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October, 2017 - 'Creme de la Creme'   21 d  
Skimming the "cream" from a dozen Blogs by Chef-Doctor Jemichel
Happy October Everyone! 1st - Added: ”...back a permanent ban on Dicamba”. To: ”Monsanto in Trouble While Citizens Mobilize -”. Here: ** Added: A.U.M. To: ”Superconscious & The Siddhis”. Here: * Added: “The Disease Delusion” by Niki Gratrix. To: ”Fibromyalgia - Some of the Causative Factors to Consider”. Here: ** Added: ”...resolve your emotional traumas as quickly as possible”. To: ”Self-Talk for Psyche & Hea ...   read more

The 'Creme de la Creme' of September, 2017   51 d  
The best of the best in nutrient-dence real foods and all else that supports life and good health!
Happy September! My time of the year! Added: “’In Bacteria Land’: The Battle over Raw Milk”. To: ”Raw Grass-Fed Milk Is Actually Safer Than Pasteurized”. Here: ** Added: ”Pastured milk is the quintessential organic milk.” To: ”The Essence of Organic Agriculture”. Here: * Added: ”Weston A. Price - Medical Anthropologist”. To: ”The Future of Nutrition in America”. Here: *** 2nd - Added: ”dyad cards with young peop ...   read more

August 2017 - 'Creme de la Creme'   82 d  
The best of the current blog posts by Chef-Doctor Jemichel.
1st - Added: ”...direction on the spiritual path with references to the human chakra system” + corresponding to Human Design. To: ”Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef Jemichel”. Here: ** Added: ”Environment”. To: ”In-Home Self-Healing Support”. Here: *** 4th - Added: ”Dan Shen” -Chinese Herbal Medicine To: ”Fibromyalgia - Possible Causes”. Here: and to: ”Your Bones! - Got Elasticity?” Here: http://www.c ...   read more

Creme de la Creme in July, 2017   3 mon  
Daily highlights of the best blog posts by Chef Jemichel.
1st - Added: ”Dr. Hamer and New Medicine acknowledged by Dr. Sircus”. To: ”What is Healing? What is German New Medicine?” Here: *** 3rd - Added: ”Working with the Gene Keys is a way to ’talk to your DNA’”. To: ”Introductions to Your Human Design By Chef Jemichel”. Here: ** Added: ”Working with the Gene Keys is a way to ’talk to your DNA’” See: ”Free Resources Library for All 64 Gene Keys” here: To: ”Introductions to Your Hum ...   read more

June, 2017 - Creme de la Creme   4 mon  
The top blog posts by Chef-Doctor Jemichel during June, 2017.
2nd - Added: Re: opening a bank account without SSN. To: ”Money”. Here: ** Added: ”Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False”. To: ”Rethinking BRCA Mutation”. Here: *** The 3rd - Added: ”The Drug Body Count Rises”. To: ”What is Healing? What is German New Medicine?” Here: ** Added: nutrition for ”The unfoldment of the full potential of a human being.” To: ”The C ...   read more

Creme de la Creme - May, 2017   5 mon  
Favorite blog posts of Chef Jemichel for May, 2017
Happy May Day! The 1st - Added: ”We Have an Infinite Capacity for Love!”. To: ”Psyche & Health”. Here: ** Added: how ”humanity is collectively moving toward ... a group consciousness of the new kind” To: ”The Human Design System For Parents & Children”. Here: * Added: ”Deception is a form of corruption that includes: ’debasement or alteration, as of language or a text. a debased form of a word.’” To: ”Free Yourself From the Semantic Deceptions of Government!” Her ...   read more

April 2017 - 'Creme de la Creme'   6 mon  
Un-homogenized "cream" off the top of the daily blogs of Chef-Doctor Jemichel. There is cream and then (after much churning) there is butter!
1st - Added: ”Los Alamos Study Finds Airport Scanners Alter DNA”. To: ”Son of Truth of Self”. Here: * Added: another ”Map”. To: ”Maps of The Psyche” Here: ** Added: update with additional clarity. To: ”The Essential Cheeta”. Here: *** 3rd - Added: ”serious uncertainties” re: BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. To: ”Time Now For Healing the Emotions!” Here: *** ...   read more

March 'Creme de la Creme'   7 mon  
With all the rain (and the official end of draught) in San Diego - we have a super abundance of rapid-growing green grasses and pastures for all the milk producing grazing animals & (at least theoretically) there should be more cream for the 'Creme de la Creme'!
The 1st - Added: Venus is Retrograde (and what to consider till April 15th). To: ”The Astrological Perspective” Here: *** 2nd - Added: Another Ra quote on the conditioning of the seven-centered being. To: ”Seven-Centered Beings Invented Lying” Here: *** 3rd - Added: my Defined Channels To: ”Welcome to My Human Design!” Here: * Added: a press release regarding ”The Most Essential & Unalienable Right to Truly No ...   read more

February 2017 Creme de la Creme   8 mon  
A varitible index to the newest posts in the top ten blogs by Chef Jemichel
The 2nd - Added: ”Chiron Return” as start of the third stage of our Nine-Centered vehicles. To: ”Welcome to My Human Design!” Here: *** 3rd - Added: Ra Uru Hu quote on enlightenment To: ”Welcome to ’Transformations with Chef Jemichel’!” Here: * Added: Federal Income Tax is and excise tax To: ”Lawful Tax Avoidance” Here: *** 5th - Added: Inner and Outer Authority To: ”Knowing Your Human Design Plus Dyads Sup ...   read more

'Creme de la Creme' in 2017 - January!   9 mon  
Ongoing validations of the Human Design System, The New Medicine, inspirations from Omraam teachings and others plus personal accounts of transformation and so much more!
Added: ”a great distaste in the 10th gate for wrong behavior” To: ”Creme de la Creme: Chef-Doctor Jemichel” Here: * Added: ”... the only stable thing for an undefined self center is nature.” To: ”Introductions to Your Human Design ...” Here: *** 2nd - Added: How a ”life threatening diagnosis such as a cancer” is ”equivalent to a voodoo spell” To: ”Iatrogenic (Doctor-Originated) Shock Conflict Diseases” Here: 3rd - ...   read more

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