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Re: ***Did Juicing or juice fasting help your Illness or disease?***
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: ***Did Juicing or juice fasting help your Illness or disease?***

I been juicing for the past 14 years, drinking about 2X 16oz with lunch (store brought-organic- probably not that clean) and 36oz homemade juice at night...this past year I have stopped juicing and I actually feel much better...I think drinking all that juice (apples, carrots, kale, lemons, celery, beets, parsley, cucumber, usually- all organic from wholefoods) made me ill from parasite eggs and, I mostly eat fruit or vegetables that can be peeled or else I wash with some lugo's Iodine back ache disappeared after I stop eating so much raw foods, year of parasite cleanse and after one and half year of colon cleanse...
Organic fruits and vegetables still contain lots pesticides, especially the leafy ones...
Your symptoms sounds like you need a parasite cleanse and a colon cleanse:

colon cleanse: 1) organic whole psyllium husk with activated charcoal OR 2) organic whole psyllium power (if stomach is sensitive use powder form) with terramin clay
daily for one and half years then 4 to 5X a week for life (if you want see what comes out do terramin clay)—
organic whole psyllium from

activated charcoal from

Terramin clay from

parasite cleanse: fully ozonated hemp oil (3 hours away from food- usually take it before bed)- 1/4 teaspoon for 3 months, humaworm- 6 months supply (mix with honey then water), DE- 6 months, barefoot- 2 bottles (3 teaspoons- 3X a week), zymex II- 1 bottle, Coq10 (1 1/2 teaspoon in honey once a week- 1 powder bottle), L-cysteine (3 pills daily for one month) start all at once and T-Rex zapper- try to zap 24 hours for one month continuously--
Iodine drops--- 2 to 4 drops everyday for life—Lugol’s brand
for maintenance: take ozonated hemp oil when you feel you need it…I take fully ozonated hemp oil 4 times a week all the time…
fully ozonated hemp seed oil from

fully ozonated oil/ rose hip oil is great for under eye wrinkles
humaworm from delivery, buy 6 months supply just in case you need more and you will most likely need more…I would take it for 6 months straight…you can just buy 2 months supply and to save money make your own herb tincture or boil the herbs you want in water for daily herb drink

I drink a cup of boiled herbs daily: olive leaf, clove, Wormwood , pau d'arco, elecampane, turmeric, burdock, fenugreek, walnut

food grade DE (1 Diatomaceous Earth 2.5 lb Gal Jug) from

barefoot= P/W Elimination "B" Tincture from

or make your own tincture, you can make 4 year supply with $100, with dried herbs from or you can purchase dried herbs from
add 30% alcohol (vodka) to ½ glass jar of herbs of your choice and place in a dark cabinet and shake 2X a day for 6 weeks and then drain…spirts are safe to drink, wine contain parasite eggs

Standard Process Zymex II from amazon
Now brand Coq 10 powder & L-cysteine pills from amazon
T-rex zapper from

It is important to do this all at once to minimize scattering of worms, remember everyone has worms so don't freak out and eventually 90% will die, unfortunately one can never be completely without parasites b/c their eggs are everywhere including the air we breathe- our gov’t sprays chemtrails which include various metals and parasite eggs…also remember the more you exercise the less infested you are…sweating (or infrared sauna) removes metals and pesticides from your body
You will be very tired the first few months of the parasite cleanse, it is caused by toxins released from dead parasites
Wash vegetables and fruits with vegetable soap and then rinse with Iodine or ozonated water to kill parasites—can purchase ozonated machine or just use food grade lugo's iodine- Potassium Iodide form and alcohol based is toxic
most important is taking fully ozonated hemp oil 1/4 teaspoon- for 6 months every night and take when you feel its needed as well-- it cured scattering for me-- small pets .09 cc/ml every night, away from food for 3 months and then once a week ---when you feel they need another parasite cleansing for duration of one week (2X a year)—also give pets DE water and DE on their dried food

I wanted to share that I been doing Colon Cleanses on my cats by sprinkling organic psyllium husk powder on their dried food, parasite cleanse: .09 cc/ml of fully ozonated hemp oil for 3 months (3 to 5 times a week) and then once a week as maintenance, also 1/3 teaspoon of DE (3 months then 2 times a week), and plaque removal in pets: I soak some q-tip in olive oil and rub it along their teeth and gum- only the outer teeth portion and I hold their months closed by holding top of their nose and jaw live while they sit on my lap...all the plaque removes within 5 to 7 can do this daily and not have to go for a dental will notice that plaque will fall off within the first week and might be able to scrap it off with your finger nail...

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