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Quest   18 h  
The "Journal of The Theosophical Society" - Spring 2015
I’ve only recently been introduced to the ”Journal of The Theosophical Society”: Quest with its Spring 2015 issue that was delivered at the house although intended for my former housemate. I wish I could continue having this issue and finish reading it however my housemate said he’d be coming by to get his mail this week and now it is early Friday morning! About the first attraction I had in this journal was found on page 76 ”A Selection of Titles on Spiritual Teachers”. The first listing is Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov: A Biography By Louise Marie Frenette 1999: ”This first full-length biog ...   read more

"The Living, Efficacious Word"   5 d  
Introduction to the translations of Peter Deunov.
”Amidst the avalanche of untruths, half-truths, and truths mixed with falsehoods, there should be something that stands firmly fixed in what is true without admixture, to guide people like the Lamp of Hero guided Leander across the Aegean sea; for everyone has the right to see and know the truth.”[1] Discovered ”The English Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) Home Page” with ”Translations from Bulgarian of Authentic Versions of the Lectures and Other Works” just moments ago from my search inspired at: On t ...   read more

April 2015   8 d  
Planetary weather report and more!
The Human Design System (HDS) has a strong astrological base (which naturally refers to our solar system’s planetary positions) and with Human Design each planet moves through 64 gate activations that correspond with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. HDS has a total of 13 planetary-type movements, the positions of which are worthy of updates on at least a weekly basis - if not daily - as the moon’s changes occur every day. Fortunately anyone with Internet access can see where the planets are within the Human Design matrix by connecting with one of a few individuals who share this informatio ...   read more

Beauty - The First "Fractal of Love" - In "Gene Keys"   9 d  
Who could have ever imagined such a revelation by way of a turtle's design?
Some days ago I started making connections with the teachings of Omraam-Mikhael-Aivanhov and now I realize I was deeply impressed with what he concluded from a certain spiritual experience he had: ”It is beauty that remains in my mind as the one essential: neither power, nor knowledge, nor wealth, nor glory. Only beauty!” ”Only beauty.” That has been impressing me to no end! Following that I was inspired to look at what Gene Keys has to say about Beauty. And just moments ago I was further inspired and energetically blessed with the thoug ...   read more

Is Beauty Hiding In Your Home?   9 d  
Chef Jemichel likes a clean house!
Believe it or not - I like house cleaning (as well as the many blessings of a well-cleaned home). My background includes professional house cleaning. At one time I worked for a professional carpet cleaning service (many years before the modern method of steam cleaning machines). My house cleaning line is: ”Is Beauty Hiding In Your Home?” Fo the past eight years I have lived in two homes where we cleaned only with non-toxic, environmental friendly cleaning products. In addition to the enlightened ecological awareness this kind of ”house cleaning” can give additional blessings when inclu ...   read more

Dispelling American Myths   17 d  
The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice by Greil Marcus
At Scribd I found a book that caught my attention and have just sepnt the last few hours commenting on one of the reviews of that book at Amazon. (I should be getting paid to do this!) First the review: Brilliant writing stye, dazzling command of popular culture, depressing and depressed view of America By Craig Matteson HALL OF FAME TOP 1000 REVIEWER on October 18, 2006 Greil Marcus has made his bones as a journalist, critic, historian, and his own genus of philosopher of pop music and related cultural issues. His writing style is very much his own. It is quite mannered, and f ...   read more

Are You An Addict?   19 d  
The root cause of all addictions
This morning I was inspired with the idea that addiction is an identity crisis. I then made a note: ”Addiction and Self-Realization” with the intention of searching this tonight. I just started the search using the search terms: addiction”self realization”. The first item that got my full attention was the 9th result on the second page: ”The Addiction Process: A Systemic Cultural Condition - Google Books Result”: “ … The root cause of all addictions is the separation from our spiritual source, the innermost self … the separation begins at the moment of birth into a culture of esta ...   read more

His New Testament was "A Rebellious and Dangerous Act"   21 d  
The New Testament was meant to rouse England from its entrenchment in Catholicism and its lazy acceptance of doctrines from priests who were guessing most of the time because they didn’t understand the Latin either.
Just discovered this! “… William Tyndale’s impact on the development of the English Language and English Culture has still not been fully recognized, though it is no longer easy for scholars to ignore his contribution. … 1994 saw the beginning of a growing international network of scholars dedicated to making Tyndale’s achievement known to the world. The 1534 revision of his own 1526 New Testament, is regarded by some scholars as Tyndale’s greatest achievement. It has been claimed that 80% of the King James AV New Testament is Tyndale’s 1534 work … Tyndale was very clear about his purp ...   read more

Hegel, John Dewey, Wagner, and Steiner   27 d  
Allegories of the Ring
A truly an amazing presentation with a message that deserves to be known far and wide! One thought I have is that it could possibly be turned into a documentary.: Also: Most amazing! Just read up to this page:   read more

"Piercing the CORPORATE Veil"   28 d  
Successful Withdrawal of Real Property from Michigan Tax Rolls plus a California Statute to accomplish the same in this state.
You can ”render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and to do that with certainty you’ll need to know what is truly Caesar’s and what isn’t. You’ll need to know what Caesar actually owns otherwise you’ll be ”rendering” what is yours unto Caesar. To understand what Caesar owns you’ll need to know the four Organic Laws:   read more

Got Cracks?   39 d  
The Power of Unconditional Giving!
From my diary of october 28th, 2013 - I live in a place that has numerous cracks. There are so many cracks here that I had to prioritize which cracks I’d attend to first. I decided to start at the bottom with the foundation for the house and work up. Most fortunately as soon as I decided to do this I got to be friends with a professional mason who volunteered to help whenever he could come over and work on repairing the cracks in the house foundation. On a number of occasions since this year-long project I have thought that I could write a book on all that my mason friend did over th ...   read more

Got Liver Cancer?   43 d  
The need to identify the shock conflict that is the cause with any and all cancers.
”... if a man unexpectedly lost his business and the bank takes all his assets, he can develop colon cancer as a result of an ’indigestible morsel conflict’ (’I can’t digest this!’), liver cancer as a result of a starvation conflict (’I don’t know how to provide for myself!’) and bone cancer as a result of a self devaluation conflict. You would probably consider that this man is doomed to die. This would be probably correct if he were to follow chemotherapy. The truth is that, with the resolution of the conflict all three cancers will go into healing at the same time.” :   read more

Choose Again To Communicate   55 d  
"Creation and communication are synonymous!"
In the last couple days I’ve increased my conviction regarding the import of real communication in my life. This increase originates with the Holy Spirit. I have been inspired to review what is presented in ”A Course In Miracles” (ACIM) on communication. From my reading - the truth of the body ”as a means of communication: is underscored! ”To communicate is to join ...” (ACIM - Chapter 8 - VII - 12) I realize now that when I had perceived that another was ”interrupting me” with an unexpected question that I was not really open to ”joining” at that moment and that consequently I did ...   read more

Got Anthroposophic/Homeopathic/New Medicine?   58 d  
Three approaches to spirit-psyche-brain-organ medicine.
Looking in my most active medicine drawer now I see four bottles of different homeopathic medicines. At times I may have a couple more as well. I have taken homeopathic medicines over the course of the last twenty-five to thirty years. During this time my use of pharmaceutical medicines has declined and I haven’t taken any conventional medicine for over seven years. I am so grateful! ”Homeopathy is the second most used medical system worldwide, part of mainstream medicine in India and highly popular in Europe. There, it would be inappropriate to call it “alternative medicine.” In France ...   read more

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