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American community Survey   8 h  
American community Survey
AMERICAN COMMUNITY SURVEY July 23, 2013 5:28 pm Took more than 40 minutes to fill out and lots of stress concerning the very personal questions . I took more than 49 minutes to make copies for housemates. I did not want to leave the original in the hands of any one person too long.   visit the page

Top 25 #PlantYourDreamBlog Graphics   43 h  
Too Top 25 #PlantYourDreamBlog Graphics
Top 25 #PlantYourDreamBlog Graphics URL FOR THIS #PlantYourDreamBlog   read more

Farm to Fermentation Festival Santa Rosa August 27, 2016   5 d  
Farm to Fermentation Festival Santa Rosa August 27, 2016
FARM TO FERMENTATION FESTIVAL AUGUST 27, 2016 11am-5 pm Saturday, August 27th,2016 Finley Hall, Santa Rosa, CA Finley Community Center - 2060 West College Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 WEBSITE Jennifer Harris, founder of the Farm to Fermentation Festival in Santa Rosa. This is a not to be missed event for health improvement. I attended this event in 2015. It was a great way to meet and greet the local community. Jennifer Harris organizes the event. I enjoyed getting to know her during my stay in the San ...   read more

Journey of faith   6 d  
Journey of faith
Garden management journal Monday, July 18 Put another six hours building energy. Quite a leap of faith . Lots of e Orion’s up in afternoon once I stopped writing Garden management journal and Sunday, July 17 I did good on Sunday at the farmers market in Richton touched a lot of people Garden management journal events July 16 Spent the day yesterday from early morning to mid afternoon building up my energy to go to the national heirloom expo September 6,7, 8 in Santa Rosa. I stopped to get brochures at the WorldBeat Center and it made me later to arrive tha ...   read more

Come watch your dreams growing #HeirloomExpo   8 d  
Come watch your dreams growing #HeirloomExpo
THE NATIONAL HEIRLOOM EXPO IS A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES Got my mind focused on the world of possibility that happens each year #HeirloomExpo The 6th Annual National Heirloom Exposition when thousands of rare seed lovers, people and dreams converge for 3 days of awe-inspiring glimpses of the world you and I were born to Co-Create. What could possess me each year to go on this Journey of Faith, traveling in my 68 VW called The Enchanted Garden Mobile more than 1700 miles round trip from San Diego to the Sonoma Fairgrounds? It is the Pure Food Revolution that call ...   read more

#OurRevolution Objective; #SuperdelegatesforBernie    9 d  
Lobby superdelegates. Be Ladies and Gentlemen at #seeyouinphilly. The assignment is to convince #Superdelegates that if they want the White House in January they need to nominate #FeelTheBern by the end of July 28, 2016 .
#DNC: are you listening? If you want the White House in January, you need #feelthebern by July 28, 2016. Trump is against TTP; so is Bernie. Hillary is pro TTP and Monsanto; these are political Death cards. More and more people are going to see Glysophate as Cancer anti health. TTP Kills USA jobs. #Hillary #SuperdelegatesForBernie Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener #PlantYourDreamBlog POLLS http://m.rasmus ...   read more

Push Harder   10 d  
Push Harder,
GARDEN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL today is Thursday, July 14, 2016 7:18 am I need to push harder if I want to overcome my current predicament--messy room/ and mind-- To go to the #heirlloomexpo. I need to sit a my computer. I need to have some guarantees I am safe to leave home. This means the rentals are secure. Cleaning my room will help. TODAY ckear desk. Guarantee from A   visit the page

July 13 writing; Whole being weekend dream -our revolution   11 d  
July 13 writing Whole being weekend dream -our revolution
July 13 writing Whole being weekend dream -our revolution #PlantYourDreamBlog #EarlyMorningDreams #theWholeBeingWeekend The Whole Being Weekend!!! #ReturnOfTheHug #OurRevolution #NextSteps #bernieEndorsesHillary #HillaryEndorsesBernie A Fair and Open #DemConvention Today today FINDING MY SPIRITUAL GROUND AT HOME AGAIN 11:51 am July 13, 2016 I am aware I have lost my spiritual ground here at home. The other day, I had a rush of inspiration that lasted for many house of the day. Then, at one point, I had a shocking experience where I needed to respon ...   read more

Got excited about trip plan   12 d  
Got excited about trip plan
I love this image Sharon wrote: Will be great to see you in Peacetown and the Heirloom Fest...Blessed Be...Thanks for your gift and inspiration you share in the world... Emily Frey see you in September. May I stay a night/couple nights at your house? TIPS TO WIN BACK OUR SACRED SEEDS AND OUTGROW GMOs Hosts for NorCal trip.. The ride continues.... #RareSeeds grow @RareSeeds #WinningBackOurSacredSeeds On The Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds Get the Baker Creek Enchanted Garden ...   read more

Light acts, July 11, 2016   13 d  
Light acts, July 11, 2016 #BlackLivesMatter #AllLifeMatters #CampaignToEducateWashingtonOnRealFoodSafety #EnchantedGardenIntentionalCommunity #GrowA Campaign to Grow A healthier Pizza Plant Parenthood #OpenAccesstoFood Are ALL Parts of #OurRevolution I need U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders or Someone of that Character to be my next President At his is inauguration in January will he be introduced as Bernie or Bernard Sanders? I want #OrganicFoodiesForBernie #CompostCorruption & and support for #OurRevolution in the #DemPl ...   read more

Light acts, July 11, 2016   13 d  
Light acts, July 11, 2016
#BlackLivesMatter #AllLifeMatters #CampaignToEducateWashingtonOnRealFoodSafety #EnchantedGardenIntentionalCommunity #GrowA Campaign to Grow A healthier Pizza Plant Parenthood #OpenAccesstoFood Are ALL Parts of #OurRevolution I need U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders or Someone of that Character to be my next President At his is inauguration in January will he be introduced as Bernie or Bernard Sanders? I want #OrganicFoodiesForBernie #CompostCorruption & and support for #OurRevolution in the #DemPlatform. I want @senberniessnders to stand up and clearly state is he i ...   read more

Leslie Goldman Racism 1972 published 1992 LA Times Magazine   15 d  
LESLIE GOLDMAN LA TIMES MAGAZINE SHOUTING IT LIKE IT IS We can Solve All the Scandals We Want, but Until We Target Racism, We Are Doomed Racism 1972 published 1992 LA Times Magazine Article by Bob Baker
LESLIE LA TIMES MAGAZINE SHOUTING IT LIKE IT IS We can Solve All the Scandals We Want, but Until We Target Racism, We Are Doomed. From the Article by Bob Baker May 31, 1992 ”I’ve been waiting half my life to tell somebody about Leslie Goldman. [ Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener ] Always figured I’d way for some desperate moment. Now it’s here. Leslie was a short, white guy with glasses and unkempt hair. He didn’t stand out until that afternoon when hundreds of students headed from classrooms toward the building where anti-war activists were distributing get-out-o ...   read more

Listening to FBI Director being questioned by a Committee   17 d  
Listening to FBI Director being questioned by a Committee
NO consequence. She gave information to non cleared people. People who maintained Lawyers exposed to classified information without clearance. They sorted the headers. Do you think its responsible to ... ____ This is shocking. Some want to take away her right to have clearance.   visit the page

#DARKAct now; # LIGHTActs will come   18 d  
GMO Senate #DARKAct Leaders called for Debate: No Debate was held Sanders attempts Amendment July 7. July 13. in house; Petition to get President to Veto is Circulating. Call now your senators and tell them No on s764 unless we have this Amendment.
JULY 21 UODATE The bill is on President Obama’s desk; were asking him to veto it Not knowing who’s growing your food is like being intimate with a stranger. The recent passage of S764 the Roberts-Stabenow Bill is extremely user-friendly to #Monsanto but does not help consumers stay informed about healthy food safety. Last chance to tell President Obama to veto that bill is July 20 I hear. I’m bringing back out my 2010 campaign educating Wash ington DC on real food safety here are a few links: HUF ...   read more

Walt Robb: #GMO Labeling & Healing Our Broken Food System   19 d  
This #PlantYourDreamBlog aims to clarify Walt Robb's position on the GMO Labeling Compromise Bill that is/was scheduled to be voted on July 6, 2016. in his blog of July 1, Robb encouraged each person to contact their Senator and tell them how you feel. As Robb said, "Our customers told us that they want more transparency and we listened. We encourage you to voice your feedback on this bill to your senators who are currently examining this piece of legislation." --Walt Robb. At the Aspen Ideas talk in June, he said, "The marketplace and the customers will take it from here ." In this #PlantYourDreamBlog, you will find links where you can get in touch with your Senator. I want to see Unity in the Organic Community that has erupted over the Roberts-Sabenow Bill S. 764. I am voting No. Links here for contacting your Senator. My Reasons for voting No are also in this #PlantYourDreamBlog. Ultimately, our Broken Food system will be fixed not by policymakers, or lobbyists, but by you! You have the dollars in your pocket now to make the change that is needed. Organic is the best choice, and if it has a QR Label, don't buy it.
July 6 ACTION STEP 1-855-977-1770. Call your senator. NO on Roberts-Stabenow compromise #Darkact #labelgmo bill DIVING DEEP: FIXING OUR BROKEN FOOD SYSTEM As Your Enchanted Gardener, I want to proclaim and plant that we are in the midst of healing our Broken Food System. The tumult we are now experiencing surrounding the Roberts-Sabenow Bill S 764 is further opportunity to heal our Broken Food System and educate more Americans about the issues involved. As an Heirloom Seed Lover, and a Lover of the inherent #RareSeed Nature in each person, I am conv ...   read more

What to do about rain barrel need?   19 d  
What to do about rain barrel need?
Our political revolution    23 d  
Our Revolution
We are in the beginning of a political and economic revolution with vast implications effecting every aspect of life. As is indicated by various News items reported on the #PlantYourDreamBlog and its FB pages and FB feed iof Friends, Mother Earth has rights that trump the short sighted visions snd missions of Man. Dr Bernard Jensen, one of the elders of the natural healing arts movement, and my mentor, Once said that if you left human design up to human beings without any divine orientation, man with a small M, would have designed the face with the nose pointed upward. Our spe ...   read more

Attempting to lessen clutter burden   24 d  
Attempting to lessen. Litter burden,
Started this Tuesday Taking a lot of strength... To take it on.. Thanks One of the most important things I can do today is clear some things in my room. This is hard for me. Please send encouragement. Thanks. I will report on my progress later. This is my intention for the day. First entry 5:54 am SECOND ENTRY: PLANT CONVERSATION 8:04 am Time to get up! I just had the most marvelous dream. The house was bigger. I was typing in the dining room. There were many people doing their own thing and I started to listen to one conversation That had li ...   read more

Shamanic Healing June 26   27 d  
Shamanic Healing June 26
I always appreciate your eyes looking at me. thank you. I have been missing my creativity. Taking time to write this poem and make this video is a step toward regaining it. Thanks to JenaKai Svati for creating the Spirit of the Ancients- Shamanic Soul Revival gathering. This event that inspired the poem was held June 26, 2016 at the WorldBeat Center. URL FOR THIS #PlantYourDreamBlog You contain the Spirit of Life That in recent yea ...   read more

Rent my house as a film location Location    29 d  
Rent my house as a film location Location

Earn You Living By Loving...#PlantYourDreamBlog    30 d  
Earn You Living By Loving...#PlantYourDreamBlog Letting go of old papers and photos.... Noting some things that I saved. June 24, 2016
Earn You Living By Loving...#PlantYourDreamBlog Letting go of old papers and photos.... Noting some things that I saved. June 24, 2016 Pulling some notebooks off the shelf with hopes of digitizing some old photos and Testimonials that I had saved. How are you? Thanks for sending energy to create new space, and let go of the old. Grateful for having earned my livng by loving and look forward to the moving through obstacles now. PAPERS I SAVED ”When I hear you, I hear the prophets, their words, their teachings, their passion, flowing through you, speaking through you ...   read more

People's Summit and June 19 links   35 d  
#pplsummit interview. #PlantYourDreamBlog PEOPLES SUMMIT

June 16 working with some finances + loss of purpose   38 d  
June 16 working with some finances + loss of purpose
June 16 working with some finances + loss of purpose Things to toss out seem easier to do--from a distance. I am sitting at my computer. It is 4:09 pm Bernie speaks in about 90 minutes. WAITING ON QUICKEN ”We are currently experiencing high call volume and long waits.” A IS ATTEMPTING TO LOAD UP SOME THINGS INTO A BIG UHAUL TRUCK lots of raised voices... QUICKEN called them. Why doesn’t the Work Fund download....the same transactions that show in the Union Bank window? 4:12 pm... what would they have me do if they answered???? Like ...   read more

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