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Re: In only three months pap shows cancer cells now??
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: In only three months pap shows cancer cells now??

We studied many protocols and patients. We looked hard at why some therapies worked in certain patients and then did not work in similar cancers in separate patients.

What we have determined is the single most significant factor is dosing. Vitamin C for example, there are people who take IV c in thousands of miligrams but based upon body weight, location of cancer, augmentation, Ph, there are those with very little responses who have high tumor loads, post chemo cancers, large body weights, and no other adjuncts.

Taking a few vitamin c's is probably not going to do much. Vitamin c should be buffered and if it is you can actually neutralize the pro oxidant effects by taking anti oxidants along side of them. This is not good.

This highlights a second issue and this is mixing anti oxidants with pro oxidants. One will dilute the other. Olive leaf is powerful anti oxidant and will cancel out buffered ascorbates.

Olive leaf should be mixed with water and a little baking soda added to strip the hydrogen from the hydroxyl groups. This converts it into pro oxidant and should be consumed 3x per day.

Today you now see anti oxidants labled "activated" this means that they have been buffered.

The aloe product will not make your cancer grow faster but if you have had a biopsy...that will. Disturbing tumor membrane will cause leakage of acid, will cause some localized trauma to healthy cells making them more susceptable to invasion. You can seed dendritic cells when cutting or puncturing live tumors.

Also, if you are taking any pro oxidants and your ph is acidic, this will limit efficacy because it is a proven fact Oxygen doesnt absorb well into cancer cells.

This is why products like alka v6, oleandrin, cesium, alkaline salts are needed. It has been proven beyond any doubts that there is a threshold that permits oxygen to pour accross cancer cell membranes and until this threshold is reached, pro oxidants have minimal effects.

One thing about Chemo...if you go that route, late stage will cause toxicity and can actually make you sicker...earlier stage cancers respond better and your first few doses are the most effective. You can cancel your chemo at any time during the course of treatment but studies demonstrate that taking pro oxidants during chemo reduces side affects and improves effectiveness.

The decision to go the Western route should be an informed decision. If you are going to use radiation we like the more precise gamma knife, proton beam route...I have seen cancers carved right out of prostate with minimal side affects.

However, if you go this route, just know you will have a window of opportunity to hammer natural interventions.

They should be dosed high, should be aggressive, and should be combined. Alkaline therapies were meant to go with pro oxidant therapies and no one should just try them as single strategy.

So, continue with the aloe product but dose it higher. Take the aloe on empty stomach.

We like alka v6 more and more because it is cheaper and it has fewer side affects... google Orizon research/alka v6.

If you are doing oral ascorbates they need to be buffered, taken with food, and your minimum daily intake should be 12 grams. We suggest 50 percent powder, 50 percent timed released 3x per day so that your blood levels do not crash. Sugar or simple carbs in your diet. Organic produce only. If you are going to take animal proteins please limit these and use organic meat only...These should be minimized. Foods high in chlorophyl, like Kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley, should be taken in double portions at bare minimum of twice per day.

Other pro oxidants that are cheap are, clove oil, mixed with baking soda, highest ORAC score with fat soluable absorption ratio...garlic oil, cheap... citrates can buy bulk citric acid and buffer with baking soda.

Minerals...zinc citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate should be added.

If you are only working with a small window of opportunity you may want to take DMSO with all of your products. To triple their absorbtion not take DMSO with perscription meds, do not take with Sugar or ozone.

Finally, DCA or dichloroacetate is showing more and more data prevents fermentation and that is how cancers eat. Can be used with almost all other products.

Remember citrate, minerals, pro oxidants should be dose 3x per day...aloe products and alka v6 with lots of water before meals.

Hope this helps.

Bret Peirce
American Cancer Advocates

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