Season of the Essenes
by YourEnchantedGardener

Dead Sea Scrolls CD Tape   16 y  
Hidden Mysteries behind the Dead Sea Scrolls here.
Going to listen to ”Hidden Mysteries behind the Dead Sea Scrolls” CD now. May got down some notes here... 9:01 AM August 4, 07 begin cleanup... meeting at 9:30 AM?   visit the page

Body, Mind, Soul in Healing   16 y  
ideas on the Body, Mind, Soul CD Discussion of Patience...uplifting...
3:13 PM August 2, 07 Lots more powerful inspiration on the Soul before this point. [tired...going to eat something and rest. 27:43 The mind is not the true content of the healing. It is the crucible for the healing. Do not suppress the conscious mind. Extend the mind to the levels of the soul. L: What would we teach people about the Soul? Perceive the soul as a reservior of energy, separate from the mind. so when the mind grows weak, they may have the faculties of the Soul to drawn upon. The soul inhabits the body. ...activate through fait ...   read more

Paris--Thanks for Essene Tapes   16 y  
Paris make a profound contribution to archiving the Essene School of Thought Materials. He transferred more than a dozen during his most recent stay here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community
10:45 AM July 31, 07   visit the page

Keep Thy Eye Single...more   16 y  
This is from Matthew. Other Biblical References...
5:36 PM June 30, 07 A woman spoke in an orthodox prayer meeting, knowing no more of religious science than a baby knows Greek. Her face, however, was radiant with the light of the Christ manifest through her. She told how, five or six years before, she had been seeking to know more of God through prayer, and one day, in all earnestness, had asked that some special word of His will be given her as a sort of private message. The words flashed in her mind, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light . . . No man can serve two masters” (Matt. 6:22-24). ...   read more

Rabbi David Zeller Photo   16 y  
Photo of Rabbi David Zeller
4:39 PM July 27, 07 I am in the middle of summer decluttering. It is about six weeks before the Jewish New Year. I came across a lovely photo in one of my notebooks in the basement. That is Carmella with Rabbi David Zeller. The child Gabriella is likely a teen now, or near a teen. Rabbi Zeller left the body within the last four months. He is beloved by many. His life is a remarkable story.   read more

Cousin Elissa   16 y  
Letter to Cousin Elissa, the Jehovah's Witness.
7/25/07 Dear Elissa, I want to apologize for not writing back to you. I know you send a letter ever so often You asked in your last letter, what I thought about the magazine, “The Watchtower.” I think it is nicely done, however I do not personally find meaning in the content, or ideas. I do have a personally relationship with Jesus, based on experiences of healing in my life. I also have personal relationship with other sages of the past, and have deep reverence for many from many paths. I enjoy it when I see God in a new light. I am happy for you that you fi ...   read more

Border Crossing + Cards   16 y  
Cards welcomes at Rancho Tres Estrellas new store. Border crossing remains an issue.
8:30 AM July 25, 07 Sarah Livia is open to having some cards I would make in the new store at the culinary school at Rancho Tres Estrellas. The border Crossing is an issue to getting to Mexico. It cost more than $500.00 for a new clutch crossing at the wrong time through the Tecate gate. The Otay Crossing was intense Sunday night when Paris drove us out of Mexico. I was able to get home in my vehicle across the Tecete gate for Deborah’s birthday. That was Monday mid morning. Paris tells me there is a site that shows the time it takes to get across. The EG Mob ...   read more

Essene Tapes to CD   16 y  
Tapes to CD's Paris is working on transfering Valuable audio Cassettes on the Essenes to Cd's
List of Tapes to CD Paris made: Done: Establishing Harmony with the Mother Earth Visions of the New Earth--Side One Body, Mind, and Soul in Healing-Side One Body, Mind, and SOul in Healing-Side Two To DO: Astrological Information 1 Jesus, Man, Mystic, Savior, Son of God 045 Essene History 027 Mystical History of the Essenes 028 Tree of Life/Kabbalah 32 Jesue, His Eternal Message 072 Essene Wholistic Healing Model 49 The Essene Peace Plan, 053 Essene History 111 029 Hidden Mysteries behind the Dead Sea Scrolls 002 Order of the Angels 04 ...   read more

The Law   16 y  
The Law & Exodus. Some reprinting from "A Journey Through A Thousand Meditations" by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely
July 23, 07 11:57 AM From the Portfolio ”A Journey Through A Thousand Meditations” by Edmond Bordeaux Zzekely; MOSES Behind every phenomenon of nature is a law governing all manifestations in the universe; this Law is the totality of all other laws and it is written with a capital ”L” Everything in the universe operates under the iron law of cause and effect. Everything created as a result of deviation from the Law destroys itself and disappears. IN the ancient teachings, the Law was symbolized by a tree, the Tree of Life, its seven branches representing spirit ...   read more

INDEX to Essene Related Blogs   16 y  
INDEX to Essene Studies and Related Essene Blog Entries by Leslie Goldman & Your Enchanted Gardener
11:06 AM July 23, 07 This Blog Listing will give an Index to Essene Related Blogs on ”The Season of the Essenes,” Plant Your Dream Blog, and other Blogs by Your Enchanted Gardener. Journey Through A Thousand Meditations The Essene Way to the Enchanted Garden: Peace Among the Essenes: The Law   read more

Peace among the Essenes   16 y  
Making Peace among Essene Leaders. I will plant that seed today at the Kindness Tree here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community.
11:31 AM July 23, 07 I planted a seed with David Carmos on Saturday. David led the memorials to Dr. Garry White. He was closer to Dr. White than I was. The seed was that all the factions, the leaders in Essene Thought that I know would find peace within themselves to come to peace among themselves. I have held myself distant from David Carmos for numbers of years. I asked for forgiveness. I was touched by his experience and tears as he told his story of his imprisonment in Mexico for more that five years. He was arrested by the Mexico authorities ...   read more

The Essene Way to the Enchanted Garden   16 y  
This is an adaptation of principles leading to The Essene Way to bring the Enchanted Garden down to Earth.
11:12 AM July 23, 07 This is from my morning studies today. The following are adapted from ”The Essene Way” by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. The booklet, written in MCMLXCIV (1977?) is dedicated: ”I dedicate this Essene Way to the 500oth anniversary of the Essene Teachings, and to the Fifteeth Annivesary of our modern Essene Renaissance.” --E.B.S. Original: What are our aims and principles? 1. We hold the view that it is possible for every human being, by judic ...   read more

St Francis Prayer   16 y  
St Francis Prayer
9:2) AM July 22, 07   visit the page

World Peace Celebration 1983 proofsheet   16 y  
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach at World Peace Celebration 1983
experiment: from a proofsheet: World Peace Celebration, Earth Day 1983: Uploaded, July 11, 07   visit the page

Ecological Health Garden   16 y  
Szekely's Ecological Health Garden describes self sufficiency and things to teach kids
The Ten Commandments   16 y  
The Ten Commandments Tonight! Asking for a Seventh Inning Stretch! Each time we increase understanding between one Man and One Woman we take one Organic Step closer to the Enchanted Garden. This is Organic Celebration!
Ten Minute Notes: Varieties of Experience among various tribes, and cultures... May 18, 2007 Looking for message... harvesting the Omer Barley... Adultery theme???? What to say... All of nature is sexual. Example of the Barley... Why do people commit Adultery? Why do they look elsewhere to get their needs met? Jewish Teaching: Love Making, intended to be a daily Mitzvah... Why made this commandment in the first place? To manage the culture....whose Kid was it ??? People were doing it.... And so, if we are going to ask this of our people... then we ...   read more

Divine Fire--Prometheus   16 y  
Looking to understand the Divine Fire... here is the story of Prometheus...mentions Pandora's Box.
8:32 PM May 19, 07 What does all this mean? Researching the Creative Fire... Looking to understand the Fire... of Agnihotra is new ways... Prometheus pro ME thee us * The Rebel Titan * The Crimes of Prometheus * Pandora * Okeanos and the River Daughters * Prometheus and Io * How to Cite this Page The Rebel Titan Prometheus was a not a fool, but why else would he rebel against Zeus? He tried to trick Zeus (who knows all and sees all) with a false sacrifice. How foolish can you get? Prometheus also stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the primitive mortals on the ...   read more

Artist's Commission   16 y  
Liora Leah receives two sheathes of Holy Barley Grains to make art. She will use Rhimax
7:37 AM May 19, 07 Yesterday was the Seventh Week of the Omer Count, The day Tiferit, Beauty, in the Week of Malkut, Kingdom, Nature, the place where it All Comes Together. I had a special visit from Liora Leah, the Artist, who I invited to create a rendition of the Omen Barley that has been growing in this Enchanted Garden since December. Here is a photo of the Barley: The Barley grains were consecrated in a Holy Ceremony at the Kabbalah Conference in Early December. They were planted with deep intention t ...   read more

Old Essene Photo   16 y  
Old photo of me, 1981. Essene Days.
12:22 PM May 11, 07 Looking for an old photo. Could not find it yet. Found this one. Putting it here for safekeeping.   visit the page

Dead Sea Scrolls World   16 y  
Class offerings spark some interesting conversations in my head.
6:53 PM May 10, 2007 The World of the Dead Sea Scrolls THE WORLD OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS: A Three Part Lecture Series Topic: History and Current Issues Region: Mid-Coastal/Central Join us for three sessions exploring the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls in preparation for the upcoming exhibit at San Diego’s Natural History Museum, taught by Risa Levitt Kohn, Ph.D., curator of the exhibition and Director of the Jewish Studies Program at SDSU. June 6th Part 1: The Discoveries In this lecture you will learn how ...   read more

1977 Photo   16 y  
International Biogenic Society gathering 1977. Photo from Essene book.
9:39 AM May 9, 07 Looking at some Essene books today. Remembering the first time I was enchanted by the Professors books. I was living with Harpo. I made some lifelong friends at that gathering, including Sarah Livia, his daughter, and Debra St. Claire.   visit the page

Eagle's Nest   16 y  
Visit to Eagle's Nest.
Rancho La Puerta Notes: Paris and I went up to Eagle’s Nest, May 7, 2007, around 4 PM. When we entered the room, we did not speak. Then the wind blew the door shut. I wrote a note in the book. The note before mine was from Emily and Josh two children writing, the first to the Grandpa she never met, and the second to his father who was taken from him at a very tender age. I left some Job’s Tears and a Job’s Prayer. When it was time to leave I announced this. The door blew open and we left. --Your Enchanted Gardener Visit to the Ranch Eagle’s Nest ...   read more

Divine Master Art   16 y  
Divine Master... From Saint Frances Prayer. Statue at Rancho Tres Estrelles. Art by Your Enchanted Gardener
9:00 PM May 8, 07   visit the page

Rancho tres Estrelles Scene   16 y  
Scene at Rancho Tres Estrelles. I felt awestruck by this scene that greeted Paris and I May 6 following Deborah Szekely's 85th Birthday Party.
12:17 AM May 8, 07 This is one of the breathless scenes at Rancho Tres Estrelles that greated Paris and I. We sleep here after Deborah Szekely’s 85th Birthday Party at Professor’s Park. I felt awetruck by this mind expanding scene, May 6, 07 around 7 PM. ____ I wanted to share this scene from Rancho Tres Estrelles, the property that is growing 70% of the food now for the guests at Rancho La Puerta. Surplus is sold to a few local hospitals in Tijuana that have nutritional focus. Eight gardeners now till the soil, that is rich in topsoil, and follows strong ...   read more

Shavuot Retreat   16 y  
In process....Shavuot Retreat being Planned
Dates of my Retreat: Shavuot 5767/2007: Receiving the Torah of Today This is one for reference at Elat Chayim: Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Friday, May 25, 2007 The holiday of Shavuot celebrates the revelation of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. Jewish tradition also teaches that each generation receives its own Torah, a process that begins on Passover and culminates at Shavout. This year, with the need for repairing the world so great, we feel the need to receive Torah all the more urgently. During our five days together we will explore fresh perspectives of the ...   read more

Waiting for Upload Function to work   16 y  
#1 Beautiful Blackberry Art goes here first.
#1 The Season of the Essenes 4:10 PM Saturday 7, 07 ____ I made an artwork that I wanted to upload here for the first entry. The Upload Gallery function does not appear to be working right now, since yesterday. One more thing for Webmaster to fix. I also wanted to upload music an MPE to the New Heart’s Desire Blog but that is not working.   visit the page


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