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Need some help with what I think is a superbug
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Published: 10 months ago

Need some help with what I think is a superbug

Hey guys, I'm new to curezone, but have been lurking for over a year. I have found much useful information that gas helped me along the way. Alright, here goes. This post might be a little lengthy.

I was diagnosed with "MS" last year in June. Leading up to it, I had lots of floaters in my left eye, sometimes many, sometimes just one. The Chinese Doctor I went to told me my liver was in bad shape, would poke my ears with a pin, and voilà, less floaters, better vision. He said it was connected to the liver. I believed him.

Six mobth before my diagnosis, I took my clients out to a fancy steakhouse and ate fillet mignon. Within a week, all my bms totally changed. The were pale white for 2 weeks, my doctor said it was the gallbladder or liver. Following this, I started losing weight rapidly. I was 165 , went down to 125 in two months. It was so scary, nothing I did or ate seemed to put on weight. I could feel a parasite around my rectum holding stool in, changing the shape, and many bowel movements. I was also very dizzy and out of it. I must have gone to emergency 20 times. They did every test they could, it all came back normal. For the weight loss, the internalist told me to keep a food log. So many floaters....

So in my quest to not die, I found a very good Naturopath. She put my on 1500 mg of goldenseal root and chlorophyll. Within 2 months, my weight reached 156, and my bms were normal, once a day! I was elated! We also did a stool test. The only thing it showed was remnants of roundworm. She told me I might have had it, or I might still have it. Didn't know what to make of that.

But that didn't last long. Soon after, I started losing weight slowly. I had to eat lots of carbs and fats to maintain weight. It always felt like there was something in my stomach. But even the doctors data stool test didn't show tapeworm. It did show citrobacter farmeri, which I haven't been able to find anything about. I was told to consume grapefruit seed extract for it.

About one week leading up to my MS diagnosis, I had increasingly severe double vision, and firm black floaters. I went to get the treatment again at the Chinese doctor, but it didn't reduce my floaters or help my double vision improve. Two days later, I awoke with only gray vision in my right eye. I was diagnosed with "MS" and put on steroids. It helped the vision slightly, did nothing even close to lutein, eyebright and the keto diet.

So now, more than a year has passed. I'm 141 and have tried everything to stop losing weight. I could feel my pants getting looser when not eating past 4 hours.I've recently done colonics, berberine, peroxide, Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , you name it. The recent colonic, especially the coffee one, made my stomach very angry. Lots of bm, some small, dark, but most important, pain in the upper middle stomach around the gallbladder. I have resumed goldenseal and have upped my dose or Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , and there are more floaters in my left eye, and some new ones in my right the evening, there are slight "flashes" in my left eye. Today I ate some sweet potatoes and one whole avocado with lunch, and it caused a bad discomfort in my upper stomach, around the gallbladder area I guess? Either way, I'm doing a Liver Flush this weekend.

Also, I'm never hungry. Something in the stomach is not happy, and it's letting me know. Stools are different every morning. There is always lots of gas after a bm, sometimes diarrhea.

So my question is should I keep on hitting the goldenseal? It has been making me dizzy and slightly useless in the day, all fuzzy with changed perception, but it was what fixed me the first time. I don't know what else to do, and nobody else can help me. I would be very grateful for any guidance that can put me in the good light, fix these health problems, so I can find a girl and get married. Oh that's right, I forgot to mention when the white stools started, my sex drive went out the window, and I have gotten pots of new moles,have red spots on my arms. The sex drive did come and go over this time, but it's gone again with the goldenseal and whatever super bug it is fighting back. Everyone just assumed it's the "MS".

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