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My First Flush--part one
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Published: 22 years ago
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My First Flush--part one

Hello Friends!

WOW! That has been my profound thought this morning. WOW!

O.K. I guess I’d better start at the beginning...

To refresh everyone’s memory: I am a 37 year old white woman, 5 feet six, 142 lbs. When I was 18, I had a car accident that left me in traction for 10 weeks. During that time I was on TPN (feeding through IV) for awhile, and was totally immobile. During those 10 weeks, I had my first GB attack. They gave me Mylanta-no tests, no nothing-even when the Mylanta didn’t work.

After I got out of the hospital, I was in a body cast and later a walking cast for 13 months total. During that year, I had several more attacks, and finally was diagnosed with gallstones. I was in my parents care, and thank goodness, they didn’t have anything done about them. I never had anymore trouble and thought I was finished with gallstones.

Looking back now, I realized that I have probably had one or two very mild attacks in the past twenty years, but nothing like my first attacks.

Well, I had been having some unusual symptoms recently and went to the doc and he fixed me up with some diagnostic tests. I had an abdominal CAT scan and my Gallstones were “rediscovered”. The scan showed that I had “several” stones and they were impacted in the neck. So my doc wanted to do a HIDA scan, a nuclear medicine scan where they inject radioactive material into your vein and then check it as it travels through the liver and gb and through the ducts and into the small intestine. They also might force the stuff into your gb by using morphine, which clamps down your ducts and forces the stuff into your gb, so they can check the ejection of the material.

Well, I found this site after I was diagnosed with Gallstones about four weeks ago, and I decided not to have the HIDA scan done until I had had a chance to help my gallbladder get rid of its blockage so that it might work better. Of course, I did not tell my doctor what I am up to because he is very gung ho about getting the gb out as soon as possible. I simply told him that I wanted to have four months to work with my body naturally before I have the scan, which is a precursor to surgery. I suspect also that I do have some cholecystitis because I am always aware of my gb. It’s not painful, it’s just making its presence felt. I know if the doctor discovered any trace of cholecystitis, he would immediately demand that the gb come out.

I am very pleased with my decision, especially now that the results are coming in.....

My First Flush, by Juniper Berry

On the morning of the flush, I started out my day with a 24 ounce glass of lemon water, two cups of chamomile tea, and 2400 mg of malic acid. All I had to eat all day was a granny smith apple. I finished it at 1p.m. At 5, I had a plain water enema. At 5:40, I had a hot water bottle treatment over my liver. At 6 I took my first dose of ES (1 T salts in 3/4 cup water) and I mixed it with the juice of a granny smith apple. Had the same at 8. I jumped on my mini trampoline for a bit. I felt no pain or discomfort while doing that. Since I have never done a flush before, I really don’t know whether it made a difference in my results or not. It just sounded like a fun thing to try. I was not able to have a BM before bedtime, as my bowels are sluggish. At 10, I had 1/2 cup olive oil mixed with 1/2 cup lemon juice, fresh squeezed and strained., and drank it down with 8 ornithine capsules. I shook the liquids together and the lemon juice seemed to help emulsify the olive oil. It didn’t get thick or stringy.

After drinking the stuff, I laid down on my right side with my right knee pulled up as high as possible and stayed there until 2:10 am. I didn’t go to sleep right away. I wanted to listen to my body for awhile. My pulse was bounding and fast, and I believe I could feel my gb spasming, and Gallstones coming down the ducts.

At 2:10 am, I woke and was feeling nauseous. I went to the bathroom. I began to grow very hot. Waves of heat kept flowing through me. I believe it was because of the Epsom Salts not still in my bowels and all the stuff in there with them that needed to come out. I moved my bowels four or five times. Then horrible nausea came hard. My mouth started salivating. I tried to think of anything else. It kept growing stronger. My body gave one wretching heave as I sat on the toilet, then a series of “phantom” heaves. They weren’t wretching, but something seemed to be spasming somewhere. With each spasm, I felt better and the nausea left me. I was dripping wet with sweat by the time it was over. I never did vomit, and by 2:40, I felt awesome!! Totally brand new! I almost came on the internet to post my experience right then and there, but I figured I should just wait and see what happened. Plus I needed to get back to sleep. But first I searched my collander. I found 22 bright emerald green stones, about the size of split peas. I had at least that many smaller ones floating in the toilet that had gone through the collander. Last night at three I noted in my diary that I didn’t feel that I was through passing stones. One of these first stones was about 1/2 inches across.

I’m not done posting, but this post is getting awfully long, and I want to get it posted.

Much more to come...



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