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by Chef JeM
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Death?   37 h  
Loved ones crossing over the threshold.
This Thanksgiving it will be two years since my father had crossed the threshold. I was just thinking of him the moment before I first opened a message from Patricia Cota Robles of Era of Peace where she wrote: ”... The amazing thing about (near death experiences) is that ALL of the people experience almost the exact same thing regardless of their walk of life. Confirmed atheists who expect that death is the end have the same experience as devoutly religious people. It does not matter what a person’s educational or socioeconomic level is. Nor does the gender, age, race, nationality, cul ...   read more

Affidavit Of Obligation - International Commercial Lien   56 h  
Public Hazard Bonding Of Corporate Agent
Just received. A subject matter that I’ve been introduced to about twenty-two years ago and then essentially had it filed in my library. Now it’s a time to take it down off the shelf! Here’s a key section: Public Hazard Bonding Of Corporate Agent: ”All officials are required by Federal, State and Municipal Law to provide the name, address and telephone number of their public hazard and malpractice bonding company, the policy number of the bond and if required, a copy of the policy describing the bonding coverage of their specific job performance. Failure to provide this informa ...   read more

Tell Me What Peace Is!   8 d  
An idea who's time has come now.
Just inspired with an Omraam message[1] that we are all brothers and sisters! I’m reminded of the library of dyad communication exercises I have and that it is possible to contemplate on the truth of virtually anything. I checked my binder of dyads and was surprised not to find this dyad: ”Tell me what peace is”! Then I searched this and got a whole ”15 results”[2] with none of them as a dyad! I decided to blog this. I think this is a worthy dyad! I recommend it! ***********^*********** Notes: [1] ...   read more

Ascending Liberty   15 d  
Comment on "Interior Secretary Visits Liberty’s Crown"
Three hours ago I was inspired with the thought of writing a story under the title that I have as the headline for this blog post. I wrote a note saying: ”Based on a real life experience of climbing up the interior staircase of the Statue of Liberty ~ as an allegory to ascending into our own ”crown”.[1] *** November 11th - Happy 11/11! From Human Design, kabbalistic, and other perspectives each of us have the ”tree of life” within us and that includes our ”crown”. The idea of making our own ascension through the tree of life within has been something that has spoke to me over the ...   read more

The Daily Neutrino Stream   15 d  
Life in (what Omraam calls) the Three Worlds (the idea, the thoughts and feelings and the 3D reality) all enhanced with really conscious, clear and complete communications!
Newest housemate and I had a meaningful conversation this afternoon (Sunday the 8th) and during that I took a few notes as the content had gotten extra ”rich” at times! (I may revisit the notes later.) Had a strong impetus to check the ”Human Design Weekly Neutrino Forecast for November 8th to November 14th 2015” and very glad I did now as the day’s 3rd line theme for the Sun underscores a central highlight of the conversation with my housemate!: ”November 8th begins with the Sun in the 3rd line of the 1st hexagram. The Sun in the 1.3 is ”The energy to sustain creative work: exalted: Th ...   read more

A Tree of Light   20 d  
"... only an artificially limited grasp of the full-scope of possibilities inherent to existence can render for one the conclusion that 'things will always be this way'."
My very good friend and new medicine man: Chris Lowthert sent me the following link that I’m just beginning to enjoy yet already nourished by. I really love it when I can very quickly recognize a Brother and especially without having met ”in person”! Chris and I have yet to meet ”in person” and yet we have developed a friendship that is priceless to me! ”No matter how much it may contradict many common assumptions regarding the limits of possibility, I tell you with 100% certainty that a world without war – a thriving and prosperous existence operating across our entire planet, yet with ...   read more

Patient Gradualism   30 d  
How to "cook a frog".
I’m not necessarily subscribed to this as a ”strategy in reverse”[1] of how the term (in his headline) is presented here.[2] I think this term effectively frames the burning issues of our times. Notes: [1] Example: [2]   read more

The Chef As The Highest Form of "Doctor"?   49 d  
A continuation of "The Chef As The Highest Form of Doctor"
Several months ago in one of my other blogs I presented an idea that I believe whose time has now come.[1] Actually it’s more accurate to say whose time has come again! That’s because there is a history regarding the idea of the chef-doctor and I’m interested in at least pointing to it. When I speak of the chef-doctor it’s not to say that chefs would take on the roles of a diagnostician, prescribing pharmaceuticals, performing surgery (on people) or other strictly ”medical” functions.[2] The idea is that chefs generally continue to be chefs only with greater knowledge, enhanced awarenes ...   read more

You R Who & What You Are Regardless of What Your Mind Says!   57 d  
The mind is an amazing tool! It's purpose is communication. Complete communications allows the mind to become clear.
What a blessing it is to ”Know Thy Self”![1][2] The Buddha did it! Jesus did it! You can do it! And you can do it as you yourself! What an awesome time to do it now! This most recent Lunar Eclipse is really something and I intend to have more to say about that soon! In the meanwhile I am inspired to say: You are so much more than your mind! Human Design shows us that we are nine-centered beings. The ”Head Center” is just one of the nine. We also have a Self Center, distinct from our Head Center! However conditioning has impacted virtually everyone and one of the most pervasive, ...   read more

Beyond Our Local Sun's Light Is The Distant Star Light   73 d  
"Galileo was forced to publicly recant what he believed, and we now know is true, in order to avoid torture and death by authorities threatened by new truth."
”In 1600, Giordano Bruno was put to death as a heretic because he speculated that just as the sun was the center of our solar system, the stars were distant suns around which revolved planets with living beings on them.”[1] I found this serendipitously not long after looking at the fixed stars of two friends. One friend suggested investigating the fixed star influence and suspected that could very well change the reading on a typical astrological chart without the fixed stars. I’m beginning to see evidence for this! I hadn’t studied Giordano Bruno before however in 1969-70 I was thin ...   read more

Butter Over Beer   74 d  
Transformation of the senses can be a good thing, especially if it gives one greater freedom!
When it gets down to the ”cash on hand” reality - I’m so glad that I at least have a priority of butter over beer! On hot summer days the appeal of a cold beer probably increases nation-wide and Lord knows it’s not only been hot recently but also quite awhile since I’ve had a cold one! However, I know what my body really needs and I just can’t deny it, not as long as I’m living in it! My body is most happy with real butter on a daily basis and I’m not talking about a ”pad” or two. I’m most happy with at least two sticks of butter every day! I use to import grass-fed raw butter from Wisc ...   read more

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