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CureZone Newsletter Issue 211: Depression

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Kidney Cleanse
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Published: 5 years ago

CureZone Newsletter Issue 211: Depression

CureZone Newsletter Issue 211


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Rock Bottom to Top Of The World
This is a short story of what I went through battling some kind of heavy mental disorder and how I cured myself completely. I hope this will empower somebody in that rock bottom state in life and reveal to you that you can feel better than you have ever felt, no matter how miserable you are feeling now. I’m not making any of this up; I genuinely care for you and want to see you healthy and strong. Not one person was able to help me in my greatest time of need, so I’m going to try to reach as many people as I can with this message, to give you the tools to empower you with. I BELIEVE IN YOU! ...

How I Cured Myself Of Severe Depression & Anxiety
This is for all who are suffering from severe depression, anxiety or any other form of emotional disorder. At the age of 14, my Mom invite her boyfriend to live with my brother, Mom and I. He was the most power and control driven person I have ever met. He just couldn’t help himself from putting my brother and I down every single day. He would often remind me of how skinny I was and that I looked like a toothpick.

Seven years on the water cure!
I have been using the water cure every day for over seven years. It has completely changed (as in improved) my life and health in countless ways. Within one month’s time, all feelings of anxiety and depression vanished, and have not returned. I had been plagued by periodic bouts of anxiety and depression for over 20 years prior to learning about the water cure.

Emotional Disorders Cure
I just can’t believe that people aren’t being told the truth about emotional disorders. The cure is right under your nose, yet the mainstream medical establishment persuades you into ’management’ treatments including liver-damaging drugs and hundreds of talk therapy sessions, with ’therapists’ who are more screwed up than the patient is half the time, lol. My friend, I was in the exact same position you are just a few years ago - I was in to the deepest level possible. I tried everything, and nothing was powerful enough to consider it a solution to the problem.

I have been drug free now for 10 years
Yes you can. I was on zoloft, wellbutrin and an amphetamine plus 3 other prescription drugs. I started flushing every 2 weeks since I had a gallstone. After several flushes I felt much better, less sluggish. I went to see Andreas Moritz and he told me as long you take drugs you will keep making stones. I flushed for several years at the end more maintenance.

How I was cured of many mental illnesses using alternative remedies!
I’m so happy to write to you my story of overcoming DP (Depersonalization Disorder) and other mental illnesses. Just last April I thought my DP, severe depression, and anxiety would never go away. Why would they? I had all of these illnesses in a very severe form since I was 18, and I was already 21.
Before my illness, I was an outgoing, popular, straight A student athlete with a full scholarship and a bright future ahead of me. The nightmare all started when I smoked pot in college for the first time and had my first DP experience which was just prolonged by later use of ...

Non-Homogenized Milk a depression cure!?
If you are desperate for something that works for depression try this. I have been using a glass of warm, non-homgenized milk with some honey (or just plain milk) every night for a few days and it seems to be working great!.. also add bananas to your diet every day. I’m not sure the method of working but it seems that it provides the ’right’ kind of nutrition to help your immune system to fight off what ever ’microbe’ (be it virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites or a combination of them) that your immune system is constantly fighting causing the ’inflammation’ within your brain ( ...

Gallbladder problems and depression (SAD)
I started flushing almost 4 years ago, needed surgery and just jumped in, without any preparation or knowledge. I am more scared of surgery than flushing. What I learned: after a few months I found out about other cleanses and improved lifestyle. Took me some time to get the hang of it, since there are so many different protocols. I mainly followed Andreas Moritz and also met with him.

I experience depression like I’ve never experienced before
Hello there, I have had similar issues with coffee. I have been terribly addicted to it for years and it makes me feel terrible but I obsess about it. Then in the last 6 months whenever I do manage to go a day or two without I experience depression like I’ve never experienced before.... Thankfully I recently found black seed oil and things have hopefully started to change. I’ve had Candida in the past and done liver flushes for years but never thought I had parasites. Then not long after starting the BSO I did a coffee ensnared and passed a worm.

Root Cause of Mental Troubles in Average People is: Colon
To share my experience from the past ten years or more from a long journey to improve quality of life in this fast moving world. It takes only hundreds of real life experiments, with careful observations, to realize the root cause if our problems. Most illness and disorders have an actual root cause that traditional or alternative doctors might discover or not. When you treat the root cause of your problem, the problem is solved; the symptoms are gone for good. In today’s world, it is only normal to feel anxiety, phobia and sleep troubles. What do we miss out?

Anxiety and depression were my worst symptoms
I had never ever had these before and like you the depression would hit that day or two when I would expect my period but it never came. Then after removal I would feel so flat from day 4 - 14. I had my Mirena removed Feb last year and over time ...

Video: Early Treatment of Mental Disorders
Early Treatment of Mental Disorders... ... ...

Meditation alone cures anxiety, depression, bipolar, and many other ills
During my teens I was institutionalized for mental illness and treated against my will. I did not respond well to the latest and greatest drugs that were going around back in the late ’80s.. For the longest time I didn’t like talking about myself ....

Awesome Results
I cannot believe how good I feel right now. I feel like I used to feel on Christmas morning as a small child. The effects following my first flush were not as good as this. I actually felt worse after doing the first flush. The second flush produced much bigger stones (about 8 stones the size of a quarter) were ejected this time around, and BOY DO I FEEL GREAT!!!! I cannot believe I struggled with depression, anxiety, and low back pain at my age.

My problem was a combination of thyroid and adrenal issues
I’ve had this problem on and off for years, and the doctors don’t do anything but prescribe anti-depressants and sleeping pills, but there are solutions. My problem was caused by a combination of thyroid and adrenal issues resulting in elevated cortisol at night. Depression can also be a problem with thyroid/adrenal problems, but anti-depressants don’t fix the problem, they just put a band-aid on the symptom.

Quickly healed of depression!!!!
I recently went on birth control and went right back off within 2 weeks of starting, as I was a looney-toon!!!!! I have never experienced depression, but absolutely did as a result of my unbalanced hormones. I turned to a good friend and natural remedy doctor, who highly recommended taking 2 Tbs. of cod liver oil a day to quickly restore balance.

My Water-Cure Recipe against Allergies, Asthma , Depression and Anxiety
I suffered from all of this illnesses for at least 10 years, i started the Water cure some months ago and felt better immediately but the symptoms came back from time to time so i tried to find out why.For me the important thing is to have a ”space” of 3-4h between drinking water and taking the salt seperated from the water.So every 3-4h i drink 300-500ml of water and 2 times a day half a teaspoon of sea salt.If i drink more water at one time or less space between i feel bad again may be it flushes out the salt when i take in water several times in less than 3h.

Amalgam removal and depression
At the age of 11, I had 8 large amalgam fillings placed in my mouth by an unscrupulous dentist. I didn’t have cavities in those teeth; but this Dr. assured me I would develop cavities in the deep grooves in my teeth if I didn’t fill them. The amalgams were a ”preventative”. During adolescence I became depressed. It wasn’t always there, but it returned with regularity.

I was suicidal too and got 90% better in 2 months
I was suicidal too and these treatments got me 90% better in 2 months: I’ve had this for at least 2 months and I have begun to recover quickly within the past 4 days especially. I began taking N-Acetyl Cysteine (600 mg / day) first thing on an empty stomach for my 108 lb body. After 4 days of it now, all of my symptoms are now nearly gone. I will post when I’ve fully recovered as well..

Supplements can help with Depression
I have been taking 100mg of Source Natural Coenzymated B6 Sublinguals per day in divided doses (4x 25mg), along with varying doses of Zinc, and I feel much better. I am less fearful, calmer, etc.

LUGOL'S WORKS! for hypothyroid
I was wary but kept reading about lugol’s... I finally ordered lugol’s on line (and selenium).

Iodine and mental health
A therapist describes how iodine pulled her out of a desperate depression..

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