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Brainstorming some ideas for you in 2 parts--part 2

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Published: 9 years ago
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Brainstorming some ideas for you in 2 parts--part 2

Although a lot of people do not eat optimally their whole life including myself, one cannot expect a quick fix after years of living incorrectly health wise. You have eaten no produce in the most formative years, meats and high protein when we are learning that the average person eats 3 times to much protein and can be very hard on the kidneys which filter our toxins which may be trying to escape your body via the mouth and skin.

I recommend you try doing Dr Richard Schulze 's intestinal cleanse #1 and #2 as directed. Dr Bernard Jensen , one of Dr Schulze's teachers (who lied o be 93). did a lot of work with colon cleansing and had pictures of a patient who had horrible raw sores and stuff all over her foot and lower leg that nothing was healing. he did colon cleansing and colonics on her and her legs which had been bad for many many months and she could not even wear shoes began to heal and in less than a week were healed.

The colon was so backed up that the toxins and body had no choice but to try to remove them from the skin.

Too much protein causes the body to be way too acidic and the body responses by trying to cut in down by dousing it with calcium that it takes form the teeth and bones. It probably was not fruits but all that protein you were eating...things like meats and cheese and eggs..

New thoughts are that we only need 55 of our diet to be protein.

Also they are now finding it is not just animal fat that is bad for us but animal protein. Plant protein seems to act differently.

Also I am sure you now realize diet sodas are not good for us at all. They can cause brain tumors due to the artificial sweeteners in them. I think if one had to drink sodas, regular is safer though of course not recommended.

I think that acid could have been because animal products make the body way too acidic which can cause havoc.

I recommend you see the following videos

1 forks over knives (it discusses some of these protein/acidic things from the 2 doctors in the film)

2 fat sick and nearly dead

3 and the save yo ur life interviews (there are 12 of them also while at Dr Schulze take a listen to his audio tape get well

all of these can be downloaded free by going to and tying title of the first few in the search and for the schulze type the words Dr Schulze in the search there

Also have you considered you might have an allergy.

If you juice fasted, that is an easy way to do an Elimination Diet to try to find out what you might be allergic to.

Add foods back one at a time and note any symptoms after. If any seem they might be connected, reintroduce the food in a day or so and see if symptoms return, if they do, eliminate that item from your diet. Do not eat any foods unless you check them one at a time starting with the foods most allergic (like you know strawberries, nuts,,,look on line for most allergic foods) do not trust doctors allergy tests as they are crap.

This does not necessarily mean, you can never eat that food again, I finally discovered I was very allergic to tomatoes which being Italian, I liked.

I stopped them, (once accidentally ate something with tomatoes I did not know were in there and symptoms immediately it all came back..after that I read labels carefully after several years, I tried tomatoes again and found I could eat organic tomatoes so I figured maybe it was something sprayed on them but after a dozen or so years, I found I could again eat tomatoes as many as I anted and no allergy. Abstaining all those years somehow allowed my body to be able to accept them again without harm.

Juice fasting is wonderful but you must understand it takes time to reverse the damage..much of the damage is on a cellular level. Positive cellular changes may have been taking place that you were not aware of.

It takes up to two years to totally replace every cell in your body..some cells like skin regenerate quicker than other. If it does not die, the body will kill it. so in two years yo have a completely new body.

Whether it is better or worst depends on what you have one in the interim. You need to stop doing things that may hurt you and your body and adding a number of things that can help to heal it. It may take several rounds of cells dying and being rebuilt to see a complete change.

Work not only on nutrition in but toxins out with several cleanses. Dr christopher for instances noticed it might take several Colon Cleanses over time to change things.

it is worth it because it is not just the things you are aware of that might get better but things that might be leading to problems down the road as cells die and come back worst each times when we falter and dont stop the bad, mess up or not add enough health building things to our programs.

Keep trying even if you do not see results. Dr Gerson's (who cured cancer) daughter noted that often when the body heals, it heals all of it..sometimes suddenly.

The fact you are on here seeking help and that you could do that long on a fast and try it at all shows me you can do this. Be patient. It took a long time to get sick even with all the bad diet and it takes a while for it to get better with good things. Luckily it seems to heal a lot quicker than it degenerates if we do the right and enough things.

In between fast get on a whole food diet with lots of produce..high raw...preferably vegan. Eliminate bad foods. this may take time to get there..any step in the right direction is progress.

Have you had an upper gi as it sort of sounds like you have reflux...I had no symptoms of heartburn or anything and found out I had severe reflux form this test..there is a kind called silent reflux instead of heartburn you can get things like coughing and wheezing which I never connected with the stomach.

here is how my brother cured his gerd in less than 3 weeks

be sure to read all my posts in that thread as I added more details on what he did exactly in later posts.


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