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Video Embedded To heal appendicitis/appendix naturally (what I would do)...Re: My Appendix Perforated, Anyone with appendix stories or info?
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Published: 12 years ago
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To heal appendicitis/appendix naturally (what I would do)...Re: My Appendix Perforated, Anyone with appendix stories or info?


Please accept my apologies for the delay.  I have been working on your post in every spare minute since an hour after you posted it...and I just now finished it.

Here are my 'thinks & thoughts'...and what I would do if I were in your shoes:

I hope it's OK that i post this here.  It's more than okay - it's great.  In fact, I read through your thread on the VWT forum a few days ago...and was hoping you'd post.

Uny I did receive your Schulze DVDs and have watched at least the first one, thank you.  You're welcome :)  You'll definitely want to be reading the chapter in the manual on "Appendix"!  (I've pasted it below, as well as other info you'll likely want to read).  

Got very busy with work, then a couple weeks ago thought I had food poisoning, ended up in the ER about 48 hours later with the worst abdominal pain I've ever felt in my life.  Perforated appendix with abscess (appendix 3 x normal size on CT), I was admitted for about 5 days with IV antibiotics, a drain tube for the accumulated infected fluid, and sent home still wearing the drain with another week's worth of antibiotics. My worse nightmare, basically, being in a hospital, the place I most want to avoid, but they probably saved my life. Had I not gone, I think it would have progressed to peritonitis and worse. I was on the floor and screaming by the time my husband took me in, there was clearly no other option at that point.  When pain reaches that level, we do what we feel we need to do (and yes, an abscessed appendix - or any organ - is life threatening).  But actually, there were very likely other options, just none that you were probably aware of...and of course, there's (or there was) always the option of preventative & regular maintenance.  Even if you would have known of the various options that have been used successfully in natural medicine/healing in a crisis, you may have hesitated to use/try them - or felt them cost/time prohibitive (there are very few in the world of alternative medicine that have the knowledge & confidence -- even practitioners- let alone CZers -- to deal effectively with internal/appendix issues (even though the great natural healers of the past did).  Either way, I'm glad to hear you still have your appendix and you're willing to at least examine options to keep it and heal yourself. 

To everyone: this situation is another strong motivation for me...and a bit of a 2x4 upside my head.  It seems since I've opened the forum I've spent a LOT of time (wasted in many cases) doing a lot of cajoling, sweet-talking, smoozing, soft-selling and (now I realize) trying to be "politically correct"...

Political Correctness (def.) - a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media (and FAR too many CZers), which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

But a turd doesn't have a clean end!  And from henceforth, y'all can be assured that I'm no longer going to be pussyfooting & dancing around what I know to be the truth about health & healing.  And I don't care to whom I'm replying or what poster or 'forum owner' doesn't like it.  It may be "harsh" to some who don't realize that speaking the truth usually is harsh...but if I don't say the truth as I know it, people are hurt - and I'd rather see a few people be a bit offended than I would see someone's health in jeopardy.   As many of you know (back when I felt I didn't have a forum to 'protect'), Unyquity could be depended upon to be a "calls 'em as she see's 'em" poster/person (no matter what conflict may have ensued).  Well folks, (fair warning, lol)...the original Unyquity is BACK! 

Anja, although your other thread/posts are over a week old, there's even more information that's important, so I'll be copy/pasting (>>> <<<) and responding to some of those here, as well.

The drain tube is out now, and the antibiotics are finished, I've switched to olive leaf and probiotics.

 I don't know what kind of 'olive leaf' supplement you're taking, but it's not as effective as an echinacea/garlic combination (and unless you're 'megadosing' with a ultra-top-quality organic olive leaf supplement, it's highly unlikely to be anywhere close to enough to keep infection at bay when you haven't yet begun to address the root cause *** of the infection).  You need to do more than "kill", you need to support & strengthen your immune system to fight & win...especially now that your immune system is compromised because your appendix is compromised.  This is where Echinacea shines brilliantly (and I feel it is essential)

 For supplementation at this point, I suggest:

--6 cloves of raw organic garlic daily

--1 tablespoon (approximately 12 droppersful) of a TOP quality Echinacea tincture, 3x daily

--Getting off the probiotics (yes, of course I realize you've been on harsh, microorganism-destroying antibiotics - but garlic will assist to restore your gut flora AND act as the most effect natural/safe "killer" on earth).  Kefir, juiced raw sauerkraut/kimchee, anything lacto/fermented are other choices. With probiotic supplements, you're actually totally throwing off the balance of natural micro-organisms in your intestinal tract and body every time you take them.  Yes, you're replacing millions, but you're also ingesting millions that are totally out of balance to your body (many that your body doesn't likely need) while ingesting millions of dead micro-organisms (that adds substantial stress to your already seriously compromised immune system to remove).  What you want, is to get your body back to it's natural state asap - taking probiotics that throw it OUT of it's natural balance several times daily doesn't do that.  This is not as simple as destroying 'random millions' of essential microorganisms throughout your body with chemical poison, and then ingesting foreign 'random millions' of microorganisms from a bottle.  Neither is natural, and both have the capability of causing harm and impeding your body's natural ability to restore itself.  We want to do everything we can to assist the body to heal & restore.

My thoughts on Olive Leaf:

I've still got some abdominal pain, some of it around what I think is the location of a 6.5cm fibroid they found on the CT, also. The recommendation is that once the infection is cleared and the appendix quiets, they follow with surgery to remove the appendix.  I'm sorry to hear about the discomfort/pain (recommendations to follow).  Of course, they're recommending to carve out your appendix, that's all they know and ever do...and I'd guess (???), they'd likely want to address the fibroid while they are in there.  I would assume that would mean some type of bowel resection. (???)

My 6-yo niece went through this exact same thing not 6 months ago. :::sigh::: "Technically" your niece will be living the rest of her life with compromised immunity (depressed ability to heal & fight infection/pathogens)....and create essential microorganisms.  However, children are blessed in that their bodies have time to regrow a new appendix (which happens in around 20% of the cases), and make the necessary adjustments throughout their immune systems AND lymphatic systems to ensure health.

The appendix is a very important organ (for our immune & lymphatic system), as well as our gut flora (hence digestion & assimilation).

There are permanent non-encapsulated lymphoid tissues, namely the tonsils, Peyers patches and appendix. These tissues and the temporary accumulations described above are collectively called "mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue". Those lymphoid tissues exclusively associated with the gut (IE excluding respiratory associated tissue) are collectively called "gut associated lymphoid tissue".  (There are thousands of references 'net-wide' explaining the purpose of the appendix - "science" is only beginning to find it's duties & purposes).

I have no idea if a previously perforated appendix can heal and work normally,

Of course a perforated body part/organ can be healed & work normally!  How else would surgical incisions on any internal organ heal?  (fear & panic -plus pain-, combined with a lifetime of conditioning do strange things to our brain, eh?)The only real question (from my perspective) is are you willing to be just aggressive at healing your body naturally as doctors are aggressive with their chemical poisons, saws & knifes.  The one thing we can 'hand it to them' for, is that they ARE willing to be as aggressive as necessary to accomplish their goals...they've got almost all of us beat 'hands down' with that.  (And of goal, the PTB did a fantastic job of brainwashing, to cause us to believe that being drugged into unconsciousness, and allowing/trusting someone -trained at their hands- to slice into our flesh and yank out a part or two is essentially harmless and a 'run of the mill' thing to do).

I don't know if mine has some sort of unusual configuration or placement that makes it more prone to blockage or infection,

*** The root cause of an infected/inflamed appendix is virtually always some type of "constipation" and lack of flow (as is true with most any infection).  Parasites, putrid/old fecal matter, mucoid plaque, etc...all these things contribute to 'lack of flow' in & around the appendix.  Any organ deprived of the oxygenated blood it needs starts to die...add a pathogen to that scenario and you get a raging infection.   Then there's our "chairs" - many people that are 'chair bound' for their job, sit in a way that drastically cuts off circulation to many organs (sometimes for 10-12 hours a day)...the cecum/appendix/ascending and descending/sigmoid colon (& uterus) are particularly 'at risk'.    I know below you say you've done a "ton of bowel cleansing"...but with the notorious low quality and pitifully short duration of most "cleanses", they're but a bit better than worthless.  One should do a major cleanse for at least 30 days, and 7-10 days of maintenance cleansing 4x yearly...and ensure 3 bms daily 365 days a year.  If one is not having 3-5 natural/healthy bms daily, they need more cleansing (and likely more liver work, as well).  (We all are FAR too reliant upon "dosage instructions" rather than the truth our body is's our body that tells us when we're sufficiently cleansed, not the package insert!).   I've never heard of anyone that was having 3-5 healthy bms daily ever experiencing appendix issues - I'm sure it's possible, but it's definitely a rarity. 

 but in spite of all my feelings about natural health and the belief I would never have anything removed surgically from my body (and I'm aware the appendix has a function), I'm leaning toward going through with it because I'm afraid it may always be this ticking time bomb, in the hopes my body can adapt to functioning without it, as many people apparently do "fine" without an appendix, though I suspect some do not, and everyone's definition of "fine" is different

What I'm about to elaborate you may already know...if so, this is for everyone reading. 

Firstly, the 'ticking time bomb' thing is a fear-based unreality.  It has been proven tens of thousands of times by the great healers (and their patients) that the human body IS capable of beating ANY infection or disease IF we give the body the correct support.  You don't have to be a 'ticking time bomb', nor does anyone else IF they are willing to do what it takes to ensure the health of your body (and many times this means UNlearning a LOT of "politically correct alternative medicine BS").    Please read this (as I'll be referencing it later on):

Next, for those that haven't faced this type of choice and don't know how to begin, here's a 'natural healing decision-making tutorial' (based on Anja's situation).


            A.  ALLOPATHIC - Modern "Medicine"

                        1. Risks of the actual process of having a part of your body cut out in the hospital...and is it truly necessary (1000's of people yearly are told it's necessary to have their gallbladders carved out, the amount of lawsuits for botched surgeries, mistakes, and lifetimes of non-restorable ill health is phenomenal, yet in all but a handful of case, liver/gallbladder flushing would have prevented the need for the risk.  But you'll likely NEVER find a surgeon that will tell you don't need surgery.  In fact, it's far more realistic to assume that surgeons and allopathic medicine WILL use your own pain and fear to convince you need surgery that is TOTALLY unnecessary).  So this must be examined as part of the 'data'.

                        2. Consequences/benefits of being without the body part if the gutting is "successful" and without "complications

                        3. Consequences/benefits of being without the body part if the gutting is not successful and has complications

                        4. Factors that affect your health/life for the rest of your life within your control

                        5. Factors that affect your health/life for the rest of your life that you are helpless to affect.

                        6.  Cost factors

                        7.  Time & 'compliance' factors

                        8.  Other

            B. NATURAL HEALING

                        1. Risks of not going to the hospital, keeping all your body parts intact, and healing yourself naturally....

                        2. Consequences/benefits of healing yourself naturally if successful   

                        3. Consequences/benefits of healing yourself naturally if unsuccessful

                        4.  Factors that affect your health/life for the rest of your life within your control

                        5.  Factors that affect your/life for the rest of your life that you are helpless to affect.

                        6.  Cost factors

                        7.  Time & 'compliance' factors

                        8.  Other

Rather than taking the time to fill in all the 'above' (many of which I can't anyway, because I'm not Anja), I'm going to offer the data that I do know (or have researched/learned since she posted) below these two videos.                              

Video of a 'closed' appendectomy/body mutilation (laparoscopic) ('sorry about the "mutilation" word - but hey folks, when we carve out body parts, we are indeed mutilating the body):


Video of an 'open' appendectomy/mutilation (not exactly the music I would have chosen to accompany a surgery video):

(note: from the comments, this may have been an unnecessary and unnecessarily 'rough' cutting/carving - but we know that the success/failure statistics depend entirely upon the surgeons experience/mood, it's a good idea to check out a LOT of these videos & techniques)

Before I proceed with information for filling in the outline, I want to make SURE everyone reading understands the following:  It is NOT for me to say whether a decision about your body is right or wrong for you - that is your decision, and yours alone.  You are seeking alternative views on the internet to allopathic medicine, and I'm giving you what *I* know to be true.  It's up to you to compile all the information, process it and come up with a decision that you can live with (and that is right for you).  Onward...

As you saw in the link above, it is true - allopathic medicine IS the third leading cause of death in the USA.  I think it's also safe to assume that the tens of thousands that are now buried or cremated either didn't know this, or assumed it did not apply to them.  These very real statistics apply to Anja and everyone else reading this. 

While this type of carving/mutilation has a very low death rate in the 'isolated view' of the statistics, this does NOT exclude it from the true 'death statistics' - there are many more things at issue than just the slicing & yanking procedure.  Those include the possibility of becoming infected with MRSA or C Diff (the most likely place to acquire these life-threatening superbugs IS the hospital); adverse reactions to chemical anesthesias, pain killers & the myriad of other pharmaceuticals that are injected or ingested orally (and their adverse effects for weeks/months/years afterward); the toxic & gmo "foods" one ingests in the hospital; the immune-compromising "atmosphere & emotions", ALL of the things we are totally out of control of when in the hospital or "under the knife" (there is a possibility that they would find "other" and decide to cut out MORE of your body than you would prefer - I know one woman that had a mastectomy that told the surgical team to NOT remove her lymph nodes, but they did it anyway because they thought they should - this is NOT uncommon!), nor any of the other myriads of "adverse effects" that go along with invasive surgery.  It's all these things that add up to being the third leading cause of death (NOT just the "morbidity statistics" for any one particular surgery)...and that doesn't even BEGIN to take into account the tens of thousands that are permanently or partially disabled, or left in a state that makes them susceptible to other opportunistic infections/pathogens and other health issues.

Yes, if an inflamed appendix bursts, there is a possibility of death.  If one originally had a wrong diagnosis (from either allopathic medicine OR an alternative/natural healer) and treated the inflammation/infection as something else, or incorrectly, the risk IS huge...but Anja already knows the correct diagnosis (assuming we can trust her physicians).  So it is very unlikely that whether she addresses this allopathically, alternatively or naturally that she would end up with a burst appendix (because the pain would increase as the infection/inflammation increases - and she would likely take herself back to the she did before...before she was in any kind of major risk.

Cost/time factors - I can't think of ANY way the cost of healing oneself naturally could ever come close to amount spent on another hospital stay and one surgery (or two? there's that fibroid tumor they'll likely want to address).  Even if insurance covers 80-90%, the co-payment is likely to be thousands.  And of course, the time 'off work' (hence lack of income) would be much less when healing oneself naturally.

"Compliance" factors -

On the allopathic/hospital side of the equation, 'compliance' is really not much of an issue.  When one is in the hospital, one basically does & takes what they say to do & take (and what they tell you to do & take when they send you home).  There's nothing to learn, and very little "to do".  Basically they downplay all the very real risks, mask the pain of the mutilation with toxic drugs and send you home with a 'doctors excuse' for your job.  It's "easy" (hah) - as they take all the 'responsibility' on themselves and your only real job is to be compliant with them (and of course, deal with whatever consequences occur).

On the natural healing side, there IS a 'compliance issue' - both of what one is willing to read & learn, and what one is willing to do.  And there's the aspect of US taking responsibility for our own bodies.  To do this, most people have to admit (at some level or another) that they have not been good caretakers of their body during their adult life and that they have allowed themselves to be conditioned by both allopathic and alternative medicine (most times, the ONLY difference between the two is that one substitutes bottles of partially-toxic supplements for fully toxic chemical pharmaceuticals).  There is NO disease caused by a lack of pharmaceuticals OR a lack of supplements and/or nutrients in their unnatural form; I've spent the majority of the last five years of my life helping people in seriously ill health that have spent tens of thousands of dollars on 'alternative medicine' - having never addressed the basic physiological function of congested & compromised organs and/or "regular maintenance".  To heal oneself naturally, we MUST take responsibility for our past 'lacks', unlearn what our egos many times are unwilling to admit we learned (and spent thousands on) in error, learn what we need to do, and then do it.

Allopathic considerations: 

Best case scenario if you have the surgery:

-- you will never have your appendix again (and perhaps part of the colon, if they/you opt to have part of the colon carved out along with the fibroid), and even if the carving is a "success", because your appendix is gone your body will be compromised at some level or another. 

--You suffer only the invisible effects of the vast quantity of chemicals you will breathing, ingesting or have injected, and by doing serious liver work you can undo the harm/damage done

--You don't acquire a life-threatening superbug

--The time off work and co-payments (I assume you have some type of insurance) would be around, say, an additional (???) $5,000.  (Of course, if you don't have insurance, you're into the tens of thousands of dollars)

Worst case scenario if you have the surgery:

-- you die (quickly)

-- you die (slowly)

-- you suffer some level of disability and ensuing sickness/disease

-- the time off work and co-payments cause bankruptcy while you're alive or for your family afterward.  And of course, there's the quality of life/family to be considered if you're only partially bankrupted or partially disabled.

Best case scenario if you utilize natural healing:

--You're completely healed (of this issue) and have gained vast amounts of knowledge & confidence that you can use to heal other issues, and those of your family and loved ones

--Cost (depending upon whether or not you have to buy a juicer, and how much/how long you juice or juice fast - I'd guess somewhere between $500-$1200-$1500 maximum, which includes the price of produce for juicing)...and of course, you wouldn't be eating normally/groceries while juice fasting, so you can deduct the cost of food you wouldn't be eating

Worst case scenario if you utilize natural healing (assuming you have the ability to sense the pain that would indicate the infection was worsening and you would not allow your appendix to rupture before going to the hospital) -

--You end up having to go the allopathic route.

--A couple of your doctors think you're a looney-tune for wanting to be responsible for your own body & healing.

--You 'wasted' the cost & effort of trying to heal yourself naturally (if spending time & money to prevent a mutilation can ever be considered a "waste")

. My husband thinks it's possible that my appendix has been a source of brewing infection in my body for years and years, rather than serving it's proper function, and he could be right. There is no way to know without something like maybe a 100% accurate medical intuitive.  

That's certainly a very realistic theory.  From your past/posted issues, I'd surmise you have more problems than a long-standing infection - but it could be a major player, for sure and for certain.

The hospital bills are going to bury us, whether I get the surgery or not. I know Schulze believes you can heal absolutely anything, did Dr. Christopher, Dr. Jensen, and hundreds of other great natural healers before the AMA & PTB ran them all out of business.

and I want to believe that as well, great! but I have done a ton of bowel cleansing and was on a mostly plant based, mostly raw diet before this happened, doing so many "right" things. I have been been paying pretty good attention over the past 10 years or more to colon health, ,much more so than most people, and yet and I still had problems with bloating and gas with many foods, and still this appendix problem. 

I don't know what all "ton" of bowel cleansing you've done, but if it hasn't resulted in 3-5 natural/healthy bowel movements a day, it hasn't been the right kind, or you haven't done it long enough (or you have a very congested liver which is limiting the flow of bile --our natural laxative, which creates peristalsis--) or a combination of everything.  I see you've taken lots of LBB (a good product, for sure) but neither the IF#1 or LBB are deep cleansers, and generally have to be taken for YEARS consistently (for most) to accomplish the cleansing we need (Schulze & Christopher both noted this).  When using the IF#2 (a deep cleanser) you're looking at a minimum of a month consistently for a thorough cleanse...and then maintenance cleanses 4x yearly.   There are at least a couple of folks on the forum that posted they're still getting out all kinds of stuff at the month point or after.  Like I've mentioned before, our bodies are NOT made up of individual parts that act separately - the liver and the digestive tract are EXTREMELY interconnected...many people doing colon or liver work will NOT get the results they're looking for unless they work on both simultaneously.  Either way or whatever, the fact that you're dealing with an inflammed appendix is indicative of a very blocked/constipated ascending colon/cecum, or some type of impaction or clog in the area of the cecum.   None of us can compare ourselves to others - we all require different levels of care and maintenance...and none of us have anything close to similar circumstances and bodies that would allow comparisons to be accurate.

I never want to go through that again, I'm sure you don't!  You've two choices...let them carve it out (ultra aggressive and full of risks), or be ultra aggressive in a safe and healing way.

 and I suspect that I've had trouble at a low level with my appendix for years before this, though the doctor said it's usually an acute, recent thing that causes this, typically a "fecalith" blocking the opening. Despite eating a ton of plant fiber and taking a Dr. Christopher bowel formula and lots of water, I had been inexplicably constipated - basically pooping cement - for about 10 days prior, so I don't know if that was the cause or the indicator.

Well, there ya go...any decent natural healer would confirm it IS the cause.  Our body can heal itself of virtually any opportunistic infection anywhere...IF there's not a blockage of blood flow/circulation in the infected area (or if we're not taking loads of supplements or pharmaceuticals that throw our body off & out of homeostasis).  It sounds to me as if you're seriously in need of a complete & thorough bowel cleanse and definitely some devoted liver work (not matter which option you choose for your appendix).  And of course, the presence of a fibroid mass in the colon also indicates a lack of circulation and desperate need for a thorough cleanse.  (Again, we can never leave out the liver when cleansing the bowel - Miss H went from 10-12 IF#1 capsules down to 4-5 capsules after one good liver flush...and I've helped at least a dozen or more folks with similar reports).

·  coprolith: a hard mass of fecal matter

·  A fecaloma, also called fecalith and coprolith, i.e., stones made of feces, is a hardening of feces into stones of varying size inside the colon, which may appear whenever chronic obstruction of transit occurs, such as in megacolon and chronic constipation. ...

·  intestinal concentration formed around or from feces

Someone on the Iodine forum dowsed me for trichinosis. I don't know if that's the case, but it wouldn't surprise me. It's been awhile since I've done any parasite formulas, and that one came up for me a few times in the past with a naturopath.

The colon (and these 'fecaliths' which sound very similar to mucoid plaque) is the perfect breeding, feeding and hiding grounds of all parasites/candida.  You can take all the herbs you want to kill parasites, but you'll never get rid of them until you address the CAUSE of them being there...and the cause is that our colon is filled with all kinds of putrid filth and we're not having enough 'flow' daily.  A parasite egg doesn't have time to hatch (or breed) if we're having 3-5 bms every day (nor would they have anything to eat if our colon was clean).

Anyway, I know all the recommendations I've been getting from the alternative health community are to keep my appendix in...and I would like to hang on to all my organs, but the courage to risk facing another perforation or rupture is something I'm not sure I have. I'd sure love to hear from someone who went through what I did - perforation with abscess, and 20 years later still has the appendix with no further problems, but I don't think those people are out there. This was a hell of a thing to go through, and every time I have a twinge now (and I'm afraid I may always think that), I wonder if it's my appendix starting to leak again.  There's a biblical scripture that says something like "My people perish for lack of knowledge".  When dealing with our bodies, we're never going to be out of fear and in control until we educate ourselves and gain the truth & knowledge we need.  Before the PTB launched their massive campaign from the 1900's continuing until now, people conversed with their doctors with KNOWLEDGE, and their opinions were respected by the doctors.  We've been conditioned to believe we can never know enough to be as safe and effective as the doctors do (doctors that are the 3rd leading cause of death).  Yes, they have 10 years of college, but the colleges are owned by the AMA (which is owned by Big Pharma).  Big Pharma doesn't teach doctors to HEAL, they teach them to sell drugs and make money.  Sure 'nuff - if you educate yourself according with their "science" (which most all alternative healers do), you will never be confident and your life and health will always be in the hands of someone else. 

I haven't made any final decisions yet, and I'm open to comments and suggestions. I'm seeing the surgeon for another follow up in about 2 weeks. I'm working on some healing affirmations and trying not to go to my dark place, which is where I was when the pain was at its worst. Fear about future severe bowel problems, with our without surgery, is my biggest challenge.

Then let's do our best to get rid of the fear...and nothing vanquishes fear as well as the truth and self-empowerment!  First, if you don't already know how to use EFT, it only takes a few minutes to learn.  Here's the home page and a great YouTube instructional video (you can tap MUCH faster than the instructional video!):

Start by tapping on phrases such as those below (IF they are things you feel, of course):

--Even though I want to heal my body naturally, I'm afraid to try...

--Even though I've been conditioned to think it would be easier & safer to have my appendix cut out...

--Even though I'm afraid to try to heal my appendix naturally...

--Even though I'd rather put my life & health in someone elses hands like I've always thought was normal...

--Even though I'm afraid to take responsibility for my own body & health...

--Even though I don't want to do everything it takes to take responsibility for my own health & healing & I'm afraid it won't work...

--Even though I don't know how I could possibly prioritize the time & money to effectively heal myself...

And after each session, sit quietly and listen to your thoughts.  Each session WILL clarify the root of the issue and you'll get closer and closer to tapping away your precise emotional blockages.

Read Schulze/Christopher information on "appendix" below.

Read & understand just how incredibly effective Echinacea & Garlic really are at beating infections (together they're even more phenomenal!).

Echinacea bolsters the immune system to beat cancer and increases life span!

(it helps regrow tissue that's been damaged, too!)

A fantastic overview on Echinacea

Dr. Schulze on Echinacea: - ech+


(the strongest antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasite herb in the kingdom)

Here's THE best overview I've ever found:

The Health Benefits and Medical Emergency uses of Garlic

And here's a whole page of links of worthy info & studies (you can ignore the first link, it's wikipedia and there's not a lot of good information, like usual)

Dr. Schulze on garlic:

And lastly, read this (Schulze & colon cancer - other) :  so that you can truly understand just how effective & safe deeply cleansing your colon actually is (and how fantastically effective is for things MUCH more difficult to resolve than appendicitis)

That should do for starters to help with the fear issues :::grin:::  I'm going to respond to a few recent posts, and then tell you exactly what I would do if I were you.


From other posts:

>>>I think this episode somehow affected what I think might be a uterine fibroid or cyst, the dull pain I've had in that area for years is really bad, now. <<<  Uterine fibroids/cysts almost always have 'colon' at their root cause - the sigmoid colon wraps directly around the uterus, and if the colon is even slightly swollen, it pushes/squishes the uterus out of shape and causes a lack of circulation/oxygen.  Girlfriend, methinks you need to be working on your colon issues with GUSTO! :)  You just won't believe how much better 'all things female' work when your uterus/ovaries aren't "squished"!

>>> I'm told they are very prone to perforating again or worse once it has happened the first time.<<<  You've been lied to!  Yes (of course) an unhealed wound or infection is prone to repeat perforation, but a HEALED wound is virtually impossible to 'break'.  A healed broken bone will/can never break in the same place as it did prior (unless something is drastically wrong), and once deep flesh wounds have healed, the scar tissue ensures it won't happen again (isn't our body just AMAZING!?)

>>> On top of it I've still got the circulation issue in my legs and wondering if there's some sort of distant connection with the appendix issue.<<<  Yes, lack of circulation is a major issue...but of course, it depends upon the cause and if the appendix is directly or indirectly affected.

>>> Still, I KNOW I'm developing circulation problems in my legs and feet in particular just from working so much sitting at a computer,<<<  BINGO!!  When we sit in a typical chair, from the ribcage down, all our body parts are squished & compacted.   The lower ends of the colon are extremely affected and compromised.  Dr. Schulze had one gal (big time uterus issues) that resolved them by stretching and colon cleansing.  I myself have had a "liver ache" that I did a zillion things to address (I also sit in a chair outrageous amounts of hours a day), and I finally concluded the cure was as simple as unsquishing my poor liver (I had to ask it's forgiveness :::grin:::, and still do daily...but now I try to stretch ever 30-45 minutes or so, and it's been an amazing relief).  Depending upon how you sit and your posture, the compression and lack of circulation be even worse than "normal".   I'm short (5'1") and my feet will not touch the floor with a typical desk/computer/chair, so I always sit with one foot on the chair leg that sticks out, and my other tucked under my opposite thigh...the only worse position is "Indian style", which I also love.  sigh.  The solution?  An ergonomic kneeling chair!  I can't decide which one/kind to get, but here's what's available right now on eBay (which will give you a good overview of what's available):

The kneeling stools can be purchased for around only $50.00-$75.00!    I've just got to get a cheap stool, that way even if it's not "do-able" for 12-16 hours, I could switch every couple of hours.

>>> This naturopath uses some kind of computer to come up with diagnoses and mostly homeopathic remedies, and she was saying the underlying causes for appendicitis could be bacterial, viral, or lymphatic, though I'm not sure how the lymphatic part works.<<<  Unless this person could show me that she had safely and successfully cured at least 5-10 people with serious appendix issues, I wouldn't even consider making an appointment.  A computer dx (perhaps you mean an SCIO scan: ) and homeopathy for an inflammed & perforated appendix?  puhLEEZ.  Who "programmed" the computer?  A successful healer? or just another technical guru with a new 'quantum theory'?  To me, this is quackery at it's highest level.  Doesn't anyone practice the true healing arts anymore?!  Pardon my little rant, but I've helped two people that spent thousands on this type of 'electronic/quantum science' and the recommended supplements (one ended up losing her gallbladder because the naturopath told her she had liver flukes, fatty liver and liver congestion --per the machine--, but that she was "too weak to flush", and she tested "negative" for coffee enemas.  So, she took bottles of parasite herbs, killed the flukes, they rotted in her liver, and she ended up having a series of small gallbladder attacks, ending in a trip to the ER for an emergency gallbladder carving).

Alternative quackery & scams are a million times worse than the allopaths, because we naturally assume they're on the "good team".  Never trust your life to ANY person that can't show you evidence that they've healed others of your exact issue effectively and safely without causing harm to another organ or system of the body. Better yet, never trust anyone but YOURSELF to heal your own body effectively safely.


Here's what I would do if I were you (I think I've posted these links to you before, but they're all worth rereading):

First, address the major causes of the situation - GET A CHAIR THAT DOESN'T CUT OFF CIRCULATION TO YOUR APPENDIX.  Even the strongest of chemicals can't kill infection if they don't reach the infection.  Any organ or body part without ample circulation and oxygenation rots...period.  Until you can get it ordered, be sure that you don't squish your colon/appendix more than 30-45 minutes at a time.  Set a timer and get up and do a couple of minutes of stretching every 30-45 minutes if you're sitting/working.

Second, stop putting anything in my mouth that could worsen the impaction or lack of flow...and that means food of any kind.  This is strictly a "juice-fasting, potassium/mineral broth, herb tea & water situation" until I feel confident I am totally out of the weeds.  I would guess I'd be out of the weeds in around 2-3 weeks.  I would ingest at least 2 gallons of fluid daily (I drink well over a gallon of water daily anyway - so I'd just be replacing meals with juices & broths - no problemo there at all)  JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!  

Jucing in canning jars...

Ensure my body has the fuel it needs to produce the energy it needs to heal itself.   6 Tablespoons of Superfood daily.

Do NOT use any herb or herbal preparation that isn't organic and TOP quality, and do not use ANY supplements of any kind that are not 100% natural to the human body:

Herbal Formulas That Don't Work - Dr. Schulze

Supplements-Mineral and Vitamin Supplements The HONEST STORY

Isolated/Standarized Extracts of plants & herbs

Just look what something as innocent as Vitamin C can do:

...and imagine how your body could utilize it's natural healing schematics if you were throwing the whole body "out of balance" with various supplements.

Cleanse the entire lower colon with a high enema (at least once daily, two would be better).  I'd use a strong catnip tea for the solution.  Do lower/simple water or herb tea enemas 3x daily to ensure bowel activity until I could start on the IF#1 (or LBB) and IF#2.  I would start the IF#1/IF#2 when I was pain free, and had pain no more than a 1-3 on a scale of ten when massaging the area...I'd expect that to happen in 3-7/10 days.

Note: *I* would be ingesting a 1/2-1 cup of prune juice 3x daily IF my doctor within was telling me IF#1 was too harsh...but if I wasn't getting major *warning signals* from my body, I'd likely take the IF#1 daily to ensure bowel activity.  It's not easy to have several bowel movements daily when fasting (that's why we always use the IF#2).  But in your case (already constipated) I wouldn't use the IF#2 until I was sure I could achieve 3 bms daily with the herbs & enemas

Garlic to beat the infection: 6 raw cloves daily (minimum)

Echinacea tincture to bolster & strengthen the immune system: 1 tablespoon 3x daily (absolute minimum - I'd likely take 2 tablespoons 3x daily

Slippery Elm porridge - 1 cup, 3x daily: 

SLIPPERY ELM GRUEL By Dr. Richard Schulze


Slippery Elm/Cayce Meridian Institute

(this is very tasty when made with apple juice or coconut milk instead of water - with spices of your choice)  It is to heal the rupture and sooth the entire area; it is also highly nutritious.  Slippery Elm WILL regrow skin on open ulcers and bedsores. 

Castor oil pack - 24 hours a day (I'd likely take 2-4 hours 'off' for my skin to breath - of course, it has to be off when doing...)

...Hot/Cold contrast therapy to increase circulation, as many times a day as I could get it done (3 would be my minimum goal).    Once a day is easy in the shower,  1-2 minutes of each hot & cold, do 7-8 repetitions of hot/cold.

Hot/cold packs can be easily made with ice-water in plastic bags and keeping hot/wet folded bath towels in the oven (just make sure to put a towel on your skin first so you don't burn yourself).  This is SO beneficial!  The circulation of the natural antibiotics in the garlic and the immune cells system is essential to beating the infection.  The increase circulation will definitely help loosen and remove whatever impaction is present - and the increase of blood flow/oxygen is essential.

Cayenne TIncture for circulation - 2 droppersful, 5x daily.  The cayenne tincture (alcohol based) absorbs immediately into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach.  Although it burns for a couple of minutes (at most) in the stomach, it can easily be diluted with water/juice.  The actual cayenne NEVER reaches the intestines directly as it's all in the bloodstream.  You may find this solves the lack of circulation in your lower extremities quite effectively

Massage (as Dr. Schulze and another osteopath states below) - yes, I'd do it...but VERY gently and with caution.

Liver flush? Dr. Schulze suggests it.  If I decided to do it, it would definitely be without the use of Epsom Salts.  I honestly don't feel I'd be comfortable doing a full liver flush...but I would likely make one of my enemas a coffee enema (to keep the liver/bile flowing and for fantastic pain relief).

Foot reflexology - several times daily (this will increase circulation AND help to decongest the area, as well as increase bowel movements)

Reflexology foot map - Dorling Kindersley

Anja, (honestly) I would have "zero fear" to do this, and would expect to be totally out of pain in less than a week and thoroughly healed within a week or two (knowing there could be some type of recurrence shortly if I didn't do a complete and thorough colon cleanse of at least 30-45 days).  Of course, I would be using deep discernment and be paying very close attention to ANY increase in pain or sensitivity.  If it worsened temporarily (say for a couple of hours, particularly after doing something agressive) I wouldn't be concerned, but if it continued to worsen for more than 5-6 hours, I'd be on "top alert".  But that is ME, not you...and I am NOT telling you what you should do, nor am I advising you to do what I would do.  I'm not in your body, I have no idea of your pain tolerance/threshold, or how you are able (or not) to discern what is happening within your body.

I hope you gain a lot of information and insight from what I've offered...and I pray that you make a decision that turns out in your best interest - no matter what your decision turns out to be.

Healthiest of blessings!




Dr. Schulze/Dr. Christopher on appendicitis & healing the appendix (and from Cayce/Meridian Institue an article by a osteopath):



Appendicitis is basically advanced constipation.

The appendix is a collection of lymph tissue.

It is designed to excrete immune system material into the bowel.

It detects if there is bacteria and/or fungus in the bowel. It detects

something in the bowel, and it will excrete white blood cells and

immune cells to destroy that infection.

When you cut out that appendix, that's like if your hand hurts, cut

it off. It doesn't make any sense. We need to save these appendices. In

fact, modern immune studies out of UCLA Medical School textbooks say

that when your appendix is removed, other parts of your immune

system don't work as well.

They have even done studies showing that your spleen won't

work as well when your appendix is out of there.

Stop all food, and do a high enema immediately.


INTERVIEWER: What do you do in a case of severe appendicitis?

SCHULZE: When someone has appendicitis, the first thing you do is

you stop eating — because appendicitis is caused by constipation and

your fecal matter being pushed into the orifice of the appendix. It

inflames and it hurts, and it can get so infected it will leak pus, and,

of course, that is very dangerous.

No more food, go only to juices. Drink a large amount like a

gallon a day of apple juice and/or add some prune juice to it, too. Do the

high enemas we discussed earlier. In fact, you wouldn't want to do a

colonic — you don't want any pressure in there. You just do that high

enema and get that constipation out of there.

At least do a rectal enema. If that goes okay, then you go on to

a high enema. Basically, what you are doing is stopping any food from

going in, and getting out what is in there.

INTERVIEWER: You use this even in life-threatening cases?

SCHULZE: Absolutely.

INTERVIEWER: What if it's hours away from rupture?

SCHULZE: That's what happened to a friend of mine in Florida. He was

freaked. He was ready to take his daughter to the hospital because she

had a 103 degree fever.

What to do if perforation has already occurred.


INTERVIEWER: What do you do with the fact that it's swelling up? How do you

deal with it?


SCHULZE: The thing is that appendicitis usually happens after

the person has had some bout with constipation, or over-eating or

something like that. The minute you stop eating and you give a high

enema, it takes the pressure off. And, of course, if you flood yourself with

gallons of juices, then you don't have to worry about the fever.

If you feel you have an infection, then load yourself up with garlic

and echinacea. That is in case there has been some perforation, or if

there is some pus. If you have a fever, there has been some perforation.

So take a lot of garlic and echinacea. Echinacea, you can take a ton of, like

two dropperfuls of tincture every hour for the next couple of days. Half a

bottle a day.

INTERVIEWER: How much garlic should you take?

SCHULZE: Six cloves. That would be over the course of a day.

You can go more, but you'd better take it easy, because some

people throw up on that. Then you can also do a liver flush immediately.

[Dr Schulze did NOT use Epsom Salts with his liver flushes - I would think Epsom Salts would be strongly contraindicated with appendicitis].

Flush that bile, get that oil in; oil is wonderful. Get some intestinal

formula # 1 in (see the bowel chapter) and get that bowel working. Then

you have gone in and done all the enemas, so you have relieved it from

upper and lower — meaning, no food from the mouth, and all wastes

out of the colon.


Use castor oil packs 24 hours a day over the appendix.


INTERVIEWER: What do you do right on top of the area?

SCHULZE: Castor oil fomentation. Definitely. They are a must. I heard

one woman who just had it with her son who did it continuously. They

did it 24 hours a day.

And why not! You are talking about a situation in which most

people are hospitalized and have surgery. That's exactly right. Castor oil

packs 24 hours a day. I also like to do light massage over the appendix —

even though medical doctors say to never touch the area.

INTERVIEWER: Don't touch it, it's inflamed?

SCHULZE: I like to do light massage, and you are doing massage from

the hip bone towards the navel or the groin. You are going from your

lower right hand side up towards your center, and from your pubic bone

area up towards your center. You can actually drain it a little bit. Just

lightly, with the palm of your hand.

INTERVIEWER: It doesn't cause a rupture?

SCHULZE: Again, you have to use your consciousness. If it hurts

tremendously when you are doing it, ease up a little bit. But you are

trying to work that pus and fecal matter out of the appendix. I've never

ruptured one doing that. I don't know a natural healer who will even do

that. I've had a lot of people on my table with full-blown appendicitis and

I've done it and it has helped.

INTERVIEWER: You mean the swelling goes down?

SCHULZE: That's what happens. I had one interesting story I'll tell

you. I was needing some money to do some traveling and I didn't have

it. Some woman called Dr. Christopher and said, "My husband has

appendicitis and is in the hospital." She said, "There are two surgeons

there and they want to do surgery immediately." Dr. Christopher gave

her my phone number.

She called me and brought her husband over, and we worked

on him for about four hours until he was relieved. Then I gave him

a program for two or three days, and he got better. She was a very

influential person and sent me probably a hundred clients in the next

three weeks. The long and short of it was I got the money to go on my

trip. I've never had a person who had to be cut open.

You know, when my friend from Florida called me, she was pretty

far gone. She was really sweating bullets. Her daughter had full-blown

appendicitis, 103 degree fever.

INTERVIEWER: What was she doing for it?

SCHULZE: She was doing some stuff, but she didn't turn the volume up

enough. She was doing a little of this and a little of that. She said her

daughter didn't want to.

INTERVIEWER: Didn 't want to what?

SCHULZE: I don't know...drink something. I said, "Julia, there is no

time. I said, "Either you do this, or you go to the hospital." She had

considered the hospital, and hey, I can understand it. I have a son now

 too. It's a scary situation. I said, "If you take her to the hospital, and then

you don't want to do what they say, you are stuck because they can take

her away from you."

Any hospital in the United States— if you take your kid in with

appendicitis and you say, "I want to take him out; I don't want to

operate," then they will arrest you for endangering the welfare of a child.

She got so scared, she decided to get on with what I told her.

INTERVIEWER: The little girl could end up not being her daughter anymore.

SCHULZE: Exactly. They could take all her kids away if she had pulled

some stunt like that. That scared her enough to go to work intensely.

And sure enough, in 24 hours, her little girl, Maxine, was fine.



Dr. Christopher:

(note: all of the below is taking from Dr. Christopher's publications, but very little of it is directly from him personally)






             Herbal Aids

             See Also


            Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix, sometimes resulting in rupture.


            The symptoms of appendicitis are an inflamed, painful condition of the appendix and the surrounding portion of the bowels.  Other symptoms are nausea, pain and distress around the navel, constipation, quick pulse, and perhaps a rise in temperature to 100° or 102° F.  There may be tenderness to the right of the navel and below, which is increased by pressure or movement.  The patient frequently flexes the right knee to ease the pain.


            It may be caused by a faulty digestion, intestinal catarrh, fecal concretions and, in comparatively rare cases, by foreign particles being lodged in the appendix.  This is the explanation given by Otto Mausert, N.D., Herbs. 

            Dr. Kloss states:

            Constipation is one of the causes of appendicitis to an extent, and of course, wrong diet, which diet would include the use of devitamized foods such as white flour products, cane sugar, and cane sugar products (all refined sugars), greasy and fried foods, tea, coffee, chocolate, and wrong combinations of foods.  These must be strictly avoided in appendicitis, as must alcoholic drinks, tobacco, and all stimulating food and drink.

Herbal Aids

1.         Cleansing the colon: Dr. Kloss recommends:  "Cleanse the colon thoroughly with an enema, preferably herb, take as much water as possible, as hot as possible.  The treatment is of great value and will often relieve the pain immediately.  If using a herb enema, use either spearmint, catnip, white oak bark, bayberry or wild alum root. [I think it's safe to assume they mean full high enemas, not just a couple of cups of water in the sigmoid region...white oak, bayberry & alum root are all astringent herbs, catnip is a relaxer When herbs are not available, use plain water.  If the pain continues after the colon has been cleansed, then use a very warm enema of catnip alone.  Then apply hot and cold fomentations to the region of the appendix and the full length of the spine.  This will aid in the cleaning process and relieve pain.  At night prepare a poultice as follows: Combine a tablespoon of granulated or powdered lobelia with a large handful of granulated or crushed mullein leaves, and sprinkle with ginger.  Mix the herbs into a paste by adding powdered slippery elm or corn meal.  Apply the poultice as warm as the patient can stand, leave on cool, then repeat.  When suffering an attack of appendicitis, go on a liquid diet, drinking alkaline broths, fruit juices, and drink several glasses of slippery elm (or comfrey) every day.  Traditional Chinese medicine advocates Chinese Rhubarb (a mild laxative) and lightly stroking the painful area.   Alternating hot and cold castor oil fomentations brings tremendous relief."

            After an individual is over an attack (which is the effect), go immediately onto the mucusless diet as suggested by Dr. Christopher in the Three Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet

2.         Constipation: This condition generally could not happen if we were not constipated.  Mucus forming foods can also bring it on.  Take a hot herb enema of spearmint, catnip, white oak bark, bayberry bark, or wild alum root.  Plain water may also be used if necessary.  Catnip enemas will relieve the pain.  Apply hot and cold fomentations to the appendix area and the full length of the spine.  At night, apply a poultice of mullein and lobelia, sprinkling with ginger or cayenne.  Mix the dried and ground herbs with boiling water to make a paste, thickening with slippery elm or cornmeal.  Apply as warm as the patient can stand, leave until cool, then repeat. Go on a liquid diet, using fruit juices, potassium broth, and slippery elm gruel.  Watch the symptoms closely.  This approach should relieve them, but if not, be sure to see a physician.

3.         Appendectomy: From question and answers in Dr. Christopher's Newsletter. Can appendicitis be aided without an operation?  Is there any relief and aid for appendicitis?

            Answer: Yes, there is.  This is an important organ, even though many claim it is a useless leftover.  For years doctors have considered the appendix to be a vestigial organ, that is, one used by man in some earlier stage of his history, but no longer of any apparent physiological use.  The growing case against unnecessary surgery, particularly the offhand removal of parts of the body thought to be vestigial, was strengthened by a report from the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo.  A study involving the case histories of 1,165 patients revealed that almost 67 percent of patients who had developed cancer of the bowel before they reached fifty years of age had their appendices removed.

            We have taught for many years another valuable aid, and that is that the appendix exudes a small amount of oil, in its healthy operating state, that aids in lubricating the cecum and the ascending colon.  This is the only section, the ascending colon, of the large bowel where the food particles must go uphill, and the small amount of lubrication is definitely an advantage when the fecal matter is heavy and lacking adequate moisture to move easily with peristaltic action.

            According to E. H. Ruddock, M.D., Vitalogy, copyright 1931, published by Vitalogy Association, "Appendicitis is a disease of the vermiform appendix commencing as a catarrhal inflammation of the mucous lining.

            "Causes-This is usually associated with a condition of chronic inflammation of the intestines caused by improper diet.  Nearly one half of the cases occur between twenty and thirty years of age.

            "Symptoms-Pain, sometimes acute in character, directly over the abdominal wall; rigidity of the abdominal wall; tenderness, midway between the naval and spine; the tenderness becomes generalized if the appendix is infected; chill, vomiting, constipation, rise of temperature and increase in pulse rate.

            "Treatment-Absolute fast with the exception of water.  One glass of distilled warm water every hour.  Three high enemas per day.  Cold water towel applications over the entire abdomen, changed every ten minutes.  A glass of flaxseed tea strained and flavored with a little lemon juice to be given occasionally.  Absolutely no exercise, emotional strain, worry, or other disturbing influence.  Turn the patient to more comfortable side.  Knead the muscles of the small of the back.

            "After a fast of a few days give a diet of soup made from non-starchy vegetables.  Strained.

            "Wild yam is the most valuable remedy for this disease.  The sharp pain in the lower right side of the abdomen caused by the inflammation and swelling of the vermiform appendix, is speedily relieved by the extract of wild yam.  Pour a teaspoon of the extract into a tumbler two-thirds full of water, and take a teaspoonful of the mixture every half hour until relieved, then diminish the dose to one every hour or two until cured.  Dr. Hale, of Chicago, says: This is the best remedy that we have for this disease. (The bowels should be kept open with magnesia.) The writer recommends prune juice and/or Dr. Christopher lower bowel formula [Natural-Lax].)"

            Says L. A. Merriam, M.D.: "The fad for operation for what they call appendicitis exists especially in the minds of the profession, but real appendicitis exists not often in the abdomen of the patient.  The operation itself is not the harmless procedure it is reported to be.

            "Operations lessen the patient's vitality, and often pave the way for more operations, sickness and suffering; while more than 95% of cases so diagnosed can be better handled without using the knife.

            "In most cases so diagnosed, the trouble is not in the appendix, but in the colon or large bowel, and needs no operation with the knife.  The pathologic prominence given to the appendix is not in harmony with the facts.

            "Removal of a healthy appendix (every day so common) does not cure a constipation or catarrhal condition of the colon, any more than the removal of a corn on the toe cures a toothache caused by ulceration."

            "Don't let your appendix go if you can help it--it's an active little oil can, a lubricator for the intestinal canal, and you'd be badly off indeed without it."  So says Dr. Arthur Bullard.  He declares that the appendix is neither a "chance" nor a "left over" organ, and that inflammation of it can and should be cured in "more than ninety percent" of cases, without recourse to the knife.

4. Juices: For chronic appendicitis are celery, carrot, carrot & cucumber.

5. Echinacea: It has been used in inflammation of the intestinal tract, especially satisfactory in the case of appendicitis, as it quickly overcomes local blood stasis, prevents or cures ulceration and retards pus formation. [At the time of this writing, herbalists didn't understand how effectively echinacea bolsters the immune system/cells to fight infection - many just thought of it as a 'blood cleanser']



From Cayce/Meridian site:



    Appendicitis is the general term used, of late years, for an inflammation in the right lower part of the abdomen, whether the appendix itself is inflamed or not. In fact, it really is not involved in a majority of cases, and therefore its removal so often fails to cure the pains in that region, many of which are neuralgic or otherwise.
    The author will not say that the large fee for operations may have a tendency to warp the judgment of overanxious physicians, but I am certain that many operations are unnecessary. Since any opening of the abdomen seriously endangers life, the author believes there is less danger in nonoperative treatment. I am justified in this opinion by my experience with a large number of cases, all of them being quickly cured, and that, generally after an operation had been ordered by other physicians, and even after cases have been abandoned as Hopeless.
    The cause of appendicitis is, first, a predisposing, weakened condition of the intestines, which may have existed for some time, manifested by constipation, indigestion, occasional colic, gas, or other symptoms of atony of the intestinal track. While this weak condition exists, an additional exciting cause is burdened upon the feeble intestines, there followed a congestion, a colic, and inflammation, and if this happens in the caecum or appendix it is the real appendicitis. If it happens in some other part of the bowels, it is inflammation of the bowels, colic, etc.
    Inflammation in the appendix does not repair itself as readily as in other parts of the intestines, because the appendix is not on a direct line of the movement of the bowel contents, it being sidetracked, so to speak, at the bottom of an out of the way pouch, the caecum, which must be emptied before the appendix has a chance to relieve itself.
    The exciting cause is the addition of indigestible food, opium or other paralyzing drugs; a cold, wet feet, or anything else which causes a stoppage of the bowel movement and retains the food within the appendix; where it ferments, breeds bacteria, and results in inflammation. Seeds are not found any oftener in the appendix than other foods.
    If the cause is soon removed and the bowel contents are again forwarded on their way, the inflammation soon subsides; but if the condition remains long the inflammation in the appendix becomes an abscess, pus is formed, which later may break into the abdominal cavity, resulting peritonitis, and, possibly, death.
    The symptoms of appendicitis are, sudden, colicky pains, some fever, great tenderness, hardness and heat over the appendix where indicated in fig. 62. The patient draws his knees up and cannot bear the touch of the clothes. Sometimes there is vomiting. The pulse rises as rapidly as the inflammation. "Pain, tenderness on pressure, and rigidity" at the point indicated in fig. 62, are the three special distinguishing points of appendicitis.
    Call an osteopath as soon as possible.
    Empty the bowels at once by frequent rectal enemas of warm water. Should this fail to act fast enough, take two tablespoonfuls of common salt in a half glass of water in one quick dose, or a tablespoonful of Epsom salts. If the attack comes within an hour after a meal, empty the stomach by an emetic first a spoonfuls of mustard in one half glass water will do it, or tickle the throat with the finger, or a feather.
    If the attack has not existed longer than two days, give the following treatment.
    Press firmly for three minutes on right side of spine where indicated the lower hand, fig. 34; repeat twice. Then, exceedingly gently at first, knead the lower right side of the abdomen over and around the appendix, fig. 62, gradually increasing the pressure as the patient can bear it. Knead the entire abdomen in same manner, Fig 53. After about five minutes kneading, the spinal pressure should be applied again, and then the kneading about the appendix. Alternate these treatments for about an hour. Repeat the entire treatment every four hours the first day, which is usually sufficient. If this does not abate the pain, an osteopath should be called, because if suppuration has taken place extremely careful treatments would be necessary that might result seriously in the hands of the amateur, and therefore the further treatment is not given here.
    Drink plenty of water, eat absolutely nothing for two days, and only liquids for a week afterward. After the dangerous symptoms are over, give a month's treatment for constipation.






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