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brainstorming some ideas for you in 2 parts--part one
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Published: 9 years ago
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brainstorming some ideas for you in 2 parts--part one

hmm sorry to hear you did not get the benefit you hoped for.

Did you know that fruits are cleansers and veggies are builders?

sometimes if we use too much fruits, we an cleanse too quickly causing a healing crisis where we feel worst but this is good as it will cause us to eventually feel better.

I would try to include a lot of green juices..vary the greens you use daily and mix with various fruits.

some greens are swiss chard, green leafy tops of beets, carrots, daikon, radishes, turnips, also romaine, green or purple leafy lettuce, spinach, dandelion greens, collard greens, kale, dino kale, celery, broccoli, bok choy, purple flowering cabbage, watercress, various leafy herbs like basil, parsley, any Asian market greens, dandelion greens and wild greens like purslane, leaves of violets, daisies, berries, grape leaves, lamb's quarter, miner';s lettuce, cleavers, burdock, etc

Fruits might be citrus, berries, melons, preaches, pears, apples, mangos, pineapple, grapes, persimmons, bananas, kiwi etc

Also how soon after making did you drink these juices (they must be drank within 20 minutes lest the enzymes and vital elements lesson or dissipate. do not make and store in refrigerator but make fresh each time.

Were you taking pretty much only fresh produce homemade juicers made in a juicer sand not canned, frozen and bottled juices (even if organic).

Were you getting a variety of juices.

Some of the ones that heal many things are these According to the father of the modern juice movement, Dr Norman Walker, inventor of the first juicer (Norwalk) who lived to be at least to age 97 (some say 117).

1 carrot juice
2 carrot and spinach (10 oz carrot and 6 oz spinach)
3 carrot (10 oz) beet (3 oz) and cucumber (3 oz)
4 lemon

How about the one Dr Schulze who used juice fasting in his comprehensive program to heal the incurable and terminal patients.

He says best veggie is 40% carrot, 40% beets and 20% kale or other leafy green

He had people drink at least a gallon of fresh juices and water. He did allow herb teas and potassium broth on the juice fasts.

8 or 9 days of fasting is not going to reverse years of bad eating and habits. It takes at least one month of right living to reverse each year of bad living or poor health.

Schulze worked on the principle of getting the bad out through herbal and specific juice cleansing of the elimination organs..they would be first of all colon cleansing (his stuff is at, kidney-bladder cleanse, liver-gall bladder cleansing, skin cleanse (also dry skin brush towards the heart), lung-mucus cleanse and blood cleansing.

He also did immune boosting with echinacea or astragalus can be used.

To this, he added high nutrition with his superfood, fresh juices, a vegan whole food, raw diet.

He also adds a lot of other things like only using natural products to clean house and body, natural fiber clothes, fresh air and sunlight, exercise, hydrotherapy, enemas and high colonics, raw garlic, h0ot and cold showers, castor oil packs, the cold sheet treatment, massage, body work, affirmations and attitude work including love and forgiveness.

cont in 2nd post


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