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why was rod class in washington, d.c. in the first place?
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Published: 7 years ago
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why was rod class in washington, d.c. in the first place?

WHY WAS ROD CLASS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. IN THE FIRST PLACE ?????????????????????????????????????????????
ANSWER: He was manufacturing a hoax to "TRICK" his own followers and the courts into believing that "Congress" had authorized him to practice law without a license. (Class mistakenly believed that Congress had such a power. But, it does not. Class did not know that under Article I, section 8 (which lists all of the powers of Congress) and under the tenth amendment (which reserves TO THE STATES all powers not delegated to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution), ONLY THE STATES HAVE THE POWER TO DO THAT.). (1)

Regardless, based on his mistaken belief, Class FORGED a two-page document (in all Italic font) consisting of a FAKE CONGRESSIONAL LETTERHEAD and a FAKE SIGNATURE PAGE (with a FAKE signature line for BOTH the HOUSE and the SENATE "judiciary committees"). (2) In his FORGERY, Class DESIGNATED HIMSELF a "Private Attorney General" under two civil rights statutes (not realizing that such was actually a CIVIL RIGHTS CLIENT who could not practice law or represent another person in court). (3) In his FORGERY, Class also DESIGNATED HIMSELF a "14th Amendment, Section 4 Bounty Hunter" (not realizing that such was actually a Union CIVIL WAR SOLDIER 150 years ago). (4) Finally, in his FORGERY, Class also AUTHORIZED HIMSELF to practice law without a license (not realizing that Congress has no power to provide such an authorization). (No link to this FORGERY is yet available.). Class actually admits to all of this. (5)

BACKGROUND I: When ANYONE hand files ANY document with Congress, Congressional aides sign and date-stamp the word, "RECEIVED" on the top page of that document. Then, they provide the deliverer of the document with a duplicate of that same signed and date-stamped document for their own records (like a "receipt"). Class then uses the signed and date-stamped duplicate of HIS OWN FORGERY to create the illusion that Congress (rather than Class) wrote and issued the FORGERY. (After all, by then Class' FORGERY appears to be on Congressional letterhead, bears Congressional date stamps and has signatures "from Congress"). But, in truth, no single Congressman (much less ALL OF CONGRESS) ever takes any action on the FORGERIES that Class' UNILATERALLY hand files with Congressional aides in this way. Indeed, Congress has no power to take any such action in the first place. But, Class does not know this.

MISTAKES ON TOP OF MISTAKES: All of this means that Class was so INCOMPETENT that in manufacturing this HOAX that he actually solicited signatures and date-stamps FROM THE WRONG GOVERNMENTAL BRANCH (legislative instead of judicial) OF THE WRONG GOVERNMENTAL SOVEREIGN (federal instead of state). You cannot get more INCOMPETENT than that. (In order to manufacture a really good hoax, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LYING ABOUT, and Class does not.).

BACKGROUND II: Class fraudulently-marked his used Jeep with several large FAKE vinyl decals to make it look like a law enforcement patrol vehicle. (6)

FACTS: On May 30th, 2013, Class (in his imaginary capacity as a Private Attorney General) was en route from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to "help" an unwary victim LOSE his weapons case there. But, Class stopped in D.C. along the way to obtain some Congressional aide signatures and date-stamps on his FORGERY. In so doing, Class illegally parked his conspicuously-marked Jeep on United States Capitol grounds in a parking lot located closest to occupied Congressional office buildings during business hours. This parking lot was clearly marked in such a way as to indicate that Class was not to park there. After illegally parking, went inside the adjacent Congressional office buildings for the reasons stated. When Class returned to the parking lot (delighted to have obtained what he had come for), he discovered that his conspicuously-marked Jeep was surrounded by a team of uniformed federal law enforcement officers who were busy peering through its windows counting all of the illegal "dangerous weapons" that were visible inside (and located within a few feet of occupied Congressional office buildings during business hours). (Think "Timothy McVeigh", the Murrah Federal Building and the Oklahoma City Bombing in a post-911 world.).

In his Jeep, federal officers founds one fully-loaded rifle, three fully-loaded handguns, one of which was completely and illegally unsecured and positioned between the front seats for quick and easy access, several hundred more rounds of ammunition for all four firearms on-board, one large machete on the driver’’s side door for easy access, fourteen large knives & daggers of varying size and lethal effect, one illegal spring-deployed switch blade knife and three more axes of various sizes and lethal effect.

When officers asked Class if the Jeep was his, he replied, "Yes". When officers asked Class it he had driven his Jeep on to United State Capitol grounds and parked it where it sat, Class replied, "Yes". When officers asked Class if the weapons inside the Jeep were his, he replied, "Yes". On the basis of these voluntary confessions (all of which Class openly admits to), Class was charged and convicted of "carrying" "dangerous weapons" "onto United States Capitol grounds". (7) It's that simple. There was nothing bizarre, unusual, fraudulent, corrupt, illegal or unconstitutional about what the officers or the courts did in this case, despite Class' fraudulent claims to the contrary.

Unknown to Class, his conduct here also violated the terms of his conceal and carry permit from North Carolina. So, unknown to Class, his permit offered him no defense to the charges against him here. (8)

Unknown to Class, even if he had a second amendment defense to "carrying" firearms or handguns onto United States Capitol grounds in a post 9-11 world , he had no second amendment defense to "carrying" THE OTHER "dangerous weapons" (including machetes, knives & daggers, switch blades and axes) onto United States Capitol grounds.

NOTE: Class is desperate to appear to be something that he is not (Private Attorney General, Fourteenth Amendment Section 4 Bounty Hunter, winning litigator, legal genius, etc.).

FACT: If Class had not stopped in D.C. to obtain Congressional aide signatures and date-stamps on his FORGERY (in order to appear to be something that he is not), Class WOULD NOT have been arrested and convicted of "carrying dangerous weapons onto U.S. Capitol grounds".

FACT: If Class had not ALSO fraudulently-marked his jeep with FAKE vinyl decals (in order to appear to be something that he is not), Class' vehicle would have likely escaped the attention of federal law enforcement officers and Class WOULD NOT likely have been arrested or convicted of "carrying dangerous weapons onto U.S. Capitol grounds".

1). See Const., Art. 1, Sec. 8 (WHICH LISTS ALL OF THE POWERS OF CONGRESS). (Note that the power to authorize a person to practice law IS NOT ON THE LIST). Unknown to Class, ONLY THE STATES HAVE THAT POWER. Class makes this very same INCOMPETENT mistake with respect to driver's licenses, licenses to practice law and the "BAR" which are all governed by STATE law (not FEDERAL law).

2. . (See Ruling 35.).

3. .

What a REAL PAG looks like.

4. .

5). (BEGINNING AT PAGE 2 PARA. 2.). Here, Class actually admits to seeking and obtaining Congressional signatures & date-stamps on his FORGERY in furtherance of this hoax.


Class was previously convicted for illegally installing a real police blue light on top of this very Jeep. Class was actually on probation for that conviction when he was arrested in D.C. with "weapons" here, thereby constituting a violation of his probation (which was conditioned upon him not possessing any "weapons" and conditioned upon him not committing an "offense" in "any jurisdiction", both for the period of a year).


8. N.C.G.S. 14-415.11(C)(4).

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