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"CosMos" by: Ervin Laszlo & Jude Currivan   43 d  
Natural expressions of miracles - in every thought!
”... Chinese tradition maintains that the energies of chi originate in the bones. So it is interesting that in 2000, stem cells (the undifferentiated primary cells of the body) were discovered in originate in the bone marrow. Dr. Eva Mezey of the U.S. National Institute of Health has found that they then mutate into immune cells and thus remain ’un-attacked’ by the body’s defenses as they migrate through the body to the brain, where they dedifferentiate as neurons. This adds to the evidence that contravenes the previously held assumption by neuroscientists that we are born with a certain ...   read more

There Is a Purpose Behind the Universe!   11 mon  
The concept of a holographically in-formed universe and an underlying order, purpose, and meaning to the Cosmos
”There are great Cosmic Patterns showing the important steps which lead to the upliftment of each of us to a point where union with the Higher Self is attainable. Perhaps the purpose of Earth evolution is to restore humanity to its full creative ability, working in harmony with the Divine Plan. There is a purpose behind the Universe, which the religious of all ages have known, and each has outlined a tentative spiritual path to super-consciousness. Within the unending cycles of birth and death there must be profound meaning. Nothing is more important for humankind to realize the Oneness ...   read more

How Big Is The Milky Way?   13 mon  
Conceptualizing a model of the Milky Way
Inspired upon reading: ”We are part of a spiral galaxy called the Milky Way, 100,000 light years across and our Sun is only one of it’s 200 billion stars. All the stars that you see in the night sky are part of the Milky Way Galaxy.”[1] How do we begin to conceptualize this? I thought a model would be helpful. There are 100 centimeters in a meter. If we use the centimeter to represent a ”light year” then we need 100,000 centimeters for our ”model”. Then we need an area with a diameter of 0.6213712121 of a mile to set up or at least imagine our model. I’m originally from Chicago where w ...   read more

Transits Re: A Direct Experience of Pluto & More!   14 mon  
A powerful truth of life-accepting insight regarding an old communication.
Several flashes of insight within a few moments inspired my curiosity as to what the current cosmic aspects were. So I just generated a transit chart for that purpose.[1] What stands out for me now is two planetary aspects: The Moon conjunct Pluto and Saturn square Chiron. According to my very first teacher in the Human Design revelation - Pluto rules all things that are unseen including sex. ”Its keywords are secrecy, power, and powerlessness, transformations, the phoenix that rises out of the ashes, rebirth. It requires the descent into the underworld, into one’s darkness, most for ...   read more

The U-n-I-Verse That I Have Chosen to Live In!   27 mon  
The ever-new flow of life through the you-'n-I-verse.
Although it’s been awhile since I was last here at the U-n-I-Verse I’ve continued thinking of us! I’m inspired with thoughts of God-us, God in us, Godin us, etc. I’m also remembering my sharing with my younger brother in about 1969 that God is all of us. I don’t imagine I’d say the same thing now however that was what I said then. Nowadays what I say is ”I AM my divine I AM Presence and I AM one with the divine I AM Presences of all humanity”. It is a wonderful release beyond the self-imposed limiting beliefs of my very very strict initial ”Christian” conditioning that I took very se ...   read more

"Do Not Be Afraid of The Universe."   3 y  
Richard Tarnas, Ph.D. "Humanity's Rite of Passage", Seattle, March 13, 2015
Philosopher and cultural historian Richard Tarnas speaks about our age of transformation and explores the challenges and possibilities of this dramatic time for which Jung used the term kairos, the pivotal moment for a fundamental spiritual and cultural change in human experience. Richard Tarnas, ’Humanity’s Rite of Passage’- Initiatory Process spoken of by Joseph Campbell in a lecture of 1970 who told a story of a North American shamanic initiation experienced by one shaman who told of his own initiation in an igloo for 30 days where ”he died a number of times in those 30 days” and whe ...   read more

Be Aligned With The Music of The Spheres!   3 y  
The most fundamental right relationships with our core being, with the U-n-I-verse and in the world.
A noteworthy stream of serendipities this afternoon began several hours ago in my ”other office” when I wrote a note with the intention to blog about the: ”Triple Matrix” consisting of ”The World, the Cosmos and our own individual Human Design”. By now most people probably have at least heard of ”The Matrix” film. So the idea of the world as a matrix system is not new. And the work of Richard Tarnas with ”Cosmos and Psyche” has been known for about ten years as well (and he was not the first to show that the Cosmos has it’s impact on world events). Finally ”The Human Design System” has ...   read more

Universal Law   4 y  
Just discovered a seventeen page PDF of this booklet!
”Creating miracles in your life is no more complicated than understanding the metaphysics of the Universal Law.” So begins the booklet: ”Miracles” by Stuart Wilde.[1] This evening I just discovered a PDF version.[2] Notes: [1] Stuart Wilde born September 24th, 1946.[3] That gave him the King of Hearts Birth Card. His Secret Language of Destiny path was ”The Way of Translation, (From Lunar South Node): Sagittarius II to Gemini II: (Lunar North Node) - Originator to New Language! [2]   read more

Astrology and Music   4 y  
Researching esoteric connections that inspire my music.
Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 as of 9:50 AM (PST) San Diego, California (I’m so glad to be here now!) I now more fully grok the musicality of Pisces and that actually elevates my perspective on Pisces! I feel deeply attuned to the ”music of the spheres” with much of my own music. I intend to do more research re: ”Pisces .. the Most Musical Sign”.[1] In addition to this astrological aspect I also have experienced inspiration with the I Ching. Now I see that these two systems together can hold an all inclusive context for the ”music of the spheres”. With Human Design the two are integrate ...   read more

Cha Cha Cha Changes!   5 y  
Pluto Uranus Square
It has been over two years now since my last post here! I may review my journals to fill in this gap and at least summarize the most notable shifts. Believe me, there have been a number of definite shifts my friend! This past year alone has possibly been the biggest ’year of shifts’ of my entire life with very significant ”outer world” changes that I can briefly mention now (and may elaborate upon and/or link to other blogs that I have written in this regards). Just in the Autumn of 2013 - I have experienced: the unexpected ”crossing-of-the-threshold” of both my father and my siste ...   read more

A Fifth With Papa   7 y  
A poetic musing after my fifth (and sixth) visit with Papa: "Halloween in The Twilight Zone with Boris Karloff and The Adams Family"
He wants to give his ”world” to me he is pouring it out his rare vintage wine I only came with a cup in my hand yet he kept pouring his wine always flowing I had to stop him and show him my cup then tried to tell him I just like to sip ################### December 7th/8th, 2012 Today was my 6th visit with the one whom I was referred to in my blogs as ”Boris Karloff”.: (For more on ”Boris”: Back home in the ”after glow” of my visit I was inspired with a potential title (maybe a real work ...   read more

Worth Devoting Some Energy To!   7 y  
"Breaking the Godspell" by Neil Freer; Fourth Printing 2000.
”The quest for self-understanding, self-determination is the central, positive, essential focus of human nature to which we should devote high energy and intelligence. It seems to me that ”self-determination” is an essential part of the birth of the American Spirit that includes ”self-evident truths”, ”Liberty”, ”the pursuit of Happiness” as well as the ”free inhabitant”; all of which you can find in the Organic Laws which are part of ”the general and permanent Laws of the United States enacted through the 109th Congress”. The quest continues! I am fortunate to have a Human Design and a ...   read more

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