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Re: In only three months pap shows cancer cells now??
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: In only three months pap shows cancer cells now??

The adenocarcinoma is by far the most concerning.

You can take biopsy but miss portions of tissue that have turned cancerous...high grade hyperplasia is considered early cancer even though the term is pre cancerous.

So it is possible that as thing progress more cells turn up and finally get detected.

Squamous cells are usually first to turn but then endothelial, mucous membrane cells turn cancerous.

So, once you have the diagnosis of adencarcinoma you are pretty much stuck with that as your primary concern.

It is possible to have both but in general adencarcinomas are considered more advanced.

I would consider this to be early stage and should warrant understanding that if ever you were to consider western medicine now is the time to think about that intervention.

Too many times I have seen people forego this intervention and put up a good and long natural medicine fight. If the natural interventions wear out, if cancer adapts by using other forms of energy production like using fats, non fermenting process then out of desperation people finally play the western medicine card...but at this point it becomes less effective. So if you choose to play this card then dont wait until it is desperate attempt.

Since your cancer has viral origins usually related to papilloma, we like ascorbates, silver as basic program but keep in mind this is just basic intervention...a starting point.

As tumor loads increase so needs to be your dosing...once tumor loads get to a certain point then natural interventions require higher dosing to match your tumor load.

Tumor markers, PET scan should be done so that you can track your progress...adeno carcinomas have protein coat that make them stubborn and resistant to absorption of minerals and oxygen...nattokinase is warranted adjunct in this case...this seeks to weaken that membrane.

So a logical strategy is not to screw around with this thing. Get aggressive soon, track your markers frequently so you know if you are impacting progression, causing don't want to wait three months to find out your interventions haven't had their desired impact. This just give your cancer a needless head we like to see markers tested 14 days after aggressive natural interventions have been started.

There are few good things western medicine offers and one of those is we try not to burn that bridge..try to string along the oncologists in order to keep testing going. The other thing western medicine offers is insurance coverage...truly aggressive natural interventions cost money and sometimes finances alone force people into western approach just because insurance will cover those things.

Again...adeno carcinomas are very stubborn...the only long term successes seen in western medicine come with early interventions...this is the only common denominator in permanent remissions... it is early intervention.

Once you get secondary sites, lymph node involvement....the success of western medicine falls way off.

Make no mistake about it...chemo, radiation do not kill dendritic dipping a dog for ticks...wont kill eggs...then the eggs hatch and your ticks are back again and laying more eggs....sorry about this analogy but this explains why chemo programs are so poorly's like they think its an anti biotic and all you have to do is take the medicine for a certain time frame....really chemo time frames are so illogical when looking at this we work with oncologists not to push patients to their limits and tolerances...we favor an integrated approach creating metabolic stress, oxidative stress prior to any type of western interventions, this makes western medicine so much more effective...and as soon as bone marrow appears to be affected we like chemo to stop immediately, we do not think the data supports tearing up your bone marrow until you need Procrit or other artificial bone marrow drugs...all the while natural therapies are sustained...then we like follow up treatments to kill new growth and this cycle makes so much more sense than some arbitrary duration that takes such a huge toll upon patients.

So shorter courses with more frequent follow up courses just makes more sense especially if you are integrating your therapies and at early stage. In metastatic disease it becomes so much more complicated.

Should you decide not to undergo western interventions that is a choice we support as well because after all its not my disease, not my life, not my journey and nobody elses...this is your fight...your choices should be based upon being fully informed and with firm understanding of these protocols weaknesses and strenghts. So no matter what my opinion is or anybody elses...your opinion is the one that matters most...therefore you must be fully informed and soon.

Bret Peirce


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