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His New Testament was "A Rebellious and Dangerous Act"   30 h  
The New Testament was meant to rouse England from its entrenchment in Catholicism and its lazy acceptance of doctrines from priests who were guessing most of the time because they didn’t understand the Latin either.
Just discovered this! “… William Tyndale’s impact on the development of the English Language and English Culture has still not been fully recognized, though it is no longer easy for scholars to ignore his contribution. … 1994 saw the beginning of a growing international network of scholars dedicated to making Tyndale’s achievement known to the world. The 1534 revision of his own 1526 New Testament, is regarded by some scholars as Tyndale’s greatest achievement. It has been claimed that 80% of the King James AV New Testament is Tyndale’s 1534 work … Tyndale was very clear about his purp ...   read more

Hegel, John Dewey, Wagner, and Steiner   7 d  
Allegories of the Ring
A truly an amazing presentation with a message that deserves to be known far and wide! One thought I have is that it could possibly be turned into a documentary.: Also: Most amazing! Just read up to this page:   read more

"Piercing the CORPORATE Veil"   8 d  
Successful Withdrawal of Real Property from Michigan Tax Rolls plus a California Statute to accomplish the same in this state.
You can ”render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and to do that with certainty you’ll need to know what is truly Caesar’s and what isn’t. You’ll need to know what Caesar actually owns otherwise you’ll be ”rendering” what is yours unto Caesar. To understand what Caesar owns you’ll need to know the four Organic Laws:   read more

Got Cracks?   19 d  
The Power of Unconditional Giving!
From my diary of october 28th, 2013 - I live in a place that has numerous cracks. There are so many cracks here that I had to prioritize which cracks I’d attend to first. I decided to start at the bottom with the foundation for the house and work up. Most fortunately as soon as I decided to do this I got to be friends with a professional mason who volunteered to help whenever he could come over and work on repairing the cracks in the house foundation. On a number of occasions since this year-long project I have thought that I could write a book on all that my mason friend did over th ...   read more

Got Liver Cancer?   23 d  
The need to identify the shock conflict that is the cause with any and all cancers.
”... if a man unexpectedly lost his business and the bank takes all his assets, he can develop colon cancer as a result of an ’indigestible morsel conflict’ (’I can’t digest this!’), liver cancer as a result of a starvation conflict (’I don’t know how to provide for myself!’) and bone cancer as a result of a self devaluation conflict. You would probably consider that this man is doomed to die. This would be probably correct if he were to follow chemotherapy. The truth is that, with the resolution of the conflict all three cancers will go into healing at the same time.” : http://www.cosm ...   read more

Choose Again To Communicate   35 d  
"Creation and communication are synonymous!"
In the last couple days I’ve increased my conviction regarding the import of real communication in my life. This increase originates with the Holy Spirit. I have been inspired to review what is presented in ”A Course In Miracles” (ACIM) on communication. From my reading - the truth of the body ”as a means of communication: is underscored! ”To communicate is to join ...” (ACIM - Chapter 8 - VII - 12) I realize now that when I had perceived that another was ”interrupting me” with an unexpected question that I was not really open to ”joining” at that moment and that consequently I did ...   read more

Got Anthroposophic/Homeopathic/New Medicine?   38 d  
Three approaches to spirit-psyche-brain-organ medicine.
Looking in my most active medicine drawer now I see four bottles of different homeopathic medicines. At times I may have a couple more as well. I have taken homeopathic medicines over the course of the last twenty-five to thirty years. During this time my use of pharmaceutical medicines has declined and I haven’t taken any conventional medicine for over seven years. I am so grateful! ”Homeopathy is the second most used medical system worldwide, part of mainstream medicine in India and highly popular in Europe. There, it would be inappropriate to call it “alternative medicine.” In France ...   read more

Kemper v State + "The Whiskey Rebellion"   40 d  
The sovereignty that was essentially transferred from the King of England to the American people at the conclusion of the war for Independence.
“The rule in America is that the American people are the sovereigns, and in them is lodged all power, and the agencies of government possess no authority save that which is delegated to them by the people in the written compact entered into between the people, which is styled the “Constitution[1],” and the laws adopted by the representatives of the people in the Legislature assembled, consistent therewith.”[2} [1] IMO, the so-called “compact” must be fully understood in light of the three preceding Organic Laws. With this fou ...   read more

Inch By Inch   41 d  
Spacial perspectives and additional "breathing" room bring a special relief!
I’m appreciating some amazing gratitude I now have after moving the desk I use back flush against a new wall that was just framed a couple days ago. I made moving the desk a priority this past evening as soon as I realized that by doing so I would gain about three inches of room for the office chair to move more easily between the desk and another piece of furniture. Now I have a whole twenty-two inches of chair space (which is possibly the minimum amount of space an individual might need to keep their sanity ; ~ ). How I managed to keep my sanity before this with three inches less is amaz ...   read more

"Climate Change" Truth   44 d  
Savory Institute - Holistic Management
Just now discovering that Allan Savory accepted my LinkedIn invite several days ago. ”... the danger to humanity is not climate change, but the preponderance and increasing bare-ground due to our inappropriate land-use management practices”: There is more that I can research another day.   read more

New Relationship Fractals   47 d  
Pluto in Gate 54 – The Marrying Maiden by Kim Gould
Having both the ”King of Hearts” and the ”Six of Hearts” as my top two essential cards in the card system I naturally realize the importance of relationships and continuously give them love and attention. I can’t assume that others who were born as ”Clubs”, ”Diamonds” and/or ”Spades” feel the same way as I do. Therefore even though the coming planetary transits have activations in the Human Design System in Gates with relationship themes I will not pretend that these will impact everyone’s relationships. However, I do support the evolution of the human race and agree with Human Design teac ...   read more

The Methods Used to Deceive The Nations   51 d  
"...for your industrialists were the powerful men of the earth, for by your drugging and poisoning were all the nations deceived." —Revelation 18:23
Down yet another rabbit hole! I started out before having dinner searching the phrase ”semantic deceit” as it appeared a key phrase in a couple of the papers the I was recently reading focused on semantic deceit in government. Then later while I was doing my dishes in the kitchen the phrase ”deceived the nations” came into my consciousness and I made literal note of it with the intention to identify the verse in Revelation. The verse: ”...For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.” —Revelation 18:23 Restated in modern Engli ...   read more

The Blueprint of Your Awakening is Held Securely ...   52 d  
A certain security that is held within the vaults of "Cosmic Harmony"
There’s something truly transcendent and altogether wonderful about recognizing a liberating truth! For instance if you recognized that you were not truly liable for Federal Income taxes then that could be a liberating truth if you then acted on that recognition and didn’t donate what you did not owe. An even greater, more transcendent recognition happens often for me when contemplating one of the Gene Keys. I’ve just contemplated the 50th Gene Key (corresponding with the 50th Hexagram of the I Ching that originally was known as: ”Cosmic Order”). The following is where my recognition o ...   read more

Vesta & "The Astrology of Your Design"   53 d  
Adding astroids to the understanding of our astrological activations.
Kim Gould of Love Your Design includes the astroids in her Human Design readings and in her return communique this past day she placed a certain emphasis on the astroid Vesta: ”your Vesta position (is) probably THE best indicator of purpose I have ever seen”. That got me doing my due-diligence for a quick study on Vesta including locating her in my natal chart (at just about 15 degrees Leo in my 10th House). Apparently she has no natal aspects, however - she’s conjunct both my Design Venus and Design Pluto! Now that’s really got my attention. Although I am consistently up late each nigh ...   read more

Got Analogy?   54 d  
Discussion of Wayne Dyer's Movie - Ambition to Meaning - The Shift: Finding Your Life's Purpose
Just posted a comment in the conversation of: ”The Dao of the Revolutionary -” Greetings all! I’ve enjoyed the above evaluation of Shuny and truly appreciate his hope! Re: “If all you needed for the physical journey was already handled in the womb, then why not everything for the rest of the journey as well, all of your purpose, it’s in there.” I’m reasonably confident that I hear the message and actually like the point it presents! However, the present analogy is a big ”if”. The needs of the ”physical journey” outside the womb require more than just the ”vehicle” that is ...   read more

Studies Show that Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease   54 d  
Should the Recently Vaccinated be Quarantined to Prevent Outbreaks?
WASHINGTON, D.C. –February 2, 2015– [ GlobeNewsWire ]Health officials are blaming unvaccinated children for the recent measles outbreak that started at Disneyland. However, with no blood tests proving the outbreak is from wild measles, the most likely source of the outbreak is a recently vaccinated individual, according to published science.[1] Scientific evidence demonstrates that individuals vaccinated with live virus vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), rotavirus, chicken pox, shingles and influenza can shed the virus for many weeks or months afterwards and infect the v ...   read more

"The War on Medical Marijuana Is (Finally) Over"!   59 d  
"Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana."
Fortunately I do not have a medical condition that warrants this herbal medicine and besides that I don’t consider it to be my medicine; however I do have friends that apparently regard it as their medicine and in any case it is about time that the federal government ended their war! Now it they can just end all the remaining wars we might all be able to finally live in peace!   visit the page

"Money"   60 d  
"Money" is a "crisis/opportunity" that is waiting for our greater participation and new thinking!
The history of money goes back to when Kings were bankers who used temples as their banks where people then exchanged their gold for clay tablets! The ancient system continued and is noted in the bible. However, misunderstanding has predominated scriptures such as ”render unto Caesar”: In the u.s. of A since the early 20th century the Federal Reserve System (private banking cartel) has issued paper (rather than clay tablets) in exchange for gold and silver deposits in their temple/banks. Although the system appeared to start out honest ( ...   read more

It's All In The Cards!   62 d  
Over 28 years into "The Cards".
My very first introduction to ”the cards” was in 1986 in Chicago when I was unexpectedly ”gifted” with the main text at that time: ”What’s Your Card”. In 1997 Robert Camp published Love Cards. In ’98 Susan Hathaway and Debbie Crick published Birthday & Relationship Digest - The Cards of Illumination System. Also in ’98 Robert published Destiny Cards. I have these and intend to get Robert’s latest. (I emailed Robert yesterday with a question I had about ”Karma Cousins”.) The other day I got to thinking how the cards offer insights on love, life, the spiritual, destiny and karma! It’s all ...   read more

Early Morning Laughter   62 d  
Unexpected funny quotes!
I am having a really good time reading the quotes most all of the results of my search: ”pleasure in sneezing”. So much so i had to note this. Now I will search ”pleasure in sneezing”+ogasm. Several results on that one including the phrase: ”nose ogasm”! That reminds that Frank Zappa had an experience of being treated nasally with radium and that left an impression in his psyche that he worked eventually worked with it in his music. Moments after I first posted this I sneezed!   visit the page

In The Belly of The Beast   62 d  
Idea For a Film Script
This idea inspired me this evening while I was eating my dinner. I’m so glad I had my pocket notebook with me with one page left! First, a smidgen of background before I mention the idea. My aspiring film-script writer friend had just shared with me his ”quintessential” film scene just as I was preparing to make my dinner and along with that sharing he told me again about the man who walked into the white house all on his own without clearance, escort or whatever! Telling that to me the second time underscored that it was a specific warning to the ”first family”. (I might want to make a ...   read more

Friends With Practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism   68 d  
Nying Mapas and others who follow paths that are different than mine.
A few of my friends practice Tibetan Buddhism and although I don’t practice Buddhism as a religion I do recognize that the ancient teachings offered a preparation for the Christ and that an account of this is presented by Rudolf Steiner in his book From Buddha to Christ. Nevertheless - my Human Design includes the ”Love of Humanity” at Self Center Gate 15 that was activated by my Design Sun and Design Mercury. The Design Sun is one of four major sequences in my Gene Keys ”Golden Path”. Gene Keys is a transmission that gives recognition to the way of the Buddha. One of my practitioner ...   read more

Researching The Human Designs of the World's Richest   72 d  
Given the astrological natal data for any of the wealthiest people a Human Design Chart can be generated to see if they have "The Channel of Money" defined
”As part of the May 2007 concerts, her ALAS Foundation was able to solicit commitments of US$ 200 million from philanthropists Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man, and Howard Buffett, son of U.S. investment guru Warren Buffett, Shakira announced on April 15, 2008.”: Friday the 23rd - The inspiration for starting this research grew out of my intention to further develop one of my biggest seed dream visions - the one that I’ve named: Cheeta. In choosing to take the big Cheeta to the next level I thought that the next step w ...   read more

Superconscious & The Siddhis   80 d  
The journey of consciousness from the depths to the heights
In 1983 I became a teacher of a system of manifestation based on access to the superconscious. Today I work with the Gene Keys, inspired in part by The Human Design System. Gene Keys is about frequency and the awareness & acceptance required at the lower frequencies (known as specific ”Shadows”) in order to release the Gifts in higher consciousness through which the highest frequencies known as the Siddhis can embody in us. In Gene Key there are 64 Siddhis. ”Siddhi actually means perfection or attainment in Sanskrit. Siddhis can be realized through any spiritual practice ...” Read mo ...   read more

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