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Published: 3 years ago


As I write this post today, I’m closing out seven months of my own de-parasiting journey. I’ve finally got the numbers of my “critters” down to a manageable size, and I do believe now that I will beat this.

My situation was an extreme one, and was probably worthy of medical study if I had encountered the right doctor. (Sound familiar?) I think I'm a medical freak, likely because I carry EHLERS-DANLOS SYNDROME (a pretty common DNA defect causing faulty collagen and too much keratin. It gives skin parasites more dead skin-cell buildup as protection while they hide.)

I guess that's my best guess as to why this nightmare happened to ME. I'm at the point where I REALLY NEED A GOOD REASON! to justify the following story. Thus, in hopes of brevity, I’m going to break my parasitic experience down into bullet points.


• I am a 52-year old Caucasian woman who has battled multiple chronic health issues for at least the past 25 years. What started as anxiety/depression/fatigue turned into unusual thyroid nodules and a small “spot” on my lung; borderline Type 1 Diabetes due to pancreatic failure; severe allergies; burning, itching, and crawling sensations; tooth decay and loss; unexplained anemia and nutritional deficiencies; rampant infections and acne; transient gastrointestinal pseudo blockages; very early menopause; and visual and neurological problems.

• During the past three years, I’d been taking oral hydrocortisol from time to time to aid failing adrenals, and received several steroid shots for allergies.

• Through two decades of specialist visits, hospitalizations, and massive out-of-pocket expenditures, I dealt with great—and not-so-great—doctors. NOT A SINGLE ONE brought up the concept of PARASITES. Some helped as best they could, while others palpably saw me as an upper-middle-class perimenopausal woman just desperate for attention (medical documentation not withstanding). It was a mixed bag, and me and my family had pretty much given up until serious neurological issues last October led to a brain MRI (recommended by an ER physician!) that revealed white-matter brain lesions indicative of Multiple Sclerosis.

• By Christmas, I was also suffering hallucinations and demonstrating unstable behavior. Things were going south very, very quickly.

• My family hired an out-of-network doctor to fully investigate the source of my brain lesions. I underwent more brain MRIs confirming lesions, and ones for the thoracic and cervical spine that were were lesion-free. I underwent a spinal tap, which only revealed that I was deficient in Immunoglobulin G and had zero eosinophils.

• By January of 2020, we were out of answers. I couldn’t drive and could barely think or get out of bed. I soldiered on with a new, oddly-inflamed, papular rash developing on my face and back. Each lesion had a black center; as soon as a center cleared, another one would take its place. I sought advice from both a family doctor and dermatologist who were baffled by the lesion content, yet palpably settled on self-infliction and a delusional parasitosis diagnosis.

• Just as COVID-19 began making the rounds in the U.S., I realized that my odd lesions ALSO contained RED, BLACK, and BLUE FIBERS…as in, the stuff of MORGELLON’S. I presented that last bit of information to my dermatologist, who promptly offered an Rx for Valium. After so much suffering and dead ends, that particular indignity was just too much, so I walked out of my derm's office in late January with a resolve to handle "the problem"--whatever it might be--on my own.


• I read, read, read…medical sites, scientific sites, World Health Organization, and--most importantly--CureZone. (Thank God for CureZone! Although it's often anecdotal information, I found some real gems in poster suggestions, and also realized that my misery had--sadly--plenty of company.

• I soon suspected that I had a cutaneous larval/disseminated parasitic infection that had turned off my immune system (scary stuff with COVID rearing its head!) and could possibly be causing my other mounting health problems. By January of this year, my neurologist asked me to consider IgG infusions to bolster my immune system, but backed off when I said I thought parasites were the likely cause. She said it would be better to just "go deal with that", because more meds could just make it worse. THIS happened two weeks before we cancelled a Spring Break trip to London because COVID was becoming a serious risk for immunocompromised travelers.

• I microscopically studied the particles coming out of my skin lesions, and started identifying particular parasitic worms that were YES! COMING OUT OF MY SKIN. (Who ever imagined that could happen? Was I hallucinating?) EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. HAIR FOLLICLE. ON MY BODY. The main offender looks to be STRONGYLOIDES, which is tiny and clear and virtually invisible. I also identified hookworms...and much later, FLUKES of all persuasions.

• Although I started taking horse paste Ivermectin internally, my first real focus was attacking the larval infections topically, because the skin pain and disfigurement were maddening. (I'M SO VAIN...) Big mistake! It only made it much worse. As I scrubbed and picked and abused my skin with every anti-parasitic medication...herb...disinfectant under the sun, I could literally feel the soul-less entities moving across my skin to other areas to create more lesions. I continued with the oral ivermectin and skin stuff for four months, spending hours a day scrubbing at my skin; coating it with Ivermectin or coconut oil; even sleeping with coats of Vaseline from soup-to-nuts. It was quite unpleasant for me, and not a good time for my husband, as it took him a couple of months to finally and fully buy in to the whole parasite theory to begin with. Still, every horrible DIY effort held a golden promise that I'd be parasite-free and fully human by morning...and how could I not embrace that idea?

• I was a nervous wreck—especially during the first few months. Words can’t express the pain and anxiety of going through this crap alone. My friends and family first took it with a grain of salt, meaning I had no one to really lean on. Trust me--you really NEED a non-judgmental someone who can hear that your skin's literally being consumed by an unidentified pestilence. My best move early on was finding a therapist—one who honestly BELIEVED me--from the get-go. I had a few semi-suicidal days, but I got through them with her support--and eventually that of family and friends.

• My husband and son REALLY got on board after they watched me pull the SECOND inch-long hookworm out of my mouth. That was several months ago.

• During those early months of my efforts, my skin improved and mostly cleared, but I still continued to see worm populations in virtually every other part of my body—guts…eyes, nose, and ears…lips…between my teeth…fingernails and toenails…even at the entrance to my bladder.

• Around three months ago, I changed the focus away from my skin and really started paying attention to the internal situation. After all, what’s the point in nailing down a cutaneous infection when the stronghold is hiding in your intestines? Switching from Ivermectin to Fenbenzadole (the Safe-Guard goat preparation) was a huge game-changer! It started moving large cysts out of my digestive system.

• Consistently adding in garlic, herbs, and (oil-roasted and salted, even!) pumpkin seeds took things a considerable step further.

• Also during these past three months, I frequently started spraying my skin with Hypochlorous Acid. Remember that name! It sounds harmful, but it’s actually a disinfectant used for cleaning AND first-aid purposes. It’s an electrolyzed solution of water with a tiny bit of vinegar and salt thrown in. Yes, you CAN buy it on Amazon! I had tried spraying live, moving Strongyloides larva on a countertop with bleach--then vinegar--but it was only hypochlorous acid that put them to a DEAD STOP. I used so much of it for my skin and cleaning my bath areas that I decided to buy a generator for about $250 so I could make my own. Strongyloides in particular can’t survive without protective bacteria, so this surface disinfectant shut the maddening, itchy cutaneous issues down much faster. The doxycycline I took for a month can’t even compare to what I accomplished with several squirts of hypochlorous acid spray. Read about it here: .

• We’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool. Last month, I began swimming every day. Swimming didn't just improve my health and strength (because I hadn't exercised in years.) The chlorine began--literally--to leave my cutaneous larva dead in the water! (Not a pleasant site, I assure you...) It also knocked out populations in places too fragile to scrub out—like my eyes.

• Other things that caused marked advances even in the past few weeks: serrapeptase and bromelain for busting open casings around cysts; a daily teaspoon of pure cloves oil; CoQ10; and sucking on lots of RED HOT FIREBALL candy. (The strong cinnamon kills mouth worms like nothing else, and has knocked out the bloody cysts and creatures in my sinuses, throat, and esophagus as well. Not fun coming out, but who knew they were even there?)


• Don't dare ask me for proof. I have hundreds of photos--some of which I'll share here--and a freezer full of ghoulish physical samples. Even though I no longer feel the need to prove anything, I'm holding on to them for a while. This predicament took so much from me...from my life...from my potential...that I need to hold onto something--for now--that's tangible enough to blame.

• I don’t assume to be a wise, legendary poster like Sharkman. In fact, I’m only posting this one, single time for the purpose of sharing my hope with others. I'm sorry that I can't stick around to answer questions, but I really want to forget as much of what I went through as soon as possible. I also didn’t follow one sound plan and stick to it, so can’t pretend to offer medical advice. In the end, I wasted an insane amount of money on medicines, topicals, and natural treatments without knowing what would be most effective. I used dozens of tubes of Ivermectin--topically as well as internally--and gambled with absorbing far more that I should have. I dismissed a slow-but-reliable regimen like the ones put forth on CureZone and chose to frantically and frenetically dive in. I paid the price with a lot of unpleasant experiences: one time after some vigorous eyelid scrubbing, dying worms released so much histamine that my eyes swelled shut for three days.

• I AM posting because I see a dangerous mentality among physicians that we Americans don’t “get” parasitic worms, even as the rest of the world acknowledges this universal health risk. We’re considered “too clean”; “too wealthy”; and “too educated” to suffer from vermin that supposedly touch every other country but ours. Yet here I am: a Master’s-degree-level, suburban-dwelling, middle-aged American white lady whom—--I am certain—-may have very well died from parasitic worms, particularly Strongyloides. YES. IT WAS THAT BAD.

• I’m appalled that my family spent hundreds of thousand dollars and many wasted years on diagnostic tests and specialists, and no one ever brought up parasites. Since COVID pretty much shut down any recent chance of finding a good infectious disease specialist, I was forced to rely on Internet advice and veterinary drugs from Amazon to work this mess out.

• Today I can say I’m 95% past my infection, and almost all of my crazy medical problems have disappeared. I look and feel thirty years younger; I’m finally seeing a brain-fog-free future. I will never forget how lucky I am, and how God and the universe were really on my side to get me through it all.

• An infection like mine didn’t happen overnight. I believe I’ve had parasites for most of my life, and often wonder which choices sealed my fate. Was it the occasional childhood barefoot romp in the yard? My animal-loving tendencies? My affection for sushi and steak tartare? The fruit and produce I—--until just recently—--only rinsed off in water? There are so many possibilities, and I’ll never pinpoint ta single, finite occasion that triggered the parasitic hyperinfection that sent everything south.

• My journey is not yours, and I pray yours will never become as severe or potentially deadly as mine. I am not—--nor will I every be—--a parasitic disease expert. I’m only here to offer the one thing I can confidently share: HOPE by way of an unbelievably happy ending.

As a professional journalist for public health issues, I actually considered relaying my experience to some well-known medical journal or advocacy organization. In the end, though, I decided it would best reach and serve those of you on the front lines who are supporting each other on CureZone. What YOU are doing, my friends, is what grassroots change looks like. You're making the difference here by supporting each other and sharing information--every waking day--with BIG PHARMA pleasantly cropped out of the picture.

All told, my parasitic infection experience—-in every sense demeaning, expensive, humiliating, and horrific—-is a waking nightmare from which way too many of you suffer. I know that fortune was in my favor; that not everyone has the means for specialists and tests and unlimited shot-in-the-dark treatments and the chance to stay at home and focus on healing. There's nothing about me that betters deserves this healthy conclusion. I will never forget how lucky I am, nor how low I got on those nights I cried myself to sleep for fear that the worms would eventually “win”. They didn’t, though…because they’re only ALMOST as stubborn as I am.

• Please…if you’re one of those who’s suffering and struggling…keep up the fight! I absolutely agree with Sharkman that Morgellon’s is actually a cutaneous manifestation of particular, “Pelodera” Strongyloides, because I examined so much lost head and body hair with those little black/red/blue filaments and Strongyloides larva curled around the roots. More on that here:,matter%20and%20can%20be%20very%20abundant%20there%20%5B1-3%5D.

• I’ve added a few photos from my journey. The first two show evidence of parasite presence in those early months (LOOK AT MY NECK!, where subcutaneous larva implanted themselves along a healthy jugular blood supply) . I also show an early lesion with the black centers on my shoulder: . The last one shows the items that chlorine pulled out of my skin in the pool JUST YESTERDAY (pickled in hydrogen peroxide, of course):

• I send my peace and love to all of you. Never, ever, EVER give up! I almost did a few times, when that ever-elusive recovery really was always just right around the corner! Mankind has survived horrendous parasites from our beginnings-- well before primary care and pharmaceutical solutions. I assert that nature, conventional wisdom, and your loving family/friends/online community can provide almost all you need to beat these little crawly bastards.

Please stay safe and healthy! This is the best and most reliable insight I have to give. I can only pray that my story encourages at least one more sufferer to fight this to the end and come out swinging! If that can happen, my suffering (which WAY sucked!) was never in vain...and has to count for something.

Cheers, and signing out! (A Texas girl).

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