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Re: Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Overcoming and Curing Your Candida Problems

 What alot of people have missed from my initial posting at the start of this stream is that I also present the protease enzyme protocol, as well as the turpetine protocol, as particularly quick methods for getting rid of candida and bacterial biofilms in the gut.  

So, for a change, let's talk about the protease enzyme option that I mentioned. Dr Peta Cohen has been using protease enzyme protocols very successfully against candida and candida biofilms. When a biofilm initially forms in the gut, its like a fibrin(protein) cage in the form of a micro-slime within the gut mucosa which protects the candida and bacteria residing in it from attack from anti-fungals and from the immune system. This is also a major reason for anti-candida protocols failing to get rid of all the candida and it just never goes away and a good reason why candida just keeps coming back. -- because other anti-candida protocols have no overt method for dissolving or digesting these fibrin biofilms. Futhermore, if these protective biofilms have had the chance to become mature -- as in people who have had candida for years and years -- then these biofilms become a much denser, hardened fibrin biofilm matrix -- which is like a fortress and is highly protective for the candida and much more difficult to get rid off -- like hardened bacterial plaque on teeth which is also constructed from biofilms.

Dr Peta Cohen has had great success getting rid of candida because of the incorporation of using anti-biofilm protease enzymes(nattokinase and lumbrokinase enzymes) in her protocols, together with heavy metal detox and all-natural anti-microbials including anti-fungals such as tea tree and oregano.  

There is also a good product -- called Theramedix CDX -- which contains hemicellulase and  chitinase(which dissolves the candida cell wall -- made of chitin) as well as containing plant based protein digesting or fibrinolytic enzymes(bromelain and papain) for digesting and removing candida biofilms -- thus exposing the candida and leaving it naked and without protection against anti-fungals and the immune system. This product has been very successful when taken outside mealtimes and used in an anti-candida protocol together with heavy metal detox. Heavy metals detox must always be included when removing biofilms -- because candida uses heavy metals to construct biofilms. Therefore these heavy metals will be released into the intestines when you disslove biofilms -- so to prevent their re-distribution throughout the body they must immediately be neutralized and removed using EDTA, Chlorella, Sodium thiosulfate etc. 



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