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It's All In The Cards!   18 h  
Over 28 years into "The Cards".
My very first introduction to ”the cards” was in 1986 in Chicago when I was unexpectedly ”gifted” with the main text at that time: ”What’s Your Card”. In 1997 Robert Camp published Love Cards. In ’98 Susan Hathaway and Debbie Crick published Birthday & Relationship Digest - The Cards of Illumination System. Also in ’98 Robert published Destiny Cards. I have these and intend to get Robert’s latest. (I emailed Robert yesterday with a question I had about ”Karma Cousins”.) The other day I got to thinking how the cards offer insights on love, life, the spiritual, destiny and karma! It’s all ...   read more

Early Morning Laughter   19 h  
Unexpected funny quotes!
I am having a really good time reading the quotes most all of the results of my search: ”pleasure in sneezing”. So much so i had to note this. Now I will search ”pleasure in sneezing”+ogasm. Several results on that one including the phrase: ”nose ogasm”! That reminds that Frank Zappa had an experience of being treated nasally with radium and that left an impression in his psyche that he worked eventually worked with it in his music. Moments after I first posted this I sneezed!   visit the page

In The Belly of The Beast   20 h  
Idea For a Film Script
This idea inspired me this evening while I was eating my dinner. I’m so glad I had my pocket notebook with me with one page left! First, a smidgen of background before I mention the idea. My aspiring film-script writer friend had just shared with me his ”quintessential” film scene just as I was preparing to make my dinner and along with that sharing he told me again about the man who walked into the white house all on his own without clearance, escort or whatever! Telling that to me the second time underscored that it was a specific warning to the ”first family”. (I might want to make a ...   read more

Friends With Practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism   7 d  
Nying Mapas and others who follow paths that are different than mine.
A few of my friends practice Tibetan Buddhism and although I don’t practice Buddhism as a religion I do recognize that the ancient teachings offered a preparation for the Christ and that an account of this is presented by Rudolf Steiner in his book From Buddha to Christ. Nevertheless - my Human Design includes the ”Love of Humanity” at Self Center Gate 15 that was activated by my Design Sun and Design Mercury. The Design Sun is one of four major sequences in my Gene Keys ”Golden Path”. Gene Keys is a transmission that gives recognition to the way of the Buddha. One of my practitioner ...   read more

Researching The Human Designs of the World's Richest   11 d  
Given the astrological natal data for any of the wealthiest people a Human Design Chart can be generated to see if they have "The Channel of Money" defined
”As part of the May 2007 concerts, her ALAS Foundation was able to solicit commitments of US$ 200 million from philanthropists Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, and Howard Buffett, son of U.S. investment guru Warren Buffett, Shakira announced on April 15, 2008.”: Friday the 23rd - The inspiration for starting this research grew out of my intention to further develop one of my biggest seed dream visions - the one that I’ve named: Cheeta. In choosing to take the big Cheeta to the next level I thought that the next step w ...   read more

Superconscious & The Siddhis   19 d  
The journey of consciousness from the depths to the heights
In 1983 I became a teacher of a system of manifestation based on access to the superconscious. Today I work with the Gene Keys, inspired in part by The Human Design System. Gene Keys is about frequency and the awareness & acceptance required at the lower frequencies (known as specific ”Shadows”) in order to release the Gifts in higher consciousness through which the highest frequencies known as the Siddhis can embody in us. In Gene Key there are 64 Siddhis. ”Siddhi actually means perfection or attainment in Sanskrit. Siddhis can be realized through any spiritual practice ...” Read mo ...   read more

Krishnamurti's Human Design   23 d  
A verification of my intuition.
Several hours ago I spontaneously thought of Krishnamurti and his patient waiting for his audience to become still and in that moment thought I’d check his Human Design to see if he had Throat Gate 12 defined and sure enough he does! What inspired me to note this here is that I also looked at the Line that was activated at this gate and it was Line 4 - ”The prophet”! The overall quality of Gate 12 is ”restraint and the importance of meditation and inaction in confronting temptation. Plus, looking at the Gene Keys I believe he embodied the Siddhi - ”Purity”. http://www.humandesign ...   read more

Reverence - Because Life Is Sacred!   24 d  
Message sent at the "Berry Center" regarding Wendell Berry.
This new year I am subscribed to weekly inspirartions on reverence. In the last 12 hours I shared a dyad with a friend who agreed with me that life is sacred! I am very much looking forward to deepening my sacred connection with life! This is the current inspiration I received a day ago: ”... We must make every effort to know the world and learn what is good for it. We must learn to cooperate in its processes, and to yield to its limits. But even more important, we must learn to acknowledge that the creation is full of mystery; we will never entirely understand it. We must aban ...   read more

We Four Kings!   25 d  
My gift to another is a gift to myself as well!
11:20 PM PST - I just emailed a complimentary reading I wrote for an individual - introducing them to their Human Design as well as a mini introduction to the Gene Keys corresponding to their Personality Sun activation. In all it was a four hour non-stop process from the very start (at 7:22 PM) to the finish just a moment ago. One thing that is especially new and good about all of this is that today - January 1st - is the one day out of 365 days that has the King of Spades card known as ”The Master Card”! Robert Camp, author of Love Cards and Destiny Cards says ”The people of this card are ...   read more

Good News Earth Stewards!   27 d  
Astrological forecast for January includes good placement of the "goddess of crops and grains"!
Dear Earth Stewards! Our love for our Mother Earth (AKA Gaia Sophia) is shared among many and not only terrestrially. Without the rest of the universe we and out dear earth couldn’t be here! With that in mind (plus an open mind) planetary & astroid progressions and transits in our solar system can be considered as part of the all-inclusive integral support of our planet. I count the following progression/transit of Ceres as ”good news”: ”Ceres moves into Capricorn on 9 January highlighting the environment and the need to reduce our ecological footprint by taking more personal respons ...   read more

Nourishing Our Social Brain   33 d  
Integral Human Design corresponds with newer scientific findings (revealed since the advent of the Human Design System) that indicate a high plasticity in our brain whereby we are able to reinvent ourselves every moment!
Corresponding with the current new moon (and possibly the progression of Saturn into Sagittarius) I’m now realizing a delightful increase in my affinity with the Integral Human Design. (I like that it underscores the critical assessment of my original Human Design teacher regarding the problems with ”typing” the personality.) One of the keywords in this affinity is freedom! Freedom begins in the mind! We need the ”plasticity” that neuroscience points to in order to realize our freedom, not only in regards to our ”conditioning” but also from the limitations in our self-created identity a ...   read more

Brain Chemistry, Activities/"In The Flow" & Ecstasy   34 d  
In search of ecstatic states that can occur in everyday life.
As can be seen from several of my recent bogs at ”Son of Truth of Self” I’m into brain states and from several perspectives. My most recent inspired notes point to ”brain chemistry” and states of ecstasy. What especially got me thinking in this direction is my most recent cross-fertilization between the ideas in Gene Keys (and especially regarding the 64 Siddhi states) where certain amino acids are identified with each Gene Key plus the book ”From Ecstasy to Success” by Kala H. Kos. Today I looked up the Siddhi of Ecstasy in Gene Keys to identify the amino acid: Alanine to search for a pos ...   read more

Your Perception Controls Your Biology   37 d  
Integral Human Design Discovery Session with Werner Pitzal and Richard Rudd
”... In the old paradigm, the biologists were talking about the Primacy of the DNA. All our behavior, all our actions and movement were based on proteins that basically were determined by the DNA code in the nucleus. And people at that time thought that the nucleus was the brain of the cell, but then they found out, and that’s basically the work of Bruce Lipton, that in the new paradigm we have to accept that perception actually controls the biology in terms of what comes from outside, the primary signal that we perceive, through a kind of chemical switch then creates a signal that actua ...   read more

Movies and Your Brain   38 d  
The impact of prolonged and or repeated artificial brain stimulation through film viewing and the like.
In 1924 theaters began showing ”double features”.: This just a note for now along with my intention to continue the thought after I do more research.   visit the page

The Truth of Individuality   41 d  
Truth of Self is like a well of the waters of life from which we can draw forth for watering our gardens.
After a full seven-year cycle of working with the Human Design System coinciding with my developing therapeutic dyads (as well as the rest of my therapeutic work) ”on the one hand” coupled with all of my work in the ”Rights” sphere that is deeply rooted in the true spirit of American freedom[1] - (all of which has been reported in this blog since its inception) - I now find a deeper flame/love/alignment for humanity’s freedom arising at the core of my being. I hear the call for empathy sounding stronger now than I had ever heard it before. The Gene Keys refer to the ”Codon Ring of Human ...   read more

Your Imagination and Your Brain   42 d  
We are designed to be co-creators in spite of all the robotic conditioning that is apparently prevalent in the world.
Jean Houston writes: When I was eight years old, I attended a school in Manhattan where they felt it would be good for students to meet some of the great elders of the time. One of those elders was Albert Einstein, and one day we were trotted across the river over to Princeton University to his house there. He had a lot of hair and was very sweet. One of my smart-alecky classmates said to him: ”Uh, Mr. Einstein, how can we get to be as smart as you?” He said: ”Read fairy tales,” which made no sense to us at all. So another smart-alecky kid said: ”Mr. Einstein, how can we g ...   read more

Got Holistic?   44 d  
A rare "gem" among medical practitioners.
Today is a beautiful day! I am gifted with good news! One of my favorite practitioner/authors is Dr. Brownstein. Today I received notice of his newest blog re: his book review of Dr. C. Norman Shealy’s: ”Living Bliss”. Coincidentally I had just researched ”Bliss Therapy” a day or so prior to this notice after the thought had unexpectedly ”popped” into my head a couple of mornings ago! What Dr. B had to say about Dr. Shealy and ”Living Bliss” really got my immediate attention! I’m so glad for this coincidence as it gifted me with something that I hadn’t been introduced to before and that ...   read more

What is Real?   47 d  
Activating the "Inner Knowing" that allows us to reconnect with Heaven.
A Course in Miracles declares ”What is real in not threatened. What is unreal does not exist.” Recently I have been asking ”What is real?” It’s not the first time I have asked this however it is being asked in an affirmative way knowing that ”What is real in not threatened!” 44 years ago when I first began asking this question I did not have the Inner Knowledge, Inner Knowing and thereby the Inner Confidence that anything was real. I give thanks for A Course In Miracles and the 365 Lessons I shared with my Beloved Friend about fifteen years ago after returning from visiting my sister in ...   read more

Wifi & Your Brain & the Brains of Embryos   47 d  
Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health
Dr. Barrie Trower gives food for thought in a couple of videos I’ve just been introduced to today. ”Barrie Trower - The Dangers of Microwave Technology - YouTube” is the first one I viewed (up to 1:33:00 of the total 2:07:47): As of about 45 minutes into this video Dr. Trower talks about the life form that is very most biologically vulnerable to wifi/cell phone radiation: the Human Embryo. Before and after this segment he talks about the next most vulnerable human stage of development: school children where more and more schools are acce ...   read more

Your Emotions and Your Brain   48 d  
Emotional Intelligence Is the Other Kind of Smart.
”... When emotional intelligence first appeared to the masses in 1995, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. This anomaly threw a massive wrench into what many people had always assumed was the sole source of success—IQ. Decades of research now point to emotional intelligence as the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the rest of the pack.”:   read more

Your Medicine and Your Brain -   50 d  
Statins Cause Brain Dysfunction. Antipsychotic drugs cause brain atrophy! (Maybe you'll need a "brain tonic".)
The human brain is of high interest to me (and I hope it is at least of some interest to you as well). If the health of your brain is of high interest to you then you may like to consider the impact of medications on the brain. What we ingest, not only in ”food” but in all other substances, deserves our consideration as to the potential impact on the brain. Consider ”statins”: ”Statins work by poisoning an enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase) which is needed to produce cholesterol, adrenal and sex hormones, memory proteins and mainta ...   read more

JFK Assassination & The American Psyche   51 d  
Research focused on what appears to be a fifty-one year old "hanging conflict" in America's psyche.
In my affinity with the new medicine (that I’ve blogged on here at ”Son of Truth”) I’ve thought of researching what has been published regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the impact on the American psyche. About eighteen hours ago I was inspired and noted to search on the responses to the November 22, 1963 event before the Warren Report was released and then identify the Human Design charts of the authors who didn’t believe the media’s presentation (that started with the virtually immediate focus on Oswald, his quick assassination and the summary conclusion decalring that th ...   read more

The Third Astrological House   54 d  
We all are each traveling through twelve astrological houses each year. Which one are you in now?
Today is the first day of my Third Astrological House known as ”The House of Exploratory Growth”. (Now I’m aware that this house-theme hints (at least to me) that it is a ”fractal” of the universe. Isn’t ”exploratory growth” what it’s all about?) It is also the house of education and communication and therefor ”the student”. [That’s my kind of house!(1)] 1st House - rediscovering yourself, 2nd House - sustaining yourself and 3rd House - expressing yourself! Just a moment ago I had an opportunity to express myself however, I was unconscious to that opportunity (just in that moment) an ...   read more

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