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How A Single Conversation Can Beat 10 Years of Study!   30 h  
Leverage by way of a mentor
It’s been said that ”A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.”[1] I believe that kind of wisdom-rich ”conversation” is most largely within your capacity right now and that having a very simple form of communication can support your realization of this. Over the past eight years I have been mentoring individuals through this unique particular form and supporting their mastery of it. ~Chef Jemichel -- Dialogue - the crucible and repository of our potential shared reality! Let’s talk about it! ***********^*********** Notes: [1] Read more: ht ...   read more

Promises, Promises   4 d  
"...And in this way, a great many people become candidates for the black lodge, for it is impossible to acquire all those advantages very rapidly without manifesting selfishness, cruelty and dishonesty."
”The spirits of darkness are very skilful; they don’t appear in horns and a forked tail, surrounded by the cauldrons of hell. It is not in their own interest to alarm you; on the contrary, they come and promise you to fulfil all your desires, and they keep coming back until, like a ripe fruit, you fall into their hands. Yes, that is how they seduce people: by promises of power, pleasure and money. ...” And yet the objects of all these promises pass away and in fact the so called ”money” has already virtually passed away! Is this why those who have fallen ”like a ripe fruit” appear to h ...   read more

Defining the Proprietary Jurisdiction of Local Government   5 d  
The four Organic Laws of the United States of America applied in the city.
California Revenue And Taxation Code Section 5304 ”In this State” means within the exterior limits of the State of California, and includes all territory within these limits owned by or ceded to the United States of America.[1] Does it follow that a ”city” located ”in this State” also ”includes all territory within th(ose) limits owned by or ceded to the United States of America.”? ***********^*********** Notes: [1]   read more

"Family"   26 d  
Love - a circle we must continually widen
One thing I ”learned” in my ”family of origin” as taught by my father was that the two greatest needs human beings have is to love and to be loved. There’s more I can say about this as I continue building this post. The following quote from Omraam inspired me to start this.: ”...the mistake humans have made is in not understanding that they ought to have widened the family circle even further and extended their love to other creatures and to the whole universe.” I’m suspecting that this ”mistake” is virtually universal. And the ”antidote” is universal as well! In addition to th ...   read more

The True Account of Whistleblower Edward Snowden   27 d  
One of my friends says: " I saw the movie, and it was damn good. Go see it!"
”Terrorism is an excuse for mass surveillance. Its about economic and population control.” Edward Snowden, September 14th, 2016.   visit the page

The Astrological Perspective   29 d  
The ambivalence of political power, its value and its dangers.
The book: ”Cosmos and Psyche” is one of the most validating presentations I know of for the application of an astrological perspective. I add to that the Human Design System’s perspective on astrology regarding the scientifically verified neutrino effect. With these two perspectives I have what I’ve needed for a fuller appreciation and acceptance of astrological sciences in my life, relations and work. At this time we all have Pluto transiting at14 degrees Capricorn, 56 minutes. That position is conjunct my natal IC. I’ve taken to study the significance of this transit for my life. In ...   read more

Toward 12 Perspectives Re: 20th Century History   40 d  
Includes Steiner-inspired "Three-fold", Human Design, Karma and Astrology.
Inspired after watching a YouTube (based on the ”Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” book) to at least outline and connect the ”dots” pertaining to Hitler’s rise. Top on that list is a look at Adolf’s Human Design.[1] After that the list I have at present includes: The notable Industrialists who profited from the wars. The international bankers. Patriarchy and the poisonous pedagogy in Germany. Jung and the German psyche. Steiner and possibly all of this. Karma. Astrology. *** September 18, 2016 - Some kind of a spiritual perspective needs to be included. Here’s a start: ...   read more

Anti-Freedom Inc.   49 d  
"The War on Weed: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for 'Corporate Cannabis'”
Further disclosure regarding the anti-freedom nature of large corporate international entities. Search for this article at:   visit the page

Teaching "The Organic Laws of The United States of America"   67 d  
Without a vision the people parish.
If you can lay your hands on volume one of ”United States Code” you should find a page after the ”Table of Titles and Chapters” that says: ”The Organic Laws of The United States of America”. In my 2006 edition that page is XLIII. The four Organic Laws follow in this order: ”The Declaration of Independence-1776”, the ”Articles of Confederation-1777”, the ”Ordinance of 1787: The Northwest Territorial Government”, the ”Constitution of The United States” of America-1787” (Also published online.[5]) The publishing of all four Organic Laws at the beginning of the ”United States Code” ...   read more

August Full Moon + A Symbol of Delicacy Of Feeling   67 d  
"Any major themes or goals in your life over the previous six months will be seeking finalization before the September 1 solar eclipse clears the slate and begins a whole new eclipse cycle."
”Lunar eclipse August 2016 will not produce any shadow over the moon so is going to act more like a normal full moon lasting 14 days. This is just long enough to finish tying up the loose ends of the last six months and start preparing for a brand new eclipse cycle starting on September 1.”[1] The full moon is at Aquarius 26° and the Sabian Symbol is read at 27°: AN ANCIENT POTTERY BOWL FILLED WITH FRESH VIOLETS. KEYNOTE: The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in man’s instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man’s most authentic emotions. T ...   read more

How Can We Close The Door To Psychopathy?   70 d  
Working through the wide and varied spectrum of perspectives regarding what is important and the need to determine what is healthy!
I like to color my life outside the lines that others appear to set for me (which is my personalized version of ”color Your life outside the lines others would set for you”.[1] I have a housemate/friend who is a professor who is involved with public health and who apparently believes whatever warnings come by way of the CDC or the like. The professor has expressed concerns a number of times this year and previously regarding virus-carrying mosquitoes. My response at the last ”presentation” was to ask if the professor had screens on their bedroom window as a ”first take care of your own ...   read more

“A Mind of Your Own”   71 d  
The idea of using drugs to treat depression is an idea who's time is running out, just like the sand falling through the hourglass.
The title of a book review caught my attention in the current issue of Wise Traditions - published by The Weston A. Price Foundation. Then about two thirds into this book review I highlighted: ”The medicalization of distress obliterates meaning and creates profit.” at which point I Googled the first part of this quote and that led me to a PDF at from where I quote the following: “Many women credit me with the initiation of life-transformation. Because I believe passionately in the power of lifestyle medicine to produce changes that are greater than the sum of their pa ...   read more

The States of America, "The U.S. of A." and "The U.S."   72 d  
Clarification from the Organic Laws
Earlier this past day I listened to a large part of an audio interview with a student of Dr. Ed Rivera’s course in Law and Government (that I also am a student of). In one or more instances during the interview the interviewer admitted that he was confused by what he had just heard the student say. I smiled when I heard the interviewer say this as I recognized that the student had not clearly stated certain fundemntal phrases about America in terms that can readily convey clear understanding. Just a moment ago I worked out the wording that I would suggest for distinguishing three or the mo ...   read more

Into the Collective Cup of Humanity’s Consciousness   73 d  
"How we project a transpersonal love for humanity out into the world."[1]
”The Divine Intent of the Olympic Games is for the Family of Humanity to set aside our differences and to come together in Peace as we attain our highest level of excellence. ...”: I am grateful to have this perspective that I count superior to the one I had a couple days ago when a ”fellow gardener” / housemate said they were going watch ”the Games” online and at that moment I cold have cared less! But coming ”together in Peace as we attain our highest level of excellence” changes my tune! According to the Human Design System I have ”The Cross of ...   read more

Herd Immunity True & False   74 d  
“'Individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months [after their shots].'[1] Which means that unless newly vaccinated people quarantine themselves and their children after the vaccinations, they are putting others at risk of infection."
”... Many pediatricians think herd immunity results when a large group of people have been vaccinated. Dr. Tim O’Shea corrects a common misconception, ’True herd immunity is a term which indicates that a disease has burned itself out within a population, as with plague, smallpox, typhus [and] every infectious disease in history. The herd has become immune. Natural selection. It has to do with nature, not with manmade vaccines.’ Now you know; don’t be fooled again. Dr. Russell Blaylock (board certified neurosurgeon) ...   read more

Air Pollution, West Nile Virus, "Zika, Schmika" & More!   76 d  
Shedding light on the fear of one virus or another.
”The West Nile virus epidemic was first noticed in the neighborhoods beneath one of the busiest take-off lanes in the US, La Guardia Airport, New York City.”[1] A professor friend inspired me to search into ”mosquito-carrier viruses”. Plus Jon Rappoport [2] *** August 18th - ”...the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asked Congress for $1.9 billion dollars to research the Zika virus. ... that is the same virus that has been around for nearly 70 years and has never been shown to cause any serious problems. That is, until a doctor in Brazil reported an association ...   read more

Ruling - Govt. Agencies & Officials Are “Private Entities”!   78 d  
North Carolina Judge Ridgeway Rules Govt. Agencies & Officials Are “Private Entities”!
Wake County (NC) Superior Court Judicial Review Judge Ridgeway Upholds (in rodney-class-vs-us) That Govt. Agencies & Officials Are “Private Entities”! 25.09.2011. Do Police Officers (and Depts. / Agencies), and Elected Officials In NC Hold As Much Authority As “Private” Security Guards At Walmart?[1] ”Most people do not know their history like Rod Class does. They are not aware of the National Banking Emergency declared in 1933 that has never been lifted. They do not know that a price was put on the head of every newborn through the Social Security Act of 1935. Section 501 set a pri ...   read more

Monsanto Text-book Case of Impunity Benefits Transnationals   81 d  
Tribunal Monsanto in The Hague –14th -16th of October 2016
”The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for ecocide. Eminent judges will hear testimonies from victims, and deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice. A parallel People’s Assembly provides the opportunity for social movements to rally and plan for the future we want. The Monsanto Tribunal, which will be held in The Hague from 14 to 16 October 2016, aims to assess these allegations made against Monsanto, and to evaluate the da ...   read more

Re-writting History   85 d  
Inspired during my hearing of a report from a professor friend regarding political debates in America that included a general reference made to "The Constitution". I replied saying the idea that government is based solely on this Constitution doesn't follow historical fact as it is only one fourth of the Organic Laws and as such is required to be read in light of the other three Organic Laws. The professor agreed! American History has been re-written!
1984[1] is possibly the leading narrative on the necessity for re-writing history whenever government deems it in its best interest. We in the u.s. of A. have been long past ”1984” as a (de facto) reality. The history here that has long been re-written (as early as September 17, 1787) when the fourth ”Organic Law” in the form of the writing of ”the Constitution” was completed. Probably, the most important particular ”history” that was re-written at that time was in regards to the validity of the second Organic Law: The Articles of Confederation (1777). The new Federalist claimed tha ...   read more

The Woodstock Festival   86 d  
Approaching the 47th anniversary of a remarkably peaceful event!
Got inspired to identify the ”birth time” of Woodstock (and got August 15, 1969 3:42 PM at White Lake, New York) to generate a Human Design BodyGraph and glad I did! First thing I’m impressed with is this gave an ”Incarnation Cross” known as the ”Left Angle Cross of Revolution 2: People who are projected upon to provide the practical reasons, and contribute the resources, necessary to instigate a revolution - or not.”[1] The second thing that impresses me about this BodyGraph is that it has a Defined Channel between the Self Center and the Sacral Center known as ”The Channel of The Beat ...   read more

Melt Your "Iceberg"   3 mon  
Inspiration to develop a new meditation
The subject is based on the image of an iceberg were about 10% of it is above the surface leaving 90% essentially hidden below the surface. I think this can apply to human consciousness. Maybe 10% is conscious leaving 90% unconscious. Recently I’ve begun to ”own” my ”iceberg”. (Just writing this now brings a pleasant smile into my conscious awareness!) I’m using ”iceberg” I’m inspired with the thought of developing a new meditation devoted to melting one’s iceberg. To be cont.   visit the page

Attitude of Gratitude & Reality   3 mon  
"Attitude affects life's events!
The 15th Gene Key presented by Richard Rudd in his book: Gene Keys could be a most liberating contemplation and therefore I found it worthy to share the presentation with a friend who has this Gene Key activated by his Design North Node. I’m all the more attracted to sharing this Gene Key since I have it activated as well - by my Design Sun and Design Mercury! This Gene Key has a great message about the power of Attitude. I can vouch for that in my practice of adopting gratitude as my primary attitude in life! The following eleven words in one complete sentence deserve a book!: Thank ...   read more

"Oncologists Well Know, Chemotherapy Causes 'Chemo Brain'"   3 mon  
"Chemotherapy is a systemic poison that damages the brains, kidneys and hearts of those who undergo the procedure."
The true nature of ”Cancer” is not disclosed but misrepresented by the entire medical establishment to induce fear. This is typically accomplished via the diagnosis and prognosis given by an MD in ways that cause a shock conflict in the psyche of the individual. This shock conflict imprints the brain and subsequently manifests in the corresponding organ as an additional cancer. What is needed is not chemotherapy but the liberating truth of how the body responds with a biological survival program to compensate for what appears to be the life-threatening blows to the psyche! There are sev ...   read more

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