Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem
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Homogenization and Taste-Based Discernment   17 mon  
"infants digest better native human milk fat globules than homogenized droplets from infant formula."
The science on homogenization of milk tells us several basic facts. Homogenization creates a ”related reaction” of fat globule disruption plus dispersion of casein micelles. The ”consequences” of this are the formation of fat-protein complexes and an oxidized or rancid taste. If an individual had previously been drinking non-homogenized [and ideally farm fresh (unpasteurized) as well] they likely could be able to detect the rancid taste of homogenized milk. Or if they switched to the ”farm fresh” variety after having been a drinker of highly-processed milk they would also taste the dif ...   read more

Feds Taint Raw Milk Investigation; Soil Farmer’s Reputation   28 mon  
The Centers for Disease Control Issues False Statement to Defame Raw Milk
For Immediate Release Washington, DC–March 24, 2016 — GlobeNewswire – In a March 18, 2016 press release, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) claimed a link between a “Multistate Outbreak of Listeriosis” and raw milk produced by Miller’s Organic Farm in Pennsylvania. According to CDC, the “outbreak” involved two illnesses with one death in 2014. According to a family member of the deceased woman, the CDC’s statement is false and misleading. “My family member was diagnosed with and died of cancer after a week of chemo,” says Peggy Stevenson, family member and caregiver of the dec ...   read more

Nullifying The Federal Prohibition Against Raw Milk   29 mon  
Massachusetts Bill Would Expand Raw Milk Sales; Set Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition
The States are sovereign. The Federal government is limited in its jurisdiction. The Federal jurisdiction is proprietary based. That is most evident in the Organic Laws. If State sovereignty needs to be expressed by way of State laws then so be it. It may be that eventually the people will also come to realize the written Organic Law limitations that have been set ”in stone” upon the federal government and that it never had intrastate jurisdiction in the first place. ”BOSTON, Mass. (March 15, 2016) – An agriculture bill that would expand raw milk sales in the state passed an important j ...   read more

Micro-dairies: Small Farmers Fight Back   29 mon  
“... milk as it should be, and as it was before industry began to tamper with it.”
Even though these are not necessarily all-raw dairies there are some that do not homogenize their milk and that actually does offer quiet a substantial advantage over the typical homogenized milk products from the commercial big dairy operations. I would recommend culturing this milk unless those who drink it have absolutely no digestive issues drinking it. Even then the culturing would not only make a more digestible product it would increase the nutrition that it has! http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/aug/20/micro-dairies-small-farmers-fight-back ***********^*********** ...   read more

Cows Are Ruminants and Were Designed To Eat Grass.   30 mon  
Why organic milk may still not be good enough for individuals with food sensitivity.
Interesting that I had not devoted a blog to grass-fed dairy before! It’s about time! ”Ruminant animals have four stomachs and are evolutionarily adapted to eat pasture, browse and other plants. Today’s dairy cows are nutritionally depleted and stressed by producing huge quantities of milk. To survive they need a lot to eat, so forage is supplemented with grains. When cows are fed grains, the rumen pH lowers, microbes change and the animal’s health (also milk and meat) is adversely affected, and cows eating large amounts of grain can even die.”[1]. This cannot be overemphasized. The ...   read more

Beta-Casein and Β-casomorphins-7   30 mon  
There is some trace amounts of casein in butter, however I do not know whether that is all butter.
Often it is my friends who ”inspire” my research and especially if the subject matter has something to do with health, well-being and/or healing. This afternoon a friend mentioned they would be avoiding butter to see whether that made a positive difference for them as they suspected they may have some kind of food sensitivity to casein. Does butter have casein? Dr. Tom Cowan is my first reference in my present research on the subject of casein.: ”...I was asked to consider writing the foreword to a book called Devil in the Milk, written by agribusiness professor and farm-management c ...   read more

Raw Milk Is a Universal Human Food - Including in Canada!   30 mon  
Video of Mark McAfee Speaking at the 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium
”... It’s the first food of life.” It just needs to be produced in a safe environment. - Mark McAfee Mark is founder of The Raw Milk Institute.[14] He recently spoke at the 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium[1] told his audience that he and his associates have just one single focus: safety.[2] They have no position on legality. I posted a comment to this video of Mark McAfee speaking at the 2016 Guelph Raw Milk Symposium I can’t help but wonder what Mark’s rate of speech is. I think it should be measured however that would require a transcript! One thing for certain it has steadily in ...   read more

Kumis   31 mon  
During fermentation, the lactose in mare's milk is converted into lactic acid, ethanol and carbon dioxide, and the milk becomes an accessible source of nutrition for people who are lactose intolerant.
Kumis is a dairy product similar to kefir, but is produced from a liquid starter culture, in contrast to the solid kefir ”grains”. Because mare’s milk contains more sugars than cow’s or goat’s milk, when fermented, kumis has a higher, though still mild, alcohol content compared to kefir. I am reasonably confident that I would enjoy kumis. I have a friend who boards horses. I’d like to ask her if she has ever milked a mare. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumis ***********^*********** Keywords: milk fermentation, lactose, mare’s milk, lactic acid, nutrition lactose intolerant, dair ...   read more

Weston A. Price Foundation & A Campaign for Real Milk   32 mon  
Real/Raw milk is available in forty-one out of fifty states!
”Nature’s perfect food is becoming more and more available, thanks to booming consumer demand. When we founded A Campaign for Real Milk, raw milk was available for sale to humans or pets, or through cow-shares and herd shares, in only twenty-seven states. Now it is available in forty-one out of fifty states! We had thirty-seven sources of raw milk listed at realmilk.com in 1999; today there are over two thousand, and that is only a partial list as many farms do not want to be included. We will continue to support efforts to legalize raw milk in the remaining nine states-indeed, we won’t ...   read more

Serendipity   33 mon  
My "jury" is out on this one.
An interesting sequence. ”First” I attempted to renew my membership at the Weston A. Price Foundation site. (That failed to take for some unknown reason.) The two hours later I opened an email from LinkedIn regarding an invitation I sent and that had been accepted by Elizabeth Rich. I then acknowledged her in an email after linking to her other LinkedIn page where I saw her affiliation with the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. The very next item in my Inbox was the November Newsletter of the Chicago Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation.[1] The third topic in their newsletter is: ” ...   read more

2015 International Raw Milk Symposium   3 y  
Raw milk, raw dairy truth is now international!
The nation’s leading raw dairy proponents are presenting a full day of lectures at next month’s International Raw Milk Symposium. The event is available on livestream. International Raw Milk Symposium 2015 to be held at Wise Traditions Conference in Anaheim Raw Milk Advocates Focus on Health Benefits and Safety Practices. Washington, DC October 26, 2015 ... the demand for farm fresh, unprocessed and unpackaged foods is growing. Raw milk advocates will discuss health benefits and safety practices at the International Raw Milk Symposium in Anaheim, California, on Monday, November 16. ...   read more

Raw Grass-Fed Milk Is Actually Safer Than Pasteurized   3 y  
The contrasts between "the two milks" from the "two kinds of dairy cows" at two very different kinds of farms.
Producers of organic raw milk, which is a far superior food product, present a significant economic threat to the larger pasteurized milk industry, so when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sends in armed agents to shut down a raw milk producer, it’s really nothing more than a Mafia strong arm tactic aimed at shutting down the competition. It has absolutely nothing to do with consumer safety. The FDA warns that raw milk can carry disease-causing bacteria, but what they completely overlook is the fact that these bacteria are the result of industrial farming practices that lead to ...   read more

Lactose Tolerance Test with Breath Hydrogen Determination?   3 y  
I don't automatically believe government-supported research findings regarding "lactose intolerance".
Just sent an inquiry at a new site[1] I found (in my search: italian renaissance food historian) regarding alleged lactose intolerance among Italians. First thing I need to know is what the test consists of. I’ll be happy to report back here when I find out! Greetings! ... Heather Ruiter’s paper: “Fruit of the Womb: Prenatal Food in Renaissance Italy” makes mention of lactose intolerance among Italians and included a citation [American Journal of Clinical Nutrician(sic)] that I looked at: ”A total of 308 healthy Italian adults ... were examined using a field version of the lactose t ...   read more

Raw Milk Cheese Article Published in Cultural Anthropology   3 y  
Post-pasteurian Cultures: The Microbiopolitcis of Raw-Milk Cheese in the United States.
Cultural Anthropology, Vol. 23, Issue 1, 15-47. By Heather Paxson ”Brillant analysis of ’post-Pasteurian’ thinking ...”[1] Cited in: ”Anthropology 9221A - Department of Anthropology”[2] as: Paxson , H. 2008. “Post-Pasteurian cultures: The micropolitics of raw milk cheese in the United States.” Cultural Anthropology 23 (1):15-47. Also cited: ”Reading lists to explore independently” - Lib.convdocs.org[3] From the article: ”All cheese producers face restrictions on getting raw-milk cheese to U.S. markets. By U.S. law (21CFR133.182), cheese made from raw milk must be aged a ...   read more

Creme de la Creme   3 y  
The potential that farmers and chefs have to be at the "front line of well-being"
I have tremendous gratitude for all the many blessings that I’ve received from real milk (aka raw milk) over the last thirty-seven years (and continuing) as well as the many ways and forms that these blessings have come! These blessings have grown all the more blessed over the years since my introduction to Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price Foundation in 1999. That most fortunate introduction led to my becoming one of the very first local chapter leaders on the planet through which these blessings have all the more multiplied many times over. This very blog (with over half a million vie ...   read more

All Milk is Not Created Equal   3 y  
Sound reasons to question the necessity of pasteurization.
Why do people think that pasteurized milk is the only kind of milk to buy? The following featured article (published in the current May newsletter of the Weston A. Price foundation’s Chicago Chapter) offers food for thought. When you think about purchasing cow’s milk, there’s two key question you need to ask yourself: * What is life like for the cow that produced this milk? * What happened from the time this milk left the cow’s udder to its arrival in my house? When it comes to question number one, the word that should be buzzing in your head is GRASS!!! Real cows eat green grass ...   read more

A Raw Milk Future   3 y  
".. the pol(iticain)s are learning that supporting food freedom issues can actually win them votes. "
My comment (about 60 seconds ago) at David Gumpert’s ”The Complete Patient” site: Thank You David! In light of the history of New York with it’s ”pioneering” of pasteurization what you present here is really especially good news! It appears that we have the ”young people” to thank. Well then thank you every one of you young people! You make my heart sing (almost operatic)!   read more

Cheers to Fresh, Wholesome, High-Quality Farm Milk!   3 y  
The Raw Milk Institute's Report
The raw milk ”movement” now has the support it needs for obtaining the highest standards in the production and handling of (what I like to refer to as) farm fresh milk. Many many thanks to Mark McAfee[1] along with the whole McAfee family and all the very good people at Organic Pastures Dairy[2] in Fresno, California for the monumental contributions that have been made toward raw milk freedom! Following is the report from the Raw Milk Institute: RAWMI ... The RAWMI team has been very busy lately; we have many raw milk producers in the listing ”pipeline,” with a few in the last stag ...   read more

Drinking Farm Milk Reduced the Risk of Respiratory Infection   4 y  
"New study proves raw milk protects children from respiratory infections, fever, and inflammation of the middle ear!"
Raw milk whole truth might still be ignored, rejected, suppressed or worse - however it will not be eliminated! ”A large European study led by Professor Erika von Mutius reports that fresh, non-pasteurized cow’s milk actually protects children from respiratory infections, fever and inflammation of the middle ear.” http://news.therawfoodworld.com/new-raw-milk-study-proves-raw-milk-protects-children-respiratory-infections-febrile-illnes-inflammation-middle-ear/ “Among children who were fed fresh, unprocessed cow’s milk, the incidence of head colds and other respiratory infections, ...   read more

Real Milk Is A Sacred Food   4 y  
"Fast foods" will eventually slow you down. (Maybe sooner than you think.) "Slow foods" will keep you going strong!
”... the love of money is a root of all evils ...”(1) If you recognize the truth of this verse then it may help you toward understanding the inherent ”evil” that is systemic throughout the food processing industrial system. Here is just one example of this: “The largest milk poisoning in American history occurred in 1985 where more than 5,000 people across three states were sickened after a ‘pasteurization failure’ at an Illinois bottling plant”.: http://www.healthbeyondhype.com/info/dirty-secrets-of-the-food-processing-industry The resolution is to return to a more direct relat ...   read more

Something Really Horrible Has Developed In Wisconsin State   4 y  
"A New Act In Raw Milk (Im)Morality Play, Brought To You By America's Dairyland"
Investigative reporting further verifies what this Blog site has presented before - that there are two entirely different kinds of milk in this country and now also makes it clear that there are two entirely different sets of behavior (ethics, morality, etc.) that follow the distinctly separate milk trails.: http://thecompletepatient.com/article/2014/october/29/new-act-raw-milk-im-morality-play-brought-you-americas-dairyland I find it rather amazing that ”raw milk” has become ”the crucible” that it is in Wisconsin. However, I also understand the nature of ”the beast” with its ”white ...   read more

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