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🎼 The Mysterious Solfeggio Tones: Where Did They Come from? by luc.   50 h
Moving into Aquarius, the New Age by lfire   86 h
🪶 Crow's God: Ego Dissolution and the Evolution of the Self by luc.   5 d
🫥 DNA, Crop Circles and Hypercommunication by luckman   7 d
From Slave to Shaman by luckman   11 d
😎 7 Tactics to Trick the World into Higher Consciousness by luckma.   12 d
🥶 Bluebird Shaman by luckman   14 d
🎤 Creating Authentically outside the Collective by luckman   16 d
🪬 Why Shamanic Healing Is Relevant Today by luckman   19 d
👀 The 7 Primal Archetypes of the Awakening by luckman   20 d
Ego as Spiritual Ally by luckman   21 d
💎 Reset Evidence, Simulation Theory Support & More by luckman   23 d
Cultural DNA: A Revolutionary Model of Consciousness by luckman   24 d
🌓 Playing in Shadow and Light in the Creatrix by luckman   27 d
March 2023 - Creme de la Creme by Chef JeM   28 d
👽 Archons on Netflix? Gnostic Cosmology & Stranger Things by luckm.   33 d
🧬 Activate and Energize Your Inner Errant by luckman   34 d
📖 Ascension, Enlightenment & Unity Consciousness by luckman   36 d
🪫 Are We in a Simulated Reality? by luckman   38 d
🏠 Internet Housecleaning by luckman   40 d
How to Discover Yourself through Your Own Philosophy by luckman   44 d
🐐 The Belief Effect in Psychokinesis by luckman   45 d
👀 3 Characteristics of a True Political Awakening by luckman   47 d
📚 The Simulacrum as a Narrative Construct by luckman   50 d
⚔️ Archaix, Errantry, Community and the Upcoming Cataclys by   51 d
NOTICE - To Any Hospital or Medical Facility - by chef jem   51 d
🪞 Turn to the Mirror by luckman   52 d
A New Human Network by Chef JeM   52 d
😇 Sol Luckman Had a Question (Answered by Mysta TAMIAJ) by luckman   53 d
🟡 The Golden Spiral of Consciousness by luckman   54 d
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