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Healing Thoughts preparing for #ScrippsNatSup 2017   29 h  
Healing Thoughts preparing for #ScrippsNatSup 2017 I just realized, that January 18, 2003, was the anniversary of my second Hip Revision at Thornton Hospital. I have been spending this winter week in deep healing, writing a number of blogs inspired by spending time over the phone with Paul Brenner, a decades long friend, and a teacher and doctor beloved by many. Yesterday, January 18, 2017 and today, I have been prepping for the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference #ScrippsNatSup and going through a range of feelings that have been transforming through my writing. Sitting too long, but here it is. Sending love. Hope you benefit from this. I am so grateful for all I have received--so much love and opportunity to serve. I feel like writing a note of thanks to every person who has lifted me up. I would like to thank each and every person personally and let them know how much they have helped me. I am so grateful. This #PlantYourDreamBlog is dedicated to Dr. Paul Brenner.
Dr. WilliamBugbee, orthopedic surgeon, and me, Leslie Goldman, 2003 Today is January 19, 2017. I am in a healing moment. I am preparing energetically for #ScrippsNatSup. It is a rainy day in what was drought area San Diego. I am under an umbrella of cloud cover and sunshine breaking through. Tomorrow is the inauguration. Many are distraught and do not known how to respond. Many want to rightfully protest. I am in gratitude for my life in this moment. I am in an uphill climb to ground a leap I am taking. I can feel I have pierce into the healing essence that is p ...   read more

Addressing the POTUS   38 h  
Addressing the POTUS
Open letter to our new president: Appears to be a lot of people upset with you. How can I help? Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog   visit the page

Faces of the New Medicine #ScrippsNatSup 2017   51 h  
Faces of the New Medicine #ScrippsNatSup 2017
This photo was taken at a leadership meeting of Collaborators before #ScrippsNatSup 2016. That’s me wearing the cap and holding the Iphone toward the front. Through my eyes, I am recording a history of Peace on Earth, a History of the Earth and its Human Flowering. Our Renewed Earth is the Enchanted Garden, and You and I, Its Gardeners. There is a new Medicine rising up in America. It is positive, leading edge, money saving. It can help the current medical model because many of its ideas are preventive in nature. As one sage once said, ”An Ounce of Pr ...   read more

Do you ever feel unheard ?   73 h  
Do you ever feel unheard ?
Wow! I’ve been doing a lot of healing today. Do you ever feel unheard? ”Leslie was a short, white guy with glasses and unkempt hair. He didn’t stand out until that afternoon when hundreds of students headed from classrooms toward the building where anti-war activists were distributing get-out-of-Cambodia postcards for students to mail to President Nixon. The students, filled with earnest fury, rushed up a low, grassy hill to the building where the postcards were being handed out. In their path stood Leslie, alone. He was yelling at them. ”Listen!” he shouted. ”It ...   read more

Loneliness is my Muse, Paul Brenner Taught Me   78 h  
Loneliness is my Muse, Paul Brenner Taught Me

Martin Luther King Day & WorldBeat Center Wrap-up   6 d  
Martin Luther King Day & World Beat Center Wrap-up Makeda Dread, founder of the Worldbeat Cultural Center San Diego, called #MartinLutherKing Day 2017, "The best Martin Luther Day in my life. Yesterday I really saw his Dream come true. Thank you all, for coming and bringing your children. Thank you, all of you, Teachers at #WorldBeatCenter. Thank you!" It was my best #MLKDay too! I saw kids of all colors drumming together as Brothers and Sisters, fulfilling the beginning of Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream!" speech he made 50 years ago. Props to the 29th ALL PEOPLEs CELEBRATION--#APCSD2017-- that kicked off this historic day for both of us. At the end of the day, in a closing ceremony, at the end of a day of camaraderie and inspired activity, Our "Ambassador of Peace Celebration," Makeda and I planted an heirloom Seed of Gete Okosomin-- toward #LetFreedomRing! I am adding #LetFreedomReign! & #LetFreedomRain to End the Drought of Love that many of us experience in Our Lives. Truly, through music as our weapon and mutual goodwill, we can shift the Political Climate.
The best #MartinLutherKingDay in my life. Yesterday I really saw the his Dream came true. Thank you all for coming and bringing your children. Thank you, all of you Teachers, at #WorldBeatCenter Thank you REFLECTIONS #MartinLutherKingDay Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog Thanks to David Bronner (right) Dr Bronners for being a lead sponsor of the 29th ALL PEOPLEs CELEBRATION #APCSD2017 Monday, January 16, 2017 on #MartinLutherKingDay MY MESSAGE A flood of positivity is raining down on our city of San Diego. As we expres ...   read more

Charlie Chaplin Speaks to Hannah from "The Great Dictator"   6 d  
Charlie Chaplin Speaks to Hannah from "The Great Dictator" (1940). The final scene from "The Great Dictator" will likely become ever popular in the months and years ahead. The full movie is available on Netflix. I highly recommend it. Many of the cuts that share the Charlie Chaplin speech where he looks directly into the camera, cut out the final scene where he addresses the Universal Feminine in the name of "Hannah," the character played by Paulette Goodard in the film. I find this final Farm scene with Hannah an important part of the speech. I am transcribing it from a version I have found. Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, #PlantYourDreamBlog, January 14, 2017. I have for many decades felt an affinity to Charles Chaplin. I believe he would want the final scene with Paulette Goddard included.
Words from the ”Hannan Final Scene from ”The Great Dictator” (1940 Hanna, Can you hear me, whereever you are, Look up Hanna! The clouds are lifting, the sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world, a kindlier world, where men will rise above their hate, their greed, and brutality. Look up Hannah, The Soul of Man has been given wings and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow, into the light of hope. into the future, the glorious future that belongs to you, to me, ...   read more

Magic has not gone out of the World   7 d  
Magic has not gone out of the World.
Garden Management Journal January 12, 2017 Magic has not gone out of the world. Just getting out of bed around 3:30 PM. I haven’t felt well today. I went to a special gathering where people were clearing energy, letting it go out of their body on the full moon. I had a lot to clear but I wasn’t feeling well. I woke up with a headache today and it lasted just about until now. I spent a little time reading a poem from one of my dear friends. She wasn’t feeling hop ...   read more

Living in winter in San Diego   7 d  
Living in winter in San Diego This came through as we disconnected on the phone: There are things we are meant to do in winter so that we can have the spring. This is a time to clear, plant dreams in deep small ways, and regroup. It is a time alone time in certain ways,a time to feel aloneness though it can feel lonely. 1:17 pm January 12, 2017 Even in winter, march in the direction of your dreams. 1:29 pm garden management journal I went out to a gathering last night to do some clear ...   read more

Plant a Seed! Grow a Whole New World!   8 d  
Plant A Seed! Grow a Whole New World!
PLANT YOUR DRESM SEEDS MARCH 25,2017 TERRA MADRE GARDENS During 2015 and 2016 I gave away near 4000 packets of #PlantYourDream Seeds to help re-establish our individual primal relationships with Mother Earth. There are numbers of keys I have discovered that help to #EndTheDroughtInOurLives. One key is that there’s an empathetic relationship between seeds and climate shift. The Earth provides the perfect technology to give you what you need to #PlantYourDream! You are part of Nature’s Original Technology. When you plant seeds with intention, it ca ...   read more

Two profound dreams and moving forward   9 d  
Two profound dreams and moving forward.
Two profound dreams and moving forward I had to profound dreams this morning in the first I woke up and everything I relied on was misplaced. I didn’t know where my iPhone was. I didn’t know where the agee mobile was or my keys. In the second dream , I left home with a few things and was following guidance to go someplace new. I took a bus ride trusting that I would be meeting someone when I got there, but when I arrived at my destination the person who I thought was my companion stayed on the bus. I had to grab all my things, carry them in my arms off the bus and attempt to f ...   read more

First farmers market today of the year!   12 d  
First farmers market today of the year !
This is the first day to celebrate the Hillcrest Farmers Market this new year of 2017. I will be happy to see friends that I haven’t seen in three weeks. What have I been up to? Mainly writing and a tad of ceremony work WorldBeat Cultural Center dec 31. Spent yesterday moving along this piece: THE FUTURE ADVENTURES OF MY #PETCELEBRITYSQUASH CONTINUE HERE... I magically discovered that the activist teacher who gave the name to my #PetCelebritySquash is a HEIRLOOM SEED Educator I admire very much and who I met in 2015. I also w ...   read more

Photos for #HeirloomExpo Brochures + this week   13 d  
Photos for #HeirloomExpo Brochures + this week
I want to put a collection together a Photos to be considered for the 2017 national Heirloom Expo brochure. Like to do this in the next week. Looking at what I want to do in the next week. I’d like to start swimming again. I got some insights into the stagnation in my knees. Today I’ll take another look at completing the Gete story and how to plant your dream . Find stories I want to use to promote it   visit the page

Support JR Organics   15 d  
Support JR Organics
Joe Sr Rodriguez with Gete Okosomin heirloom squash. Legend says the seeds of the squash were buried in an urn underground for 800 years. When the seeds were planted they grew. Thank you for supporting J R Organics CSA Farm and its farmers farmers.   visit the page

Get Embed Code for Facebook Live Streams + Other Solutions   16 d  
How to Get an Embed Code for Facebook Live StreamsGet Embed Code for Facebook Live Streams + Other Solutions
I AM WORKING NOW TO GET THIS CLOSING CEREMONY FOOTAGE ON MY #PlantYourDreamBlog. I am succeeding in getting in on Youtube. I will get help from Apple Care tomorrow. HOW TO DOWNLO How to Get an Embed Code for Facebook Live Streams GET AN EMBED CODE FOR LIVE STREAM January 4, 2017 8:48 pm Thus was made on December 4 at Terra Madre Gardens, at the @San Diego permaculture Action ...   read more

Grow Heirloom Seeds   17 d  
Grow Heirloom Seeds,
PRINT AND READ. SEND TO FRIENDS. How more beautiful would the world be if ALL the heirloom seeds sitting on shelves in packages became the plants they could be? How much more Soul would there be in the world if we allowed our inner Seed Dreams to come out of their ‘packages’ and grow the ‘plants’ they can be? How much passion and life would we feel? How more peaceful and healthy would the world be? Mother Earth says, “Plant Your Dream!” because your Soul is intended to be a fully ...   read more

Seeds are repositories for Dreams   17 d  
Seeds are repositories for Dreams
Seeds are Repositories for Dreams I’d like to see this on the front door of the Petaluma Seed Bank. January 3, 2017   visit the page

Native American Issues with New Age Indian 80's Teachers   18 d  
Native American Issues with New Age Indian 80's Teachers
Native American Issues with New Age Indian 80’s Teachers AGAINST STORM STORM RESPONDS   read more

DMV info   18 d  
DMV info

Further Adventures of Gete Okosomin, #PetCelebritySquash   18 d  
The Further Adventures of Gete Okosomin, My #PetCelebritySquash. What is an “Heirloom” Seed? How does growing them help ensure the Biodiversity and Multi-Cultural Identity of Diverse Indigenous Tribes? What is the role that growing Heirloom Seeds can play in your own Unfoldment as a #SacredSeed” destined to help establish “Diverse City” —Diversity-- in an year when deep respect for Multicultural Pluralism is needed, as dictated by Nature? Read on the ##PlantYourDreamBlog “The Further Adventures of Gete Okosomin, My #Pet Celebrity Squash. Mother Earth is speaking. Are we listening?
January 2, 2017 HEIRLOOM STORIES The Further Adventures of Gete Okosomin, My #PetCelebritySquash BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEED COMPANY OFFERS GETE OKOSOMIN SEEDS IN THEIR 2017 CATALOGUE FROM THE BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEED ONLINE CATALOGUE: (January 5, 2017) (C. maxima) This is the squash that gained fame online and became known as the “800 year old squash” which according to legend seed was found in a “clay ball” at a historic site in Wisconsin. But, other stories state that this squash was found in a cave by the Miami nation. Whatever the story i ...   read more

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