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Art:Book of Mysteries   36 d  
Eco Art Book: This is my first altered book. It started out as just the cardboard hardcover of a very old children's book, with all of the pages missing, that a friend and fellow artist gave to me. Working intensely for the past 10 days, the hardcover has been transformed into "The Book of Mysteries"
Eco Art Book: ”Book of Mysteries” All art and photos by mayah(c)2015 Top: Front cover; bottom: back cover 6” X 4” I had the little empty cardboard book cover sitting on my art table since last year; suddenly last week I felt inspired to make a book. The book cover was covered with recycled Rhimax paper; the pages were made out of the same, with two sheets glued together to make the pages thick, then sewed together, and finally glued into the book cover. Each 8” X 6” double page was then decorated with a theme and has a ”mystery” to it. Initially, the book pages and bi ...   read more

Art: Mandala Mobile   43 d  
More Eco Art made with a reused plastic box
Eco Art Mandala Mobile by mayah(c)2015 6.5” X 5.5” X 2” Front and Side Views This is made out of two small prints from a watercolor I did many years ago; each mandala is about 3” in diameter, hand embroidered (after the holes are punched with a threadless sewing machine), mounted on recycled cardboard. The mandalas hang by embroidery floss inside a reused plastic box; in the back ground is recycled green bubble wrap over a piece of blue art paper backed with cardboard; non-VOC glues/acrylic glaze. ”Eco Art by mayah” utilizes reused/recycled and earth-friendlier materials ...   read more

Art Cards from Photos   53 d  
I took some photos of my watercolor art and nature years ago, had some small prints made, put them away and forgot about them. Rediscovered the photos and have been making art cards all weekend.
Art Card ”Backyard Flower” 6” X 5.5” Eco Art by mayah(c)2015 You can’t see it from the photo, but I put a cardboard cut-out in the shape of the flower underneath the flower in the photo, so that the flower sticks out from the card for a bit of a 3-D effect. Hand embroidery around the flower petals/stems. Made an envelop for this card out of unbleached wax paper--this was stitched on the sewing machine. ”Southwest” 7” X 5” Eco Art by mayah(c)2015 Another art card from a photo of a watercolor design I did years ago; used the sewing machine to punch the holes aro ...   read more

Eco Art Orchid Challenge   59 d  
Finishing my "Eco Art Orchid Challenge", here are orchids #4 and #5. Eco Art Orchid #4, 6” X 8” by mayah(c)2015 This one was fun to do: after embroidering it, glued the photo onto a piece of recycled cardboard and put it on top of layers of colored bubble wrap inside of a recycled plastic container (can’t even remember what was originally in the container--some kind of small electronic some-thing-or-other?). This one is hanging in my bathroom window as a sort-of light catcher. Eco Art Orchid #5, app ...   read more

Eco Art: Orchid Redux   63 d  
Liked the photo of the orchid so much, I'm doing 4 more "orchid" art projects! Here are Orchids #2 and #3
Eco Art by mayah(c)2015: ”Orchid #2” Greeting Card 6”X6” The holes around the edges are punched using a threadless sewing machine; the running stitch embroidery is done by hand. This time I left the flower as-is and didn’t embroidery around the petals. The polka-dot background paper was hand-painted by a friend. Eco Art by mayah(c)2015: ”Orchid #3” placard 6”X6” Burlap paper backed with reused cardboard; jute hanger. Hand Embroidery: blanket stitch around burlap paper edges; backstitch on flower, running stitch around flower photo’s edges. The shades of colors used to embroid ...   read more

Eco Art: "Orchid"   87 d  
Eco Art using hand embroidery on a photograph of a flower
Eco Art: Orchid 6” X 6” Framed All Photos and art by mayah(2015) The top image is the original photo I took of the last bloom on an orchid plant I had in the house; the orchid was actually purple-hued like this, but when I printed out the image, the flower came out more red-toned. Hand embroidery around the petal edges. Mounted on paper a friend made for me out of mesh layered over gold-toned paper. Dried orchid flowers. Frame re-used from Goodwill Industries. ”Eco Art by mayah” utilizes recycled/reused and earth-friendlier materials. NEW! ”Orchid Redux”--I liked th ...   read more

Kryon: Simply Being Here   88 d  
Kryon, a benevolent group energy from the other side of the Veil, tells us that it is more important what we are BEing than what we are DOing.
Simply Being Here From Kryon Live Channel, ”The Old Soul Defined” March 29, 2015 in Bali, Indonesia ”Listen: It doesn’t matter what you do! Your light helps this planet, not your works. Your search for who you are helps this planet. Just by sitting in the chair today helps this planet! The Crystalline Grid remembers what you’re doing and the energy created from your conscious search will last for generations. By being here as an experienced soul, you put your experience of wisdom into the grids of this planet, the energy of the maturity of your lives. That’s what you’re doing ...   read more

Art:Angel in Field of Flowers   4 mon  
Another Eco Art piece using recycled and earth-friendlier materials
Background: textured paper towel with paint on it: a family member is an artist; instead of throwing away the paper towels used to wipe excess paint off of brushes, I use them in my Eco Art as background and enhance the colors with hand embroidery using outline stitches Detail showing hand embroidery around paint marks Eco Art ”Angel in a Field of Flowers” Framed 10” X 10” All photos and Eco Art by mayah(c)2015 This Eco Art piece is made from: recycled junk mail, reused paper towel/left over paint, recycled cardboard, hand embroidery; non-toxic glues and acrylic g ...   read more

Art:Hummingbird Joy   4 mon  
MORE Eco Art from reused materials
Photo of hummingbird from junk mail from The Nature Conservancy: mounted on cardboard with glitter glue to enhance the color and to give it a bit of 3-D effect. Background: textured paper towel with paint on it: a family member is an artist; instead of throwing away the paper towels used to wipe excess paint off of brushes, I use them in my Eco Art as background and enhance the colors with hand embroidery using outline stitches and French knots (under the bird’s tail) ”Hummingbird Joy” 6” x 8” Framed All photos and art by mayah(c)2015 This Eco Art ...   read more

Artistic Pufferfish   5 mon  
There are 18,000 animal and plant species newly discovered this past year. This one is my favorite of the 10 featured in the online article.
The Artistic Pufferfish Scientific name: Torquigener albomaculosus Elaborate circles with geometric designs have cropped up on the seafloor off the coast of Japan’s Amami-Oshima Island, a la Signs , for the past 20 years. Scientists finally solved the mystery—the circles are created by a newly discovered pufferfish. The male pufferfish drag themselves across the sand to create these nests with the hope that they’ll attract female pufferfish. The ridges formed in the sand reduce the ocean current in the circle’s center to offer some protection to eggs that ...   read more

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