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*ps* Re: + half-life of allicin...Re: RE: Uny's many references in response to: To heal appendicitis/appendix naturally.....
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Published: 12 years ago
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*ps* Re: + half-life of allicin...Re: RE: Uny's many references in response to: To heal appendicitis/appendix naturally.....

Give me a night or two to check hard drive to see what I have on Disney. Its been a while since I last spent some time on that particualr aspect of the grand conspiracy. Off the top of my head, most of the dirt I have on illumined Walt came from two large expose's of the past 100 years history of the development of the mind-control industry in this country. Animation technology was a significant addition to this overall industry, which is why the PTB agreed to make Walt into such a big time empire.... "good clean wholesome family entertainment", nod nod, wink wink.

Yes, I'll be happy to share what kind of results I observe with Garlic, such as Garlic water. Until that time, here is something that I've recently done that was new for me. I agree with you, some of that info, such as on the various commercial pill forms, and the odorless.... I'm not sure about that guy's opinion, but otherwise, at first blush, that guy appears to be genuinely interested in reporting his findings on Garlic.... so I'm gonna continue to study what he says he studied :)

About a month ago I decided to prepare for a series of Liver-Gallbladder flushes. *PS* one of the topics that I'd like to author once you and Rocky get caught up and are able to open this forum back up for normal operation, is a post about comments / observations / notes / questions that I've come up with during a recent use of CEs. I'd really like to find out what else, besides coffee, people have tried in their enema solutions. I've read about variations.... like Catnip... and Garlic....and this... and that, but aside from some recent experimenting with garlic, I have little first-hand experience. Based on this recent experimenting, I'm now a firm believer that the colon is a good place to get herb stuff absorbed into the body as a means of bypassing the upper GI that itself tends to reduce the potency of herbs put in at the top end of the tract. *end of PS* At that time, I had just finished an experiment that lasted 3 weeks drinking daily doses of hot Echinacea tea made from some good quality bulk Echinacea purchased at the end of summer. This particular Ech experiment was general purpose "lets see what, if anything, happens" kind of experiment. More on this in a moment * Part of the L-G flush prep included my first purchase of some Wilson's coffee for CEs. By the way, last week I was watching a vid saved from the Gerson Clinic, and this caused me to spend some time revieiwng my saved files from Gerson Therapy. I see they advocate a brand of coffee - Royal Blue - (I think, or something like this) that I've never heard of before; you? Anyway, during the past month I was using Wilsons in my Coffee-Enema for the first time. The first few went well and yes, I found that retaining Wilson's is easier than retaining more common brands that I'd previously used; and I can retain larger volume than before. Another thing I find desirable about Wilson's is that this coffee produces a liquid that is a light sand color, and when expelling this from the low bowells, it is much easier to see the sludge that is coming out compared to when the sludge comes out in coffee that went in dark and came out dark. When it goes in light and comes out dark, I KNOW I'm getting good results because I can SEE them. Okay, so I did a couple CEs with Wilsons over a few weeks getting prep'd for standard-issue Hulda LG flush... and then I decided to experiment a little. * Some other background is that I think (not sure, but prettty sure) I have been dealing with an infection, for possibly a few years, generally in the area of UT / Prostate. I won't go in to all of it, but after 3 weeks of drinking daily hot Ech tea, one morning I'm pretty sure I expelled / dislodged a blood clot from the UT. After the clot came out the flow of urine increased greatly.....but I'm still left to wonder - was this the result of the Ech tea or was it only incidental? Anyway, about the 2nd or 3rd week using Wilson's, I put about 40 oz of liquid in the enema bucket. Round 1, I drained about 24 ounces into me, using Kelley's "high / retention" method. When I first opened the tube, I felt a definite cold jolt sensations rippling across the transverse colon from left to righ....the direction the coffee was flowing as it came out of the tube... i'm pretty sure this indicated that I had in deed gotten this enema high up inside me. THis was retained for 15 minutes, expelled and then on to round 2. Round 2 was draining the remaining 16 or so ounces into me but not high, but low, approx 8 - 10 inches inside the rectum. When the bucket got near empty, I poured in about 1 to 2 ounces of garlic oil I made about 2 years ago. I was a bit apprehensive, thinking it was going to burn really intense like the way it did when Schulze demonstrated with the young women (Garlic injection) in one of his old videos.... but it didn't burn. I retained this second round about 15 minutes and it was only during the last few minutes that I noticed a slight warm feeling setting in around the low bowell/rectum area. I'm thinking that part of this low-burn effect was due to the fact that my home made garlic oil may not have been high strength extractoin. Anyway, when I expelled this, I got some serious release of sludge that included various parasite-shaped bodies including tell-tale flukes. By the next morning some of my longstanding (suspected UT infection) symptoms had gone away. Tops on this list was that urine flow had been low for many months, and I had to put more effort squeezing the bladder for urination. This has been greatly relieved, so I'm now going to continue with this garlic experimenting in the enemas hoping to mine some more "collateral" benefits.... more to follow on this as the experimentation happens. Now that I've found your links to Garlic, I'm going to try making a "garlic tea" if you will, and put this into Round 2 during the Coffee-Enema later this week. The plan is, do a Hulda LG flush this friday night into saturday morning, then once the butt pee subsides, I'm going to finish of this LG flush with a Kelley Coffee-Enema that is in turn topped off with a garlic enema. Wish me luck!


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