Plant Parenthood Activity
by YourEnchantedGardener

Bilocation Course Recovered   15 y  
Bilocaion Course 9Recovered from all Performa 6200CD)
2:03 PM October 8, 09 Written around 1999 © 2009, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener And NOW... the Perfect Solution before the Promised Land! Every felt like you needed to be in two places at ONCE? Not enough hours in the Day? Did leaving Egypt in the fast lane give you too much matzah and re-occuring digestive upset? Taking time to keep the budget straight got you peeved? Too many long distance phone calls to deal with? Late night UFO’s communications interfering with your sleep time? Is flying first class not good enough for YOU? Sign up today for ...   read more

Enchanted Delicacies   15 y  
From ENCHANTED DELICACIES written in 1999 or so for CARLA KUFNER
9:02 AM October 6, 09 Leslie Goldman Enchanted Delicacies for Kings and Vagabonds A Living Food Celebration All Materials, copryright. Be in touch if you are interested in using any of these writings. email above under Your Enchanted Gardener © 2009, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener Appears to be some poems at the end... Preface In a world deeply out of step with the natural rhythms of the earth, and the natural rhythms of our own body ”Green Food Celebration” is an important book for these times. In this book, Carla tells her own story ...   read more

From Something I Have to Say   15 y  
From SOMETHING I HAVE TO SAY. putting some old writings online for later use.
H2 8:47 AM October 6, 09 Experimenting with copying some things off my old Powerbook that had been transfered to the new Imac 20 inch. Both old Powerbooks are not working. The hinge issue that is reported for the Powerbook played a role in the lost of info... I see a black screen, but hear something. The earlier model will not fire up. This is new. Address book info? Let it go? Inspired by our Thanksgiving Day Conversation Ô98 ______ Allow the space in your life that allows broken dreams to be seen, the spaces of broken glass where you no longer f ...   read more

Jewish Ecological Calendar Opening Pages   15 y  
What I Can Do Today to Repair the World: Recovered from The UNIVERSAL JEWISH ECOLOGICAL CALENDER unfinished work 1997
October 5, 09 5:06 PM Parts of this could not be recovered... From The Universal Jewish Ecological Calendar for the Yid* in Everybody By Leslie Goldman Maggid of the Enchanted Garden * “yid” means Jewish! Of Course! Biographical Note: Leslie Goldman’s journey toward flowering began as one of more than 350,000 patients and countless friends inspired by the life and works of Dr. Bernard Jensen, an elder of the natural healing arts, noted for his work advancing Iridology. Once totally crippled with arthritis, Leslie was carried from bed to bed by Dr. ...   read more

Heaven on Earth Booklet   15 y  
Heaven on Earth Booklet Recovered....from old Performa 6200 CD
4:47 PM October 5, 09 Working to recover some old writings off the Performa that were stored on the Imac. Oh, I am able to convert them using the Word application. Good! © Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener, 09 From the Heaven On Earth Booklet. 12/28/97 It will be so great to get this old Performa 6200 CD off my desk. Leslie Goldman Enchanted Gardener The most endearing Wish of GOD is for HEAVEN on EARTH. Toward this END GOD made each PERSON with a SEED DREAM. PEACE on EARTH is a ...   read more

Plant Your Dream Manuscript 1-9, Version 1999   16 y  
Plant Your Plant 1-9 1999 © 2008, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
1. GIVING VOICE TO THE SOUL... “To Thee, Divine Peace, will I lift up my Song...” Romain Rolland, 1917 Each person has a song of LIFE. PLANTS --emanations of SEEDS-- are CON...   read more

Plant Your Dream MS10-15, 1999   16 y  
Plant Your Dream 10-15, 1999 © 2008 Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener.
10. BEATING THE SYSTEM The 20th century has been about attempting to beat the system. The natural order cannot be beat or beaten down. Caretaking land fit to GROW DREAM...   read more

Plant Your Dream 1999 16-20   16 y  
Plant Your Deam 16-20 1999 by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener 1999.
16. PLANTING YOUR INTENTIONS “You, too must one day cease to be your present self, so that you may become a richer personality, in pursuance of the law that life always creates more l...   read more

Plant Your Dream MS Part 21-24   16 y  
Plant Your Dream MS 22-24, by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, written in 1999.
uploaded December 5, 08 8:06 21. ENTERING PLANT PARENTHOOD The spirit behind SEEDS asks that we plant them. Plant a seed. A whole new world will grow from your very ...   read more

Plant Your Dream MS 25 + 26 1999   16 y  
Plant Your Deam MS, © 2008, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener.
25. KEEPING A GARDEN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL JOURNAL! Honor experience. Take time between experience to record, reflect, go deep, to listen to your SOUL. --Experience-- -...   read more

Part Two Plant Your Dream Manscript 1999   16 y  
This is the End Part of the Plant Your Dream MS that I wrote in 1999. I have been looking at materials on old computers all day, exploring different ways to copy them to a newer Imac. This Manscript I transfered via the internet. I am going to leave it here for a while. Please respect a copyright on this manuscript., © 2008, Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener,
End of Plant Your Dream MS This is the final parr of the Plant Your Dream Manuscript that I wrote in 1999. I intended this would be a book. this are kernel ideas I express in many forms. ...   read more

Universal Children's Gardens   17 y  
Sandy Hinden? Universal Children's Garden's Where is this man now? I met him in the early 80's
I am going through notebooks filled with materials from the 80’s. Part of my Basement Decluttering. I met a man named Sandy Hinden. Looks like he was married or had a sister named Joia Hinden. He was a man who Robert Muller knew. Robert worked for the U.N. then. Sandy had a beautiful vision. I see one mention of Universal Children’s Gardens. I will print up some of the materials here when I find more of them. He was doing International Work. Not sure what happened to Sany Hinden. ...   read more

Building with Bamboo   17 y  
Reconnect with Bart of Solai Bamboo. Can this be a source for selling our Lumber Bamboo?
7:56 PM July 25, 07 Solai Bamboo Bart 276.1386 From their Literature: ”Farmers harvest 3-5 year old bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots grow rapidly (about 24” in the first 24 hours after breaking through the ground) and spread everywhere from the mother plant. Unlike trees that die when harvested, bamboo regenerates itself so that the forests remain forever, as bamboo is a renewable resource.” Could this be a source for selling our Lumber Bamboo? I believe I made contact with this man a long time ago.   read more

River Cane: What's the Use?   17 y  
River Cane: what's is the Use of it? What is the Cost of letting it grow here?
2:58 PM July 20, 07 Gave my life Energies to River Cane. River Cane was a primary teacher this morning. For about ten days, we have been cutting down a large stand of it on the East side of the property. What am I learning form this invasive plant? The elimination of its overgrowth this morning took my precious morning hours. I got into it. The Black Cans, the ones we fill each Friday were already filled with the River Cane. There were still about five barrels of it in the Green Materials Cans. My goal was to get it off the property by the time The Black Ca ...   read more

Safe Seed List   17 y  
Safe Seeds--no GMO's--list
9:10 PM July 13, 07 Thanks Wombat! Companies that have signs a Pledge to ensure healthy seeds free of GMO’s. Seeds of Change, I believe, should also be on this list. Source for Exotic Rare Fruit Trees... Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery, Vista, CA.   visit the page

Job's Tears=Bush Beans Swamp=Liberia   17 y  
Job's Tears also grow in Liberia and are called Bush Beans...
July 12, 07 9:28 AM Job’s Tears=Bush Beans Swamp=Liberia Jenkins Macedo...born in Liberia...   visit the page

Plant Parenthood Activity   17 y  
Plant Parenthood activity...
July 11, 07 2:22 PM ”Create a Picture for what you want!” Robert Camp says on this show. I say, Plant a Seed for what you want! 10:04 PM June 5, 2007 This is World Environment Day. I am starting this Blog to record Plant Parenthood Activity here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community and elsewhere. I will add more here yesterday. I am tired now. Wrote on this tonight here:   visit the page

Soil Foodweb Information   17 y  
Soil Foodweb information
1128 NE 2nd Street Suite 120 Corvallis, Oregon 97330 Http:// 541.752.5066   visit the page

Garden LInks of Importance   17 y  
Garden Links
Planetary Health, Inc. Amberwaves Journal P.O Box 487 Becket, MA 01223 413.623.0012 Http:// July 8, 2007 Michael Potter, Phd Nature’s Perfect Food By Michael Potter “By his activity in this fight he brought down on his head the lasting hatred of all the food adulterators in America. Until this day no name is more abhorrent to them than that of Theodore Roosevelt. And that organization of food adulterators is one of the most powerful political influences the country has ever had to deal with. It has openly defied the national and state ...   read more

Soil Mate Work with Martha   17 y  
Soilmates Garden work with Martha...what we did...
As the Press Conference unfolded June 25 on Community Farms & Gardens, I felt that my pressing need was more help in our garden at the Enchanted garden Intentional Community. The Press Conference was inspiring. I met Martha Kalaska there. She wanted to come over the next day, and we spent two hours today together. This summer, I intend to do a lot of cleanup here. I want to take on the basement. Last week, the man from AT&T came and took out old boxes of clutter in the basement. There was still a mass of wires. I felt overwhelmed by all this remaining clutter of w ...   read more

Staghorn Concerns   17 y  
Staghorn Fern Care.
3:58 PM June 7, 07 What is going on with my Staghorn Fern? It has been doing good since before 2001. Not it appears to be unable to take up water. Perhaps there is rootrot or something like that. I have emptied out the water that was gathering at the bottom. I have used some of Peter’s Powder. I have wiped the leaves down with Aghihotra Ash. Is does not seem to be recovering. I am going to call Doug, the man who I got it from. He used to be at the FM years ago. Called him.... I am going to take it over there next week.... It is really hurting... ...   read more

Angelica Archangel   17 y  
Watching the Angelica near everyday. Wanting to see a growth spurt. Hoping for seeds this year.
8:52 PM June 6, 2007 Looking over the new FES Formulas. I am looking out near every day for my Angelica plant that is growing in the Relationship garden in flont of the House. Here is something about this plant. It is a biennial. I have not had the seeds in many years. I feel there is something else needed for its health. I am not sure what.   visit the page


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