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Re: Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems

 I am continually amazed at people who criticize a protocol but do not present one shred of evidence for their own views. 

By the way, kerosene and paraffin(the clear, uncoloured paraffin) may also be used in lieu of turpentine because they contain the same beneficial chemicals. 
Here's some evidence for the efficacy of turpentine(again!!):
As for turpentine being a poison, I find this a particularly strange belief. Far back in time, the Greeks used turpentine both externally and internally. Ferdinand Magellan, the famous round-the-world sea captain, stocked his ships with barrel loads of turpentine as a supplement, cure-all and tonic for his sailors. Pine oil or turpentine contains high amounts of vitamin c -- which prevents scurvy. The sailors of this period also used to make a special beer by adding pine-needles to the brew. Turpentine poisonous? I really dont think so.
Also TCM has used pine oil in their remedies for centuries. I'm also sure that one or two people out there must have heard of Korean Red Pine Oil which is famous in Asia for its healing protperties. Distilled pine oil is turpentine. 
If you Google "Paula Ganner kerosene" you will see exactly what can be cured using this protocol. Paula Ganner was also interviewed by 7-Tag, a well known and popular German magazine. To the interview as proof, she brought along 20,000 letters of thanks from people who had used her kerosene remedy and who had succesfully been cured of various and many cancers, tuberculosis, leukemia, polio (Paula Ganner cured her son of polio within 2 weeks using kerosene and she also cured her husband, who was a carpenter, of sepsis or gangrene using her kerosene therapy) etc. After this magazine interview and within the week, the editor of 7-Tag magazine  was promptly fired and, within the year, turpentine/kerosene was DE CLAREd an outright poison by the German medical authorities.
From the Project Gutenberg website, I also downloaded and searched for turpentine in the 1899 Merck Medical Manual. I lost count how many times turpentine was used both externally and internally. Same for Lugol's Iodine, same for borax. But in the 1999 Merck Medical Manual turpentine was suddenly DE CLAREd to be poisonous(just like LI and borax) -- despite thousands of years of successful medical use.
Are you getting a clearer picture of why people think turpentine is a poison nowadays (from the medical propaganda)?
In my book, at the end within the references section, I also took the trouble to compile about twelve A4 pages of research and other evidence to help convince people of the efficacy and safety of the remedies I use against candida. If you want to see all the evidence then I'm afraid you'll have to buy the book -- not enough room here.
I supplement turpentine about once a week. I've found that it helps to normalize my own stools and significantly boosts energy levels becauseof its strong antioxidant effects. I also take turpentine because it purifies and protects  the blood and helps to protect the intestines, liver and kidneys in this respect. 
Furthermore I freely admit that the protocols I use belong to other people who I fully acknowledge in the book. All I've tried to do is connect the dots to help cure serious candida problems. And if you do buy my book -- read the Dedication. And to be honest, the very last thing I want is to become famous for these remedies. I really don't need the vicious hassle from the FDA, WHO or the allopathic drugs cartels.  
But I would agree with you that you must be careful using this turpentine protocol because of its laxative effects when too much is initially supplemented. Turpentine also gets rid of candida very quickly -- therefore a strong Herx or die-off  healing crisis is likely if you initially supplement too large a dose. Start small and go slow. Perhaps Paraselsus, the famous medievil alchemist and healer,  said it best :
"Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison.
The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy."

My last pieceof advice is probably the most important. 
Stop thinking like a doctor and always validate your own beliefs properly. If you don't validate with evidence,  you could be passing on incorrect information to other people and be instrumental in creating unfounded fears, which might then prevent people from taking a remedy as a proper and valid cure. 

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