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Re: To heal appendicitis/appendix naturally (what I would do)...Re: My Appendix Perforated, Anyone with appendix stories or info?

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: To heal appendicitis/appendix naturally (what I would do)...Re: My Appendix Perforated, Anyone with appendix stories or info?

thanks so much for your reply. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel completely overwhelmed right now, as I nearly lost my livelihood over this episode, and in addition to whatever I choose to do in the coming weeks, I still have to work - full time.

I will try to respond to a couple of things from above and then get in touch with you about ordering some of your herbs, as I don't know where to get herbs I know for sure are "top quality." We have some good health food stores around here, but I'm just not sure about herbs.

The olive leaf is an extract (encapsulated) from Nature's Sunshine, a good company, my husband thought I should take that. I will start the garlic today, this episode happened almost 3 weeks ago, so I've been eating, but small amounts. When I was in the hospital, the first 3 or 4 days I barely ate anything, but they will not let you "fast." The first few days home I ate very little other than some juice and a little soup because I had no appetite and was afraid to add too much bulk, but I felt very weak, and once I started eating a little more, I felt stronger. Ever since the hospital, I've basically had the runs, so not constipated, and since home I've been taking a lot of aloe to make sure things keep moving. Prior to this I was typically having 2-3 BMs a day, but usually in the first part of the day, and it required herbal coaxing. I have never done the Schulze bowel formulas and would like to try, but have to admit I'm nervous about bentonite, hearing some people get more constipated on it, and worried now that it might get stuck in the appendix area??

The fibroid is on the uterus, I don't know the exact location, but I think I have an idea where. The surgeon did not suggest removing it as an adjunct to an appendectomy, and I would not request it, that's something that while even though I think it's causing problems for me, like pressing on my bladder, etc., I would continue to work on that naturally - I was already doing castor oil packs on it. It would seem that all my sitting for work has done more damage than just to my circulation, as it makes sense that it would also compress and congest the bowel. I can't use the kneeling chair because I have to use a foot pedal, I've tried a big bouncy ball, several different chairs and cushions, and I don't think a chair exists that won't squish and compress. I am at a loss there, other than to find a way to get up very frequently and change positions while working as much as possible, which isn't easy.

I did read that heat over an inflamed appendix is the worst thing you can do, as it will tend to cause rupture, so I stopped the castor oil packs for now, though I could just keep it on cold all the time. Maybe body heat would be enough to help it absorb.

I have read that before perforation, the appendix basically gets gangrenous from the blood supply being cut off. Is it "dead" at that point? Can you keep a "dead" part of your bowel in your body? I remember the surgeon mentioning that sometimes they will not operate to remove such an appendix on a person they feel cannot withstand the assault of an operation, so it sounds like in some cases they elect the conservative route. I have another appointment in about a week and I'll talk to him more than about that.

My husband's accupuncturist/homeopath was here the other day for a visit with him, and even she was recommending surgery was probably necessary in this case, though she talked about some homeopathic remedies that would help with pain and scarring, etc.

I have read most of what you posted about the function of the appendix, which is why I'm so apprehensive about removing it. The issue I'm facing is continuing fear about how I can know it is healed and functioning properly so that I don't have a similar crisis in the future, particularly if it happened at a place and time where I couldn't get immediate care, since it can be life threatening.

I was also talking to this accupuncturist, who is classically trained in traditional chinese medicine, about the mostly raw diet I had adopted in the 6 weeks or so before this episode, and she was mentioning the cold/damp aspect of it encouraging things like fibroids, as well as warning me that while she herself was on a number of different green superfoods in the past, she discovered that most were found to be contaminated with molds, and I had been using a lot of what I thought was a top quality superfood in smoothies every morning. So, you know, now I'm questioning the "green powders." I had also done a wilson's coffee enema less than a week before the appendix perforated... I had the same experience I usually do with those - not much came out, it just didn't feel productive, and while I kept the time to 12-15 min, I felt jittery. I've never done a high enema, just insert the tube a couple inches and usually no more than 4 cups of liquid. Poking the tube higher than that scares the crap out of me, to be honest. I've had colonics in the past, but not sure if that's appropriate right now.

I'm willing to work with some of these things before doing anything drastic. I'm also trying to look at the more metaphysical aspect of this - my fear around ALL of it. Fear that natural remedies won't work, fear that a surgery would harm me permanently - like any decision is the wrong decision and full of fear, and maybe in the big picture the point is that any decision I make will be the right one if I pursue it with faith and belief that my body can heal - whether it's healing completely without surgery, or healing/recovering and compensating AFTER a surgery. I was not in a position to use alternative methods at the time of crisis - I'm grateful that a very good hospital was just 5 miles away because I think I had progressed to peritonitis and could have died, we would not have been prepared to deal alternatively with that kind of emergency. But I'm aware that intervention was not without consequences, I know the Antibiotics did a number on me, I broke out in hives a few days ago even though the drugs were finished a few days before that, and I've still got a chest cold that I came home with, along with still some pain and tenderness and hardening tissue in the area where the drain was put in. I wish I had seen the crisis coming and could have avoided all that, but once it happened, there really was no choice, and now I have to do damage control.

Right now the emergency has passed, and I have some time to decide what to do, so assuming the Bentonite clay is not something that will cause a blockage, I can work with bowel and Liver Cleansing in the meantime, juicing and enemas. Would you be willing to speak with me on the phone or by e-mail? I need to expedite the process of getting the supplies I need at this point.

Thanks again.


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