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Re: Rod Class's Latest
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Rod Class's Latest

Right on T! You see how this can be used in any case since it strikes the core of the whole system of fraud.

And I think it's public law 440? that says the laws can be coded into the US Codes, and public law 441? that says the codes can be printed, but they never passed the laws.

One session ended in March and then the next started on December 16th, and they claim the codes were passed on December 7th. But they weren't in session then. So the US Codes were never enacted into law. That's a big problem for the whole system!

And they never passed an act creating lawyers or attorney's. Only attorney generals. I think it was the 1789 Judicial Act? But that's another big problem for the whole system. By what authority are lawyers able to represent people or be judges?

I've been looking in my state laws and the Bar Act was passed in 1933. Does that year ring a bell? And the Act says the current people that are lawfully able to represent others are automatically in the Bar. And any new members will follow the rules the bar sets up. So they turned over the judicial system to the bar. They never passed a law creating a lawyer, or saying what qualifications they must have or what they can do. Like represent other people. So they have no legal authority to do what they are doing.

And this law says the Bar Association is an agency of the state, which means they work in, through and under the executive branch. Any agency or department of the state is the executive branch. If it's not part of the judicial system or the legislature, it's the executive branch enacting and enforcing the laws. So they are working in two branches of government, which is unconstitutional. So judge's working through the executive branch, are residing over cases involving the state? Conflict of interest? And lawyers are officers of the court first, and public servants and representatives for their clients? Conflict again? You bet!

So there are some HUGE problems with this whole system, and it needs to be exposed, the laws shown and the system brought down! And all this stuff affects every case going through the court system. It doesn't matter what type of case it is.

Rod just did another call tonight too. He's pumping it out faster than I can absorb it. But I'll get it. Especially when he starts doing his seminars.

And this is where the grand juries that the Republic and other groups are setting up come into play. If the current system is corrupt and unconstitutional, then the only system that IS constitutional are the grand juries. If we bring their corrupt system down, then they don't have the guns any more to enforce their corruption. Then they will be on the constitutional side.

And if we start suing these clowns as a person who violated their oath and duty and got paid doing it, we will see these rats jumping ship and eating each other. And this can be done from the cop on the corner to obozo. So there really is a solution to all this.

That's kind of the overview of the whole solution in my opinion.

And I think if they start trying to pull the false flags, I think the military is ready to step in and stop it. And with all the countries around the world cutting off the money the crooks are using, and going around they systems they've set up, I think it's an impossible situation for the crooks. I don't think they have ANY way out. We just have to keep pushing till the tipping point is reached.

We just need to gather our facts/laws and get in there and stand up to it and take this country back one case at a time till it snowballs into victory.

Take Care T!

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