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Optimum Health Opportunity offered Me at OHI Retreat

Optimum Health Opportunity offered Me at OHI, Optimum Health Institute, San Diego Campus. How much Healing am I willing to Receive? What are my Insights? How much Emotional and Physical Detox can I do now?

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Adrienne Prince and I will be taking what we learned at #OHI Optimum Health Institute of San Diego home as of Sunday. Gratefully, we live only 15 minutes drive from the OHI in Lemon Grove, so we can return for the Open House 4-6 each Sunday.

Lynette Hunter of Lath House Gardens - Microgreens and Lath Houses, at the Hillcrest Farmers Market will supply us with living Microgreens as we get up to speed! Anyone in @San Diego want to be part of our mutual support group?

We get the freshest locally grown food thanks to J R Organics CSA Farm

& Terra Madre Gardens & Dennis Stowell of @Tom King Farms.

@R & L grows our Avocados!

The Enchanted Garden Club Members around the world grow some of their own food and support their local farmers.

Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog

Posted July 20, 2018
12:16 pm



July 22, 2018
7:36 am

Began to make friends with the garden. Many lovely plants here.
I had a great experience being introduced to some of the plants here as well as introducing others to this special place.

I would like an ongoing relationship with OHI. Sharing a garden experience with others is something I could do.



Nicky Torre, a very talented Missionary at OHI, was among the highlights for me during our first three week stay at OHI, the Optimum Health Institute. We stayed from July 4th week to the 22 of July. Adrienne Prince and I made many friends.

July 23, 2018
8:55 am

First Week I read, some parts interactively:

“In the midst hour of my dark hour, I awakened to realize there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m the form this beloved universe created for this moment to evolve itself.”

Moment of Awakening

Week Two Friday Night Live:

I read the Sacred Seed Prayer and talked about my favorite teacher, a kernel of ancient wheat.®_8x11_MEDIUM.jpg

Sacred Seed! Sacred Plant!
I hold you in my hands,
and I hold you as my future.
Thank you for representing wishes
i am planting! As you grow,
so will my Seed Dreams.
growing you will help me
celebrate the harvest in my life.
Thank thou for reminding me
I am a Sacred Seed.
Thank you for reminding me
that the Universe thrives as I thrive.
Today we Grow a new Enchanted Garden,
a renewed Earth!

Written for the Enchanted Garden Club Members
by © 1990 Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Spread the word and reconnect with your rightful relationship with Nature.

More on
How to Plant Your Dream:

Third Week:



Garden Management Journal Entry, December 22, 2016

Adrienne Prince is meticulously helping me edit a major piece of writing for 2017. We are working back and forth and this takes a lot of listening and surrender, working with an editor. She is reminding me that it is is Male-Female collaboration and listening that ends the Drought in Our Lives. It is profusely raining now, and I am witnessing to the symphony of the rain that seems to be in harmony with our interacting. That is what the Seven Love Cures, #WordsthatMenNeedtoKnowandWomenWanttoHear is all about.

The Divine Feminine Speaks:

"The Love I bring you is not of this Earth
as most people have created this Earth;
yet I am the Love this New Earth has created for this moment."

The Divine Masculine says:

"What is real is that I know you are a gardener,
and the world is a gift from the great Plant Maker out of love for love because you have it in you to make more love.:

from the Seven Love Cure #YourCreation


These are Words Men Need to Know and Women Want to Hear

The Seven Love Cures are Words that men need to know and women want to hear are here for you.

They include #ThisIsMyGoddessPrayerForYou


July 16, 2018

Living the Life I Hear to Drum was a major theme for me during my second week at OHI, The Optimum Health Institute.

The line, “I am marching on to the beat I drum,” from the academy award winning song “This is Me,” was my personal undercurrent theme of the “dance extravaganza” Adrienne Prince helped me lead at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego at Friday Night Live for guests July 13.

Thus morning, July 16, three days later, I wake up with emotional paralysis on the beginning of my third consecutive week of this very disciplined detox cleanse program that has returned many thousands from the brink of life-threatening diseases. There is no doctor here on site, merely Nature’s Surgery Table that we are each welcomed to juice and raw food feast upon.

I am processing a severe mental and emotional detox instigated by recurrent bouts of bleeding that seem to end quicker than they used to; as well as my willful act to postpone further down the road a scheduled lung biopsy for July 24. In doing so I am not following the UCSD Jacobs Medical Center advice of a really concerned, kind Conventional Western Medical doctor who really wants the best for me, from her point of view.

Western Medicine has an invasive procedure to curtail kidney/urinary tract bleeding. I curtail mine with Shepherd’s Purse, yarrow, and natural procedures yet to be discovered.


What causes Hematuria?
I have learned from my condition and have much more to learn from this Stigmata of the Kidney. Give me too much stress, and I will bleed.

I am not looking for advice, merely my own courage to follow the stream of my Life Purpose.

A few weeks ago, thanks to my natural Cancer Cure Journey and the recurrent bleeding I was having then, I and Adrienne had the rare Health Opportunity to sit in the infusion center in the back room of the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. In the four hours we were there, I witnessed one man bickering with his wife and nurses. He didn’t like having to get Chemo and was angry. I wanted to ask him if he had had a good life, but I didn’t do it. My life is good and includes whatever stress I add.

We were there till closing time. There was one chair after another, as many as I could imagine for this very busy happening. I thought how the infusion center was more popular than nearby Balboa Park.

I apologize. I don’t want to hurt anyone or trigger life and mortality issues. I am just wanting to come to terms with my own journey.

So here are a few lines from one of my poems, called Requiem to the Angel of Death.

New Life Awaken!
Reaffirm the very essence of spirit,
that cannot be controlled
But is the force that inspires roses.

More later..
Got to drink wheat grass
Walk barefoot
and go to class

9:20 am
July 16, 2018

July 15, 2018

Today is Sunday, July 15, 2018, 6:33 am. I do not plan to leave campus today at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego. I have committed to do the third week of this three week detox program.

I have been up for at least 30 minutes probing and exploring and listening in bed with eyes closed.

There are numbers of things I want to write out.

Some people show results from doing this program for three weeks but basically it is recommended to have a three-month commitment to show results. Numbers of the facilitators reversed severe conditions. There are numbers of testimonials of guests who have reversed stage four cancers.

The program is outstanding.
There are numbers of expert teachers, each sharing well delivered content.


One of the primarily goals will be how to sustain the high level of support.

This is a labor intensive program.
Ideally, it would be good to have other housemates at home who are following this program, or at least being supportive.

Adrienne Prince, of course, is my assistant and partner. She has been doing the program with me. She is very committed.

We will need support at home as well as a support group.

We live less than 15 minutes from here on a 1/3 acre near SDSU.

I have been getting endearing support from Ken Dorr of Kale University, one of the facilitators.

I have made numbers of heartfelt connections among the guests, a number who were deeply touched by a small gathering in the garden. Following my Friday night brief presentation of poetry, as part of a weekly performance event, they requested of me that I guide a hands-on garden experience. I introduced some of my favorite plants, including aromatic peppermint and lemon verbena.
and Aloe Vera.

It is clear that I have much to give to enhance this remarkable program that has Essene roots. They mention the Essene Gospel of Peace. (EGOP) in the weekly Sunday free tour and dinner—4-6.
In the earlier years Dr Garry White, would teach about the Essenes every week.

I am one of the last ordained ministers of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, the 20th century Essene Renaissance pioneer who wrote many of the Essene books, including EGOP. I call myself #YourEnchantedGardener to keep my mission and purpose as simple as possible.

My work #PlantYourDream is basically Essene work that aims to connect dreams, intentions, and fulfillment of life purpose. The Enchanted Garden Club is in essence my solution, based on Szekely’s work “to all those who perceive that peace for the whole depends upon the effort of the individual.”


Mental and Emotional Detox are part of the program.

I have been working with insights since the day I arrived.

I am not a disciplined person. Programs like this can trigger by food binge patterns, unless my soul is in the driver’s seat. My book—now being republished—“Rekindling of Faith” addresses these issues. The poems I read from the book were very appreciated. Some are here: A History Of Peace on Earth-#lesliegoldmanlegacywritings.

Time to exercise...
and review the program binder—based on the Covey-Franklin organizational approach.

More later...
7:33 am
July 15, 2018


July 14, 2018

Enchanted Gardening: a delightful group of fav guest peeps wanted a garden experience today at OHI. So I introduced some plants. It was an eye opener and appreciated.July 14, 2018. The level of enthusiastic feedback was healing.

Sam, working in the
Optimum Health Institute of San Diego garden, was working alone. We helped weed a patch of purslane.

I ate some with lunch.

We began with reciting some poems. My signature is interactively reading poems.
Some poems here: A History Of Peace on Earth-#lesliegoldmanlegacywritings
& Lessons Learned From the Divine Feminine-#WomanRising

How to Plant Your Dream

Words Men Need to Know and Women Want to Hear

Jana Peterson
Alisa Clark

July 14, 2018
4:39 pm


July 3, 2018

Had my first self administered wheatgrass implant july 2 at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego. Adrienne Prince helped me.

Stressful day.

I had to leave campus here in Lemon Grove to keep a consultation regarding a suggested biopsy of lung tissue.

The PA was a delight at UC San Diego Health Hillcrest. I decided to go ahead with the procedure. It is set now for July 24

Dr Rana McKay, part of my oncology team, called me as I was in the waiting room to see the PA about the biopsy. She wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

Our concern last week was the condition called Hematuria, bleeding from the kidney area where I have been diagnosed with a Rena Cell Carcinoma.

Hearing the potential effects from bleeding was enough to scare the hibby-gibbies out of me.

I was bleeding consistently for 12 days that ended last Thursday, June 28, the day following receiving two packets of blood.

The infusion took place in the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. There were about 50 chairs, a number of them occupied with very unhappy campers.

It is clear I need a systemic approach to resolving my cancer.

My medical team is suggesting some kind of drug to shrink the tumor in my right kidney. The tumor has continued to grow since it wa. First diagnosed last August 7, 2017.

I have survived a number of bouts of hematuria, one of the most uncomfortable during the second day of the #heirloomExpo, The National Heirloom Exposition.

There are times I cannot pass enormously large size blood clots. This can be extremely painful.

My experience thus far is that the bllodclots, blocking the urine flow, eventually pass, releasing a stream of urine.

The last major incident caused a severe loss of blood. My hemoglobin was down to 5.4. Normal hemoglobin is way above that. I learned today it went up to the 8’s after the infusion.

It is recommended I do a biopsy on lung tissue as well as other diagnostic MRI on brain, gut, and pancreas. The concern is that the cancer has spread to other organs.

I was not clear I would do the lung tissue biopsy. I need a break from three months of intense pain that have included three weeks of misdiagnosed fracture that resulted in back surgery May 1, and 12 days at the UCSD Jacobs Medical Center Thornton Hospital.

I kept my spirits up in the hospital sharing my #PlantYourDream intention planting ritual with staff, nurses and doctors;as well as sharing organic J R Organics CSA Farm strawberries with members of the outstanding Food Service team.
Members of staff joined The Enchanted Garden Club, my international network.

Dr. Bernard Jensen introduced me to Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management many years ago.

I confess July 2, 2018 was the first day that Adrienne Prince, my partner, and I experienced doing an enemas and wheatgrass implants.
I am sure that had I been doing Detox Regimens consistently over the years, my health picture might be different today.

It is important to recognize that 1 out of every 2 people, according to my friend Golden Drake are projected to grow cancer. We are all being exposed to unnatural circumstances that promote abnormal cell growth.

@Dr Bernard Jensen himself overcame cancer very late in life. One of his primary remedies was Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management. Colema board treatments and Colonics were a big part of his regimen.

Wheatgrass implants are a basic foundation at the OHI where I dm now.

One of Dr Bernard Jensen’s favorite schools of thought was called the ancient Essenes. They practiced Bowel Ckeansing.

See Essene School Of Thought fb Page for some of my writings on the Essenes.

I was one of the last ordained ministers of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, the Essene Renaissance pioneer. He and Dr Bernard Jensen has a deep respect for each other and their work.

Monday July 2 was very scary for me. That was our first full day at OHI.

I am sorry I had to leave campus here in Lemon Grove to complete loose ends at home and keep my hospital appointment.

Dr McKay called me personally as we were in the waiting room to make sure we are on the Same Page.

What Page am I one now?

I prefer a systemic approach, cleansing and Feeding my blood oxygen and life giving minerals through ingestion and Bowel Cleasing.

I am still extremely wary of doing a systemic Chemo type drug. Too many people have near death experiences using our current drugging model, that simply needs to include some of the potentially messy natural approaches. I am sure there is a place for colonic—Bowel washes— in the hospital setting.

I am here to breathe new life into Modern Medicine, and as much as I dm dedicated to standing up for our heirloom seed heritage and organic living, I am committed to use my inner vital Soul inspiration to deep serving and receiving God’s Grace.

I want to confess I was not kind to my kidneys during my 70 years thus far. A part of me has a tendency toward anxiety and fear.
In recent years I became an expert kidney stone builder.

What’s next for me?

I have worked near lifelong to witness the growth of many movements and I have helped co-inspire some of them.

I have left to you a legacy of more than 40 years of writing and more than 10 books. Adrienne, with encouragement, will reissue and compile some of my best writings.

I am a joyful fun loving person, as much as I have been a frustrated servant who at times said too much from the microphone and at other times could have influenced the positives if trusted to speak.

I am grateful that I have been able to give and receive so much.

I do not know, in this moment, how much more pain I am willing to endure. As much as I believe I gave much to contribute in the hospital setting, I’d rather be soaking in natural hot springs.

Life comes through us as we take risks. I want to see another day for me and our sweet world that very much would like to become what in essence it still is, an Enchanted Garden.

What a grand Fall this has the potential to be!

The Enchanted Garden Mobile's Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds 2018:

The 8th annual National Heirloom Exposition, Santa Rosa, CA
Sept 11,12,13, 2018

Bucket list: Organic Day at Circus Vargas Fall 2018 in cross promotion with my #PetCelebritySquash Adoption #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaign.

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine - AIHM sept 22/26 annual event, read a poem on stage.

(Secret Bucket List: attend an SDSU Aztec Football Winning Game Fall 2018.

Poetry readings?

Lessons Learned From the Divine Feminine-#WomanRising

A History Of Peace on Earth-#lesliegoldmanlegacywritings

To have more Skippy Asclepius Adventures!!!

July 3, 2018

Photos: from our biopsy consultation July 2, 2018


I am now in the land of “The Essene Gospel of Peace.” I am dwelling in the realm of exploring cause rather than suppression of symptoms, and as, Dr. Bernard Jensen would have said, “Putting my life on Nature’s Surgery Table.” In this little known world of. “ How Nature can Cure if given the health opportunity, within the first few hours at Optimum Health Institute of San Diego, I am hearing the Testimonial of one person who was given “0” life expectancy with Cancer, and is fully Cancer Free 20 plus years later!

The Optimum Health Institute is a Demo Retreat site for what Dr Bernard Jensen knew about Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management.

Praises to my old friend Raychel Solomon for helping with her team of Nees partners to establishing this retreat center around 1996.
Thousands who have passed through these gates bear witness to the the Promise you can be healed.

I am grateful to be in this atmosphere where the Healing Presence, simply by being here, is already starting to Birth Insights and more Living Room inside me free of Toxins.

4:26 am
July 2, 2018

New #PlantYourDreamBlog
Post on Healing at OHI.

How have I been living my life as my life as an accident waiting to happen?

5:00 am
July 2, 2018

How I abused my kidneys

4:00 am

Emotional detox of my kidneys

A have not used my kidneys gently.

What lessons was I bigness to learn?

How long can I live as I do?


I unexpectedly decided to go to OHI the week of July 2-8. On the afternoon of my first full day, I needed to leave campus to keep a lung biopsy consultation.

A very likeable PA shared what the procedure would be like.


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