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Re: Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems

Dvjorge...In your last post you say the following..." He sent me by email at least 30 or more papers, testimonies, etc about Turpentine, yet I haven't read any report of someone cured using it." You contradict yourself in this sentence. This person took the trouble to send you testimonies of cures and apparently you wont believe them or didn't even bother to read them as evidence.  

Have another look at Walter Last's Kerosene -- A Universal Healer article (I wont post the link as I have already posted it several times already already in this stream). There's alot of evidence in this article about the healing aspect of Turpentine/Kerosene. Check the research and testamonial links etc at the bottom of this article -- that's why Walter Last recommends it. In his article, Walter Last says this about turpentine/kerosene;

"The use of these petroleum products is most widespread in poorer countries, including Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa. A recent study in Nigeria found that about 70 per cent of the population used petroleum products medicinally. The most common applications are for infections and infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis and rheumatic diseases in general. Even the Rockefellers supposedly started their fortune by selling kerosene as a cancer cure before they found that chemotherapy was more lucrative."

Walter Last also concludes:

" ...Today, the Wikipedia page on kerosene states clearly and simply: "Ingestion of kerosene is harmful or fatal." Increasingly the most recent MSDSs no longer provide toxicity data so that people cannot see how relatively non-toxic kerosene is. Instead, only the warning remains that it can be fatal if it gets into the lungs.

"The acute oral toxicity of kerosene for rats is given as "LD50 > 5000 mg/kg"[low toxicity]. LD50 is the dose at which 50 per cent of the rats will die; in this case, more than 5 g/kg are required. In comparison, the LD50 of gum turpentine for rats is given as 5760 mg/kg [low toxicity]. The MSDS for Diggers Pure Gum Turpentine states: "Ingestion can cause nausea, vomiting and bladder irritation. Aspiration into lungs when swallowed or vomited may cause chemical pneumonitis which can be fatal" 

"All of this is obviously in conflict with its use for hundreds of years as a trusted remedy, and is in conflict with the scientific toxicity information. In France, kerosene still appears in the official pharmacopoeia as huile de Gabian and is prescribed as a remedy for bronchitis, asthma and cystitis. Even the medical literature contains clinical studies by reputable researchers showing that kerosene is effective against cancer

Isn't that clear enough evidence ? Walter Last is a well-respected healer who isn't in the habit of lying and who has written many books on curing candida and other diseases(see his book "Overcoming Candida, a Guide to Self healing"). But apparently, for some people, ths simply isn't good enough as proof. 

You're perfectly entitled to your vew that turpentine is a poison. But for me, a regular user of turpentine, you only ever seem to have have one argument against supplementing turpentine(and it is greatly flawed) -- that medical research research says that turpentine is a poison. You already know my views on this.  I've also been supplementing turpentine for a long time. So, according to your own peculiar reasoning, I've been using turpentine at poisonous dosages so I should really be dead, right ? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I am still kicking and I appear to be in good health.

When you initially start using turpentine, start small and go slow. Start with drops and take a week or more to work up to the one teaspoon dosage per day for candida. And if you already have candida -- you certainly will probably get a considerable Herx or die off effect so adjust dosages accordingly and be patient. If you take too much turpentine initially and too quickly, then you will probably get laxative effects. Take one teaspoon a day(consecutively) for no more than 10 days and then stop for 10 days. The maintenance dose for health is to take a teaspoon of turpentine only once or twice a week.

I take turpentine in two ways -- one teaspoon of turpentine plus one teaspoon of molasses or raw honey mixed in the mouth with saliva and then chased down with a small amount of water. Take this just before meals so that it will be carried into the intestines with the food. This is a particularly good method for killing candida in the intestines. Or I just take one teaspoon of turpentine with a glass of water on an empty stomach -- where the turpentine gets quickly absorbed directly into the blood from the stomach with this method. This latter method is also better and more effective at curing other diseases outside the intestine and is a great way of purifying the blood.   

Furthermore, I have never read any instance where anyone has ever been harmed while taking this protocol in the proper way.






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