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How To Prepare for Optimal Recovery from Surgery   45 h  
You think you may need surgery. Perhaps your family physician has referred you to a surgeon or suggested that you have surgery. Maybe a friend had the same condition you do and had to have surgery, so you are afraid you will too. Don’t assume you need surgery; you may be able to return to good health without an invasive procedure!
”Tonight on our internet based radio show, we’ll be talking with Dr. Carolyn Dean about How To Prepare for Optimal Recovery from a Surgical Procedure along with a wide range of health topics and safe solutions. You will love hearing the beneficial interactions with our callers and hosts alike including the body/mind connection, identifying the ’conflict’ in the ’conflict basis’ of disease and much more!! sure join us this evening for another wonderful, information-packed broadcast. ...Remember, the valuable information, suggestions, and insights about your health choices can alwa ...   read more

No "Full-Disclosure" of "Non-GMO Corn" @ Trader Joe's!   64 h  
ow thisSeeking full disclosure on the TJ tortillas.
January 17, 2018 - My Reply: Web Customer Relations wrote: ”Aloha Chef,” Aloha Julia! Are you in Hawaii? [J] ”Thanks for contacting us. All of our private label products are indeed GMO free, which of course includes all of their ingredients. Unfortunately, we are not able to share the certification that demonstrates our corn is GMO free, because it would violate our legal agreement of third party non-disclosure.” [CJ] I’m sorry to hear that Julia! Would it be possible to share just data findings of your ”third-party lab testing” on the corn tortillas without identifying a ...   read more

The Reasons Why People Eat   8 d  
Brief note regarding a long list previously complied.
The title of this blog entry may seem like a no-brainer for some people and yet I know there are others who realize there are many reasons why people eat other than to nourish themselves. I once made a long list (some where around about fifty items) of some of the other reasons. Today I add ”to Warm Your Belly”[1] as one of these other reasons. *** Notes: [1]   visit the page

"Science" & Food   21 d  
Discovering "Steiner, Marx, and A New Paradigm"
A number of days ago I inquired with this library about the ”Science & Society Series on Food and Science” asking: ”Does Wiley have this complete series?” Wiley replied: ”... Please be advised that this book series is not published by Wiley. For more information regarding Science & Society Series feel free to contact te publisher:” I went to the site and was somewhat surprised to read: ” A Journal of Maxist Thought and Analysis - Appearing quarterly since 1936, Science & Society is the longest continuously published journal of Marxist scholarship ...   read more

An Article on Herpes and Shingles   23 d  
"Herpes viruses live in the nervous system, and when we’re overtaxed, anxious or angry, inflammatory stress hormones and other substances suppress the immune system, allowing the virus to overwhelm our defenses."
Just enjoyed reading this very-well written article on ”4 Foods to Avoid with Herpes or Shingles”.[1] - Also got inspired to check out what Aajonus wrote: ”HERPES ... This is sometimes a condition that results from taking medication during chicken pox. Sometimes it is a condition resulting from taking the small pox vaccine. Another cause is very high adrenaline saturation (volatile toxic condition) in the nerve endings. For six weeks, drinking 1 level teaspoon of powdered sun-dried clay mixed in 2-6 ounces of good mineral water or raw fresh juice helps attract and absorb toxins t ...   read more

Raw Eggs Help Before/After You Indulge In Holiday Treats[1]   29 d  
The use of food as preventive medicine.
Especially raw egg yolks![2] ***********^*********** Notes: [1] in a private message to members from ”The Folks at RA”. [2] The ”Story” With Raw Eggs - from the Weston A. Price Foundation website - ”There are three concerns when it comes to eating raw eggs: salmonella, avidin (a biotin inhibitor), and trypsin or enzyme inhibitors. Salmonella is only an issue if the egg comes from an unhealthy, battery-raised chicken. And even then, the risk of salmonella contamination is one in every 30,000 eggs. On the other hand, the risk is almost non-existent ...   read more

Writing Your Book of Life Through Dialogue & Self-Reflection   30 d  
The evolution of dialogues with an attentive listener
I’m inspired in this hour to note this thought regarding my work with those who wish to live as their authentic self. This idea has been gestating in me for some time. Over the recent months I had identified an interest to ”document” the history of my work with a recent client. Now I think that process is more than I really want to take on (unless I’m being compensated in some way for that which is simply according to how my Human Design works ). I am resolved to have: ”Writing Your Book of Life ...” part of the leading evolution of my work that I intend to share with my clients from n ...   read more

Chef Jemichel Says -   59 d  
Why oppose a nominated candidate within a Federal government office when the reach of that office falls far short of where you live?
Submitted on 
November 20, 2017 at 5:33 pm (Eastern) 

- (”comment is awaiting moderation.”) The following comment is in reply to an ”alert”[5] sent to members of the Weston A. Price Foundation and subscribers. 
Is it possible to get clear about the Law regarding Federal proprietary jurisdiction limits? What if the reach of the Department of Health does not Lawfully extend onto the land/s of the several states of the Union? 
Consider the following: A “Man’s Court case may have cracked open Fraud of D.C. Federal Jurisdiction”. “Federal Proprietary ...   read more

Events   68 d  
Workshops, Demonstrations, Great Food, Farm Tours, Trail Walks, Wagon Rides, Kids’ Activities, A Vendor Fair, and much more!
Soil Shindig - Soil - Sustainability - Sustenance Wild Willow Farm & Education Center and The Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County/Tijuana River Valley Community Garden are teaming up for the third annual Soil Shindig: a day-long event to celebrate healthy soil, sustainability, and food in the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park! The Soil Shindig will include workshops, demonstrations, great food, farm tours, trail walks, wagon rides, kids’ activities, a vendor fair, and much more! Both sites will host various festivities, and visitors are encouraged to move bet ...   read more

The Magnesium Miracle   78 d  
"...all of the functions of magnesium, why everyone needs more magnesium ..."
January 8, 2018 - Dr. Carolyn Dean writes: ”...when I wrote the first version of Invisible Minerals: Part II – Multiple Minerals about ReMyte, I found 6 minerals involved with thyroid hormone production. Now the total is up to 9 and there may be more. That why, besides ReMyte (which contains 12 minerals including 9 for the thyroid) I recommend that everyone take sea salt in their drinking water to get the wee bits of 72 minerals that the sea and the earth provide. (Sea Salt: Ľ tsp in every pint of drinking water.) ... All this information is in the free ReMyte Book at RnA ReSet in ...   read more

"If The Kidneys Could Be Kept Clear of Calcium Deposits"   3 mon  
The two phases of detoxification plus the nutrition to support it.
October 24, 2017 - Detox diets, popularized in recent years by many celebrities, involve taking ”powerful formulas” that promise to leave your insides feeling squeaky clean. And, they are usually accompanied by very restrictive diets. Aside from the obvious discomfort of consuming nothing but cayenne pepper and lemon juice or cabbage soup for a week straight, these diets have enough harmful side effects that they should come with a big warning label. If you’re thinking of starting a detox diet, here are 5 common risks you should know about. 1. Vitamin and mineral deficiency Hig ...   read more

Re: "A Toast with Frey Wine"   3 mon  
"The Frey Winery is the oldest certified Organic winery in the United States (of America). As such, the land and the wine and goodwill it has produced for many decades lives vividly in the hearts of thousands of people."
Posted a comment at ”Plant Your Dream” Re: ”A Toast with Frey Wine”[1] After posting the above I got the following ”Thought for the Day”: ”Both within and without, human beings are constantly involved in the battle between the principle of life and the principle of death. These two opposing powers are constantly confronting each other and it is always the weakness of one that makes the strength of the other. When a kingdom is powerful and prospers, all its enemies keep their distance. But as soon as it begins to weaken through the negligence of its governors or the unwillingness of c ...   read more

"... Protecting Farmers and Consumers?"   4 mon  
Understanding the need for a whole new "game plan" when the old game limitations have been severely exceeded.
October 20, 2017 - The Possibility of Educating ”Farmers and Consumers” as the First Line of Defense for ”Protecting” Them. Just submitted the following ”comment” at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s site[5]: October 20, 2017 at 9:45 pm (Eastern) Thank you for all the support! I imagine there is much more than “enough” legal work for just one individual. Especially if it involves people who may not be fully informed about the Law and consequently just rely upon legal information. Since there was a German New Medicine presentation at a WAPF Conference I can say: In like manner a ...   read more

“Red Salt”   4 mon  
"the boys ... were happily eating foods that they had been previously hesitant to eat."
Do you have or know children who are ”hesitant” to eating certain good wholesome foods? Consider the following: Tom Cowan, M.D. - ”The first inkling I had that people might be interested in using our vegetable powders came after my daughter, Molly, and my two grandsons, Ben and Sam, tried our Tomato Salt (which they call ’red salt’). Two summers ago I had made a small batch of tomato salt from the mixture of heirloom tomatoes from the Napa garden and mixed the dried tomatoes with Celtic sea salt to prevent clumping. I sent Molly a jar to try out. A few weeks later she called and said ...   read more

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort   4 mon  
The thought of "an organic farm and cooking school" in a "wellness resort community".
”GOCO Hospitality has acquired the 155-year-old Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort in the Temescal Valley of Southern California. As part of the deal, GOCO has also acquired an adjacent 65-acre plot next to the 20-acre hot springs and spa, where it plans to develop a world-class wellness resort community. ... GOCO has plans to expand into a 90-room GOCO Retreat with a comprehensive wellness centre, medi-spa, organic farm and retail village, hiking trails, additional hot springs bathing zones, yoga academy, wedding chapel, banquet and meeting rooms, an education centre for holistic medicine ...   read more

Get a Great Workout in Less Time Than You Thought!   4 mon  
38 ways for increased movement. All in 5-minute chunks spread throughout the day.
”... research shows that several 5-minute sessions of heightened activity followed by rest may be more beneficial than a whole hour of exercise. So, by following these routines you can get a great workout in less time than you thought. What do you gain? Weight loss, more energy, improved circulation, better health, and more confidence could be just a few of the benefits of increased movement. All in 5-minute chunks spread throughout the day. The key to moving your body is to not only be flexible physically but also in your mind. Be ready to change your form of exercise at the drop ...   read more

Mexican Cuisine   4 mon  
Cooking fats in Mexican cuisine: olive oil, lard, and butter.
“As the Spaniards became familiar with the native ingredients, they set about preparing them in European ways-for example, sautéing or frying them, techniques that apparently were not practiced before the introduction of such cooking fats as olive oil, lard, and butter.”[1] I like freshly prepared traditional Mexican food. I’m intrigued about the fats mentioned in the quote above, and so much so that I intend to research this. ***********^*********** Notes: [1] Food from my Heart: Cuisines of Mexico Remembered and Reimagined: ...   read more

In-Home Self-Healing Support   6 mon  
Some of the things that I can offer individuals who choose to heal in their own home.
Here are sixteen items that I am most attracted to offering support to individuals in adopting these as part of their self-healing program in their own home. #1.) Sweats[1] #2.) Nourishing Traditions Diet #3.) Nutritional Therapy Support #4.) Highest Quality Sleep #5.) Additional Rest and/or Reiki #6.) Hands On[2] Food Preparation #7.) Gardening[3] #8.) Therapeutic Dyads #9.) Additional Therapeutic Sessions #10.) Various Readings[4] #11.) Introductions to the Individual’s Human Design #12.) Daily Journaling #13.) Study Sessions[5] #14.) ”The Four Agreements” #15.) Meditati ...   read more

Loosing Weight Made Easy   6 mon  
Plus additional health benefits from beets.
One of my best experiences as a private personal chef was for the express purpose of supporting a certain client in losing weight. We included Dr. Tom Cowan’s recommendation of coconut oil as he describes it in his Fourfold Path to Healing.[2] Although I did not emphasize the inclusion of beets at the time I had included them in my suggestions for juicing earlier in another situation, however we learned that there is a limit to how much beet juice one can tolerate! Whole beets is different and I imagine that the use of beet powder is too. Dr. Cowan says: ”even though beet-root juice ...   read more

"Genetic Disease"   6 mon  
"The gene that codes for Down’s syndrome is turned on by the absence of nutrients in the mother’s system. (This is true of all genetic diseases, not just Down’s syndrome.)"
“Naturopathic medical treatments are designed to support and promote the healthy function of the human body. They stimulate the body’s built-in self healing mechanisms. More often than not, the treatments delivered by Naturopaths help people to completely recover from whatever illness they have been suffering from. Below is a partial list of the conditions that 1 have seen people completely recover from: • Osteoporosis • ADD • High Blood Pressure • Osteo-Arthritis • Down’s Syndrome • Migraine Headaches • Asthma • Autism • Celiac disease ...   read more

FD&Cosmetic Act does not give the FDA “access to people ..."   6 mon  
The Lawful proprietary-based limitations to the jurisdiction of the FDA.
January 17, 2018 - Just verified my comment (following) at the Federal registry regarding the FDA’s proposal to increase regulation of Homeopathic products. - ”Comment from Chef Jemichel - ... a Comment on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Notice: Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic; Draft Guidance for Food and Drug Administration Staff and Industry; ... ’The very first issue that needs to be addressed is to identify the Lawful authority here! The ”Food and Drug Administration” was created by an Act of Congress. As such there are well-defined limitations on the jurisd ...   read more

Got Dialogue?   7 mon  
Understanding the new community.
Do you know what dialogue[1] is? If so do you have dialogues in your daily life? If so then you probably have community and if so I am happy for you! If you don’t have dialogue then you had better watch out - because the door to psychopathy is open. ***********^*********** Notes: [1] Verb: ”to discuss areas of disagreement frankly in order to resolve them.”: And more so:   read more

Got Headaches, Chronic Fatigue?   7 mon  
Free summit
August 12, 2017 - Imagine this! ”When you feel weakness, or do not feel as strong as you wish, think deeply of the fact that you are filled through and through with a subconscious state of life and that this vast interior mental field has layers beneath layers of unused power and energy ready for use. To think of this limitless amount of energy with deep interest and with a feeling that you are coming into more and more perfect touch with it, will cause your mind to come in contact with, and to enter into those layers of extra energy and thereby arouse and gain possession of a larger me ...   read more

Got Far Infrared?   7 mon  
Using a Far Infrared Heating Pad to Help Treat Cancer
Consciously raising the body’s temperature to induce sweating has long been practiced by many peoples around the world. I’ve adopted this via saunas since the mid 70’s. As long as I sweat a couple times a week I (thank God) am never sick! Recently I am upgrading my understanding of the methods used to raise body temperature with additional information on far infrared. It’s now my intention to get an incandescent lamp to add light in the form of ”far infrared life generating rays that offer healing and dramatically increased immune system strength.”[1] ***********^*********** Notes: ...   read more

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