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To Research   5 d  
Something about Illinois that I had sensed in my younger years while living there - at least in Chicago.
In 1909 Illinois supposedly became ”an outlaw State” when the State Legislature passed an unconstitutional law that only union lawyers could practice law and hold key positions in law enforcement ...   visit the page

"All You Need Is Love"   19 d  
What if The Beatles were right?
I’m starting the blog entry at 4:54 AM. I believe it was within the past hour that I had a kind of inner dialogue with a line of ”thinking” that Jesus could have declared himself as not only ”the way, the truth and the life”[1] but also as the Law fulfilled since he embodied Divine Love! Then moments before I began reading ”The reason it is necessary to make all the laws that govern the relationships between human beings, is because they are not yet inhabited by love.”[2] (How’s that for serendipity?) In my household there is a ”movement” toward writing a Vision/Mission statement an ...   read more

Got Truth In The Present Moment? If Not - No Problem!   21 d  
Like "Fast Food" - "Truth in the Now" is simply not digestible by some individuals.
”When we observe, we move into the present moment and we cease to worry over the future or lament over the past. We are in the limitless present where all things are still and at peace. Nothing in the external world is worth sacrificing this inner peace. When you can truly sustain an anchor in the now you can withstand tremendous storms in the external world. It is nothing but illusion, actions upon a stage, and what is real is the observer, the eternity of now. Everything else is display, mere phenomena happening for the sake of a crazy world that of duality where we will always have good ...   read more

A Causal Relationship Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism   28 d  
Vaccine Maker Admits On FDA Website that DTaP Vaccine Causes Autism
Robert De Niro continues to give us something to think about as the Alt-Media Hero for VAXXED Documentary. ”It was never going to be easy for a documentary film which shares the confession of Senior Scientist Dr. William Thompson that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) omitted crucial data from a 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine to gain mainstream publicity. Especially a film which illustrates that the information omitted revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. It’s certainly not the first case of censorship around t ...   read more

The Implications of Storing Data in DNA - Georgi Stankov   29 d  
What scientists called "junk" DNA is not junk after all.
Currently reading: up to ”The Implications of Storing Data in DNA”   visit the page

"Messages In Water" & Microscopy   30 d  
Your emotions impact your blood!
Got inspired earlier today to research using the terms in the headline of this blog post. My original thought was that Emoto’s demonstrations of thoughts having impact on the structure of water should also be able to be demonstrated upon the water/blood in the body and revealed through microscopy blood work. You can start enjoying my search results with this one:   visit the page

Are You Really a "citizen of the United States"?   31 d  
Clarifying legal terms as if our freedom depends on it!
”The phrase ’citizen of the United States’ means resident of the District of Columbia (see Memorandum of Law, August 10, 2015, p. 15, paragraphs 44–45).”[1][2] Therefore the phrase ’citizen of the United States’ qualifies as ”semantic deceit”[3] *** April 15th - ”... history is written by winners for losers”![4] I am quoting Jon Rappoport here because the history of the ”United States” is possibly the best example of the truth of what he is saying. I’m in the process now of determining whether a certain American publisher is willing to make a vital correction on their publishe ...   read more

Comet Messenger Service & Reconnecting to Our Own Truth   39 d  
Science often thinks of Comets as being just dirty snowballs, but that is not accurate.
Mark Twain said that he came in with the comet (Halley’s Comet) and that he’d go out with it as well and he certainly did![1] (My father ”went out” with comet Ison on November 29, 2013.) ”On March 21st and 22nd, two Comets passed the Earth with record-breakingly close flybys. One of these Comets was the closest Comet to pass by the Earth in 246 years. Science often thinks of Comets as being just dirty snowballs, but that is not accurate. Everything has a degree of Divine Intelligence and a purpose and reason for being. Comets are celestial bodies that pass through the Universe and li ...   read more

The Entire U.S. Congress Should Be Deemed Illegitimate   39 d  
"The 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States has been altered from its original in order to fool the American public into accepting a government that is mostly illegally in office."
This subject matter has been one of my interests roughly over the past two decades. However it’s only now that I realize the much greater and more extensive implications. I commented about that as follows.: It appears to me that based on the disqualification of the 13th - every ”Act of Congress” since the day Virginia published its decisive ratification is null and void! Therefore there are no properly authorized ”alphabet” agencies! Therefore none of them deserve to be obeyed! Oh my!!! I received the following reply: ”Thanks to Chef Jem. He’s right, but everything’s OK, because t ...   read more

the "People's Surrogates"?   44 d  
The "Fourth Estate" and Sandy Hook "Massacre".
Filmmaker and author, William Brandon Shanley has launched several lawsuits totaling over $1 Trillion against Big Media, over their ”coverage” of the Sandy Hook ”Massacre”. In his statement, Shanley says: ”After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism.” Part of his abundant evidence includes ”Exhibit D”: The dash cams State Police dash cams recorded no evacuation of children f ...   read more

Spring Renewal For All!   46 d  
Welcome the rebirth of Spring right into your mind!
”As spring approaches, you feel a whole awakening of life: flowers, trees, birds... In nature, a new wave is breaking. It is one of the most extraordinary phenomena; renewal. Each year everything is renewed... ”[1] However, with the exception of human beings as they require transformation by the renewal of their minds![2] It’s not too late to either begin or continue with your mind renewal. I’m cheering this on now! ***********^*********** Notes: [1] Daily Meditation: Friday, March 18, 2016: [2] Rom ...   read more

Do Good and Expect Nothing   51 d  
Our behavior should not depend on other people’s attitudes.
What a concept![1] Who can hear it? My Human Design apparently requires a ”bargain”. Not having that has been a challenge for me. I can imagine that letting go of all my expectations of striking a bargain could be a great freedom. I think I’ll eventually completely let go. In fact I’m reasonably certain that it is inevitable! *** April 24th - It came to me just a few hours ago that the ”Third Agreement: Don’t Make Assumptions” which I have fully adopted (in my current household since about seven years ago) can prevent faulty expectations! Then it follows that to the extent that o ...   read more

The Gate of Shock   56 d  
Planetary transits and their impact on our Human Design/s
”...outer planet transits are designed to trigger the aspects in our natal charts at certain key points in our lives in order to initiate spiritual growth spurts, much like an inner computer program.”[1] I just happened to read the above quote in a newsletter (that came to me) just a moment after reading my old note (from last August) re: Human Design and ”Transiting Uranus (r) @ Heart Center Gate 51 (through April 15-24, 2016) that is Defining my ’Channel of Initiation’! Gate: 51: ’the Gate of Shock’ (corresponds to Self Center Gate 25 that I have activated with personality Sun) ’Gate ...   read more

The US House of Representatives Recognizes the Organic Laws   60 d  
The Four Organic Laws include the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION--1777 acknowledged by the United States House of Representatives.
Freedom Law School published the following: ”What Constitutes ’Organic Laws’?”[1] The purpose of this document is simple: • To show evidence that the House of Representatives acknowledges the presence of “Organic Laws”. • To show evidence that the “Organic Laws” per the U.S. House of Representatives contain the: ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION--1777 THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE--1776 THE ORDINANCE OF 1787—THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIAL GOVERNMENT CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--1787 • To show evidence that the official portal for government publ ...   read more

Richard Evans Schultes   70 d  
"This blue collar kid from Boston did more to advance medicine, ecology and the understanding of the human mind than any single individual who lived in the 20th century."
Got linked to a very interesting video[1] - the subject of which: Richard Evans Schultes deserves posthumous acknowledgement. I’m especially impressed with his most honorable relations with the indigenous peoples. That inspired me to look up his ”birth card” in the Destiny Card System. Richard had “The Friendship Card” AKA The Two of Spades. ”The Two of Spades is the card of work partnership and friendship. Two’s are also fear cards, and it is their own spiritual natures that often scare the Two of Spades...the placement of the Two of Spades ... tells us that they have strong intuiti ...   read more

America's Freedom Bill   80 d  
The holding of "these self-evident Truths" was the price that was paid for our freedom!
The Online Omraam community is the source of virtually all of my readings of the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aďvanhov. The latest message[1] included a link[2] to excerpts of a presentation by Omraam that included his ”Synoptic Table”. I’m inspired to apply the line of thinking that I see in the synoptic table to the following. The Declaration of Independence of July 4th, 1776 declares: ”We hold these Truths to be self-evident”. From the perspective of the synoptic table - the holding of these self-evident ”Truths” was the ”Price” that was paid for our ”Freedom” and that Freedom was ...   read more

The Organic Laws   80 d  
The Organic Laws of These united States of America - The need for Americans to know and understand the four "Organic Laws" of The United States of America and especially whenever confronted with any governmental presentment!
Original Publishing Date: 6/28/2011 5:05:49 AM (5 yrs ago) ... viewed 9701 times ”Every serious student of the Constitution of September 17, 1787 should have a copy of volume one of the United States Code, Prepared and published under the authority of Title 2, U.S. Code, Section 285b, by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives. There are about fifty titles in the entire United States Code, however, you will only need volume one, which you will buy from the U.S. Government Printing Office Bookstore. The first volume of the United States Code puts the Con ...   read more

A Great Psychological Crime   4 mon  
The need to continue shining more light on "semantic deceit"; most especially when it comes to our money!
I have a copy of ”The Great Psychological Crime” by John Emmett Richardson. (Revised Edition) This is the second of a five-volume set of books that I had received twelve years ago! The fact that I have only read just about twenty pages of the book doesn’t mean it’s not a good book. I just can’t tell you why I’m moving at less than a ”snail’s pace” on this reading. Nevertheless, I am inspired to at least note the following.: 1. A Psychological Crime is a crime against the intelligent Soul or essential Entity of Man. 2. A Great Psychological Crime is such a crime against the intell ...   read more

Vegan Rights?   4 mon  
The so called "right" in Ontario, Canada needs to be amended when it comes to children's public schools.
People can choose to eat as they please (even if it’s to their own detriment). However, people don’t have a right to impose (directly or otherwise) their private dietary beliefs onto the public. An article published yesterday declared: Ontario, Canada, Rules Veganism A Human Right Legally Protected Against Discrimination.[1] There is no traditional wisdom that supports veganism as a successful diet. Dr. Weston A. Price conducted a world tour over the course of a decade visiting isolated cultures that had not been exposed to modern foods at that time (in the 1930s) with hopes that he wo ...   read more

A Far Simpler & More Effective Exercise for Finding Balance   4 mon  
Good food and your relation to it deserves to have your full presence.
The kitchen where I live is shared by eight other individuals. Although there are a few counters to prepare food on there is just one stove and one double sink. I didn’t design this kitchen and I wouldn’t design any kitchen the way this one is layed out. It has a door that people use instead of the front entrance, regardless of whether someone is in the kitchen preparing food or not. The kitchen is somewhat long and somewhat narrow. I have had many experiences of resistance and resentment toward most anyone coming in from or going out front of the house by walking through the kitchen, whil ...   read more

Free Yourself From the Semantic Deceptions of Government!   4 mon  
Every word in written law has it's legal meaning that can differ from the meaning of it when used in non-legal contexts.
I’d like to add additional understanding in response to a letter that was published in the Winter 2015 edition of Wise Traditions. The letter mentions “fraud”. Fraud, as in — ’Actionable Fraud’ Consists of material representation made with knowledge of falsity and reliance thereon causing injury. — The elements of actionable fraud are: (1) Representation; (2) its falsity; (3) its materiality; (4) speaker’s knowledge of its falsity or ignorance of its truth; (5) intent that it should be acted upon; (6) hearer’s ignorance of its falsity; (7) his reliance on its truth; (8) his right to re ...   read more

Primary Obligation of a Citizen is To Question Authority   4 mon  
Dr. Ed Rivera Explains Your Duty to Question Authority ALWAYS
The spirit of this is the ”Spirit of 1776”![1] The American people are very well conditioned to follow orders - whether it is under the ”Color of Law” or under virtually any other form of authority. Not a really great idea when it comes to limiting (let alone violently violating) American freedoms that were hard won over two hundred and thirty-two years ago[2] *** January 13th - I think the following letter from Thomas Jefferson belongs here. ”I do not know whether it is to yourself or Mr. Adams I am to give my thanks for the copy of the new constitution. ... It will be yet th ...   read more

Start Your 2016 (and Each Day) in The Best Way Possible!   5 mon  
The year is a living being! The first seven days of its "nourishment" are most vital!
“On the first day of this New Year, I wish you all the blessings of heaven. May your body be healthy and vigorous, your heart be filled with pure, spiritual joy, your intellect receive true light to make your path clear, your soul become a conductor for divine love, and your spirit, freed from its fetters,escape from all physical and psychic prisons. May you remain linked to the great hierarchy of celestial beings, so you can work with them for the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. And finally, may you be capable of overcoming each obstacle that arises, so ...   read more

"The Healing of God's Son Is All The World Is For."   5 mon  
"Alone we are all lowly, but together we shine with brightness so intense that none of us alone can even think of it."
Just discovered a page that includes quotes from A Course In Miracles.[1] Just found the verse: ”The healing of God’s son is all the world is for.”[2] ”The point of A Course In Miracles is to have TRUST in a power greater than ourselves yet in ourselves, to lift us out of our own suffering and restore us to perfect peace. The goal is peace and peace can only be given you from within. ... you can and will experience the goal of perfect peace within your own heart and mind.”[3] *** December 29th - ”Freud coined the term reality principle to designate that objective order of thi ...   read more

New Pain Relief Treatment   5 mon  
For conditions that involve low endogenous opioid production, like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, LDN may prove to be profoundly beneficial.
File under: ”Alternatives to Ibuprofen & NSAIDs” ”... there are currently over 90 studies published on the various uses of (low dose naltrexone - LDN), from pain relief, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, systemic sclerosis and even cancer.” My initial reading.[1] Clinical trial review - ”The use of low-dose naltrexone (LDN) as a novel anti-inflammatory treatment for chronic pain”.[2] *** 29th - A friend says LDN is not ”FDA approved” however ”Low dose naltrexone is quite different than its use in high dose where it is FDA approved for addiction to alcohol a ...   read more

To Ascertain the True Meaning and Legal Effect of Terms   5 mon  
Semantics at Law
”... Congress, at one time revered, is now the most despised class in America. This Memorandum documents and presents evidence of their efforts over the last 150+ years to evade and defeat the jurisdictional restrictions of the Constitution, usurp exercise of jurisdiction in extra-constitutional geographic area, and betray, defraud, and subjugate their creator, the American People, by way of perversion of the ordinary and popular meaning of certain key words in the Constitution—’State’ and ’United States’—through stealth transmutation of said proper nouns into arcane statutory terms wi ...   read more

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