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Re: important to anyone with candida
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: important to anyone with candida

Yes, Candida or Candidiasis is very real. The only problem is that doctors dont believe that it can be a problem unless you have an immune system problem like HIV. 76% of people who have HIV that contract candidiasis die from it. And doctors treat them all the time. I nearly died from it 2 years ago and I am still not well but recovering well. I could barely feed myself then and now I can almost have a normal life. My doctor Dr.Susan Tanner in Roswell GA is experienced in treating it and I think will do a great job of helping me get back my life entirely. Here is thier website
. I can recommend a few things for you that have helped me.

I am still recovering myself but have made wonderful improvements since this all began 3 years ago. First thing I can suggest is my products. I have attributed much of my health and recovery to finding a very good potent probiotic. I tried every brand I could find and by far the best has been Custom Probiotics CP-1 adult formula, at
I order 6 bottles about every 2 months and it costs me $200, and worth every penny. I take 3 of them about an hour before each meal on and empty stomach, and if Im feeling bad that day I take one after the meal also.

Also for my liver I am currently taking GNC brand Artichoke extract
. It really takes the liver cramps and burning away. I take one every time I take the CP-1 an hour before meals.

I recenly started taking L-Glutamine also, as this is supposed to help heal your gut lineing, its definately not hurting, and I think it is helping a little, but Ive been told that it takes a while.

I am also now taking nystatin prescription from my doctor. I was blessed to find a very good doctor who knows how to treat candida properly.

Food advise I can give you is to eat lots of Trout, it has lots of omega 3 which kills candida. Do not eat flax, although it has omega 3 it is of the wrong type and is difficult for your body to convert to the proper type. Keep your foods as organic as possible, but it really does not matter if it is raw or not. I eat lots of green veggies (like steamed asparagus, and steamed brussel sprout and broccoli, good fats (organic chicken, organic real butter and eggs, etc. I've also been told that purified coconut fat is really good for candida too but havent tried it yet). I get most of my calories from the brussel sprouts and chicken.

Also keep in mind that everything that touches your skin and goes into your body has an effect on your candida. I get very very ill if I get fruit juice on my hands or anything like that. Do not even touch sugars, juices or starches. Use gentle soaps like softsoap in the shower and Cook your food with spring water, tap water contains chlorine and chloramin and other chemicals that are not good for you because they not only contain some harmful bacteria, but the chemicals can also kill the good bacteria that you are trying to rebuild. I personally drink only Poland Springs water and cook all my veggies in a steamer with spring water, and it makes a big difference.

Becarful of the supplements you take, some of them contain things that can be harmful as well as helpful. For instance some Flora supplements contain yeast and FOS which are not good for candida sufferers. Let me know if any of this is helpful and if you have any questions. I hate to see anyone suffer anything like I have.


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