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Re: Colonics vs. enema?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Colonics vs. enema?

Hi Anja,

I'm so glad to hear that you've ordered the herbs to get you started on your healing journey.  I promise that if you give natural healing a chance and do the protocol designed for you, you'll be able to heal yourself. There are NO incurable diseases only incurable people. Incurable people are those that are so conditioned to believe everything the doctors say that they do whatever their told.  Or sometimes they simply don't want to take responsibility for healing themselves because it DOES require diligence. It requires research, learning about how to heal yourself naturally with herbs. We can't take someone's word for it, we each have to decide for ourselves and then educate ourselves on the path we've chosen.  This journey you've decided to embark upon means that you have decided to take responsibility for your own health and body.  YAY for you.  

Since you've ordered the herbs I take that to mean that what Uny said has resonated within you.  I want to give you a little tip that helped me tremendously when I first came to the forum.  I have never had an illness that I've had to heal but I know plenty of people with disease.  When I found this forum and started reading all the miraclious things these herbal formulas can do to heal people I wanted to learn everything I could about how to use the herbs to heal in order to pass on this life saving information to those with disease.

I started reading posts and clicking on every single link that was in a post and reading that too.  I've read thousands of posts and links within this forum.  Pretty soon I was gaining so much knowledge I couldn't retain it all and I couldn't remember where I had read a certain thing I was looking for at the time and I can't tell you how frustrating that was lol.  My solution to this problem was to print the posts out that I most wanted to remember.  I realize that this can get very expensive, I can't tell you the number of printer cartridges, paper and plastic sleeves I've bought in the last few months lol. But to me its well worth it.

Since Uny spent well over a week getting your post together, researching everything and providing all the links she felt were necessary for you to read it might be a good idea if you printed it out and put it in a binder while you're healing, also click on all the links and print those out too.  Her post alone is about 18 pages so its gonna be a lot but it will be well worth it. Believe me I know how hard it is to retain something I've read and I'm not faced with a dangerous situation so I can only imagine how hard it would be if I was and if I was in a little fear over it.  Printing it out will help you tremendously!  

The reason I bring up the tip on printing her response out is that she covered your question about colonics in her post.  I've pasted it below and I've put your answer in bold red.  See what I mean about printing out the posts lol?  I'm sure glad I'm not the only one who can't remember things lololololol!

Its a proven fact that a person has to read something like 15 or more times before they can commit it to memory.  So in light of that fact I'm pasting what Uny said you should do from her post.  Once you get it printed up (if you decide to print it) it will be much easier for you to find what you're looking for.

"Here's what I would do if I were you (I think I've posted these links to you before, but they're all worth rereading):

Get up and move every once and a while.

First, address the major causes of the situation - GET A CHAIR THAT DOESN'T CUT OFF CIRCULATION TO YOUR APPENDIX.  Even the strongest of chemicals can't kill infection if they don't reach the infection.  Any organ or body part without ample circulation and oxygenation rots...period.  Until you can get it ordered, be sure that you don't squish your colon/appendix more than 30-45 minutes at a time.  Set a timer and get up and do a couple of minutes of stretching every 30-45 minutes if you're sitting/working.

Go on a juice fast, meaning only fresh organic fruits and veggies, freshly juiced, potassium broth and distilled or RO water, at least 2 gallons of liquid a day.

Second, stop putting anything in my mouth that could worsen the impaction or lack of flow...and that means food of any kind.  This is strictly a "juice-fasting, potassium/mineral broth, herb tea & water situation" until I feel confident I am totally out of the weeds.  I would guess I'd be out of the weeds in around 2-3 weeks.  I would ingest at least 2 gallons of fluid daily (I drink well over a gallon of water daily anyway - so I'd just be replacing meals with juices & broths - no problemo there at all)  JUICE-FASTING: The POWERFUL healing therapy!  

Take Superfood.

Ensure my body has the fuel it needs to produce the energy it needs to heal itself.   6 Tablespoons of Superfood daily.

Do NOT use any herb or herbal preparation that isn't organic and TOP quality, and do not use ANY supplements of any kind that are not 100% natural to the human body:

Herbal Formulas That Don't Work - Dr. Schulze

Supplements-Mineral and Vitamin Supplements The HONEST STORY

Isolated/Standarized Extracts of plants & herbs

Colon cleansing, enema's and IF# & 2.  Only start the IF's when you are basically pain free.  Do not start taking the IF#2 until you've achieved at least 3 bowel movements a day with the help of IF#1 and enemas.  Once you achieve that start taking the IF#2.

Cleanse the entire lower colon with a high enema (at least once daily, two would be better).  I'd use a strong catnip tea for the solution.  Do lower/simple water or herb tea enemas 3x daily to ensure bowel activity until I could start on the IF#1 (or LBB) and IF#2.  I would start the IF#1/IF#2 when I was pain free, and had pain no more than a 1-3 on a scale of ten when massaging the area...I'd expect that to happen in 3-7/10 days.

Note: *I* would be ingesting a 1/2-1 cup of prune juice 3x daily IF my doctor within was telling me IF#1 was too harsh...but if I wasn't getting major *warning signals* from my body, I'd likely take the IF#1 daily to ensure bowel activity.  It's not easy to have several bowel movements daily when fasting (that's why we always use the IF#2).  But in your case (already constipated) I wouldn't use the IF#2 until I was sure I could achieve 3 bms daily with the herbs & enemas.

Raw organic garlic, Echinacea tincture and Slippery Elm porridge.

Garlic to beat the infection: 6 raw cloves daily (minimum)

Echinacea tincture to bolster & strengthen the immune system: 1 tablespoon 3x daily (absolute minimum - I'd likely take 2 tablespoons 3x daily

Slippery Elm porridge - 1 cup, 3x daily: 

SLIPPERY ELM GRUEL By Dr. Richard Schulze


Slippery Elm/Cayce Meridian Institute

Castor oil packs and hot/cold therapy. 

Castor oil pack - 24 hours a day (I'd likely take 2-4 hours 'off' for my skin to breath - of course, it has to be off when doing...)

...Hot/Cold contrast therapy to increase circulation, as many times a day as I could get it done (3 would be my minimum goal).    Once a day is easy in the shower,  1-2 minutes of each hot & cold, do 7-8 repetitions of hot/cold.

Hot/cold packs can be easily made with ice-water in plastic bags and keeping hot/wet folded bath towels in the oven (just make sure to put a towel on your skin first so you don't burn yourself).  This is SO beneficial!  The circulation of the natural antibiotics in the garlic and the immune cells system is essential to beating the infection.  The increase circulation will definitely help loosen and remove whatever impaction is present - and the increase of blood flow/oxygen is essential.

Cayenne tincture, massage, liver flushing and foot reflexology.

Cayenne TIncture for circulation - 2 droppersful, 5x daily.  The cayenne tincture (alcohol based) absorbs immediately into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach.  Although it burns for a couple of minutes (at most) in the stomach, it can easily be diluted with water/juice.  The actual cayenne NEVER reaches the intestines directly as it's all in the bloodstream.  You may find this solves the lack of circulation in your lower extremities quite effectively

Massage (as Dr. Schulze and another osteopath states below) - yes, I'd do it...but VERY gently and with caution.

Liver flush? Dr. Schulze suggests it.  If I decided to do it, it would definitely be without the use of Epsom Salts.  I honestly don't feel I'd be comfortable doing a full liver flush...but I would likely make one of my enemas a coffee enema (to keep the liver/bile flowing and for fantastic pain relief).

Foot reflexology - several times daily (this will increase circulation AND help to decongest the area, as well as increase bowel movements)

Reflexology foot map - Dorling Kindersley

Dr. Schulze/Dr. Christopher on appendicitis & healing the appendix (and from Cayce/Meridian Institue an article by a osteopath):



Appendicitis is basically advanced constipation.

The appendix is a collection of lymph tissue.

It is designed to excrete immune system material into the bowel.

It detects if there is bacteria and/or fungus in the bowel. It detects

something in the bowel, and it will excrete white blood cells and

immune cells to destroy that infection.

When you cut out that appendix, that's like if your hand hurts, cut

it off. It doesn't make any sense. We need to save these appendices. In

fact, modern immune studies out of UCLA Medical School textbooks say

that when your appendix is removed, other parts of your immune

system don't work as well.

They have even done studies showing that your spleen won't

work as well when your appendix is out of there.

Stop all food, and do a high enema immediately.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do in a case of severe appendicitis?

SCHULZE: When someone has appendicitis, the first thing you do is

you stop eating — because appendicitis is caused by constipation and

your fecal matter being pushed into the orifice of the appendix. It

inflames and it hurts, and it can get so infected it will leak pus, and,

of course, that is very dangerous.

No more food, go only to juices. Drink a large amount like a

gallon a day of apple juice and/or add some prune juice to it, too. Do the

high enemas we discussed earlier. In fact, you wouldn't want to do a

colonic you don't want any pressure in there. You just do that high

enema and get that constipation out of there.

At least do a rectal enema. If that goes okay, then you go on to

a high enema. Basically, what you are doing is stopping any food from

going in, and getting out what is in there.

INTERVIEWER: You use this even in life-threatening cases?

SCHULZE: Absolutely.

INTERVIEWER: What if it's hours away from rupture?

SCHULZE: That's what happened to a friend of mine in Florida. He was

freaked. He was ready to take his daughter to the hospital because she

had a 103 degree fever.

What to do if perforation has already occurred.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do with the fact that it's swelling up? How do you

deal with it?

SCHULZE: The thing is that appendicitis usually happens after

the person has had some bout with constipation, or over-eating or

something like that. The minute you stop eating and you give a high

enema, it takes the pressure off. And, of course, if you flood yourself with

gallons of juices, then you don't have to worry about the fever.

If you feel you have an infection, then load yourself up with garlic

and echinacea. That is in case there has been some perforation, or if

there is some pus. If you have a fever, there has been some perforation.

So take a lot of garlic and echinacea. Echinacea, you can take a ton of, like

two dropperfuls of tincture every hour for the next couple of days. Half a

bottle a day.

INTERVIEWER: How much garlic should you take?

SCHULZE: Six cloves. That would be over the course of a day.

You can go more, but you'd better take it easy, because some

people throw up on that. Then you can also do a liver flush immediately.

[Dr Schulze did NOT use Epsom Salts with his liver flushes - I would think Epsom Salts would be strongly contraindicated with appendicitis].

Flush that bile, get that oil in; oil is wonderful. Get some intestinal

formula # 1 in (see the bowel chapter) and get that bowel working. Then

you have gone in and done all the enemas, so you have relieved it from

upper and lower — meaning, no food from the mouth, and all wastes

out of the colon.

Use castor oil packs 24 hours a day over the appendix.

INTERVIEWER: What do you do right on top of the area?

SCHULZE: Castor oil fomentation. Definitely. They are a must. I heard

one woman who just had it with her son who did it continuously. They

did it 24 hours a day.

And why not! You are talking about a situation in which most

people are hospitalized and have surgery. That's exactly right. Castor oil

packs 24 hours a day. I also like to do light massage over the appendix —

even though medical doctors say to never touch the area.

INTERVIEWER: Don't touch it, it's inflamed?

SCHULZE: I like to do light massage, and you are doing massage from

the hip bone towards the navel or the groin. You are going from your

lower right hand side up towards your center, and from your pubic bone

area up towards your center. You can actually drain it a little bit. Just

lightly, with the palm of your hand.

INTERVIEWER: It doesn't cause a rupture?

SCHULZE: Again, you have to use your consciousness. If it hurts

tremendously when you are doing it, ease up a little bit. But you are

trying to work that pus and fecal matter out of the appendix. I've never

ruptured one doing that. I don't know a natural healer who will even do

that. I've had a lot of people on my table with full-blown appendicitis and

I've done it and it has helped.

INTERVIEWER: You mean the swelling goes down?

SCHULZE: That's what happens. I had one interesting story I'll tell

you. I was needing some money to do some traveling and I didn't have

it. Some woman called Dr. Christopher and said, "My husband has

appendicitis and is in the hospital." She said, "There are two surgeons

there and they want to do surgery immediately." Dr. Christopher gave

her my phone number.

She called me and brought her husband over, and we worked

on him for about four hours until he was relieved. Then I gave him

a program for two or three days, and he got better. She was a very

influential person and sent me probably a hundred clients in the next

three weeks. The long and short of it was I got the money to go on my

trip. I've never had a person who had to be cut open.

You know, when my friend from Florida called me, she was pretty

far gone. She was really sweating bullets. Her daughter had full-blown

appendicitis, 103 degree fever.

INTERVIEWER: What was she doing for it?

SCHULZE: She was doing some stuff, but she didn't turn the volume up

enough. She was doing a little of this and a little of that. She said her

daughter didn't want to.

INTERVIEWER: Didn 't want to what?

SCHULZE: I don't know...drink something. I said, "Julia, there is no

time. I said, "Either you do this, or you go to the hospital." She had

considered the hospital, and hey, I can understand it. I have a son now

 too. It's a scary situation. I said, "If you take her to the hospital, and then

you don't want to do what they say, you are stuck because they can take

her away from you."

Any hospital in the United States— if you take your kid in with

appendicitis and you say, "I want to take him out; I don't want to

operate," then they will arrest you for endangering the welfare of a child.

She got so scared, she decided to get on with what I told her.

INTERVIEWER: The little girl could end up not being her daughter anymore.

SCHULZE: Exactly. They could take all her kids away if she had pulled

some stunt like that. That scared her enough to go to work intensely.

And sure enough, in 24 hours, her little girl, Maxine, was fine.


 For supplementation at this point, I suggest:

--6 cloves of raw organic garlic daily

--1 tablespoon (approximately 12 droppersful) of a TOP quality Echinacea tincture, 3x daily

You've stopped taking the probiotics right?  I realize you don't have your order from Uny yet so you don't have the Echinacea and the other herbs but have you started taking the 6 cloves of organic raw garlic a day, castor oil packs, hot/cold therapy, EFT and foot reflexology?  If not, there is NO reason why you can't be doing all that even without all the other things.  Have you read the links Uny posted about how great garlic and Echinacea are?  Both have a plethora of benefits for our bodies!
In order to heal yourself naturally you're gonna have to be a WARRIOR PRINCESS and be extremely AGRESSIVE with the protocol.  Don't worry because I KNOW you can do it Anja!!  Below are Uny's closing words to you, I think there are worth reading again. ;)
"Anja, (honestly) I would have "zero fear" to do this, and would expect to be totally out of pain in less than a week and thoroughly healed within a week or two (knowing there could be some type of recurrence shortly if I didn't do a complete and thorough colon cleanse of at least 30-45 days).  Of course, I would be using deep discernment and be paying very close attention to ANY increase in pain or sensitivity.  If it worsened temporarily (say for a couple of hours, particularly after doing something agressive) I wouldn't be concerned, but if it continued to worsen for more than 5-6 hours, I'd be on "top alert".  But that is ME, not you...and I am NOT telling you what you should do, nor am I advising you to do what I would do.  I'm not in your body, I have no idea of your pain tolerance/threshold, or how you are able (or not) to discern what is happening within your body."
I'll bet you didn't think you were gonna get another "book" to read when you asked your very simple question did you lol?  Sorry about that, truly.  I just want you to know that we're here, ready, willing and able to help you along the way.  Remember that knowledge is POWER and you need all you can get on this healing path, even if you've got to lose some sleep to gain it lol!  Of utmost importance is juice fasting and NO colonics!!!!

Abundant blessing of healing.






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