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My health history   7 d  
Draft my health history
this photo, around June 2018, was taken the chemo infusion center at Ucsd La Jolla. I went in for two pints of blood after bleeding for 12 days from Hematuria. Iit was a revelation being there and watching the popularity of Chemo. The words are a quote from an ally of the &0’s, Mark Victor Hansen. Setting a time for 2019. #### First Draft January 14, 2019 I came away from #ScrippsNatSup conference, for me January 10-13, very inspired and wanting to write my health history. I will be expanding this post and including it in my book #LovingTogether that will incl ...   read more

Planting Dreams for Chicken Soup for the Soul   19 d  
Planting Dreams for Chicken Soup for the Soul. 2019 began with making a livestream where I recall the ritual work I did for the success of the famous book series before it became a landmark in publishing history. Here is more of the back story.
Happy New Year! What’s your Seed Dream? I’m here with Adrienne Prince and we wanna tend those New Year dreams with you! Working on this post that will include our 2018 highlights and 2019 dreams and a PayPal to receive support for our 2019 #PlantYourDreamBlog Campaigns. A new website where we will feature   read more

Renewing your #EnchantedGardenClub membership   25 d  
Renewing your #EnchantedGardenClub membership,
I welcome you to renew & reaffirm your membership in the #EnchantedGardenClub 2019. PayPal and info here: As long as we are about our Mission and Purpose, as long as we are acknowledging we are #SacredSeeds, we are Lessening Catastrophe— Being about our Mission and Purpose —is to live within our Genius Zone and to Access Natural Super Powers that are God Given. Most of us now are living our Life as an Earthquakes Waiting to happen. We have a bigger influence on proclaiming Cease-Fire & Ending Drought than we Imagine Possi ...   read more

Adding Color to Curezone Blog Text   28 d  
Adding Color to Curezone Blog Text
  Use MCE editor....   visit the page

How to fix my permalink error   35 d  
How to fix my permalink error
9:03 pm I was able to do it! Settings: Permalink.... switched to ”Plain” rather than custom... ______ NEXT: Study this.... THEN... back this company and see what premium will cost? THEMES FROM ELEGANT FOR MOBILE? ask While attempting to shorten the permalink on a particular post on my Plant Your Dream Website Wordpress, we entered a shortened version. Thereafter, we have been unable to open any ...   read more

Hungry Soil from Starving America by Alfred McCann   36 d  
Hungry Soil from Starving America by Alfred McCann. 1916. "We need not worry about over-population. We need not worry about bread famine. We need only worry about our failure to put our 10,000 little red school houses at the country cross-roads to a good use. We need only worry about the empty "isms" of our colleges and universities. We need only worry about continuous ignorance, denatured soil and denatured food." --from "Starving America" 1916 by Alfred M. McCann.
INTRODUCTION On my first ride in the vehicle of Dr. Bernard Jensen, one on one, following a lecture he gave at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch, he told me about one of his heroes, Alfred McCann. McCann was a muckraker who had great influence in his life. Dr. Bernard Jensen asked me to follow in the footsteps of Alfred Watterson McCann( 1879-1931). Today is December 18, 2018. I was working on correction technical issues on my Plant Your Dream website. I am able to open some of the Pages. One is here. ...   read more

Miracle Plant Studies   42 d  
Miracle Plant Studies. “Bryophyllum pinnatum Leaf Extracts Prevent Formation of Renal Calculi in Lithiatic Rats”. This plant is a great teacher. Easy to grow, it underscores the benefits of growing our own medicine. Many used worldwide. Various other names including
“In traditional medicine, the leaves of this plant have been used for antimicrobial, antifungal, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antihypertensive potent anti-histamine and anti-allergic activity. The Creoles use the lightly roasted leaves for cancer, inflammations, and a leaf infusion for fevers. The Palikur mix the leaf juice with coconut oil or andiroba oil and then rub it on the forehead for migraines and headaches. To the Siona indigenous peoples heat the leaves and apply them topically to boils and skin ulcers. Along the Rio Pastaza in Ecuador, natives use a leaf infusion for ...   read more

Blood clot recipe   49 d  
Blood clot recipe
Leslie — here’s a recipe for macrobiotic Coumadin: take a fresh daikon root and cut it into small pieces. The best size is like one of those old grey film canisters with the black top — the ones we’d put exposed film in to send it to be developed for prints. Only a few inches long and round about the size of a silver dollar. Boil those in water, slowly, for 8-10 minutes until soft enough for a fork to glide into. Then take some miso and dab a tiny bit on the end of each one, smear it along the exposed cut surface size, baste the chunks with some of the remaining water and co ...   read more

Thanks for your support   63 d  
Thanks for your support
Posted Nov 20, 2018 Just catching up. Changed my relationship status on Facebook from Single to in Relationship yesterday on my birthday. Just updated my profile. Adrienne has literally had my back for well over a year. When I was rear ended March 29, 2018, ER misdiagnosed my condition and sent me home with Tynenol. I had excruciating pain for three weeks. Every time I got up or laid down, Adrienne put her hand on my back firmly to hold me together. Ortho and Oncology departments rarely communicate. When I finally went in for our appointment with Ort ...   read more

Nuclear Meltdown inspirations   67 d  
Nuclear Meltdown inspirations I am approaching the beginning of my birthday month. I will be 71 this Monday November 19. I was born in 1947, a year when an Arab youth helped rediscover the Dead Sea Scrolls. I have had many mystical adventures in my life. Between the age of 30-35, I helped launch the career of a Trance Medium who had Access to a body of Essene Teachings that went beyond modern day understandings.
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My Personal Essene Retreat   75 d  
My Personal Essene Retreat “Now it’s all up to you. The future awaits!” Deborah Szekely From a documentary film: Tree of Life Bio note for possible flyer: You are invited to attend Leslie Goldman’s 71st birthday talk and dream-planting ceremony. One of the last Essene ministers ordained by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, Leslie will retell Szekely’s beloved story of a Persian king who finds peace and wisdom when he allows a kernel of ancient grain to teach him the ways of natural gr ...   read more

How to Plant Your Dream!   81 d  
How to Plant Your Dream!
Written by Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog needs to be updated. needs a fix. today is November 1, 2018 4:29 pm Edited by Adrienne Prince, TeamGaia I’M SHARING WITH YOU MY TEACHER, A KERNEL OF WHEAT. IT WILL GROW INTO A BLADE OF GRASS WITHIN DAYS, DEMONSTRATING HOW FAST OUR DREAMS CAN GROW! This Kernel of wheat was pre-soaked for 24 hours and planted. It will turn to grass within a matter of days. BELIEVING IN THE SEED TO BRING US HOPE Sometimes I think of my life as a curiosity of ...   read more

Salt as precious as Gold   81 d  
Salt as precious as Gold
Update December 16, 3018 Links: For internal milieu: For Regenerating Soil and producing abundant therapeutic quality super foods Facebook pages: My main Facebook Adrienne’s main Facebook Lots of info here: ...   read more

The Artist of Kouroo   83 d  
The Artist of Kouroo This is my healing Staff. A kakinda gourd grew in the shape of this epic representation of the Rod of Asclepius. Read more about the Rod here: From Walden By Thoreau There was an artist in the city of Kouroo who was disposed to strive after perfection. One day it came into his mind to make a staff. Having considered that in an imperfect work time is an ingredient, but into a perfect work time does not enter, he said to himself, It shall be perfect in all respects, ...   read more

Good for kidneys   85 d  
Good for kidneys
// Up to ¼ cup raw Hokkaido (best quality Japanese) aduki beans, washed. Not soaked. Whatever the amount, place in 4 times the amount of water (in this case, 1 Cup) with a postage stamp size piece of kombu and a good “Donko” shiitake — which has been soaked for 15 minutes first. Shiitake can be any variety, but Donko is the best — size of a quarter or silver dollar. Bring to boil and simmer (light boil) for 15-20. Strain and drink. Kombu helps balance shiitake’s demineralization ...   read more

Processing: Old Globe experience   3 mon  
Processing.Old Globe experience
// Just added a new Bio Note and recent testimonials to this #PlantYourDreamBlog about #theHeartofRockandRoll. I met a number of actors following the two performances we attended, and the venue of The Old Globe and Balboa Park has completely motivated me to want to be an influence in this cultural community. Keeping the Culture in Agriculture is one of my themes. Is a marriage between the world of theatre and the world wh ...   read more

I’ve Made a Decision   3 mon  
I've made a decision not to hold back anything. I've decided to tell everything I'm feeling, not just the good stuff I'm feeling. I've decided to share myself, all of myself, because that truly is everything I am. What I become doesn't belong just to me. What I am belongs to everyone because I belong to everyone. We can't hold back our self from giving until what we have to give is all sweet and clean. It's the very act of giving that sweetens and cleans us. Leslie Goldman
I’ve Made a Decision   read more

Pacific Symposium 2018 Plant Your Dream invite   3 mon  
Pacific Symposium 2018 Plant Your Dream invite,
Free #PlantYourDream Seeds for all who #PlantYourDream at the 2018 Pacific Symposium - 30th Anniversary! Everybody is welcome to visit us in the foyer at one of my favorite spots, Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa. All the vendor booths in two halls are open to everyone! Come visit our sponsors The Enchanted Garden #EnchantedGardenClub members Eastern Currents (Eastern Currents Learning); Jerrine Egloff and Bill and Sondra Beam of Crane Herb; John Scott of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs; East Haradin Phillips; and more! Beautiful flowers at the Pacific Symposium thanks to ...   read more

Baker Creek & EG Mobile Catch up   3 mon  
Baker Creek & EG Mobile Catch up
Halloween Poster #PlantYourDream with the heirloom seeds I gave you; this has worked for me to turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs. Visualizing and planting intentions is a powerful approach to problem solving, I find. How to Plant Your Dream Doing some catching up with John Brazaitis, GM for Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. Their staff and local Volunteers produce the #HeirloomExpo, The National Heirloom Exposition. The 2019 dates are Sept 10-11-12. Be sure to mark your calendar now. Call Kristina Janes, ( ...   read more

Old Globe Venue & Balboa Park inspiring after dark!   3 mon  
Old Globe Venue & Balboa Park inspiring after dark!
Adrienne Prince and I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of The Old Globe Theater and Balboa Park October 16, 2018 after dark. We had just seen the sensational performance of The Heart of Rock and Roll, and spent time with lead actor Matt Doyle and his first teacher in the arts, Marilyn Izdebski. We took the scenic route back to our car and were enchanted by the park’s dramatic lighting and the Feng Shui of the historic buildings. I highly recommend taking a stroll after dark through this park, one of San Diego’s amazing wonders. We will be back to review some of t ...   read more

Baja Gold Sole Solution is Giving Me Energy   3 mon  
“You can trace every sickness, every ailment to a mineral and trace mineral deficiency.” —Dr. Linus Pauling
Robert Cain carries forward the groundbreaking work of Dr Maynard Murray MD in the area of Sea Energy Agriculture and human health. The Baja Gold salt Solution has a greater balance of minerals then Himalayan Sea salt. Baja Gold concentrated ionic trace mineral solution was a great find at the The National Heirloom Exposition 2018. I feel the salt has an upper hand over Himalayan sea salt as far as mineral balance. I feel a boost from the balance of electrical energy that passes through me when I take it. Many friends have been commenting on my healthier dem ...   read more

leslie Goldman in the Hospital Setting   3 mon  
Leslie Goldman in the Hospital Setting
LESLIE IN THE HOSPITAL SETTING Liz wrote this: This is the testimonial she wrote after we spend fifteen minutes together: ”Someone once told me that dreams were for children. Aren’t we all children? Leslie’s work connects people to envision fully, to embrace what’s possible, and to walk forward in hope. He is inspiring and brings us back to what’s essential, and what is uniquely essential. I would love to see him working in hospitals, schools and widely to plan ...   read more

leslie in the classroom Feedbacks Oct 8, 2018   3 mon  
The pain of lost dreams, the dream I would enter the classroom some day, were fulfilled thanks to my niece Eva. Here are a few reflections we got following our recent guest appearance October 8, 2018. “Thank you so much for showing me and inspiring me to be the best version of myself every day! I appreciated the planting activity as it showed me how quickly my dreams can grow. I will cherish this moment forever. Thank you again for the seeds and opening my mind up to an abundant future.❤️” —LS, 16 years old. “Honestly I loved the presentation. It was very insightful and made me feel hopeful for my future. I’m definitely gonna Plant these seeds. I can’t wait for my dreams to grow and become a reality just as the plant does. I will also take into consideration the foods I eat.😊” —A “This was an extremely rewarding experience. My friends and I recorded the planting act so one day we can look back at this when our dreams do come true. Thank you so much for the unforgettable advice. This has opened me up to new possibilities of life and I look forward to seeing my life blossom.” -A “Overall this was an amazing and inspiring experience. ...
  read more

Making Amends with my Stepmother Ida   3 mon  
Making Amends with my Stepmother Ida
Question: Are the dreams you were born to fulfill BIgger than any Disease—or Diseased Condition—you might Manifest? I want to encourage you to #PlantYourDream? Enchantment will follow! GMJ // Monday, October 8, 2018? was a fateful day, and also a day with stress. I went to LA with Adrienne Prince to honor the unveiling of my step-mother’s Stone at her gravesite, and also because I love my niece Eva L Becker and wanted to spend time with my sister’s daughter. Eva took on f ...   read more

Main Links & Visions for the EG Mobile’s 2018 Journey   4 mon  
Main Links & Visions for the EG Mobile’s 2018 Journey
Amazing Dreams! Visions! Seed Dreams! 1. Inspired by “Sailors for Sustainability” Article: Our Armed Forces will become dedicated to helping “Cease Fire!” They will work with principles of Regenerative & Biodynamic A griculture; Soldiers skilled in self care and supported by Integrative Medicine, helped to overcome PTSD through Massive Environmental Stewardship programs aiming to refocus our military US forces. 2. The Healing Model of Asclepius shall reign again. The double snake image of the Caduceus—Two snakes fighting—commerce against healing—shall be supPlanted with a n ...   read more

Oh My God!!! What a Prophetic Dream!!!!   5 mon  
Oh My God!!! What a Prophetic Dream!!!!
Oh My God!!! What a Prophetic Dream!!!! Adrienne Prince brought the concept of #PetCelebritySquash & #PlantParenthoodGourd Adoptions alive at The National Heirloom Exposition 2017. The 8th annual National Heirloom Exposition, Santa Rosa, CA is September 11-12-13, 2018. With smoky skies in NorCal as I write this, I am proclaiming a “Cease-Fire!” as more and more of us come home to a personally honoring relationship with Mother Earth. Adopting your very own Pet Celebrity Squash is one way to kindle a healthy love for the indigenous stories of the squashe ...   read more

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