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Great article about vaccines!
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Published: 19 years ago
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Great article about vaccines!


by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock BSc.

Feb 2001

There has been a fair degree of publicity recently, more in some parts of
the world than others, in relation to the research that has linked the MMR
vaccine to autism. What is the most publicised is that UK researcher Dr
Andrew Wakefield and his group of researchers studied children who
developed Crohn's disease and autism and linked them to the MMR vaccine
that they had been administered (Lancet 1998).

It is good that this is being brought to light, but since parents have been
repeatedly reassured by many doctors that the vaccine is safe, which they
now can see is not true, it is important for them to logically reason that
they cannot trust ANYTHING they are told by doctors, particularly about
vaccination, and see that they need to research the whole vaccination
issue. Sadly, when this is done, it is realised that this MMR/autism link
is only the tip of iceberg.

There are various relevant very important issues which are not addressed by
this publicity, and which I will cover here. It will then be recognised
that this is a much wider problem, and only after understanding this can
parents make an informed decision about what to do. The issues are as

1.Is the MMR triple vaccine the only cause of autism?
2. Is the administration of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines
individually a solution to the problem of autism?
3. Are gastrointestinal problems the only mechanism causing brain
dysfunction characterised by the diagnosis of autism?
4. What constitutes the evidence of causality?
5. What IS the solution to the problem?

The answer to the first three questions, which we will address first, is a
resounding NO! The fourth and fifth questions are addressed subsequently.

1. Is the MMR triple vaccine the only cause of autism? There is not only a
documented link of autism to the MMR vaccine, but also to the other
vaccines, such as the DPT and polio. We also know of a case of a child
developing autism after the Hepatitis A vaccine and others after the
Hepatitis B vaccine.

2. Are gastrointestinal problems the only mechanism causing brain
dysfunction characterised by the diagnosis of autism? Even though it is
evident and proven that the MMR causes bowel problems which result in
malabsorption and malelimination of waste product of digestion, which
results in brain dysfunction called autism, autism as a diagnosis was
defined for the first time by Kanner (1943 and 1944). This was the time
when the measles, mumps and rubella (and the MMR) vaccines did not exist.
However, it WAS the time of intensified diphtheria, pertussis (whooping
cough) and tetanus vaccination. The recipients of these vaccines developed
encephalitis (or encephalomyelitis) and the mechanism of behavioural
problems described by Kanner as autism was soon described by others as
postencephalitic syndrome. This is another, in fact the original,
explanation for the observed behavioural problems often alternatively
described as post--vaccinal encephalitic syndrome and caused by ANY
vaccine. This is amply described in a book written by Harris I. Coulter:
"Vaccination: Social Violence and Criminality, the Assault on the American

3. Is the administration of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines
individually a solution to the problem of autism? The researchers above and
parents, particularly in the United Kingdom, are calling for the three
vaccines (measles, mumps and rubella) to be administered individually as if
this were the solution to the problem. However it is not just the combined
vaccines, such as MMR or DPT that cause autism, and therefore the separate
administration of the vaccines will NOT resolve the problem. In fact we
know of cases of autism occuring after the individual vaccines. Indeed, the
risk may, to the contrary, be even increased. Dr Wakefield has not
referred to ANY research that has looked into the relative risk of
developing autism after the separate vaccines as opposed to the combined
MMR (and we are not aware of any), so there is no basis for such a
recommendation. It appears to be purely based on speculation, and even
that speculation can be said to be founded on a poor amount of study of the
available published refereed research, which shows in more detail what the
cause of the problem actually is. Much of this research is covered in
"Behavioural Problems in Childhood - The Link to Vaccination", by Dr Viera

It is important to understand that ANY of the vaccines - any type and given
either singly or combined, can disturb the balance in the body and cause
autism. In fact it has even very rarely developed after an immunological
assault that was NOT vaccination (we know of 2 such cases), but it does NOT
develop otherwise in unvaccinated children. Notably, we know of NO cases
of autism in which there was no clearly identifiable immunological assault
preceding its development.

4. What constitutes the evidence of causality?

Let us start by not relying on the words of medical "authorities" in
western countries.

A clear illustration of how truly authoritative their assertions are can be
seen from looking at what has happened in other countries. For example,
Sugiura & Yamada (Pediatr Infect Dis J, 1991;Vol 10(3):209-13) describe
what happened in Japan. Very briefly, when the MMR triple vaccine was shown
to cause meningitis in 1 in 2026 recipients, not only did the Japanese
health authorities recognise the causal link to this vaccine, they also
discontinued its use (and also significantly, no unusually large epidemic
of any of these infections followed). Not surprisingly, the incidence of
vaccine-caused (and overall) meningitis plummeted (the minority who were
hell-bent on getting the vaccine could still get it). So, there is a
precedent of a whole major country abandoning the offending vaccine and of
a recognition of the causal link between the offending vaccines and the
observed reactions. Yet despite this, medical "authorities" in other
countries, such as Australia, the UK and the US, continue to ignore (or not
read?) the research in published, refereed medical journals, and claim that
there is only a temporal and coincidental association.

It is important to note that the only studies that have claimed to discount
the link of the MMR vaccine to autism have been funded by vaccine
manufacturers (the most recent being Merck, which makes MMR, and reported
in January 2001 in The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal). This is a
case of history repeating itself - how many times have tobacco companies
published research "demonstrating" that cigarettes do not cause cancer or
heart disease, etc?

Looking at the arguments in relation to the causal link

It is unfortunate that rather than simply caring to take the scientific
approach of searching for and studying the published literature revealing
the mechanisms for how vaccines cause the development of autism, vaccine
promoters will simply follow the politician's approach of making weak
claims and reasoning to discount the link. They even deny such literature
exists, presumably because they have never searched for it.

An example of this is that Dr. Eric Fombonne, from the Institute of
Psychiatry in London, UK claims in a letter in Pediatrics (Pediatrics
2001;107:411-413) that the rise in the number of reported cases of autism
over the past 30 years was caused by doctors adopting a broader definition
of the disease and using better diagnostic tools. Whilst doctors may be
more aware of autism now and as a result look for it more, the reason they
are more aware of it is because it is more evident - it is now occurring at
a much higher rate. Autism is not just a label. Autistic children are
placed into special schools, or special extensions of existing schools,
because it is so obvious, and always would have been, that their needs
cannot be met in a normal classroom. Special schools for autistic children
are now overflowing and greatly increasing in number. Further, it is well
documented that there has been a rise in the numbers of children who are
diagnosed with a host of developmental, speech and learning disorders,
regardless of what you choose to call their problem. These facts should put
an end to any debate over diagnostic criteria changes.

Dr. Luke Tsai, a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University
of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor, said that if the disease was
caused by a vaccine, "we would see hundreds of thousands of kids with
autism. And we don't." Well, if Dr Tsai has studied so much medicine and
yet has still no concept of variations in susceptibility from one
individual to another (let alone all the other factors that vary from one
administration to the next), one really has to wonder what they DO learn in
medical school, apart from pharmacology (i.e. which toxic concoctions
interfere with which efforts of the body to defend or heal itself). Apart
from that though, with autism occurring at the rate it does, there ARE at
least two or three hundred thousand children in our developed countries
around the world with autism! What planet does he live on?

Vaccine promoters also commit another politically motivated lapse in logic:
they admit that the REACTIONS to all vaccines do occur, but say that they
are only TEMPORAL and COINCIDENTAL. To our dismay, many of them seem to
actually believe this nonsense which represents an insult to basic
intelligence. This is because firstly, the word "reaction" itself is a word
that directly implies causality. Secondly, establishing a TEMPORAL
relationship is the first precondition of causality. Thirdly, why do they
not even consider the significant fact that these REACTIONS never occur
BEFORE and always AFTER vaccination? The magnitude of this "coincidence" is
impossibility in the realm of probability calculus.

It is actually considered prudent medical practice that if a medical
procedure is administered and symptoms occur afterwards, that procedure
must be considered as the cause. However further to this there is plenty of
information available that enables one to piece together not just that
there IS a link, but how the damage occurs.

Suppose you are a parent who has never even picked up any medical
literature at all on vaccination or autism.

To start with you might know only that vaccines do SOMETHING to the immune
system. Then you observe that after a vaccination your child develops a
condition that clearly involves an immune disorder - you can see this
because when the child eats certain foods his behaviour goes particularly
Then you communicate with other parents of autistic children and lo and
behold, they have observed the same temporal link. A statistical
probability then forms. If you read that more than one in 175 of all
children in the UK ("Telegraph", 18 Feb, 2000), and similar in other
"developed" countries with high vaccination compliance, suffer autism, but
not in developing countries, which have low vaccination compliance, you see
a statistical link on a larger scale. (Notably, a similar pattern of
confinement to developed countries occurs with cancer, leukaemia, asthma
and other modern scourges of children.)

Then you learn what is in vaccines - .01-.025% each of formaldehyde,
mercury (or substitute #6-pheno-oxyethanol, a protoplasmic poison),
aluminium, paint thinner, coolant, anti-freeze, dye, detergent phenols,
solvent, borax, disinfectant, MSG, glycerol, sulfite & phosphate compounds,
polysorbate 80/20, sorbitol, polyribosylribitol, betapropiolactone,
Amphotericin B and other chemicals, plus hydrolized gelatin, casein, dead
animal tissue and blood (e.g. cow, chick embryo, monkey, sheep, pig, dog,
etc), aborted human foetus cells, mutated (more virulent) human viruses,
contaminant animal viruses (e.g. SV40, which causes cancer in humans),
bacteria, bacterial endotoxins, Antibiotics , yeast & animal, bacterial and
viral DNA (which when injected can be incorporated into the recipient DNA).

You reasonably conclude that perhaps it is not enormously healthy for your
child to be injected with this big mixture of poisons, and it just MIGHT
cause some damage to the immune system?

Then you might go further and look at what these poisons are documented to
do. You might start with the first one on the list - formaldehyde. You ask
Poisons Information or the National Research Council what its potential
effects are and they give you this list:

Eye; nasal; throat and pulmonary irritation; acidosis; acute sense of
smell; alters tissue proteins; anaemia; antibodies formation; apathy;
blindness; blood in urine; blurred vision; body aches; bronchial spasms;
bronchitis; burns nasal and throat; cardiac impairment; palpitations and
arrhythmias; central nervous system depression; changes in higher cognitive
functions; chemical sensitivity; chest pains and tightness; chronic
vaginitis; colds; coma; conjunctivitis; constipation; convulsions; corneal
erosion; cough; death; destruction of red blood cells; depression;
dermatitis; diarrhoea; difficulty concentrating; disorientation; dizziness;
ear aches; eczema; emotional upsets; ethmoid polyps; fatigue; fecula
bleeding; foetal asphyxiation (and they say they don't know what could
cause SIDS?); flu-like or cold like illness; frequent urination with pain;
gastritis; gastrointestinal inflammation; headaches; haemolytic anaemia;
haemolytic haematuria; hoarseness; hyperactive airway disease;
hyperactivity; hypomenstrual syndrome; immune system sensitiser; impaired
(short) attention span; impaired capacity to attain attention; inability or
difficulty swallowing; inability to recall words and names; inconsistent IQ
profiles; inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs; intestinal
pain; intrinsic asthma; irritability; jaundice; joint pain; aches and
swelling; kidney pain; laryngeal spasm; loss of memory; loss of sense of
smell; loss of taste; malaise; menstrual and testicular pain; menstrual
irregularities; metallic taste; muscle spasms and cramps; nasal
congestions; crusting and mucosae inflammation; nausea; nosebleeds;
numbness and tingling of the forearms and finger tips; pale, clammy skin;
partial laryngeal paralysis; pneumonia; post nasal drip; pulmonary oedema;
reduced body temperature; retarded speech pattern; ringing or tingling in
the ear; schizophrenic-type symptoms; sensitivity to sound; shock; short
term memory loss; shortness of breath; skin lesions; sneezing; sore throat;
spacey feeling; speaking difficulty; sterility; swollen glands; tearing;
thirst; tracheitis; tracheobronchitis; vertigo; vomiting blood; vomiting;

Then you investigate mercury?

Aphthous, stomatitis, catarrhal gingivitis, nausea, liquid stools, pain,
liver disorder, injury to the cardiovascular system and hematopoietic
system, deafness, ataxia, headache, paresthesia of the tongue, lips,
fingers and toes, other non-specific dysfunctions, metallic taste, slight
gastrointestinal disturbances, excessive flatus, diarrhea, chorea,
athetosis, tremors, convulsions, pain and numbness in the extremities,
nephritis, salivation, loosening of the teeth, blue line on the gums,
anxiety, mental depression, insomnia, hallucinations or central nervous
system effects. Exposure may also cause irritation of the eyes, mucous
membranes and upper respiratory tract. Acute poisoning may cause
gastrointestinal irritation, renal failure, fine tremors of extended hands,
loss of side vision, slight loss of coordination in the eyes, speech,
writing and gait, inability to stand or carry out voluntary movements,
occasional muscle atrophy and flexure contractures, generalized myoclonic
movements, difficulty understanding ordinary speech, irritability and bad
temper progressing to mania, stupor, coma, mental retardation in children,
skin irritation, blisters or dermatitis. Exposure may be fatal.

Well how about that? These ingredients cause exactly the type of damage
that your child is suffering. Even these two ingredients, let alone the
rest, cause sensitisation to the immune system for example, and your child,
since the vaccination, is sensitive to certain foods, which intensify his
autistic behaviour.

You learn about Dr Wakefield's, Professor O'Leary's and others' research
where they are developing an understanding of the damage the vaccines can
do to the gastrointestinal system, and how this is intricately linked to
the condition. You quite likely note that your own son has been suffering
tummy problems at the same time (if the autism developed by that mechanism,
and not from encephalitis), and again only since that vaccination. You
remember how after his vaccines in his first year he started getting
several bacterial, particularly ear infections, and was frequently on
Antibiotics , which you know could have increased the susceptibility of his
gastrointestinal system before the 12-15 mth MMR and Hib or 18 mth DPT. You
recognise the typical pattern.

You might even ask on email lists if there are any unvaccinated children
that have developed autism, and you may get back a negative response. We
ourselves have only been able to find 2 such cases, and in each case there
was another clearly identifiable immune assault. We have found NO case of
it developing in a previously healthy unvaccinated child.

Then you discover, and read, whole books that are compilations of a huge
amount of medical research on vaccination and behavioural disorders
(including autism), each research study they reference establishing a link
that makes up one or more pieces of the jigsaw. These books include Dr
Viera Scheibner's "Behavioural Problems in Childhood - The Link to
Vaccination", Greg Wilson's "Vaccination and Behavioral Disorders - A
Review of the Controversy", Harris Coulter's "Vaccination: Social Violence
and Criminality, The Assault on the American Brain", Karen Seroussi's
"Unraveling the Mystery of Autism". The first two of these books document
over 500 relevant medical papers between them.By now we have the situation
that if this were put to trial in a fair court, the verdict would be
"Guilty beyond all reasonable doubt." If courts required further proof than
this before they came to a verdict with traditional "garden-variety"
criminals, our jails would be empty and murderers would be running around
loose on the streets. Of course unfortunately for "common" murderers their
activities are not protected by a multi-trillion dollar industry.

5. So what then IS the solution to this problem? Seeing the solution
requires an understanding of the whole vaccination issue. This requires a
decent amount of research, if all that we have believed or assumed about
vaccination up to this point is what the medical establishment has told us.

Before doing any such research, parents could be concerned that if they do
not vaccinate, their children could catch these infectious diseases, and
die or suffer permanent injuries as a result.

However once parents do more research they come to realise that this
concern is invalid in two respects:

1) It assumes that vaccines prevent diseases. Research reveals that the
actual effect of vaccines is actually sensitisation, the word
"sensitisation" even specifically used in medical journals in describing
the effect. "Sensitisation" means that the recipient is made MORE, not less
sensitive, i.e. more, not less susceptible to contracting the infection and
more vulnerable to it, increasing the chance of developing a 3
to 4 year cyclic disease, and when this decline in vaccine compliance
occurred whooping cough incidence remained at an all time low for the
longest recorded interepidemic period. The overall infant mortality rate
also plummeted, being also the lowest on record for an epidemic when the
next epidemic came around.

The same happened in Japan after 1975 when the vaccination age was lifted
to 2 years; Japan zoomed from a much higher rate (17th place) to the lowest
infant mortality rate (1st place) in the world (Los Angeles Times, March

In contrast to this, after the US mandated the DPT vaccine in 1978 there
was a documented 300% sustained increase in the reported cases of whooping
cough, and it is still rising, to the point that, with mandatory
vaccination in most states and 5 doses of the vaccine, it now occurs at a
far higher rate than before the introduction of the vaccine (see Sutter,
R.W., and Cochi, S.L., 1992. Pertussis hospitalisations and mortality in
the United States, 1985-1988. J Amer Med Ass;267(3):386-390). Indeed,
despite the overall far superior living standards in other respects -
better housing, clean water, nutrition, etc, the US infant mortality rates
rival those of the third world. Significantly it went from 6th place in the
world in the early fifties before mass vaccination started to 20th place by
1990, and it has since dropped several ranks further (down to 26th place a
few years ago). Similarly, measles had virtually disappeared in Europe,
UNTIL vaccination began, after which it rose again. Sadly, it seems that
almost whatever the vaccine promoters say, you can simply change their
claim to say the exact opposite, and then you will know the truth. With the
few times that what they say is true, they are giving only part of the
story, which is misleading because people then make false assumptions about
the rest.

2) The other respect in which the above claim is invalid is that even if
vaccines DID prevent infectious diseases, these are not life-threatening
diseases that are untreatable.

They may be untreatable by the medical establishment, but that is because,
with its very heavy ties with an industry that markets poisonous substances
as bringers of health, it is unable to get away from this obsession of
interfering with the immune system (usually by such administrations),
instead of supporting it. It is important to understand that the immune
system is designed to do a job, and is quite capable of doing so - the
complexities of this inbuilt intelligence developed, as it did in other
animals, long before Homo Sapiens even began to evolve. Thanks to the
damaging effect of the vaccines their mothers had, weakening the
transplacentally transmitted immunity, young infants are now susceptible to
whooping cough, which is dangerous (only) under 6 months, but even then it
is still treatable. Any deaths represent the damage done and bad management
by medical establishment (illustrated clearly in MJA March 1998); they are
not curses of nature. It is natural to survive.

In fact properly supported (and ideally at the age of childhood, as nature
intended, not infanthood), the exercise of dealing with childhood
infections such as measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough and chicken pox,
has been documented in medical literature to be beneficial- it primes and
matures the immune system, lowering the risk of serious diseases such as
cancer in later life (Lancet, 1985, Cancer 1966), and asthma (Lancet 1996,
1999). It has also been seen to help the development of the brain - often
evident in such things as children's drawings before and after they go
through the infections. The name "measles" itself is an old Sanskrit word
meaning "visitation by a goddess". The recognition of these benefits has
even manifested in a tradition of measles (etc) parties, to which parents
bring their children deliberately to be exposed to the child with the
infection, in order to enable them to gain these benefits as well as
immunity for later life, when it is far more unpleasant to go through. So
even if the vaccine WERE effective, it is inappropriate to be even trying
to prevent these infections anyway. Children will only get them if and when
they need them, and once they have them they only need to be properly

When the immune system fails to do its job, it is not because it is
inherently incapable of overcoming the infection, but because we have
denied it the resources that it needs, or interfered with its activity. All
the resources it needs are?

* a sufficient nutritional status (not really a problem in developed
countries today, though many people would do better if their levels of
these, particularly Vitamin C, were higher),
* plenty of clean water, and
* energy through sufficient rest.

We interfere with its activity when?

* we divert the body's labour resources to other activities such as
digestion (making the person eat),
* by giving Panadol and other anti-pyretics, we prevent it raising or
keeping its temperature at the level it knows it needs (N.B. It raises it
because for every degree rise in temperature, the rate of production and
travel of leucocytes to the site of infection, actually DOUBLES), and/or
* we harm organisms in the body that have an important role in the immune
system (i.e. when we give Antibiotics ).

Further, when a person is vaccinated, ironically it only damages and
weakens the immune system, and further severely saps its resources, such as
Vitamin C, and therefore only increases the challenge it has in its effort
to deal with infections, but even these diseases are still treatable. They
just need to be properly supported. The immune system can manage if it has
the basic resources it needs and is then left alone to get on with the job,
even though it causes a fair degree of discomfort in the process. Contrary
to popular belief, the body is not suicidal! It raises its temperature to a
level that is still safe and helps it fight the infection, not to put
itself under threat of brain damage! Apart from this, convulsions occur due
to it rising very RAPIDLY from normal (which is not uncommon after
vaccination), not due to it being too high.

So, if you ever hear of a child suffering a complication or dying "from",
say measles, ask two questions:

1) Was the child vaccinated? This is most probable, though he/she will most
likely be assumed not to have been until the medical records are checked.
(By vaccinated we mean at least ONE dose of ANY vaccine - not necessarily
the measles vaccine - they ALL weaken the immune system), and

2) What treatment was the child given? Sure enough you will find that the
illness was mismanaged, as described above.

Non-vaccinating parents in our developed countries are commonly asked what
they "do" to their children that makes them so vibrantly healthy and alert.
It is actually normal for a properly nourished and nurtured child to grow
up in good health, WHEN there is no administration of toxic substances. In
a healthy child, infections, even colds, are rarely seen, and if and when
contracted they are dealt with easily and quickly. Indeed, most of the time
an infection is contracted it is dealt with so easily by the immune system
that the person does not fall ill, so is unaware of it.

So, in summary, the incomplete analysis and handling of the autism problem
is muddying the issue and only results in what can best be described as a
logical mess in relation to the whole issue of causality of autism. Some
parents discount the link completely because they know that their or
other's children developed autism before the MMR, or much later (after
another vaccine). Others expend vast amounts of energy searching for, and
travelling long distances to, medical centres that will give separate
measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. As a result, many thousands of
children continue to be damaged, developing autism and many other serious
effects, as a result of being given the MMR vaccine itself, the SEPARATE
measles, mumps, rubella vaccines and/or the OTHER vaccines. And most
ironically, they are only more, not less, susceptible to these otherwise
harmless, indeed (if properly managed) beneficial, infections.

An example of the logical mess and resultant tragedy was reported to us
recently. A couple of mothers who are friends had read an article in the
daily newspaper about the MMR vaccine causing autism. One of the mothers
had an autistic son. Initially she wondered then if the MMR had caused the
autism in her son, but then she discounted the link because she remembered
that her son started showing the signs of autism BEFORE being given the
MMR. When, as a result of remembering this, she told her friend that her
initial concern about the MMR link was wrong, this reassurance encouraged
her friend to submit her own son to the MMR. Now, shortly after that, this
friend's son is starting to show the signs of autism.

One cannot successfully fight mistruth with other mistruths. Without the
full, in fact basically simple truth, we just get confusion and more
poisoning, with the resultant needless suffering.

Please help us teach the community what does and does NOT bring good
health, so that children in the future can be spared autism and other


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