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famous hoax by rod class' partner int he "judge dale hoax" & several other rod class hoaxes
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Published: 5 years ago
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famous hoax by rod class' partner int he "judge dale hoax" & several other rod class hoaxes

FAMOUS HOAX BY ROD CLASS' PARTNER IN THE "JUDGE DALE HOAX" & SEVERAL OTHER ROD CLASS HOAXES. THE “NASA WAR DOCUMENT HOAX” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE HOAX: The promoter of this hoax falsely claims that the “NASA War Document” is a “secret” government document that was discovered and downloaded (or “leaked”) from a “NASA website” which she claims proves that NASA and/or the United States government are developing and using terrifying, horrific, futuristic, high-tech weapons AGAINST the American people. But, these claims are not so.

THE TRUTH: The “NASA War Document” is NOT what promoter claims it is, was NEVER on a NASA website, was NEVER “secret” and does NOT reflect existing or future high-tech weapons that NASA and/or the United States government are developing or using AGAINST the American People.

Instead, what the promoter calls the “NASA War Document” is simply her HIGHLY-“MODIFIED” version of an original 2001 power point slide show presentation (WITHOUT THE ACCOMPANYING ORAL COMMENTARY THAT EXPLAINED IT). The original power point slide show presentation was created by a NASA scientist for his use as a "VISUAL AID" for his ORAL presentation AT A 2001 CONVENTION OF MILITARY CONTRACTORS THAT WERE IN THE BUSINESS OF DEVELOPING COUNTERMEASURES TO POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS THAT OTHER NATIONS COULD THEORETICALLY DEVELOP IN THE FUTURE TO USE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OVER THE NEXT 25 YEARS. The purpose of the original power point slide show presentation was to introduce the thousands of military contractors in attendance at the convention to potential, future, high-tech weapons that OTHER NATIONS could theoretically develop for use against the American people (AS DEPICTED IN THE ORIGINAL POWER POINT PRESENTATION) AND TO ENCOURAGE THOSE MILITARY CONTRACTORS IN ATTENDANCE TO DEVELOP COUNTERMEASURES AGAINST THEM.

Obviously, the FIRST such military contractors to develop successful COUNTER MEASURES to use AGAINST such theoretical, potential, future, high-tech weapons (as depicted in the original slide show presentation) would be more likely to be awarded profitable government contracts to manufacture them. This is why the thousands of military contractors in attendance at the convention would have been so interested in this particular subject. Nowhere in the subject original document does it imply, suggest or state that NASA itself or the United States Government were developing or using any of these horrific, potential, future weapons AGAINST the American people themselves.

BACKGROUND: The original power point slide show presentation was created by Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief NASA Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Langley, Virginia. As NASA's chief scientist, Bushnell was an expert on potential, future, military technology that OTHER NATIONS might theoretically develop for use against the American people. For this reason, Bushnell was asked to speak at an upcoming CONVENTION which would be attended by thousands of military contractors who were in the business of developing COUNTERMEASURES to such theoretical, potential, future, high-tech weapons.

The title of the Bushnell’s presentation at the upcoming convention was “FUTURE Strategic Issues/FUTURE Warfare (CIRCA 2025)" (note the YEAR, "2025"). Bushnell first published his original power point slide show presentation TO THE PUBLIC on the “US Department of Defense’s Defense Technical INFORMATION CENTER" website (a PUBLIC website) in July 2001, a month BEFORE the convention at which he was to speak on the subject. (So much for the promoter's “secret” or “leaked” document story.).

Bushnell actually gave his power point slide show presentation on August 14th, 2001 at the “4th Annual Testing and Training FOR READINESS ["having successful COUNTERMEASURES"] Symposium and Exhibition" which was held at the Rosen Centre Hotel (then, the OMNI Rosen Hotel) in Orlando, Florida. The theme of the convention/symposium/exposition was “EMERGING CHALLENGES [potential FUTURE weapons] AND OPPORTUNITIES ["BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES"] (its REAL name)”. The convention was hosted by the National DEFENSE Industrial Association ("NDIA"), a trade association for American military contractors.

PDF metadata (see below) of the promoter’s HIGHLY “MODIFIED” version of the original document indicates that it was “created” on “March 27, 2011 (10 years AFTER Bushnell’s presentation), that it was "created" by the promoter’s co-conspirator and that it was “LAST MODIFIED” (means last "changed", “altered” or “re-written”) on January 23, 2013 (12 years after Bushnell’s presentation). The promoter and her co-conspirator made these extensive "MODIFICATIONS" to the original document in order to make the promoter’s HIGHLY- "MODIFIED" version better fit THE FRAUD that they were peddling (“NASA is killing us all with horrific, high-tech weapons.”). Not surprisingly, the promoter never disclosed ("revealed") these extensive (AND SECRET) "MODIFICATIONS" to her followers. Needless to say, the truth does not need "MODIFICATION". Only lies need "MODIFICATION". (which records everything ever posted online) indicates that Bushnell’s original power point slide presentation was posted in the “PUBLIC DOMAIN” FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE on the “US Department of Defense’s Defense Technical INFORMATION CENTER website" (a PUBLIC website). (So much for the promoter's “secret” document story.). indicates that the subject original document WAS NEVER POSTED ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB (including any NASA website).

The promoter had good reason for misleading the American people about the true source of the original document. If she truthfully admitted that the original document was downloaded from the website of the “US Department of DEFENSE’S DEFENSE Technical INFORMATION CENTER” (a PUBLIC website), then the original document would not appear to be "secret", nefarious or otherwise part of a conspiracy. This is because, as a general rule, the government does not usually post written proof of its own conspiracies against its own people on ITS OWN PUBLIC “INFORMATION CENTER” WEBSITES).

CONCLUSION: Contrary to the promoter's claims, THE "NASA WAR DOCUMENT" DOES NOT REFLECT AN EFFORT ON THE PART OF NASA (OR THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT) TO KILL ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WITH HORRIFIC, FUTURISTIC, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS. To the contrary, the ORIGINAL "NASA WAR DOCUMENT" actually reflects an effort on the part of a single NASA scientist (and hundreds of American military contractors) TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM POTENTIAL, FUTURE, HIGH-TECH WEAPONS THAT OTHER NATIONS COULD THEORETICALLY DEVELOP FOR USE AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE (AS DEPICTED IN THE ORIGINAL PRESENTATION), exactly backwards to what the promoter claims in her hoax. The promoter of this hoax knew the truth about the original document all along, but nevertheless decided to lie to the American people about it anyway. Sadly, this hoax is but a small part of a much larger pattern of fraud on the part of this promoter to defraud the American people. See the comments by snoop4truth posted below the following video on "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars". (Read comments by Snoop4truth posted below this video.).






COMPUTER ANALYSIS OF PDF METADATA OF THE PROMOTER’S HIGHLY-“MODIFIED” VERSION OF THE SUBJECT DOCUMENT (Scroll down and read the comments of senior member, “Flamesong” beginning with the comment posted on “26-06-2013, 09:02 PM” and the following comment posted on “26-06-2013, 09:39 PM”):

BELOW, THE PROMOTER IS ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON TAPE WHILE ENGAGED IN THE "JUDGE DALE HOAX". In this hoax, the promoter, her co-conspirator and "Rodney DALE Class" disseminated FAKE legal books that revealed FAKE legal information WHICH THEY THEMSELVES ACTUALLY CREATED, but which they fraudulently told the American people were written by a FAKE "retired federal judge" named, "Judge DALE" (which uses Rodney DALE Class' middle name, "DALE", as an inside joke). Jeff Rense is NOT involved in the hoax. (Do not click on blue numbers below. They link to the wrong video.
Instead, go to the following videos FIRST. Then, go to the times indicated below. They are the exact times of the hoax documented therein.). (Go to this video FIRST, then go to 2:25-11:35) (Same as above. 42:10-49:15) (Same. 3:50-4:30 & 7:15-56:00) (Same. 34:20-36:30) (Same. 1:30-1:45)

Snoop4truth did not expose the "NASA War Document Hoax" to harm anyone, including Rodney DALE Class. Instead, Snoop4truth exposed this hoax to solely reduce the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE that this (and similar) INTENTIONAL FRAUD inflicts upon the American people every single day.

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