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Rod Class's Latest
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Published: 8 years ago

Rod Class's Latest

If you guys want to know how to take the system and crooks down, listen to this. In order to do it, you have to learn all this legal stuff.

You can still listen and see what he's exposing and doing though. After he gets done with his case, he's going to be giving seminar's on how to do this stuff. i can't believe he's finally put it all together, and with Rod, he's got the law to back up everything he says. I'm sure going to be doing this stuff! Time to take this system down! Down with the crooks!

What he's exposing is, there IS a strawman/state trust/ALL CAPITOL LETTER NAME that was set up in your name with your birth certificate, and this is who they are dragging into court. Not you as a person, but this legal fiction they created. Which means you aren't involved with any of their legal GARBAGE! And since this is the law, you can beat every case with it. You go in and show them the law, and make the judge prove who they are dragging into court, because they naming a state trust is the plaintiff. You're just an interested third party. And he shows how to separate yourself from that trust and come in as a human being with a soul.

You know how the elite call us useless eaters? Well that's basically what the law classifies us as. So they are just stating the law because they think we're too stupid to figure it out.

He's also exposing that Congress never passed a law creating an attorney or lawyer. Only Attorney Generals. So these lawyers have invaded the judicial system illegally.

I have our state law that says the Bar Association is a state agency. All agencies and departments of the state are the executive branch. So these crooks are working in two branches of government, which is unconstitutional. And ALL judges are bar flies. (members) So if there is a case involving the state, they have a direct interest which means they have a conflict of interest.

And the law says all attorneys are officers of the court first, and public servants and attorney's for their clients second. This is why you will never receive justice using them, unless it's a glaring error on the prosecutor's part. Plus the attorney's have a conflict of interest with you too, since they are officer's of the court.

He is also exposing how the US Codes were never made into law. They say they are presumed to be the law (prima facie) and you can show they aren't the law, so you can't be prosecuted.

He shows how to take any official from the cop who pulls you over to obozo, and sue their butts. He gives all his documents and he shows how to sue all these bums in their personal capacity, not as the official which they are immune from. Here are his documents:

I think there is some other things he's exposing too, but can't remember it all right now. You get the idea though. This blows up their whole system of fraud. During the prohibition, about 60-80,000 people started filing law suits against the crooks, and they eliminated prohibition. The same can be done with the whole system if enough people do this stuff! So let's take this system down!

Just go here and click the first recording on the list. (1/14/14) This link may be the recording, but not sure if it works.

Anyway, get this out to all your legal bagels that you know and get them involved with this, and learn it yourself. It's time to beat these crooks over the head with their own laws and get rid of the whole legal system, because it's fraud, illegal and unconstitutional! Stand up and take this country back!

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