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Getting Ready to Roll To National Heirloom Expo

Getting Ready to Roll To National Heirloom Expo

Date:   8/10/2018 9:48:16 AM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 1929 times

The title of an article—Sailors for Sustainability—just fired up some incredible inspirations on the beginning of the third day out of the The Enchanted Garden Mobile's Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds 2018 Journey.

Adrienne Prince and I are in safe harbor now in the home of Shoshana Wheeler & Rick Wheeler in Thousand Oaks, CA.

The weather is getting cooler as we travel north. “Cease-Fire!” Is a theme.

Getting Ready to Roll to #heirloomexpo

For the #PlantYourDreamBlog where I am compiling our prep and experiences on this leg of my natural #cancercure journey go here:


Main Links & Visions for the EG Mobile’s 2018 Journey

Third day of Journey
September 3, 2018
Labor Day

Amazing Dreams!
Seed Dreams!

1. Inspired by “Sailors for Sustainability” Article: Our Armed Forces will become dedicated to helping “Cease Fire!” They will work with principles of Regenerative & Biodynamic A griculture; Soldiers skilled in self care and supported by Integrative Medicine, helped to overcome PTSD through Massive Environmental Stewardship programs aiming to refocus our military US forces.

2. The Healing Model of Asclepius shall reign again. The double snake image of the Caduceus—Two snakes fighting—commerce against healing—shall be supPlanted with a new model of Man & Woman as Gardener, rather than Mechanic.

3. Science behind Nature’s Organic Technology shall lead the way Home to Heaven on Earth.

4. The Lion & Lamb shall be friends.

Out of the Ashes shall Rise a New Enchanted Garden with The Enchanted Garden Club’s Members guiding 1000 years of Peace.

5. Dream Big please. #plantyourdream!

The #PlantYourDreamBlog has more than 22 million views. Many keys to my own journey are meticulously there among the too many words.


6. The EG Mobile will be in the Movies!!!


The Enchanted Garden Mobile's Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds Movie with Tunis Clowns & Baker Creek staff at #heirloomexpo

7. “Main Links” turned into e book.
See main links here:

Fab memes, but need to rest.

6:20 am-8:53 am so far

From A History Of Peace on Earth-#lesliegoldmanlegacywritings

Just had a dream about my old friend, Jack Canfield. Haven’t seen him in years. I remember a picture I took of him at a Holistic Ed conference in the 80’s. He had his eyes closed. He was playing a guitar and kinda looked like a blind man in the photo.
Over the years, he was generous with me. He comped me into a workshop taking place over a couple days, in Culver City.
I had intense bowel issues at the time. I had to get up during the final session repeatedly, to go to the bathroom! Maybe it was something he was saying about Self Care or Self Esteem that disturbed my gut.

In another picture that exists somewhere in my archives, he is standing with my dear friend, statesman John Vasconcellos - who inspired, with the help of Jack and Virginia Satir, to bring Self Esteem into the political arena in Sacramento. John would visit me at my home when he came to San Diego.

I knew Jack before he and another friend of mine, Mark Victor Hansen, got together to write the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

It had always been my hope to be published by the company that first published their book series.

I was the photographer at the book launch party at the Biltmore Hotel, downtown Los Angeles. We celebrated that the first Chicken Soup book #1 had been issued. How I got to be Mark’s personal photographer that night is another story!

Some years later, it may have been the 10th anniversary of Chicken Soup, I was with Peter Vegso, the main publisher. He had a new series coming out, “The Ultimate Series.”
I gave him an idea: I told Peter I wanted to write, “The Ultimate Gardener.” I asked for a down payment. He reached into his wallet and gave me two $100.00 bills.
The writing stalled, but when the book was finally published, it had 12 photos I’d taken, some from my own garden. I thought I’d signed a contract to receive $200.00 but I must have misunderstood. The check they ended up writing was for $1200.00, for the photos.


Peter surprised me when he had the publisher dedicate “The Ultimate Gardener” to me! With some very Self Esteeming Words: “To Leslie Goldman, The Enchanted Gardener, for planting dreams and seeds of inspiration.
To all those who garden and to those who dream to have a garden someday.” That book came out in 2009.

In my dream of Aug 10, 2018, I had to work hard to find where Jack Canfield was speaking, at a little-known room at UCLA. I finally found the room. I wanted to see how Jack had aged. He said hello before he spoke, and was happy to see me. Then, we sat together after he spoke.
I asked him to renew his membership in #TheEnchantedGardenClub. He asked me what I was going to do with the money. I thought long and hard. I told him was going to apply the funds to getting my ‘68 VW van roadworthy for going to the 2018 @The Enchanted Garden Mobile's Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds, my annual trip to what will be the @8th annual National Heirloom Exposition, Santa Rosa, CA, Sept 11-12-13, 2018.

Every year when I take this arduous Rekindling Of Faith Journey, I pass the lovely beaches outside Santa Barbara, California. I never take time to stop. This year, I am going to stop.

I want to include savoring each organic step as a Natural Remedy in my #CancerCure Journey.

I received a biopsy report Aug 7, 2017. UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center found what they called RCC, Renal Cell Carcinoma, In my right kidney. I left for my annual trip to NorCal August 9. Nothing would stop me.

I have led a ruthless, mean life as far as being kind to my kidneys goes. I am a willful pusher and when I am not in my elevated Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog state of higher shamanic consciousness, I am capable of being intensely fear-driven, enough to become a master kidney stone builder.
Growing kidney stones, followed by 2 lithotripsy explosive invasions, took place a few years before.
I am convinced anyone can shock kidneys into a cancerous state when we go the route of Conventional Modern Medicine.

Recently I was listening to local Encinitas, CA naturopath @Mark Stengler In his #BeyondChemo webinar that first took place in early August 2018. I was very much “over” getting Chemo or Radiation, or taking experimental systemic tumor shrinkers.

Wheatgrass juice daily, Bowel colonics and enemas, and Chaga Mushrooms (and more...See Current Regimen) are my organic approaches, as well as at times a Macrobiotic Food Regimen.
According to the Beyond Chemo series, the rates of success via conventional Chemo are so low, it is hard for me at 70, and afflicted with so many lifelong conditions, to go that route. I’m sorry. I apologize.

Being drugged with opioids to prevent surgical back pain is one thing...(see Accident Recovery Report ); However, I am just not feeling right about these Conventional #CancerCure treatments for me personally.

We simply can and have to do better as far as conventional approaches are concerned.

If Mother Earth wants me around here longer, in this land infused with Fukushima and San Onofre Nuckear Runoff, then all her Natural Remedies simply need to overpower my willfulness. I am committed to follow a Natural Path.

I have spent a lifetime Making the Impossible Possible. I have Mind Bent in cooperation with Natural Law, in ceremonies that bring rain and spent decades uplifting the human spirit through my volumes of writings and poetry.

The truth for me is—in spite of many stage appearances squeezed between the celebrated speakers—I feel my Legacy is equal to any male writer applauded through the ages, my ego notwithstanding.

I want to be seen and continue to be read long after my bones are buried. In all honestly, I have lived and loved.
I surrender to life’s preciousness. I commit to savor my remaining moments. I want to show off how delightfully restored the EG Mobile now is..or God willing will be.... soon.

I am ready to roll, in spite of the famazingly Hot Super Natural Heat and Massive Fires, due to a lack of uncontrolled burns, and ignoring the inevitability of Fire.

Cease Fire, dear Friends and Lovers. We cannot keep resisting the Truth that when we have Holes in our Lives, our Soul is calling us to plant a Seed and to Grow A Whole New World.

I hear there are acres of wild blackberries at Dragon Belly Farm on the Olympic Peninsula where my friends live. I hear that Biodynamic grapes may still be growing on the Frey Land in Mendocina’s Redwood Valley. I want to taste them and savor the end of smokey skies.

In my dream of August 10, 2018, I was patiently waiting for the check I saw Jack Canfield write to me. I waited. Then, a man, who wanted to get to know me and spend time, handed me a bunch of unruly money including some crisp hundred dollar bills that came from Jack. I accepted them.

I want to go see my Beloved friends. The messes I have made I will leave to be cleaned up behind me, some possessions will be trashed, some writings reissued in book form.

In the Opening Ceremony at the The 8th annual National Heirloom Exposition, Santa Rosa, CA, 9:30 am, Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018, I will plant a seed of ancient wheat. I will say that we are each #SacredSeeds, and in growing @Rare Seeds, we become who we are.

Posted August 10, 2018
5:22 am -6:56 am


Enchanted Garden Member’s Pledge:
Oh patient Mother Earth,
let us walk together more closely.
My own fertile, flowering seed dreams are your fulfillment and renewal.
Remind me that all natural things
on Earth grow from seeds that touch soil, as do I. Open in me the wisdom contained in a tiny seed
that I might experience
how my dreams grow naturally.
The Enchanted Garden,
a name for the new Earth
growing through me,
starts here and now!
Signed: YOU!
–Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener @YourEG

I AM CALLING FOR A “CEASE FIRE!” and for Nature to accept my apology if I have hurt her. Nature’s Original Technology is still supreme in my life. I am called to reaffirm my Membership in The Enchanted Garden Club.

Cease Fire, dear Friends and Lovers. We cannot keep resisting the Truth that when we Have Holes in our Lives, our Soul is calling us to plant a Seed and to Grow A Whole New World.

Support our #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaigns including Breathing Renewed Life into our medical model through reconnecting with our nature.
August 11, 2018

AUGUST 18, 2018

Am I coming or going? Haven’t had much energy the last few days especially. Looking at uploading images from last year’s The National Heirloom Exposition to build my enthusiasm for the trip to NorCal in support of the @The 8th National Heirloom Expo in San Rosa, CA. September 11,12,13, 2018.

Wednesday was a pivotal day with transferring my 68 VW van, the Enchanted Garden Mobile from Accident Pros, the bodyshop To Mike, who will be working on the engine.

How is my inner Engine doing?

This trip is part of my bucket list,

I always get my life energy restored each year through successfully meeting the challenge to take this monumental trip of more that 1700 miles.

Concerns: following my health protocols are time consuming.
What diet will I have?

The EG Mobile status! Massive effort went into the restoration. Lots of tweeking still needed.

Backup vehicle? What will it take?

Support for this endeavor? Timing?

I will build energy now looking at last year’s images.

I’m scheduled to do the Opening Ceremony 9:30 am, Tuesday, Sept 11. Getting Ready to Roll to #heirloomExpo Writing Aug 10, 2018

AUGUST 24, 2018



August 24, 2018

Made this livestream August 23, 2018. Doing what I can to keep my energy moving in the direction to take this annual trip to NorCal.

My 68 VW Van is in the hands of Mike, my mechanic, who is making the vehicle roadworthy again.

I woke up two days ago with nerve pains returned to my feet. It is an uphill climb to make this trip each year. My intention is to participate in what will be the @8th Annual National Heirloom Exposition, in San Rosa, CA. September 11,12,13, 2018. I’m scheduled to do the Opening Ceremony 9:30 am, Tuesday, Sept 11. I also want to give support to the Permaculture gathering called @The Convergence, taking place Sept 20-23 in Hopland at the Solar Living Center.

I am clearly on a #RekindlingOfFaith journey, setting aside a number of my natural #cancercure protocols I have used in the belief that meeting and overcoming the challenges I am facing now to make this trip is part of the healing for me now.

My relationship with the 3D world i once knew as normal is in disarray now.

We are each,as I see it, in a time when many of our relationships to the natural systems are out or order.

My relationship to my computer technology is in disarray.

I had a stressful time printing my basic materials. In spite of not finding my original art that I rely on my desktop, with the help of Adrienne Prince, I was able to find workarounds.

The expertise I once had with making graphics using photoshop elements no longer exists.

I feel we are each being called back to Basics and are being asked to reinvent ourselves to satisfy a demand for a natural upgrade.

In this 41 minute livestream I touch on some of the themes that are empowering me now to help create a “Cease-Fire!” In the Warring relationship we as a Culture, and as individual now have with Medicine, Food Growing, and management of our Natural resources.

As I teach, the Earth and the Soul are Soil-mates. We are here to present our unique gifts. The Earth is looking to each of us, reading these words to be a Voice for what can truly be regenerative.

We are called to be in good Standing as The Enchanted Garden Club Members.

So much to say. I have said too much.

Getting Ready to Roll to #heirloomExpo Writing Aug 10, 2018

The National Heirloom Exposition

SEPT 3, 2018

These are some of my primary #PlantYourDreamBlogs on my natural #Rekindling of Faith Journey. “In the midst hour of my dark hour, I awakened to realize there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m the form this beloved universe created for this moment to evolve itself.”

Moment of Awakening

Getting Ready to Roll to #HeirloomExpo

The Circus as Healer
I love @CircusVargas!
Get Tickets:

My @CircusVargasOfficial story:

#CancerCure Journey. #RekindlinOfFaith

Rekindling of Faith Journal MS

Natural Healing Recommitment began July 31, 2018

OHI, Optimum Health Institute Journal.

Hematuria Journal

Accident Recovery Report

Support our #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaigns including Breathing Renewed Life into our medical model through reconnecting with our nature.

#PlantYourDream in the Hospital Setting

How to #PlantYourDream

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