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Heart Opening   17 d  
Something happened today...
Heart Opening by mayah(c)2014 I’ve been asking for a heart-opening so that I could feel, experience, KNOW, the Love of Spirit for me and the Love of myself for Spirit; so I could feel, experience and SEE Spirit within myself and all humans I come in contact with. I’ve been asking for this for what seems to be a long time in Earth-years, but maybe not so long in ”Spirit-time.” Then today, while doing mundane chores, something happened. I was standing in line at the post office this afternoon. While waiting my turn, looking around at the other people, I noticed the young Black woman ...   read more

FUN Collage Art Journal!   29 d  
First in a series of photos of an art journal I'm working on; it's over 200 pages and will take me months to complete! Will post photos sporadically as more pages are completed.
The collage art journal is made of images from magazines, drawings, paint, tissue paper, and whatever else one wants to add to the 4” X 6” pages in a small bound notebook! I’m trying to complete 2 pages a day; if I can keep that up, the book might be completed in three months! on the left is a flap that opens, with yard threaded through holes and beads attached to the yarn ends. on the right is a pocket with a small tag inserted The other side of the flap when it is closed the tag in the pocket The butterfly in the center is actually on a flap The other side o ...   read more

Art: Collage Postcards   29 d  
Had the third mixed media class today. We had fun making art postcards--you really CAN mail them!
The instructor showed us how to make a postcard collage of a person, starting with a postage stamp of a famous person for the head and then exaggerating the body with ink and collage. It was quite fun to see how elongated and exaggerated we could make the person, and there was a lot of laughter as we shared our images! Postcard art by mayah(c)2017 4” X 6” This is a postage stamp of Douglas Fairbanks. He was wearing a pilot’s helmet in the stamp; I gave him pilot’s gloves and an exaggerated torso. The words were printed on white tissue paper; when the tissue is adhered to the po ...   read more

Art:Peace-Pax-Shalom   36 d  
Second in a series of four art classes in mixed media art.
Peace-Pax-Shalom 1 by mayah(c)2017 Mixed Media collage on canvas, 10” x 10” x 1” Peace-Pax-Shalom 2 by mayah(c)2017 Mixed Media collage on canvas board, 10” x 8” Words: ”I don’t know why we have to resort to violence when we disagree--it hurts my heart and it bleeds--Love and Light to the injured, the dead, and those left behind to grieve” The second class focused on making collage faces on canvas. The first art piece, ”Peace-Pax-Shalom 1”, utilizes torn-up magazine photos, tissue paper, and acrylic paint applied over a stencil. A piece of white tissue paper was covered with ...   read more

Eco Art:Collage Faces   42 d  
I had so much fun last month taking an art class, that I'm taking a new series this month of June of four more classes in mixed media art.
The first class focused on making a collage art journal using images from magazines, drawings, paint, and whatever else one wants to add to them. There are 230 4” x 6” pages in the small bound notebook the instructor gave each of us! In 6 hours of work, I managed to finish only 14 pages. I figure it’ll take me over a year to complete this little journal! (SEE **FUN Collage Art Journal! **) ”Collage Faces” by mayah(c)2017 These two pages are from the journal I am working on; I decided to remove them and make cards out of them. The on ...   read more

Kyron: Compassion & the New Human   44 d  
Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, defines the term "THE NEW HUMAN" as "the description of humanity as it starts to increase awareness." With greater awareness comes greater compassion, a spiritual evolution of humankind.
Excerpt from Kryon Book 14: ”The New Human”** ”The Great Compassion Experiment Can it be done? Can countries start something that has never been done before, which will help those who are not part of their own societies? How about a ”department of compassion” in each government, which is funded the same way weapons are? The answer is yes, you can do this, but majority consensus is the key, and that’s what is starting to change world-wide among first world cultures. If you want it bad enough, it can be done. Every objection to this issue can be met and solved with the New Human, ...   read more

Eco Art: "Chinese Spring"   52 d  
Mixed media collage, using the techniques I learned from a recent art class.
Eco Art ”Chinese Spring” mixed media collage by mayah(c)2017 10” X 9” All images from AAA Westways June 2017 magazine, special feature on travel, food, environment, culture, heritage in China, titled ”Fine China”, pages 42-55. Acrylic paint, non-VOC acrylic glaze, reused paint palette, dried flowers and flower petals, washi tape and left-over scraps from another art project ( Yellow print background paper hand-painted and gifted to me from friend and fellow mixed-media artist LFIRE** Yep, it’s clear I LUV metallic gold acrylic paint! ...   read more

Handmade Art Book: "To Be An Artist"   52 d  
Had an amazing amount of fun learning out to make a mixed media art book!
I took an art class a week ago, the first art class since I was in college! (I won’t tell you how many years ago that was) I had so much FUN, learning how to make a mixed media art journal --paper, glue, paint, magazine pictures, washi tape, stencils, and whatever embellishments you want to put on it! I worked on it at home for an entire week after the class, and here it is: ”To Be an Artist” cover; mixed media art book mayah(c)2017 The entire book is approximately 8” X 6” and is over an inch thick. The pages are held together with waxed thread; to keep the book closed, the lon ...   read more

EcoArt:Green Tea Fantasy   3 mon  
Having fun making Eco Art out of used tea bags!
”Green Tea Fantasy” by mayah (c)2017 approx 6” x 6” This was fun to make. This started out as an old piece of Eco Art I made a few years ago; the backing is a cardboard insert that was inside of an old picture frame; it’s hard to see from the photo but the ”square” in the middle of the cardboard sticks up about 1/3 of an inch for a 3-D effect. I took off the flower decorations that were on it to use in making homemade valentine’s cards this year. What to do with the now-naked cardboard insert? I opened up several used/dried tea bags, emptied the tea into a container, and glued th ...   read more

Poem:Cosmic Snail   4 mon  
Feeling rather spacey today. Wrote this poem after a healing session.
What if...the Universe(s) of Creation is shaped like a gigantic translucent snail, the shell a spiral of infinity, the eye stalks blind yet able to see Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, with a compassion and a Love so deep that humans would gladly melt into putty to experience it in its fullness. Why Not? Who says the Universe needs to be in a nice geometric pattern, a perfect sphere or cube or parabola? A snail’s beautiful shape, with whorl of infinity intrinsic to its structure, would encompass the Beingness of ALL quite nicely, the soft underbelly of the snail’s flesh oo ...   read more

Handmade Art Book: "Creative Being"   4 mon  
Made an Eco Art mini-book for an artist friend of mine.
I’ve been reading a new book of ”poems, rants, and prayers” by Artist and Poet Shiloh Sophia, called ”Tea with the Midnight Muse, Invocations & Inquiries for Awakening”(c)2017. One of her poems is called ”The Creative Being Creed”, in which she reminds the artist what is most important about being creative. My favorite line from the poem is: ”I consider the practice of creativity equal to other practices like prayer or meditation or exercise and I make time for it.” I liked the poem so much that I wanted to share it with my artist friend with whom I exchange works of art. Below ar ...   read more

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