Dreaming a New Reality
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Questions   24 d  
More art and spiritual musings since I've had my stroke.
Recent Collage Art ”Chocolate 01” by LFIRE (c)2018 QUESTIONS            What is in-between            where we are            (where we THINK we are            where we imagine we are.....)            and where we think we are going? Why do we think that the star brothers /people are not real when there are ancient writings, and buildings that prove this? Why do we think that they were not here, or that the knowledge they passed on to us is not on-going? Or that there is far more than only this galaxy and the dramas of this 3rd dimension, the curren ...   read more

Time Has SLOWED   55 d  
Difficult month, time seems so slow!
  read more

More From the Stroke   85 d  
More messages from Spirit since I've had my stroke.
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE002cz.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE001cz.jpg Here are two art pieces that I’ve done since my stroke Art and Photos by LFIRE(c)2018 Love is the answer Gratitude is the vessel And the song is you. The answer is not in DOING The secret is in BEING! Since the stroke, more and more awareness of things I have wondered about are revealed. Knowledge just seems to show up. Things that no one seems to talk about and that people think are true (that people KNOW are true) really aren’t true!!! We ...   read more

New Year Message   4 mon  
Strange things are happening...
It seemed like an ordinary day. But then, I started slurring my speech and not being able to say words. My son rushed me to the hospital. I was having a stroke. Later in my hospital room, I slipped into a deep “trance” state. Large volumes of life passed by. The 3-D no longer had any hold and I watched it pass with no concern. I was here, yet I was not here. Great Spirit, show me the next step! Show me the path. Do I move on to a different world? A different dimension? I could hear the clamber of things moving. Then, silence. Now, I am again in the hospital room. Thank ...   read more

ART: 2017 Year in Review, part 3   5 mon  
Third and final post looking back on 2017 through a year-long art project.
Last photos of my year-long art project, a collage journal for each month of 2017 depicting whatever was going on in my life, created on a month-to-month basis. Months August through December, and on into the Future! https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_32.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_33.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_34.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_35.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/2017_LFIRE_36.jpg https://www.curezone.org/upload/Mem ...   read more

Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 2   5 mon  
Second post looking back on 2017 through a year-long art project. The next four months of April through July...
Continuation of my year-long art project, a collage journal for each month of 2017 depicting whatever was going on in my life, created on a month-to-month basis. Here are photos of April through July: lower flap up flap down All art and photos by LFIRE(c)2017 Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 1-- January through March: https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2396921 Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 3--August through December, and the Future: https://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2396927 ALL of the MONTHL ...   read more

Art: 2017 Year in Review, part 1   5 mon  
A look back on 2017 through a year-long art project. The first three months...
Art is a process...sometimes things don’t start out too well and need alterations. The first of the year, I had planned to do an altered book for the whole year...a collage or more for each month depicting whatever was going on in my life. I completed the month of January, started on February...and ran out of pages in the book I was using! After figuring out what to do, I was able to remove the art I had completed from the first book and put it into a new, multi-paged art journal, and then kept on making collage art month-to-month. Here are photos of the first three months--January thr ...   read more

State of Our NOW   5 mon  
Moving into the higher dimensions. Experimenting with mixed media abstract art.
Ever since the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, we have been in a very uneasy state. In a way, we were unhappy that everything didn’t change overnight, yet at the same time, we were afraid of the tiny changes that were happening. Our bodies and emotions seemed to be going through immense stress and strange contortions. Then we started to notice that those in power were getting caught in their wrong deeds. The mighty were starting to fall. Emotions were boiling over and all kinds of mass shootings and violence were headlines in the news more and more frequently. It is interesting to ...   read more

Cat,Chants,and Art!   7 mon  
Our cat has grown up quickly, I've been doing tons of art, and still receiving "chants" from Spirit
http://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/Max_the_Cat_2017.jpg Max the Cat photo by LFIRE(c)2017 Here is an updated picture of Max our cat. Even though he has a nice, comfortable bed, he loves to nap here in the bathroom sink! You can see how much he has grown in just a couple of months from this older kitty picture of him here: http://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_kitten_04cz.jpg Max the Cat photo by LFIRE(c)2017 This month has been a mass of art-making. I’ve been making a bunch of Holiday cards and this month’s assemblage. After viewing a YouTube vid ...   read more

Chant to Mother Earth   7 mon  
First posting for the new Fall season!
Here it is the end of September already. Wait a minute...what happened to summer?? Now it seems it whizzed by so fast I hardly remember it passing. Is time really moving that fast? I have been playing a lot with my new style of art....mixed media abstract. Got tired out as all the canvases are 2 feet by 2 feet. Now that two are done I can say that I do not like either one of them. They are not at all what I envisioned in my mind. I still have four canvases to play with; I have a different idea to try out on at least one of them. Who knows what the others will turn int ...   read more

Burst of Creativity   8 mon  
August brought two eclipses--one lunar, one solar, and lots of shifts and a big HUGE burst of creative art.
”Grid” by LFIRE(c)2017: acrylic paint on scrap wood with a ”grid” of heavy plastic; about 2 foot square. Shown at a recent art show ”Circles” by LFIRE(c)2017: a large heavy plastic white circle with an insert made of plastic and an electric socket in the center; 2 foot circle. Shown at a recent art show. ”HANDS” by LFIRE(c)2017: assemblage 18” X 24” on wood frame, hardware cloth, book covers, watercolor paper, acrylic paints, magazine images ”Hands” detail LFIRE(c)2017 http://curezone.com/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Hands_detail_03.jpg ”Hands” detail LIF ...   read more

Deep Shift   9 mon  
New Moons, Lunar and solar eclipses add to the energy shifts we are experiencing
Welcome to the deep shift! We are having lots of ”fun” with a New Moon in Leo this past month of July (part of the Super New Moon twins) with its twin New moon in Leo later this August. Then we are also having the partial lunar eclipse August 17 and the full solar eclipse on August 21, which is also the second New Moon in Leo. Had enough yet? We could find lots of issues with our bodies which are trying to play catch up with all the shifts going on. I know I have been experiencing lots of intestinal issues and ”muddled brain”, as well as being really tired a lo ...   read more

Poetry,Art,Drumming,Dreaming   10 mon  
New spiritual insights from June 2017
MY WORDS My words ride on the wind They float over the tree branches They are carried by the birds to places I’ve never seen. My words can no longer be un-thought for they are powerful beyond measure. They carry the weight of the world in their utterances. My words are inspired by Spirit as It reveals Itself in my mind and heart. The words roll into chants, poetry and ”song”. They reveal other worlds, dimensions and places only a dream can see. My words carry power. The power to create. The power to evolve. The power to destroy. How am I choosing my words in the ...   read more

Art,Dreaming,and Visions   11 mon  
This past month of May has been filled with dreams, visions, art, and strange occurrences.
”MAGIC” by LFIRE(c)2017 mixed media collage Into the Darkness: Today we Celebrate an Ascension of new possibility. That there is a new possibility is the thing that propels me to keep inquiring further and further into more dreams and visions. It is that possibility that has recently shown me other past lives and explained to me some of the reasons why I have been so attracted to certain religious (?) practices (Magic) and why symbols have been such a fascination to me through the years. We are called to Dream knowing that the Darkness of our Unknown is a place where a Light i ...   read more

Art:"Hiding"/Time is an illusion   12 mon  
It's already May; where has the time gone? NEW art piece for this month's art show!
”Hiding” by LFIRE (c)2017 Time is such an illusion!! It seems that I do a few things and the day has gone by....or I work for what I think is hours on art and when I look at the clock, only a few minutes have passed! This last few months seems to have whizzed by after it was over, yet seemed to drag on while going though it! Hard to believe it is May already! What have I accomplished? Not much. I spent a lot of that time in floating around being ”not here” and not sure ”where”. Disturbing body stuff that keeps repeating, even after I think it is over. Kryon* says that it ...   read more

Art and Visions   14 mon  
More Visions, and an art piece for a new art show!
http://curezone.com/upload/Members/LFIRE/Angel_with_Flowers_LFIRE1.jpg Assemblage: Angel with Flowers (c)LFIRE 2017 Today is the first day of a local art show; I entered this assemblage and it SOLD! MORE SHORT VISIONS continue from the main one I wrote about last month. [Art-Visioning: http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2356965] In one I was flying over the earth, and when I saw the cities and towns, for some reason they reminded me of ant colonies. I thought that it was interesting that they have their society right under our feet and we don’t pay any attention to them ...   read more

ART-Visioning!   14 mon  
New collages for January, and visioning into February!
ART: It’s interesting how things turn out. The first of the year, I had planned to do an altered book for the whole year....a collage or more for each month depicting whatever was going on in my life. Well. January was done, and then I started February, and ran out of pages in the book I was using. Great. So much for that plan! Here are the pictures I completed before running out of room: All art & photography by LFIRE (C)2017 VISIONING: This February, I was listening to a webinar of a lady who channels angel Light language. She was singi ...   read more

Shamanic Visioning and Art   15 mon  
Shamanic Visioning and Art from the New Year
Crow Woman by LFIRE (c)2017 Notes from the End of January: I received a lot of emails offering meditations for the new year, but I wanted something a little more Shamanic. An email about a Fire Ceremony sounded more like what I wanted, so I decided to do it. During the online meditation, the sound of rattles began and I entered a more meditative state. We were instructed to envision a fire in front of us, then we were told to throw all the negative things from the past year into the fire. As I was doing this I noticed that my arms felt funny. I looked at them and saw that they w ...   read more

Solstice/New Year Thoughts   17 mon  
Energy shifts as we move from 2016 into the new year of 2017
Solstice, New Year Thoughts 2016 brought us many changes and shifts. As we move forward, we meet many fields of inquiry. We have been though many years of what we perceived as slow movement forward. We complained that things were going so slowly. When is this 3-D crap (high spiritual term.....ha ha ha) ever changing? We wanted to actually SEE the change happen. We waited impatiently. Yes, we saw small changes happen. Some big officials got caught, some countries had big changes, but it didn’t seem to affect US. Time ticked by and we felt shifts and changes within us, yet those b ...   read more

Who Am I?   17 mon  
New inspiration
Something changed. There was a different feel to my body, my mind. I read a question I have read many times before. Something this time made it different. I could feel the excitement in the question...the possibilities seemed endless. ”Who are you here and now?” I had to pause. I almost could not sit still in anticipation of the answer. Then (although there were a million other things I could have replied with)...here was the answer! ”I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Artist, Creator!” Oh, yes, although I ”kinda” knew that, yet now it all seemed different, more intense. More ...   read more

Flirting with the Fifth   18 mon  
I had an experience with the fifth dimension!
Flirting with the Fifth The only reason that I am posting this experience is the thought that someone else may have had or will have this kind of experience, and to assure them that they are not going crazy, just flirting with the fifth dimension. This whole thing took about 4 weeks, and I’m still not completely over it. I have had many other 5-D experiences in the past, mostly with being the ”observer”. I was able to mostly ”watch” the events and not get caught up in them; they were good experiences. However, in my personal life it was harder to stay uninvolved and ”observe”. In a ...   read more

International Art Show!   19 mon  
These two collages are in an international art show this month!
http://curezone.com/upload/Members/LFIRE/Untitled_No_1_2016.jpg Untitled No. One by LFIRE(c)2016 http://curezone.com/upload/Members/LFIRE/Untitled_No_2_2016.jpg Untitled No. Two by LFIRE(c)2016 CHECK OUT MY ART WEBSITES! ****Random Acts With Art http://www.randomactswithart.com ****Art is Breathing: http://www.artisbreathing.com MORE Recent Art: Collage X 8: http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2333461 Created a New Art Website! http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2320534 NINE new collages! http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=2312157 Creative Bur ...   read more

Collage X 8   20 mon  
I have had a very busy month creating collage!
"ABC" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Birds with Face" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Doorway" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Eye" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Fashion Spotlight" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Flowers and Face" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Lady Squared" by LFIRE(c)2016 "Plate" by LFIRE(c)2016 CHECK OUT MY NEW ART WEBSITES! ****Random Acts With Art http://www.randomactswithart.com ****Art is Breathing: http://www.artisbreathing.com More Recent Art: Created a New Art W ...   read more

New Art/Essay: Be True to Yourself   21 mon  
Here we are in August already! Time has gotten away from me! This month I created both an art collage and an essay about self-awareness and how a life coach might help a client discover more about themselves and their life goals.
”Be True to Yourself”, Collage by LFIRE(c)2016 I recently found an old Certified Life Coaching on-line course that I had signed up for; I still had the password for it, but I had forgotten all about it. I emailed them and they re-sent the course. I took the test and passed! One of the test requirements was to write a one page essay on self awareness and how a life coach helps the client in gaining more self awareness. I am posting it so others can read it: As many people go about their day-to-day activities, they find themselves in a mindless rut. Each day seems just like th ...   read more

Summer Story   22 mon  
Summer things to consider and change the way you look at things:
  read more

Statements to Contemplate   23 mon  
Releasing negative energies and manifesting my vision
STATEMENTS to Contemplate Am I holding myself back by not believing my visions? I am consciously ready to move quickly and effortlessly into the visions I have for myself. I am ready to usher in the changes that are necessary for myself and my perception that bring about the visions I hold. I am ready to release the shackles of the 3-D illusions that have held me bound. I release any fears of the ”power over” energies as they are not to prevail ! As I move into the 4th, 5th, and higher dimensions, it becomes easier and easier to see and dissolve all those ”sticky”, negativ ...   read more

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