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Human Design Inside "The Onion"   9 d  
The Daily Transit
October 13, 2017 - We enter Gate 32, Line 1 at 21:57 UT today, October 13, 2017. Gate 32 is known as ”Duration - Gate of Continuity” The only thing which endures is change. The instinct to adapt in the now, without losing continuity, while maintaining our basic nature. Line 1 is ”Conservatism”. Exaltation: A life sustaining respect and attention to all aspects of a process. The potential to develop the instinct through detailed attention to a process. Detriment: The uncontrollable urge to bypass essentials which inevitably leads to the disruption of continuity. The fea ...   read more

The Relationship Bargain   4 mon  
My Human Design Gate 40, the love of work
Just sent the following to the garden manager: I’m doing my best to live according to my Human Design. One of the key Human Design Gates that I have activated and that best represents my relationship with the garden manager and the ”onion” house is partially described as follows (with edits I made to personalize it.): ”Gate 40 is the love of work, and when I am involved in work that is correct for me, I derive great satisfaction from delivering what I promised to an appreciative Tribe. The relationship bargain needs to be renegotiated often and kept crystal clear. Yes, I am willing t ...   read more

You Burn Incense... It’s Good, But It Is Not Enough   5 mon  
If you want to attract the angels ... you must learn to exhale the fragrance of purity and holiness.
”...the soul of a virtuous person gives off a scent, and that scent attracts the angels, it attracts the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit descends only into a soul in which it can inhale the scent. It is therefore very important for us to manage, through our spiritual work, to improve the quality of our scent, that is to say, our psychic emanations, not so much to attract humans, but to attract friends from the invisible world. Why not offer them this joy?”[1] *** May 10, 2017 - ”Love between human beings can often be compared to an old wood stove whose smoke is constantly blackening th ...   read more

The Necessity for "Inner Work"   6 mon  
Taking responsibility for our projections.
October 11, 2017 - From ”Knowledge of the Higher Worlds - The Conditions of Esoteric Training”: ”...the development of a feeling of thankfulness for everything with which man is favored. We must realize that our existence is a gift from the entire universe. How much is needed to enable each one of us to receive and maintain his existence! How much do we not owe to nature and to our fellow human beings! Thoughts such as these must come naturally to all who seek esoteric training, for if the latter do not feel inclined to entertain them, they will be incapable of developing within themse ...   read more

Seven-Centered Beings Invented Lying   8 mon  
Madness that's been inherited psychologically from the seven-centered being.
A couple days ago I had a conversation with a ”fellow gardener” whom we had interviewed several months earlier with questions including health conditions that we should be aware of. It was only the other day when I learned of a health condition that significantly impacts this individual’s life to an extent that it also has some impact of the rest of us or maybe I should just say that it has some impact on me. Within a day I had a kind of epiphany about this - that people who live according to the conditioning of their seven-centered ancestors (seven-centered beings I’m calling SCBs) are l ...   read more

The Karmic Enchanted Onion   9 mon  
Numerology reveals the nature of this Garden!
”Every home has a distinct numeric vibration. To calculate your home’s personal number, disregard the street address. Add the house number until you receive a single digit. ... Addresses that add up to 13, 14, 16, and 19 are karmic numbers. ...” The E.G.O. address adds up to one of these ”karmic numbers”! Having this reference now gives objective validation to what I already knew yet had nothing ”to respond” to with this knowingness. Now at least I can note it here and possibly open up to researching the karmic nature of the E,G.O.   visit the page

Garden "Pests"   13 mon  
Coming to terms with 3D reality in the midst of all the "enchantment".
This site says: “We live on one gigantic ant hill!”![1] Oh yeah - My fellow gardeners and I are witnessing this every day right inside our home! We’ve tried most everything we can to resist the heavy traffic through our kitchen and bathrooms to the point of exhaustion. There’s a consensus building for calling an exterminator service. The thought of which wasn’t being entertained by the manager cause we don’t want the toxic chemicals inside our ”organic” home. Now a fellow gardener has found ”Hearts” (linked below) and it appears they offer a free inspection! *** June 8, 2017 - ...   read more

My Onion   13 mon  
Resending resentment.
The words of wisdom for myself for September are: ”DON’T: Take on so much responsibility that you begin to feel resentful” Actually this has been applicable to me for some time now. In fact the way the ”resentment” often manifests in my body is via back pain. I feel the pain now. It increased after I took out a second extra heavy recycling bin that may have been too heavy for the other ”fellow gardeners” to handle. I don’t know. But the most direct way out to the street was blocked and I’m reasonably sure that is where resentment was easily triggered in me. And I think the triggering w ...   read more

Emotional CPR (eCPR)   16 mon  
" assist others through emotional crisis and regain a sense of hope and purpose in their lives."
Just found this and would like to offer it to ”the garden”.   read more

All The Garden Is A Stage   16 mon  
Intelligent people can appreciate the fact that Shakespeare represents deeper meaning than what meets the eye on the shakespearean stage and yet these same intelligent people do not appreciate that all the world is indeed a "stage" and that they themselves have their parts in which they act and in fact ware a mask (i.e. a persona) through which they can act and interact with the world!
A ”former” gardener wrote: ”... - this is a great quote that you sent: ’The difference between a comedy and a tragedy, is that in a comedy the characters figure out reality in time to do something about it.’[1] perhaps should be written out on the ... whiteboard? ... well, only if when folks read it they can laugh and see the comedy ... b u t at this stage perhaps it would only be stared at ..... with great avoidance ... (so must withdraw the idea of posting ... could only aggravate..)” I responded saying if it were up to me I’d have the quote engraved over the front entrance! ...   read more

"Thought for the day" Posts   17 mon  
I'm supporting the teachings of Omraam and intend to encourage awareness of these messages in ways that can be applied in the Enchanted Garden Onion.
I’m designating this particular blog post as the location for all of the ”Thought for the day” messages that I receive from the Omraam community and that I can see relate to the subject matter/s of this blog site. *** July 17, 2017 - ”All those who have understood what spiritual life truly is become like gardens and orchards where all sorts of fruit ripen. The divine gardeners, the celestial entities come to visit ... there is always some useful element to be extracted... even from poisonous plants ...”[16] This ”Thought” comes so serendipitously as I had earlier received a ”pois ...   read more

Questions of Willingness (Will Be Resolved With Divine Will)   17 mon  
I'm already choosing my "Third Agreement" not to make any assumptions about the willingness of others!
I am grateful for the steps that are being taken toward a new vision. I’m also aware that vision alone is not enough. Willingness is required to enact the new. ”...there are countless occupants that humans have to deal with, all the instinctive impulses they have to learn to resist: jealousy, anger, bitterness, greed, gluttony, sensuality, pride, vanity, and so on. But of all the possible occupants, the most dangerous is without doubt laziness. Why? Because it grips the will.”[1] *** I think gratitude can support our willingness to make change. In any case I highly recommend practic ...   read more

New Vision/New Mission   17 mon  
Contemplations for our very own "High Ideal Vision".
Yesterday a few of my fellow gardeners and I had conversation on writing a new vision and mission statement. We now have a ”homework assignment” to write our ideas on 3x5 cards to submit the next time we meet. I offered a distinction between Vision and Mission. Vision is who we envision ourselves to be and thereby who we are becoming by way of our new birth! This Vision can be applied both individually and as a ”tribe”. I personally want to express the highest vision of who I am and of who I am becoming. Mission is what we do, what we contribute, the path we take to reach our goals, our ...   read more

The Essential Need For A Spiritual Ideal   18 mon  
The New Harmonic Convergence
I’m amazed at the many synchronicities that appear in my life! I’m so grateful for the synchronistic messages that I very often receive from the Omraam community including the following current one. ”People accumulate so much that is useless and even harmful in their head and heart. Why? Because they don’t know how to sort things. They accumulate everything indiscriminately, whether it be good, bad, useful, useless, essential or superfluous. And then they complain, ‘I am trying hard, so why am I not progressing? Why am I not getting anywhere?’ Well, the reason is very simple: they have ...   read more

The Ability to Transcend The Conflicts and Pressure   18 mon  
I don't lean completely unto my own understanding and especially with a shared "Enchanted Onion". Therefor I deeply appreciate the gift from the higher realms in the form of the Sabian Symbols.
Sabian Symbol Oracle Reading for the present true nature of the E.G.O.: LIBRA 27°): AN AIRPLANE SAILS, HIGH IN THE CLEAR SKY. KEYNOTE: A consciousness ability to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life. This picture symbolizes the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level. Through the use of his mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of other men, the individual can gain a new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a sup ...   read more

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