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rod class & "my paperwork would have overturned every case that came before it hoax"
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Published: 7 years ago
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rod class & "my paperwork would have overturned every case that came before it hoax"

FIRST, SEE THE HOAX HERE: (Do not click on the following blue numbers. They link to wrong video. Instead, READ them only. They are the EXACT TIMES for the hoax exposed in video above. At: .50-1:25, 3:25:-3:50, 5:35-6:05, 8:50-9:20).

THE HOAX: Rod Class falsely claims that the court in his Washington, D.C. case "sealed" the court file in that case because his amateur "paperwork" (contained in that court file) would have "overturned all of the court cases that [ever] came before" it. But, this is not so.

THE TRUTH: The court "sealed" the court file in that case BECAUSE IT CONTAINED ROD CLASS' PSYCHIATRIC RECORDS.

FACT: Because court files are public, courts often "seal" court records TO PROTECT THE PRIVACY of certain types of litigants such as juvenile offenders, victims of sexual assault, parties to an adoption AND PERSONS WHOSE PSYCHIATRIC RECORDS ARE CONTAINED IN THE COURT FILE. (1) Indeed, it is precisely because courts “seal” such court files (or parts thereof) that CLASS’ FOLLOWERS HAVE NEVER KNOWN ABOUT HIS LONG HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS.

THE CASE: Class was CHARGED WITH A FELONY and FACED SERIOUS PRISON TIME. What's more, Class (who only has a high school education and who is functionally illiterate) ASKED THE COURT IF HE COULD REPRESENT HIMSELF. To make matters even worse, Class EXHIBITED SIGNS OF MENTAL ILLNESS. (In this case, the court stated, in writing, that it had become concerned about Class' mental health because his court filings were "SIMPLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE" and because of the delusional "SUBSTANCE" of his written and oral communications with the court, all signs of mental illness). It is customary in such circumstances for the court to have such a defendant UNDERGO A PSYCHIATRIC EXAMINATION before making a decision as to whether such a defendant may represent himself. (2) The purpose of such a psychiatric examination is to determine whether such a defendant is mentally competent TO MAKE THE DECISION TO REPRESENT HIMSELF. The purpose of such a psychiatric examination IS NOT TO DETERMINE WHETHER SUCH A DEFENDANT IS MENTALLY CAPABLE OF ACTUALLY REPRESENTING HIMSELF. (Under the law, the court must allow such a defendant to represent himself if he is mentally competent to make the decision to represent himself EVEN IF, AS HERE, HE WAS NOT MENTALLY CAPABLE OF ACTUALLY REPRESENTING HIMSELF.). (3) So, on February 3rd, 2014, the court ordered Class to undergo a psychiatric examination and appointed a psychiatrist for that purpose. (4) After the psychiatric examination, the clerk filed Class' psychiatric records in the court file. So, the court properly "sealed" the court file TO PREVENT THE PUBLIC FROM HAVING ACCESS TO CLASS' PSYCHIATRIC RECORDS. (5)

RESULTS: Based on all the evidence, the court determined that Class WAS NOT mentally capable of actually representing himself. While OBVIOUSLY TRUE, this determination was legally irrelevant. (Under the law, the court is only supposed to determine whether such a defendant is mentally competent enough to make the decision to represent himself.). Clearly, the court here was sympathetic towards Class under the circumstances and was going out of its way to prevent him from committing "legal suicide". (6) Regardless, the court made a second determination and found that Class was mentally competent ENOUGH to make the decision to represent himself (despite correctly finding that Class WAS NOT mentally capable of actually representing himself).

THE "PAPERWORK": Amateur legal theories are pure "pretend" and "make believe" AND CANNOT "OVERTURN" ANYTHING. The amateur "paperwork" that Class misguidedly brags about in this hoax was 36 "motions" reflecting classic amateur legal theories ("capital letters", "fictional entities", "natural persons" "corporations", "living flesh and blood man", "with a soul", "UCC", "registered trade name", "Coram Nobis", etc.). To see just how likely it was that Class' amateur "paperwork" would have "overturned all of the court cases that [ever] came before [it]", simply click on the first link below. This is the court's ACTUAL RESPONSE to the very amateur "paperwork" that Class misguidedly brags about in this HOAX. Look for the term, "DENIED", after EACH and EVERY such amateur legal theory.

1).,+who+will+seal+such+report%22+%22a+court-ordered+private+evaluation+report%22+%22mental+health+professional%22+&hl=en&scisbd=2&as_sdt=40006 (at footnote 4 near end of case) (at 16.02 (b) and (d))


3). (at the very end of section "A.")


5). Other courts have also ordered Class to undergo similar psychiatric examinations. In the “Judge DALE forgery” entitled, "The Great American Adventure: Secrets Of America", Rodney DALE Class (while pretending to be "Judge DALE") wrote TWO ENTIRE, SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS about HIS OWN many, previous experiences with similar court-ordered psychiatric examinations and hospitalizations. To read these two separate paragraphs, go to page 107. OR go to page 110. Class made a similar admission in the “Judge DALE forgery” entitled “The Matrix And The US Constitution” (while pretending to be “Judge DALE”) on page 5 at end of paragraph 2. See also "Sorry It Has Come To This" in Episode 917 dated 1-29-15.

According to documents filed by amateur legal theorist, Carl Miller (real name "Richard John Champion") himself and found on, he has had similar experiences to those of Class with respect to court-ordered psychiatric examinations and hospitalizations, as have many other such amateur legal theorists. . (at the 3rd complete sentence).


Class has already been JUDICIALLY DECLARED such a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT within the meaning the foregoing PSYCHIATRIC PUBLICATIONS. Class v. Gwin [the judge in a case that Class had just LOST] et al. [means "and others", including 30 governmental officials], Case No. 5:06-CV-1465, U. S. Dist. Ct. N.D. Ohio (Akron). Filed 06-14-06. Dismissed (means THROWN OUT OF COURT) 07-25-06. (available on See also (Here, Class seeks help of other amateurs with the same PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS.).

The facts of this hoax are very sad. Tragically sad. Snoop4truth did not expose this hoax to harm Rod Class. instead, Snoop4truth exposed this hoax solely to reduce the catastrophic damage that such INTENTIONAL FRAUD inflicts upon the American people every single day.

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