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Coming down from the mountain   45 h  
Coming down from the mountain From Rekindking of Faith, my book. I've made a decision not to hold back anything. I've decided to tell everything I'm feeling, not just the good stuff I'm feeling. I've decided to share myself, all of myself, because that truly is everything I am. What I become doesn't belong just to me because I belong to everyone. We can't hold back our self from giving until what we have to give is all sweet and clean. It's that very act of giving that sweetens and cleans us--Leslie Goldman
MAY 1,2016 1:32 pm Sunday may 1, 2016. Thank you!!! I made it!!!❤️❤️🍋 i’m filled with expansive vistas from the Angeles crest Highway and very very deep inner plateaus and valleys that have been touched by my Passover village family. I’d like to pull over into a quiet park and reflect under a tree before proceeding. I can see from text messages the world at home would like to grab me up. The kind of profound human meeting I had this morning in our closing circle deserves it’s due . Coming down the mountain I am awestruck and want t ...   read more

Terra Madre Farm notes   10 d  
Terra Madre Farm notes

Meeting notes   11 d  
Meeting notes
These are early morning thoughts April 22, the day of our house gathering Andrea Advisor... Studying how ic works Owners and renters Sand. Her voice, her vote Some kindof sublease arrangement Management History How to build community here? Your commitment ? Kind of leadership here? Kind of community you want? FIC site 4:36 am But to see through each other’s eyes for an instant Problem solving NVC, four agreements, Legal approach New housemates Last coup ...   read more

Not sure I can ...ashamed to say   15 d  
Not sure I can ...ashamed to say
I have a friend who believes I can make it through what I am going through. I am concerned for my well being now. Can I do this? This is part of a poem ”Song for the Homeless” that I read in the opening ceremony with TIm Redbird and Native American Dancers at the Multi-Cultural Earth Day April 17 at the World Beat Center. The theme of Earthquake is verjy active in my life now. I am the crack in your foundation. I’m the crack that can come up from underneath and break your house in two. I am the crack. Elevate me to righteous status. Make holy ground where I am. Be somet ...   read more

Seed Sovereignty Planted at Multi-Cultural Earth Day 4/17   17 d  
Seed Sovereignty Planted at Multi-Cultural Earth Day 4/17
Makeda , thank you! Thank you, in behalf of our children, for planting Seed Sovereignty Education at the 26th annul multicultural Earth Day Aoril 17. As a member of the San Diego heirloom seed Association that put on the Spring Equinox celebration at the WorldBeat Center and Centro cultural de la Raza March 21, I want to thank you for continuing to plant the awareness that #RareSeeds grow @RareSeeds so that we can be #WinningBackOurSacredSeeds I am on The the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds and it was good to be present with the Baker Creek Enc ...   read more

Mother Earth, #superdelegate, Votes: @SenSanders president!   18 d  
Mother Earth, #superdelegate, Votes @SenSanders for president!
MOTHER EARTH, #superdelegate, votes @senSanders for President SANDERS AT VATICAN Almost simultaneously with Bernie Sanders calling out for immediate action toward climate change during the New York presidential Debate April 14, mother nature caused corporate work stoppage in Japan where a 7.0 earthquake affirmed that Hillary Clinton @hillaryclinton may be an outstanding President to continue the policies that are now taking us to the edge of extinction;however,our ...   read more

Bernie invited to Vatican   22 d  
Bernie invited to Vatican
FULL TEXT OF SPEECH AT VATICAN CONFERENCE APRIL 15, 2016 Vatican Academy initiated the @sensanders invite New York Times said april 8 Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, a senior papal official and the academy’s chancellor, told Reuters that it was his idea to invite the senator. An invitation to Sanders dated March 30, which was emailed to Reuters, was signed by Sorondo and also included Archer’s name. (Reporting By Philip Pullella in Vatican ...   read more

Both Bernie and Hillary are Qualified   24 d  
Both Bernie and Hillary are Qualified: #hilliarysoqualified to lead gov we have now but not the gov we need.
Both Bernie and Hillary are Qualified: #hilliarysoqualified to lead gov we have now but not the gov we need. Two #feeltheBern rallies today 4/8 New York. Igniting the youth! ”This is the true myth of America. she starts old, old wrinkled and writhing in an old skin. And there is a gradual sloughing off of the old skin, towards a new youth. It is the myth of America.” --D.H. Lawrence Shane berniessbders mason fb 4/8/16 For the Bernsters this is public on my FB page so feel fre ...   read more

Mass media hit job on Sanderrs; battle for New York   24 d  
Mass media hit job on Sanderrs; battle for New York
Mass media hit job on Sanderrs; battle for New York URL FOR THIS #PLANTYOURDREAMBLOG The New York daily news interview and stories in the Washington Post illustrate the immense control and manipulation of the corporate owned and skillful media that does not want the Sanders agenda to succeed. I spend a day researching a number of the alternative media’s stories that make it clear this interview was intended to derail Sanders. It was the original Washington post headline that put in print and seeded the idea that @hi ...   read more

BiocidinTS is one of my go to remedies   27 d  
BiocidinTS is one of my go to remedies
BiocidinTS is one of the products that I start getting nervous about when I am close to run out. This is one of my GoTo Remedies for colds and sore throat. I highly recommend that you explore these high quality products that have helped turn my health for the better. Karen Hubert works with founder Rachel Fresco, a master of herbal remedies and combinations. She is at the top of the field of recommended products I endorse.   read more

Praying for strength   27 d  
Dear God, Help me make the most of this time when I am distracted.   visit the page

The Grain of the Prophet Continues...   31 d  
The Grain of the Prophet Continues...
Rabbi joshua Abraham Heschel said: ”There is the grain of the prophet in the recesses of every human existence.” from God in Search of Man   read more

Unload--that makes sense today   34 d  
Unload--that makes sense today
Unload--that makes sense today   visit the page

How do I tell what Iphoto I am using Now?   35 d  
How do I tell what Iphoto I am using Now?
How do I tell what Iphoto I am using Now? 8:23 pm Tuesday March 29, 2016 do I get my energy going? Listening to the Aztecs playing poorly at Madison Square Garden. I cleared the CD’s off my desk to do something. Something slow....with URL. I am being distracted at home. I want to pull it together. Call Apple Care....How do I tell what Iphoto Library I am using...??? I would like to look at some other libraries, but I do not want to switch until I know how to get back to this one. What is the best thing I can say about this exp ...   read more

AminoActiv Update, This is my Anti-inflammatory of choice   36 d  
AminoActiv Update, This is my Anti-inflammatory of choice
One of the great finds and life shifting supplements I use on a regular basis is Amino Activ. I have been using this alternative to Ibuprofen for about six or more years, and I enjoy watching the growth of the company Vireo Systems. I take this pill near every day. Last summer, I was able to complete an extra-ordinary journey, driving more than 1700 miles back and forth from San Diego to Santa Rosa, CA for the National Heirloom Expo. AminoActiv made this long distance drive possible. I was having undiagnosed shooting pains down my lower leg. This was going on for ...   read more

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