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Issue 105: Near Death Experience - NDE
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Published: 16 years ago
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Issue 105: Near Death Experience - NDE

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Near Death Experience - What Can We Learn?

 Children too young to have absorbed our adult views and ideas of death, share first-hand accounts of out-of-body travel, telepathic communication and encounters with dead friends and relatives. Melvin Morse gives proof that there is that elusive "something" that survives "bodily death."

One extra-ordinary experience reported on CureZone Forums:

  1. NDE-Going to the Light  - On my way to a military school I was involved in a car accident during a flash-flood.  As my car began to roll over and over I experienced an extraordinary Near Death Experience.  I had a life review, I saw my life flash before my eyes.  I saw every event of my life from outside of my body ... it was 3 dimensional ... like a 3D movie of my life ... as if I was an observer of each event ... different events had different levels of importance more
  2. The Journey to the Light -  I want you to know how this this going to The Light experience is not a scary thing ... I did feel a little disoriented at first though ... There was darkness at first ... Then there was spinning whirling tunnel around me ... read more
  3. Re: The Journey to the Light - Im sorry ... I know you want to hear the story ... but It is difficult to say stuff about the NDE in words ... It is like saying describe love .... It takes time to digest each part of the experience .... I did indeed have an NDE .... I have a twelve inch scar on the back of my neck...where my neck was fused...c-4-5-6.
    If that proves just proves that I could have had an NDE. I think the real proof of my experience is the changes in my outlook on life ...  read more
  4. Re: N D E    ...when I returned...I could no longer consider myself a "good person." My selfish sexuality, my self centered actions, my wretched flesh could never compare to the spiritual me that I became when I died...I knew very well what good was, "God=Love=Good", and I knew I could never measure up to that kind of goodness ... read more
  5. My NDE dramatically changed my belief system  -  You are belief system...which is composed of a million "brainwashings" ... tries to force itself on the memory of my NDE ... because ... my mind tries to stereotype what I experienced so that people who have never had this experience can understand it.  
    Example: Quantum Physics may very well describe the subatomic world better than any other science...but if you can't say how it works to people who don't know physics...then it will have no meaning to them. ... read more
  6. For Lapis   What if every soul existed before time was created ... perfect ... without blemish? Now imagine that free will was given to every spirit. Some of these free willed spirits hid from the light(1/3) And the rest of the free willed beings chose to remain in the light ... read more
  7. Evey person has their own learnings to do  Some souls are born into bodies that are broken from conception. They chose to learn something by being born into those bodies. I chose this body with a mind that could be autistic (maybe Asperger's Syndrome) and dyslexic to learn the lessons I wanted to learn. Everyone chooses.  Imagine someone being born and aborted as a fetus. This being chose to only experience the learning that comes from being in the mother's womb... Imagine heaven as a learning organization ... read more
  8. Re: Every person has their own learnings to do   If you can overcome blindness...alcoholism...mental illness...or other so-called incurable  conditions... by getting rid of these dark spirits in your own life... It would be a blessing to your future generation and those you love if you can stop the cycle of spirits from attacking those you love. I may have overcome some fearful spirits in my life but even if they made me stronger... I still don't want my friends and family to go through what I had to go through to overcome the character flaws I have had to overcome... read more
  9. Re: LOVE  - One thing about my NDE that makes it remarkable to me is that once you know what real love looks like, human love is only a weak substitute. As much as I try, I can never equal the loving kindness of the being I met because no matter how I try, I will have selfish motives for my actions. That doesn't mean I should not try. I just recognize that I have learning left to do before my love is perfected....  read more
  10. Love: Ideas. Intention, & Will   ... Imagine if Al Gore was president...His intentions and George Bush Jr's intentions are very different. Who know knows how the world would look today if one person's intentions were followed instead of another person's intentions. Intention is important... read more
  11. Paulette ...  When I called the being on the other side "God" it He/She did not say...I'm not God. I answer to a lot of names too. Some children from Mexico sometimes call me "Miss" because they don't yet know how to identify a male teacher as MR. But I answer to it sometimes. I also answer to several other slaughterings of my name. Some kids call me by another teacher's name. The other kids make fun of them. I don't. I just let it ride... read more
  12. Faith in the Afterlife ... Faith is something I don't have. Do you have faith your mother exists? No. You don't need faith. You know she exists. I know there is a life after this life.  Knowing puts me at a distinct advantage while contemplating the after-life. I have spent over 20 years trying to understand why I was given the gift of having a Near Death Experience. I have benefited so much from my "knowing." I could hardly speak about my experience for years... read more
  13. NDE: And the this Ultimate Expression of Love spoke to me
  14. Paulette : ) I answer to a lot of names
  15. The Name of the Light  ... people with different belief system experience the being we met through their own belief system. This being who I met is this loving awesome being I call Yah....but ask someone from an Eastern religion who they met and they may say they met Buddah or Krishna or maybe some type of energy field. The orbs I experienced were the souls of people going out of heaven.... read more
  16. Return To Earth: Do your really want to know? ... It was an amazing trip in retrospect....but I was not in awe... I could conrtol my movements... but I was falling at a blinding speed.
    Then in front of me was a blue marble... Earth.... IT WAS BEAUTIFUL....Perfect....Uncontaminated..Illuminated....Earth had become clean....and pure... Then....A huge explosion from the center of the Earth occured.... read more

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