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Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems
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Published: 10 years ago

Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems

 Hi Everyone,

I've just written a book on how to cure serious candida problems. This book has a very different approach to curing and resolving candida problems and goes with the most current research. The book is called Candida: Killing so Sweetly and will be out in paperback and ebook format next month(Sept 19th).

To actually help people with their candida problems now and to help people to understand this protocol, here it is -- with quick explanations:

The Main Anti-Candida Protocol

Anti-Candida Diet

The above links contain the main daily anti-candida protocols with a short tabulated explanation of the nutrient activity within the protocols. And the anti-candida diet is just plain common sense.

I've used the above protocol successfully to cure my own systemic candida problems seven years ago(with no return of this disease or any of the symptoms) as well as successfully helping and advising other people with serious candida problems many times. Generally, because people don't like taking so many nutrients, the people who have taken this protocol and followed it religiously were very desperate and sick people who  were usually at the catabolic or body-wasting stage(rapid weight loss) of their candida problems. This protocol has also been very successful at  curing systemic candida, with no "Rebound Effect" or no continual return of the disease.

If you want to know the deeper explanations(backed up by all the research) as to why this protocol works so well, you'll have to buy and read the book -- not enough room here.  

Currently I'm working on another smaller and more convenient anti-candida protocol using both protease enzymes(strongly anti-biofilm) and turpentine(strong anti-biofilm action, strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mycoplasma, anti-parasitic and strong anti-oxidant). This approach is mainly based on the good research work of  Dr Jennifer Daniels(Turpentine) and also on the work of Dr William Shaw and Dr Peta Cohen who have both found causative links between candida mycotoxins(like arabinose, tartaric acid and gliotoxins) and difficult-to-cure diseases like Autism, CFS, ADHD, Lupus and Alzheimer's Disease. It  appears that if you apply strong anti-fungals to people with with ADHD, Autism, Altzheimers and CFS then there is always a marked improvement --  if not a complete resolution and cure --  with these serious conditions.

I will probably eventually write another book on this smaller and more convenient protocol in the future.

“As the philosopher Schopenhauer said, 'All truth goes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Then, it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.' Within five years, people who ignore the importance of yeast-related illness will be in the same camp with those in the Flat-Earth Society." 

Dr William Shaw





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