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thinks n' thoughts...Re: Colonics vs. enema?

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Published: 12 years ago
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thinks n' thoughts...Re: Colonics vs. enema?

Some thinks & thoughts...

what do you think about colonics vs. trying to give myself a "high enema?" I had a short series of colonics in the past, the first and second seemed to help, but after that I just felt more bloated and actually less peristalsis, so I didn't go back.  What you experienced is VERY common.  Our colons have been impacted, stretched & "stiffened" by the layers of mucoid plaque and fecal matter, then stretched and weakened even more by the lifetime of gas this impaction creates. (this HAS been negatively impacting the muscular of the colon since we were toddlers and went from pooping everytime we ate as babies, to when we started pooping 1-2x daily.  It IS a lifetime of compromise and weakened muscular!).  Removing the layers (or some of the layers) of mucoid plaque does NOTHING to strengthen, rebuild and exercise the peristaltic muscular of the intestines & colon...and an incomplete series of colonics disturbs all the debris without removing it all (which then gives off all kinds of gas and toxins).  So what you experienced is actually typical.  One "deflates" the stretched, weakened colon, and thenfinds themselves bloated (and many people have all kinds of new symptoms/issues from the vast release of toxins and ensuing "herxing").  And then find themselves to be even more constipated than before (because what was a 'working system' --albeit poorly-- is now a saggy empty tube that still doesn't have anymore ability to squeeze, but less to squeeze against and force the fecal sludge through.  Once it fills back up again with putridness, things start pushing through again in the limited way they did before.  Colonics have many useful purposes (cleansing is definitely one), and they are a wonderful part of intestinal healing... but they do NOT restore or heal the weakened, overstretched intestines (nor are they very effective with the diverticular pockets that have been created.  we need something with "pull action" to pull out the debris embedded in these pockets.  The Merck manual claims that EVERY adult has some of these, if not full blown disease by the time they die).


I know I got a cecum flush when I had the colonics, and she was really experienced, used the gravity method, etc. Do you think it's safe or a good idea at this point to get a colonic or two?  I just want to reiterate and reinforce what Willowley reinforced.  As long as you have any pain or infection, *I* would not do a colonic.  I think it's FANTASTIC that you have what sounds to be a very qualified, knowledgeable therapist...and I would definitely have a series of very gentle full colonics after I had ensured the infection was gone and the rupture had healed (via juice fasting, slippery elm, hot/cold contrast, castor oil packs, echinacea, garlic and high enemas -and anything else I suggested that I'm forgetting to mention). 


Or am I better off attempting some home enemas? Attempting?!?!  Nope, DOING!  (Yoda to Luke Skywalker) "There is NO "try", either do, or do not."  Assignment: (grin) - go through Miss H's recent posts and see how she has been able to effectively insert 3 quarts of solution (strong catnip tea) in a VERY short period of time.  Yes, because you haven't done as much cleansing work as she has (and because you're obviously impacted), you will have to work at it more diligently.  Start with a warm water 'quickie enema' (3-4 cups) to expel fecal matter in the sigmoid, then use the info in her posts and here: to learn what to do.  (remember, you do NOT have to insert the tubing very high if you don't feel comfortable doing that).  Also, you have the SYL sure to watch the high enema video (he shows this with two people, but you CAN do one alone), that's on video #10, the last DVD  .  We also have this from a post of propauls:

With a 2 quart enema the liquid should go into the ascending column. However many people feel that the liquid does not travel that far.

Many factors enter into this situation. Lets me start by saying that being relaxed, calm and patient is essential to get a complete fill. I can tell by the distention of my caecum. This part of the colon will stretch to over twice its normal size and when I am full I can feel with my fingers pressing on the correct place that the caecum is greatly stretched. I then know that I am completely filled.

Some other pointers:

Take a least one cleansing soapsuds enema before starting your complete fill enema.
I personally take two soapsuds enemas, the first being nearly 2 quarts and the second being usually 2 ½ quarts.

Start with the Sim position (left side with right knee drawn to your chest). When half way done turn over to your back with knee raised and a small cushion under your buttocks. When you feel you are getting full then turn on to you right side and complete the fill. At this point you should be able to feel your caecum being filled. Do not roll over to your left side. Just retain it as long as possible and then get up and use the toilet. Practice helps.

Also I find that 2 quarts may not be sufficient for this deep enema. Many people take a 3 or more quarts enemas for a complete cleanse.

I have found, personally, that if I do this for 3 to 5 consecutive days I do get a more complete cleanse. I am usually doing this in conjunction with a juice fast.

I believe that deep enemas, if done correctly,  get as high as any colema or colonic.

I hope this helps you. If you need more info just write I will try to oblige.


I don't personally feel any need for 'soapsuds'.   


I usually do not see much when I do enemas myself, but I've never really done a "big one," and if you think a professional colonic would have the same effect, I'd almost rather do that - a couple times, anyway. It does get expensive.  The reason for not doing a colonic is the same as why you don't want to do heavy massage....too much possible pressure on an already pressurized/impacted area.  I doubt you can find a colonic therapist that will DO a colonic if you fully disclose your situation.  There's virtually no pressure from 2-4 quarts of water...but one is dealing with the pressure from 10-20 gallons of water in a colonic.   If you have a very trusted therapist that understands the situations, uses gravity only, and will be very gentle...well, give it a try if you and your doctor within feel comfortable with it. 


Also, the solution you make at home can be imbued with the herb of your choice (catnip is VERY relaxing and popular for high enemas).  And it's cheaper to do them at home...and something we all need to learn to do anyway.  If I were you with your issues, I wouldn't feel like I just need to do them as part of my current healing protocol, I'd WANT, "INSIST ON ME" and be THRILLED that I had this opportunity 'forced upon me' to learn to do them comfortably, so that if I ever had the beginnings of any type of relapse, I'd be able to immediately, comfortably and knowledgably do them to prevent another episode.


thanks for the reminder, I missed some of that. I did talk to her on the phone and I'm mostly out of pain, now, so by the time the stuff gets here, I think it will be OK to start the bowel formulas. I haven't been juice fasting, but have been making juice as much as I can, and eating very simple, small meals, not mixing a lot of different foods, and no snacks.   Just to clarify (I may have been a bit unclear), if it were me, I would do the juice fast, echinacea/garlic, superfood, hot/cold constrast, slippery elm, castor oil and high enemas...all the while ensuring bowel activity with either prune juice and/or the aloe you're currently taking.  When I felt confident that the infection was eliminated, I would then start the IF#1/IF#2 (I might start the IF#1 sooner, if I felt it wasn't too harsh).

Most people probably assume I was on a SAD-type diet, but not so...I've been healthy eating for many years now, and in recent months - mostly raw, which is why this surprised me because I thought I was doing so well. Frustratingly, eating healthily for many years without doing complete cleansing, healing and regular maintenance cleanses is not enough to ensure health.  And when one is a victim of 'alternative medicine' (constantly plowing their body with supplements that are TOTALLY UNNATURAL to the human body, or natural supplements that force an action that is not needed)...well, it doesn't matter how pure our diet is when we're constantly throwing our body out of it's natural homeostasis/balance.  And if we're constantly UNbalancing with organs that are already compromised or only half-way cleansed, well, we'll never achieve health.  :::sigh::: it's not your fault that you've fallen prey to 'alternative quackery' (and spent thousands/tens of thousands of dollars??, to never be truly healthy).  This very common situation is one of THE main reasons I opted to open this forum. 

Anyway, so far so good, no constipation, but I'm taking a lot of aloe to ensure that.  Great!  That's one of THE top priorities right now. doing the ecchinecia and garlic (though I'm having a hard time with the strength of the raw garlic burning my mouth and stomach right now...what is the best way to eat raw garlic? I'm smashing it into avocado right now, mostly, and it's just burning like crazy and making me a little nauseous.Garlic is strong & effective; it has a tendency to make folks a bit nauseous and gassy intially (for many different reasons, mostly because of liver congestion and garlic is a chologogue which increases the flow of bile...which is stagnant and gas-producing when coming from a congested liver).   Just like any 'strong' food, one need to acclimate a bit.   The reason it burns your mouth is because you're leaving it in your mouth too long!    Chop it up finely, mix it in ONE "gulps worth" of water or juice, and slam it.  Then drink all the water/juice you want to dilute it in your stomach.   Personally, I sometimes add a couple of teaspoons of ginger juice to the mix (ginger is a strong anti-nausea herb, and I keep a jar of ginger juice in the freezer always...just run it under hot-water for a couple of minutes, and wallah!  Ginger juice!). 


Doing the hot/cold showers, though not more than once a day. I was doing a lot of castor oil packs prior this, but after reading that heat is bad on an inflamed appendix, I'm afraid to put heat on my abdomen. I think I will try just keeping castor oil on it all day, though, I'll have to designate a couple pairs of sweat pants to ruin, slather it on and shove a washcloth over it, wear that around 24/7.  Yes, it's common knowledge that heat draws blood to an area and increases swelling - cold pushes it away.  Circulation and flow is the name of the game.  If it were me, I'd be doing hot/cold therapy more than just once in the shower...particularly if I was as uncertain and fearful as you sound.
Haven't done the reflexology or other stuff yet, but my husband has done some accupressure and accupuncture when I'm desperate enough to let him stick me - I don't like his needling technique, it's really torture.  Most folks that do deep foot reflexology are amazed at how effective it is.  You should hear your liver while working the liver/gallbladder's as noisy as a coffee enema, or maybe even a liver flush.

I'm trying to manage this on a very full work schedule, I'm self employed, my hours can be unpredictable, and I can't lose our house over this, so I'm doing what I can, it won't be everything at once. I understand and I certainly don't mean to 'make light' of anyone's situation.  However, I also understand this is your HEALTH.  We can lose a zillion houses, but wecan only lose our health once (or we can live with the consequences of being sickly and disabled at some level our entire life).  I promote health as the best option.  If you end up going into the horrorspital for surgery and have some type of complication, you'll (if I remember correctly from what you've posted), you'll likely lose your job AND your house (not to mention your health).  Ensuring optimal health and healing is insurance against that happening.  Get your husband to juice fast for a few days with you, and juice/jar together.  Rocky and I can juice enough for both of us to drink 3/4 gallon of juice for 3-5 days in a six hour session (which is a big chunk of time, but NOT when you consider the time it takes to make and clean up from 5 days worth of meals!).  It's all about truth, perspective & choices. 

I kind of missed the best window for a juice fast, when I had people covering my work and had no appetite, anyway, but I would have been to weak and tired to do the shopping and juicing, so better late than never if I can attempt one, (there is NO "attempt" or "try", either do or do not! :) maybe starting this weekend. I've never done a fast of anything other than the half day liver flush one, but I'm more concerned about the time factor of all the juicing. I have a green star and they are slow as molasses, too.  Nobody else that ever did a fast had ever done one either; your Green Star is no substantial amount slower than any other juicer any of us use; spending two hours a day to juice and put it in canning jars is generally no more time consuming than preparing 3's just different scheduling/timing.  I think you'll find it MUCH more beneficial to make solid decisions about what you're going to do, work the schedule out on paper, and just do it...than you will spending time thinking and typing about all the reasons it's difficult and stressful.  Feed the warrior, not the weakling.  You CAN do this Anja.  (go back and read some of healinginHiswings posts...she was doing the full IP while homeschooling and cooking for FOUR children).

The question is even if I don't seem to be constipated, what might be stuck in there that I'm unaware of? I wish I knew exactly what happened with my appendix- whether it was blocked by infection, parasites, or what they say is most common - a fecolith. Piece of poop, basically. And what kind of shape the appendix is in now, post perforation, post crisis. If it was blocked, is the blockage still there? If so, will the bowel cleansing clear it? I wish I had a window into what was happening, there, because there could be any number of causes. I understand totally - not being able to look inside and see what's happening IS frustrating.  Let it go (we ALL have to), and learn to listen and hear your own doctor within.  (that's something that juice-fasting is fantastic seriously increases our discernment about what our body actually needs - and not what our brain/emotions/conditioning is wanting).  That's why I recommend everyone start with a fast of at least one week.  It takes at least 3-5 days to gain control over our screaming conditioning/emotions....and it's SO empowering in so MANY different ways.   


Your doctor/tests have revealed you have a 'fecalith' (as does virtually everyone with appendix issues), it's some sort/size of mass of impacted/harden fecal matter...perhaps with parasites.  Do everything you can to get rid of it, and you'll get rid of it.  Don't do everything you can, and it's unsure whether you'll get rid of it.  Ruptured organs heal themselves IF we remove the cause of their swelling/rupture. 


It's one of the reasons I was asking about colonics - basically getting some help from someone who knows how to clear the cecum. I'm not sure I'll be able to get an enema into that area, or know if and when it's in there and cleaning it out. My understanding is the appendix opening goes into the cecum, so that would be an important area to flush out.  See pix below.  People have done high/low enemas for centuries - you can do it, too.  You just have to prioritize learning to do it, and dedicate yourself to learning to do it.  If you feel comfortable with having the colonics, then have them (but understand, whether it's high enemas or colonics, one typically needs to do them REGULALRY and consistently for several weeks to UNimpact something substantial enough to cause appendicitis).  If you're consistent about checking out the contents of the expelled enema solution and your bowel movement, you'll probably be able to find it when it releases (you'll also likely be able to smell it).

Anyway, thanks for your post! :) I hope you stay healthy learning what you've learned. Willowley is a DIAMOND! And she will stay healthy with what she's learning and doing :)  I have to say I thought I was on the right track, but i know in spite of all I've done my gut has never been right, and hopefully if I can turn that around, other improvements will follow.  3rd grade science class:  no organism can sustain life if it can't assimilate nutrition and expel waste effectively.  If your gut has never been right, you've never assimilated nutrition or expelled waste you've always been compromised at some level or another.  "Grandma" had it right - they key to health IS a healthy colon.


Heal ON, ANJA!



P.S. I didn't take the time to proofread this, so please forgive the inevitable typos.


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