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Re: thinks n' thoughts...Re: Colonics vs. enema? - EDITED
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: thinks n' thoughts...Re: Colonics vs. enema? - EDITED

Thanks. ..

I must have misunderstood your instructions about starting the IF 1 and 2 because I thought you said to start when my pain level was no more than a "2 or a 3" with massage of the area, which is about where it's at now. I actually think the residual pain is more from the scarring area where they put the drain in, some intestinal upset and gas probably from the aftermath of the Antibiotics , and aunt flo approaching, which usually means some bloating and cramping - plus the fibroid. It can be hard to define abdominal discomfort, I'm not sure I'm going to be 100% pain-free even with zero infection because of the fibroid and my still not so great colon, and I don't think I can know for sure that there is NO infection left. It's certainly nothing like what it was last week, and it's been over 3 weeks since the episode that landed me in the ER. I actually took the IF #1 last night, no problems. 2 poops so far this morning.

actually, there was no "fecolith" diagnosis, the doctor doesn't know why the appendix blocked and perforated, he just says that is the most common cause. It can be for any number of other reasons, inflammation, infection, foreign object like a seed, etc. Given that it's a lymphatic organ, it could even just be blocked lymph flow, I guess. I don't think they know for sure until they remove an appendix and physically see the cause of blockage.

Feel like I should stress that I'm not being non-committal to healing, but I can't quit my job or let my husband down by bailing on all my responsibilities so I can spend all my time on my own health regimes. I've been the selfish one in the marriage, he's worked his ass off to help me pay for a lot of things I've done in the past, it's been a long road of financial and personal sacrifice for him, and it's partly my fault we have no retirement savings whatsoever. He still does a ton of bodywork on me, in spite of needing more time off for himself, so I've really asked more than enough of the guy. (And I'll ask him if he wants to fast with me, but I doubt he'll go for it - lol!)

I have to make it work without sinking our ship, it's the only way, and it may mean I can't do everything at once or to the level that's advised. I know it means it might take longer to get well, or maybe even lack of success, but right now I have to do what I can, as much as I can, and hope for the best. I'll re-think the situation and make adjustments later if my current best isn't good enough. Finding balance is going to be the key because making myself crazy trying to meet extreme expectations I've set for myself usually results in an unhealthy level of stress, which is the last thing I need, so if my fast lasts only 2 or 3 days, it's OK. I'll try for longer next time. If I can only do 2 enemas in 3 days, it's better than nothing. Today I tried the slamming the cayenne tincture and aside from the hiccups, I was fine with it, so that's something! I bought the catnip, and I'll try an enema later today. If I'm up to it, tomorrow morning a trip to the store to buy enough veggies for 3 days worth of juice and hopefully start the fast by Sunday morning.

Thanks for the recommendation on how to take the garlic. I thought gulping it minced violated the "chew to liquid" rules, but I just tried it. I have to say it helped avoid the burning issue, but I nearly barfed it back up. I had to swallow a couple spoonfuls of avocado on top if it, which helped. I think I have to take raw garlic with food, or at least with fat. Speaking of which, during a juice fast, should I take a spoonful or two of something like olive oil a day to keep the liver and GB busy?

I'm still dealing with the circulation issue in my legs and feet, can't stand for very long, so that's been adding insult to injury, and I still don't know if I have a physical artery/vein blockage or what, but I've been holding off on tests for that even though last night they were so cold, numb and crampy in bed for the first couple hours I thought I was going to have to wake the man for some help. Trying the cayenne for now, hoping for some progress, but I may have to go get an ultrasound or something. I have a suspicion that part of it is coming from the pelvic region, so maybe the bowel cleansing will help... though it feels like a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, thanks so much for your help. I may not be able to go at it 100% Schulze-style like some folks here, but I'm not taking a half-assed approach, either. I'll find out soon enough whether it produces results.

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