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Acne 26m

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Lung Cancer 9h

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Cancer 10h

Mesothelioma 10h

Body Odor 11h

Enema & Colonics 13h

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Herpes Simplex 2 14h

The Candida Diet 16h

Dr. Schulze 16h

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Seborrheic Dermatitis 16h

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Borax, Boron 19h

Christianity Biblical 20h

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Depression 21h

Ask Dr. Sutter 22h

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Fungus 24h

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Food and Mood 27h

Exercise 27h

Raw Vegetarian 27h

Living Food Diet 27h

Conscious Eating 27h

Water 27h

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Superfoods 29h

Iodine 29h

Back & Neck Pain 29h

Off-Topic 29h

Environmental 29h

Wild Animals 29h

Chemical Sensitivity 29h

Gerson 30h

Psoriasis 31h

Antibiotics Induced 32h

Cipro, Fluoroquinolone 32h

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USP Parasites 40h

Cause of Disease 40h

Brain Fog 40h

Post Nasal Drip 40h

Probiotics 40h

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Beauty Tips 42h

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Oil Pulling 50h

Stretch Marks 52h

Skin & Face 52h

Pregnancy/Birth 52h

Eczema 52h

Reflexology 54h


Flax Seed 57h

EBV Epstein-Barr 57h

Diet 57h

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Dental Health 60h

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Scars 60h

Burns Survivors 60h

Serrapeptase 60h

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Bipolar Disorder 64h

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Gay Marriage 34h

Palestine v. Israel 34h

Liver Flush Debate 40h

Parasites Debate 40h

Bowel Cleanse Debate 40h

Master Clean. Debate 40h

Water Debate 42h

Questioning 49h

Facts and Myths 65h

MMS Debate 69h

Abortion Debate 76h

Hulda Clark Debate 78h

Fasting: Debate 78h

Drug Legalization 4d


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Free Audiobook of SNOOZ 31m

Home of Peace Cemetery  7h

List of Tweets I want  18h

Changes to make to Onli 21h

End of Gateway 0- Womb 31h

Onward to #expowest and 32h

Back to square one? 52h

Another Seed Library Up 72h

Your Genes Can Be Heale 5d

year of the goat---hors 5d

Jonathan's Spoons--I mi 6d

pump up your immune sys 6d

Sung by flaming tongues 6d

Choose Again To Communi 6d

What happened? - the Tr 7d

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