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Eco Art: Valentines Day Cards   21 d  
Homemade Valentine's Day Cards The background papers are hand-painted by an artist friend of mine and gifted to me. The old-fashioned pink valentine hearts and gold-colored ribbon were found at a thrift shop. A few of the cards have dried used tea bags with messages. These cards look simple yet took a long time to make; the holes were punched with a sewing machine and then hand-embroidered as the machine is old and couldn’t handle doing the zig-zag stitching around the valentines without skipping stitches. I enjoy doing ...   read more

Eco Art: Holiday Gift   51 d  
This is an art piece I made for a friend for her Winter Solstice/Holiday/New Year's/Birthday gift.
Eco Art: ”One hundred million dollars of Love, Friendship, and Trust” by mayah(c)2017. 14 X 14” canvas The canvas is covered with 42 (4 + 2=6, representing harmony, the sacred) used dried tea bags and 49 (4 + 9=13; 1 + 3=4, representing Gaia)tea bag tags. The idea of using the tea bags came from a dream my mother told me about many years ago: after her own mother died, Mom had a series of dreams once a week for about one year. In the dreams, Mom was sitting down at the kitchen table across from her mother, and they were drinking tea together. Mom would share all of the news of t ...   read more

New Year's JOY Altar 2017   52 d  
Kryon/Lee Carroll asks us to build an altar of JOY on 1-1-2017 to set our intentions for the New Year
In a recent channeling, Kryon/Lee Carroll discusses the numerology of the years 2016 and 2017. The old year, 2016, represents the energy of the 9(2+0+1+6=9), a year of completion, and the end of old energies. 2017 represents the energy of the 1, or new beginnings(2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1, with the ”0” representing Spirit). This energy is amplified today on January 1,2017 as it is a triple one: 1-1-1. Kryon asks us to build an altar of JOY on this day, setting our intentions for the new year. ”Everything that’s happening numerologically right now has come to fruition and is painting a picture ...   read more

Eco Art:Eagle,Feathers,Seed Pods and Jewels   6 mon  
Whenever I paint with acrylics or watercolor, I like to save the palette and use it as background for more art pieces. If one of my Eco Art pieces doesn't work well or gets old, I often reuse some of the components in other pieces of art.
Eco Art: ”Feathers and Seed Pods” by mayah(c)2016 9” X 7” Eco Art: ”Eagle and Feathers” by mayah(c)2016 approximately 9” X 7” Eco MaGs by mayah(c)2016 Each approximately 1.5” in diameter Eco Art pieces are made from reused paint palette, found feathers and seed pods, thread scraps, junk jewelry, acrylic glaze, reused magazine photo, reused frames from local thrift store, recycled bottle caps and cardboard for MaGs. ”Eagle and Feathers” has the found seed pods glued to the outside of the frame. The picture of the eagle is reused from an NRDC* newsletter, pasted on ca ...   read more

Eco Art:Monarch Butterflies/Waves   6 mon  
I made these art pieces some months ago, just posting them now!
Eco Art: Monarch Butterflies by mayah(c)2016 8” X 10” X 2” Close-up Sideview Eco Art: California Wave by mayah(c)2016 Approximately 8” X 6” Eco Art: Ocean Waves by mayah(c)2016 7X5” Mixed media ”Monarch Butterflies”: acrylic painted art board that is made out of 100% recycled materials (distributed by Michael’s Art Mart), found tree bark, reused magazine photos of monarch butterflies from NRDC newsletter.** The butterflies were coated with non-VOC acrylic glaze, cut out, pasted on recycled cardboard, and painted around the edges. They stick out tw ...   read more

Art: Bunch o' MaGs   6 mon  
Homemade refrigerator magnets
All photos and art by mayah(c)2016 The bases of all of these MaGs are small 2” X 2” art canvases painted with acrylic paint. The ”toppings” are found nature objects and reused materials such as bubble wrap, paint palette scrap, magazine photos, junk jewelry, junk mail paper, and cardboard. Sturdy magnet backing. Eco Art and Eco MaGs by mayah utilizes recycled components. MORE Recent Art: Monarch Butterflies/Waves: ”Eagle, Feathers, Seed Pods, and Jewels” ...   read more

Art:New Life for Old MaGs   6 mon  
Giving new life to old faded Eco MaGs. What's a MaG? A mini work of art that has a sheet of magnet on the back, so it can hang on the 'frig. These are made of recycled materials.
Eco MaG ”Goldman’s Rose” by mayah(c)2016 Original photo of rose by L. Goldman of Plant Your Dream fame: Eco MaG ”Corn Doll” by mayah(c)2016 Eco MaG ”Painted Flowers” by mayah(c)2016 These are Eco MaGs I made a number of years ago; they were up on my refrigerator and the sunlight coming through the skylight faded some of the colors. Over the years I’ve learned that certain colors of paper and magazine ink don’t hold up well in sunlight, such as dark blue (fades to light purple), green (fades to blue) and some oranges (fades to ye ...   read more

Art: Emerging Elephants   6 mon  
Another Eco Art placard, just finished late tonight!
Eco Art Placard ”Emerging Elephants” by mayah(c)2016 The elephants look like they’re emerging from a portal. The magazine photo of elephants is glued onto cardboard; the left side is pasted down on the placard, the right side is free so it sticks out for a 3-D effect. You can see the elephant photo sticking out away from the backing Made from reused paint palette, old Instamatic camera film card, magazine photo, scrap paper, green card stock, recycled cardboard backing, non toxic and low or no-VOC paints, acrylic glazes, glues. Eco Art by mayah utilizes recyc ...   read more

Art:"Tree Bark X 8"   6 mon  
I find tree bark fascinating and like to use it in my art. This piece has eight (8) pieces of tree bark on it. In Tibetan numerology, 8 is the number of manifestation.
Eco Art Mixed Media, 12” X 12” X 1”. ”Tree Bark X 8” by mayah(c)2016 Family member is an artist who wipes excess paint onto paper knapkins; instead of throwing them away they are given to me to use in my art. This knapkin was coated with several layers of acrylic glaze to strengthen it, and painted white on the back to make it opaque. The tree bark was found around my neighborhood; the summer heat causes the trees to shed their bark. The bark needed reinforcing so each has thick white glue coating the backs and layers of acrylic on top to prevent cracking and flaking. All is glued on ...   read more

ART:"Samurai Summer"   6 mon  
Having fun playing with different pieces of "junk" on my art table.
Eco Art Greeting Card: ”Samurai Summer” by mayah(c)2016 A family member and I both thought that the doodle looks like a person in a pose, and somehow the paint patterning is reminiscent of Japanese art and calligraphy. The bright orange reminds me of the hot summer sun. Made from a reused scrap of paint palette, hand-drawn doodle, scrap paper; hand embroidery around the edges. Non-VOC glues/acrylic glaze. Eco Art Placard ”Thoughts of Spring” by mayah(c)2016 Made from magazine photo of flower, paint palette scrap, lace scrap, hand embroidery, gold card stock, backed with rec ...   read more

Eco Art: Tea Bark Dangles   6 mon  
Hello, all! Haven't posted for about six months, and have some new Eco Art to share.
Art and Photo by mayah(c)2016   read more

Eclectic Eco Art!   12 mon  
Been on a roll lately with making's an eclectic mix of recent work from found nature objects, junk and scraps, and reused tea bags!
Eco MaG by mayah(c)2016 ”Phoenix” 2” X 2” ”Phoenix” side view Small magnet made from reused dried tea bags as background coated with non-VOC acrylic glaze over a 2 inch square art canvas; a metallic phoenix icon, and amber and gold colored junk jewelry pieces; magnet backing, non toxic glues. I get impatient waiting for glue to dry when making art, so while working on the magnet, the two pieces below were made, the work rotating between them as they each in turn were drying. Eco Art by mayah(c)2016 ”Thread Sampler” approximately 2.5” X 10” (not counting threads at the b ...   read more

Valentine Handmade Greeting Cards   12 mon  
Had fun hand making Valentine's Day cards for family members. May you all find love in your life! Happy Valentine's Day!
Greeting Card: Valentine Flowers made from newspaper advertisement of flowers on reused white cardboard on top of hand-painted art paper; machine and hand embroidery. When working with images from newspapers, it works best to coat the Image with acrylic glaze before cutting it out; that way, the newsprint doesn’t rub off and the photo is easier to work with. Additionally, the glaze gives the image a glossy sheen; a few coats of the acrylic and the image doesn’t look like it came from a newspaper. Greeting Card: Valentine Heart made from a scrap of wrapping paper on reused light bul ...   read more

Eco Art:"Junk is Joy!"   12 mon  
Assemblage piece made from junk lying around on my art table.
Eco Art Assemblage ”Junk is Joy” 8.5” X 7” Made just for fun from junk lying around on my art table--plastic, wooden, and metal bits; sewn paper scrap; buttons; recycled cardboard backing; thrift store frame. Art and photo by mayah(c)2016; ”Eco Art by mayah” utilizes earth-friendlier and recycled/reused materials. MORE Eco Art: Tea Bag Assemblage: MORE Tea Bag Eco Art: JOY X 4   read more

Art:Tea Bag Assemblage   13 mon  
Using old jewelry and pieces of "junk", made some assemblage pieces with used tea bags as background papers
Tea Bag Assemblage ”Twist” 5” X 5” X 3/4” Tea Bag Assemblage ”The Four Directions” 4” X 4” X 3/4” Tea Bag Assemblage ”Linked” 4” X 4” X 3/4” All art and photos: Eco Art by mayah(c)2016 ”Eco Art by mayah” utilizes earth-friendlier and recycled/reused materials. These art pieces are made with reused dried tea bags as background; dried tea ”sprinkles”; junk jewelry and other ”junk” lying around on my art table; non-VOC glues and acrylic glazes; on cloth canvas frames. ”The Four Directions” features hand embroidery around the perimeter of the round tea bag. ...   read more

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