Cheeta: Cultivate Healing Environments - Enlighten Thru Arts!
by Chef JeM
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Introduction To Cheeta!   63 d  
The enlightened Individuals at the core of Cheeta.
Welcome to this introduction to Cheeta (a ”creme de la creme” of the approximately two score of entries that have been posted here at his blog). Today is the beginning of a new perspective on Cheeta and what it represents and - equally essential - how Cheeta will manifest in the world. This new perspective is based on all that you most truly are as an authentic individual with an utterly unique Life Purpose for being here on Earth. The primary objectives that I have in my conversations with people is to identify the individual’s Life Purpose Function along with several in-depth perspect ...   read more

Farmer-Chef-Doctor Collaboratives   7 mon  
The need for schools of "new medicine".
The Cheeta vision is an idea who’s time has come (and especially for all who have an ear to hear it)! Up till today the vision has been presented in many parts under the full banner of Cultural Healing ~ Eco-Enlightening ~ Transformational Arts. Up till now the ”audience” in mind was not defined. This post will begin adding a more formative direction emphasizing the need for the ”Healing” impulse in this vision. ”Healing” in modern day Western world may largely be associated with doctors and other medical/health professionals. However the association of healing/health recovery with an ...   read more

Are You Inhabited by Love?   8 mon  
Living Love!
Love - makes laws unnecessary ”The reason it is necessary to make all the laws that govern the relationships between human beings, is because they are not yet inhabited by love. When they know what true love is, when they live this love, in this love, they will no longer need laws constantly reminding them what they should do or should not do. Because they will spontaneously discover how to live in harmony with each other. Love is the only force that organizes things, which makes them grow and flourish. As soon as love enters a family, a community, a society, there is no need to say, ‘D ...   read more

Ideal Leadership   11 mon  
The deeper spiritual path to governing.
February 21, 2018 - ”Invisible and Enlightened” - “Seven Masters, One Path” by John Selby is incomparable for both it’s depth of clarity as well as it’s practical application and positive encouragement for developing a meditation practice. It is the single most influential book that I have on the subject. I have been working with this method for more years than any other approach. Most recently with inspiration regarding the Gene Keys I began reading the second chapter to see what ”light” John refers to for the mind. According to Human Design we are all nine-centered beings with two ...   read more

Learning to Be a Creator   12 mon  
Letting our soul express its longing.
December 19, 2018 - ”The Free Individual Discovers His Way Through Imagination and Creative Power” - ”Self is fundamentally creative, dynamic, forward-looking, energetic, powerful, engaged. The Collective looks for shadows of those qualities in the government as its source of survival. The free individual certainly helps others, but he is against a culture that is so preoccupied with ’raising up the lowest’ that it nurtures a hatred of liberty. And this is a crux, because growing millions of people are all too eager to shed the last fragments of Self to join in a fantasy of ’everyb ...   read more

Brotherhood   15 mon  
The Chee in Cultural Healing - Eco-Enlightening & Transformative Arts - "... True brotherhood begins when you understand how to enrich your life through the lives of others."
June 16, 2018 - Clarity re: The Collective, True Brotherhood, Community and Universal Consciousness - Collective does not mean brotherly, and a community is not (necessarily) a brotherhood. A community is a gathering of individuals who may actually have no real bond between them. For example, (sections of) a city are referred to as ”community”, but do all the people who live there know each other, care for each other, do they share a mutual understanding and consciously work for each other with love? No, most of them live without giving a thought to the bonds that should unite them, so ...   read more

Making Contact with The Life of Nature   16 mon  
A perfect example of the "Eco-Enlightening" component of Cheeta which supports "Culturally Healing" through "Transformational Arts" that are directly inspired by connecting with nature! Connecting with nature is essential for our complete well being.
Inspired now with the ”Thought for the day” from the Teachings of Omraam: ”Get into the habit of observing and listening to the life of nature ...”[1] Upon reading the entire message I thought of the Anthroposophical approach to reading the ”Book of Nature”.[2] I also thought of the early days of my ”amazing journey” when I started becoming more aware of the life of nature including the clouds as Omraam describes. His message concludes with: ”... this is how we make contact with the life of nature.” This is a perfect example of the ”Eco-Enlightening” component of Cheeta whic ...   read more

In Memory of Andrew Lorand and Dr. Basil Williams   16 mon  
Andrew's presentation at a BDANC quarterly meeting continues to radiate within my memory! My email correspondence with Dr. Basil Williams[5] in the early formation of "Bridging Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophical Medicine" left a wonderful impression on me!
As of September 19, 2017 - Just moments before discovering the following I had saved a page from the BDA site into a folder where I saw an earlier article file of Dr. Basil Williams. Now that I am writing this I intend to review his article/s. ”Dr. Basil Williams, a long-time supporter and member of the Biodynamic Association, passed away on July 16, 2017. He was a founding participant in the ”Bridging Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophical Medicine” learning community, which was formed to explore connections between these two holistic approaches to healing the land and healing ...   read more

A Guild For Cheeta!   18 mon  
The perfect next step for "Cultural Healing, Enlightened Ecology and Transformational Arts"!
Yesterday I sent in a reply to the Gene Keys Society regarding the possibility of starting a local Gene Keys ”Guild” in San Diego County. My Human Design is such that what works best for my design is ”To Wait”, be patient and allow life to come to me, then respond according to how my design functions. I’ve been practicing that and I believe that life has come to me via the Gene Keys Society and their announcement of the guilds. I believe that I’ve simply responded to what has come to me and I am so very grateful all of this has worked together for greater good! I say that in light of my ...   read more

The Human Design System For Parents & Children   21 mon  
Harmonizing with the child's nature.
April 29, 2017 - ”Human Design knowledge is of the greatest benefit to children and parents, ... ... since knowing a child’s design means that they can be guided in the direction of their nature, rather than away from it.”[1] The impulse that originally attracted me to the Gene Keys (what I consider as the graduate level of The Human Design System) was the idea of community. Now I realize that Cheeta is where I need to include Human Design. *** June 24, 2018 - ”The First Seven Years Imprints Children for the Rest of Their Lives” - ”... let’s take a look at this new life c ...   read more

Cheeta - Quintessentially   22 mon  
The start of a review and distillation process to form a concise statement for the whole entire Cheeta vision.
June 14, 2018 - The 37th Gift of Equality - THE ASCENT OF THE FAMILY ”It is in the 37th Gift of Equality that a great hope is presently arising for humanity. Equality is such aneasily misunderstood term. All humans are born equal since we all share the same genetic code, but as we grow and enter society it becomes apparent that we are not so equal. In reality, equality is a matter of perception and it depends upon frequency. At the level of the 37th Shadow, which sees humans in terms of strength and weakness, equality is nothing but a dream. Yet, at the Gift level of consciousness ...   read more

The Bank of You!   22 mon  
Venus is now retrograde and what we value (among additional Venus themes) is subject to review for the next six weeks.
Today’s ”Thought of the day” from the Omraam community says ”A human being is like a bank”[1] to which I immediate agree and am amazed to be reading this now within a day of reading another site that has individuals declaring themselves to be banks of value that they wish to have recognized within the present banking system. In any case I appreciate that there are other people who realize there can be other ways of storing, sharing and exchanging our value with one another. I’m mostly simply noting this for now and intend to return here with additional ”value” in the form of more conten ...   read more

I'm Living in 'The Village' (or is 'the village' in me?)!   24 mon  
The Cheeta Village is a living expression through my Center of expression!
A Psychic friend asked me how I was doing (my Design truly does a lot better with questions that require a ”yes/no” answer) and although I sincerely was open to receiving that as my self-inquiry contemplation however before I could get to contemplating - he told me what he saw. He said he saw a ”village” in my throat. I found that remarkable in light of the fact that I had just blogged about the Throat Center.[1] In addition I am seeing my ”High Ideal”: Cheeta Village vision possibly have some ”expression” through a site that my friend has recently moved onto. In fact just this past day ...   read more

The Festivals   25 mon  
Easter, St John’s, Michaelmas and Christmas...
Anthroposophical communities acknowledge four primary festivals each year that correspond with the equinoxes and solstices. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov recognizes the as well.:   visit the page

Enlightening Environments   29 mon  
#42.) Imagine living and working in environments where you are free to be your true authentic self!
The very first acronym that I had formed for Cheeta (before blogging at CureZone) was: ”Community Healing Environments ~ Enlightening Through Arts”. Although the word: ”Environments” is not seen in the present acronym ”Healing Environments” are nevertheless still part of this Cheetah Vision. That is because ”your environment greatly affects how you feel and behave, and most importantly, it influences who you think you are.”[1] Actually the whole entire Cheeta Vision is all about this dynamic that our environments have on each of us. This is addressed both on the outer plane of the ext ...   read more

Re-Visioning Cheeta   29 mon  
An opening in the Cheeta vision to allow joining with like-minded visions of others.
January 15, 2019 - The Possibility of ”Microcosms” of the High Cheeta Idea - Toward the Cultivation of a New Synergy Between Three to Six Individuals Who Share a Common Goal In Work, School, or Play. According to the Human Design System individuals vary in their design orientation in regard to how they orientate their activities which can be in one of three ways: as a solo/independent, in pairs, or as team players. Any group that shares a common objective would benefit by including an understanding of these variables. In addition - interpersonal communications can also be cons ...   read more

Omraam and The Holy Spirit   32 mon  
The parable of the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom.
June 6, 2018 - ”Does God speak to us? Yes, since God is within us, he speaks to us. His voice is very soft, and we must learn to distinguish it amid all the other voices asking to be heard inside our body, our heart and our intellect. It can be compared to the melody of a flute in the midst of the clamour of cymbals and bass drums. It is easy to hear and follow the thunderous voice of the stomach shouting in hunger or that of our sexual organs demanding a victim. ...” - The Holy Spirit is ”The Voice For God”. I’m inspired with: ”the melody of a flute in the midst of the clamour ...   read more

Chef of The Best Restaurant in The World Validates Cheeta!   3 y  
Einstein said part of the nature of new ideas is that they can be universally accessed.
”Foraging superstar and chef René Redzepi is closing his famed Copenhagen restaurant Noma, which has been named the best restaurant in the world multiple times. According to the New York Times, he plans to reopen Noma in 2017 ’with a new menu and a new mission.’ A major pillar of the new business will be an urban farm with the restaurant at its center, much like chef Dan Barber’s Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York. Redzepi notes, ’It makes sense to have your own farm at a restaurant of this caliber.’” This is wonderful news! I feel validated in my Cheeta vision that I had originally b ...   read more

The Crown Jewel of Cheeta   3 y  
#38) "...the power of suggestion exerted by theater and cinema has a stronger influence on people’s minds and behavior than church, school, or even family."
My affinity with the theatrical arts is probably where I have been most ”in the closet” ever since my entrance into ”The Church” in 1971. I can’t hide my affinity any more! I realize now with the latest message of Omraam[1] that ”theater” is the one area of Cheeta that I have not given an adequate presentation for. I will begin correcting that as of now. Personally I have an unfilled capacity for acting. Fortunately I did receive a few acknowledgements for originally acting stints. Ever since I took an acting class I realized theater is a great opportunity for building community. Some t ...   read more

This Spirit of the Community Must Be Alive!   3 y  
#37.) The foundation of Cheeta.
July 27, 2018 - Have you heard: “... It takes a tribe to raise a human. Evolution thus favoured those capable of forming strong social ties”?[11] - Human Design includes both the ”Individual” plus the ”Tribal”. - *** July 25, 2018 - Emerson and Steiner - “…both men emphatically trust human thinking for its intuitive nature … both Emerson and Steiner see freedom as a matter of self-reliance and see selfhood as the seed from which community, rather than isolation, can develop when the ‘I’ in any one of us becomes conscious of the ‘I’ in others.”[10] - ”Self-reliance” ...   read more

Cheeta Art   3 y  
#36.) The transformative potential of working with color.
May 17, 2018 - Since time began: what artists are telling us - By Jon Rappoport - “Many people are afraid of art. Why? Because art says reality isn’t finished. This reality—the one we all know about—isn’t the only one. An infinite number of realities can be imagined and invented.” “People who say they have no imagination are imagining they have no imagination.” “The atoms of the body and the atoms of the universe are waiting for imagination to give them more life.” “Artists are saying, ‘No matter what Super-Reality you believe in, no matter what cosmology you accept, imag ...   read more

The Octologue   3 y  
#35.) The Octologue as a societal structure.
In the early 80’s I was introduced to the octagon as an ideal number for group dynamics. I’ve just revisited the octagon and find it most appealing! It is said that a +/- 1 variable is acceptable. Ideally the group would have four men and four women and that it can also work with 5/3 or 3/5. I’d prefer the 4/4. Consider this article that introduces the subject matter of the Octologue as a societal structure.[1] I’m inspired with the seed idea of taking Cheeta to the next step by forming a Cheeta Octologue! *** January 17th - Continuing with ”Cheeta Octologue”. The main idea f ...   read more

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