foods option. Another thing is that I had no heat in my house and maybe my body was burning extra calories to stay warm LOL Right now for my happy birthday 154.4!!!!! I weighed myself wednesday morning. When I clean my kitchen today, I’ll make a juice. I think it is the juicing that really helps. Another thing is that Biggest Loser was lame this week. ...   read more

weight report/Biggest Loser drama!   4 y  
off the raw wagon and back my amusement at BL show
Yep gained a little weight. It was a combo of pooping my brains out and eating only a bag*l, hardly any exercise and so on. It was an off week and believe me I feel the two pounds. But I did go food shopping today so I’m good now. Weight this week 11/12/13 158.2# +2 Biggest Loser drama: First of all, I thought the cooking competition was lame but then again they are getting results. I just don’t understand how they go through workouts all day long on low fat quesadillas. To me, low fat dairy is an insult to the cow. Greater insult is the Obamacare propaganda with the myplate chef ...   read more

weight report/biggest loser (spoiler)   4 y  
my weigh in and biggest loser report
10/24/13 159#-beginning 10/30/13 158# -1 11/5/13 156.2# -1.8 total since starting the garden diet -2.8 My goal is 145# Temptation challenge on Biggest Loser. I think it makes for great television watching but really I’d not do it myself. I couldn’t eat so much chocolate and pies. Watching Biggest Loser with my husband is a ritual and sometimes I wonder if the contestants get therapy afterwards. I feel sorry for Tanya and she definately needs some Sacred Woman healing. Actually I feel sorry for them all since fat holds a lot of toxic emotional baggage. Rubben went home. Wonder w ...   read more

Water weight gain   4 y  
a little water weight gain
I ate cooked foods yesterday for my kitchen was dirty and I need to go grocery shopping. I paid with a one pound gain which I plan to take care of this weekend. It’s okay because I had french onion soup minus the additions and two big salads and so my blood pressure stayed within normal limits. A yummy smoothie is frozen blueberries,cherries, greens mix and yesterday I used my vegetarian protein powder I bought from Walmart. Yes Walmart because that’s how we roll in rural Pennsylvania. I’ve tried to get my husband to move but he says they respect the second ammendment in PA :D oh well   visit the page

weight report/biggest loser show   4 y  
weigh-in day
10/24/13 159#-beginning 10/30/13 158# -1 My goal is 145# Watched the Biggest Loser this morning and I’m not as into it as I used to be. Really I’m more into Ka Sundance youtube videos. Today I did 45minues at the gym...weight mobility and treadmill. Yesterday, I had some hypotension at work. A CNA took my bp and it was 90/60. I added some baked bread and really I added some sea salt and lime ponzu sauce on my lunch salad.   visit the page

Sunday walk/run   4 y  
living the high raw juicy life
Naptime: 1.5hrs Activity: 3mi run/walk at 40degrees Rawfood: approx. 75% So far my rawfood/purification journey has been very emotional. Today is my first serious run/walk on high raw. I took a long nap afterwards. I think part of it is detoxing from working in a nursing home and I’ve lowered my intake of coffee. Thinking of substituting mate’ for coffee not because I think coffee is bad but at this present time, organic coffee is not within my financial reach...yet.   visit the page

Weight report   4 y  
weight report
159# 10/24/13 I plan on coordinating my weigh ins with watching the Biggest Loser. I will take measurements next week too and post some progress pictures.   visit the page

Day One   4 y  
at work day one
High raw...four cups of coffee for the day as opposed to six. I am TIRED from work. Made it without bread, sweets or SAD food. 30 minutes of elliptical at the gym 8hr nursing home shift work   visit the page

Garden Diet 28 day program.... Happy birthday to me!!!   4 y  
Starting my raw food diet for my 40th birthday
Starting my 28 day raw food cleanse and diet for my birthday. Stay tuned!   visit the page

3/30 video...a few days late.   5 y  
39 and fine project starting with 30 day high raw experiment
Worked 12hrs yesterday and ate some *ahem* processed foods...processed by cute little old ladies being grateful :D So today’s weight is 155.4   visit the page

Eat and be merry!   5 y  
I'm baaaaack...with food drama.
Food addiction near went away. In fact, the more stress in the job and at home with finances, I desperately tried to get more control of my own eating and body. Made my bowel issues worse and I’m coming to the realization that it’s not what I eat, it’s what is eating ME. Right now I’m almost 155 pounds and while I have more muscle than I had last year, I feel so much heavier. I’ve decided to scale back my eating and stick with fish and occasional piece of venison or raw red meat. I’m not sure what I want to do I’m just going with the feeling right now of dumping things like PEANUT BUTTE ...   read more

Moving on...   6 y  
my big diet switch
I made the decision to leave Raw Food Rehab. It was a long time coming. Early September I made the switch to the paleo diet and low carb in general. My bloated potbelly disappeared and my recovery from athletic training is so much faster. I feel so much better getting my food addiction under control. Really all around endurance is better. I’m still going to do green smoothies and green juice. Thinking of renaming my blog so people aren’t misled. Most people think of rawfood as a vegan thing and I eat raw meat. I just like meat and I’d miss it if I couldn’t eat it. I tried ”paleo” befor ...   read more

She's Crazy!   6 y  
my latest post at Raw Food Rehab
1. For running to work in the rain 2. For riding my bicycle long distances 3. For drinking raw goat milk and buying fresh eggs 4. For wearing vibram five fingers and running barefoot 5. Running during my lunch break 6. Making green smoothies which I haven’t made in a while but I still get teased about it! LOL I bring huge green salads with my cooked side dish and still hear about my green smoothies. I tend to do more of them in the wintertime oddly enough. Have a freezer full of apples off my own trees (well I adopted them as my own hehehe). 7. for being exceptionally pic ...   read more

My Week Without Coffee   6 y  
a long series of post-hiatus updates
HELL ON EARTH... actually today was the first day I had cofee all week. I had a tea cup of coffee at work because I’ve worked two double shifts in a row. Today I’m having a cup as well to give me a little more energy for housecleaning and activities. I think coffee became a true drug for me instead of a pleasure. This week I discovered how truly exhausted I was from overwork and money stress. It was actually a tremendous turn off. It was a turn off to my life and what I let it become. I muddled through work but my nursing job was actually better without coffee... most of the time! I’ ...   read more

Food Addiction video   6 y  
relapse video from last night
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