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Re: Hulda Clark Mop-up program vs MMS - which to use?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Hulda Clark Mop-up program vs MMS - which to use?

Thank you so much for the link - tons of good info I hadn't found yet & the info- I rlly appreciate it. I know my med history is kind of complicated yet I also feel like I'm totally on my own in this case (even though I have 4 specialists I see at Stanford hospital here in California, they all seem Clueless about how to address this problem fully & about what had been causing my health problems in the last 3 years (since I found the parasites just by accident doing an herbal parasite cleanse- I'd been previously diagnosed w/"IBS" and other sort of mysterious things that I don't even think are real diseases & their only answers had been symptom control while I wanted to truly heal)- as well as finding irregularities like low white blood cell count, low vitamin D, etc. but were never able to explain this nor the myriad of symptoms i've had for 3 yrs (like IBS, no period for 3 yrs, severe fatigue after having a period of feeling great after beating mrsa, brain fog, etc. even though I've had every test & there's no 'medical' reason why these things are happening & I've had long periods of time also being a 100% raw vegan, juicing so many greens, seemingly doing everything "right" health & diet wise yet seeing Very Little health benefits & actually just getting worse & worse). I found out I had parasites almost by accident after trying almost every type of cleanse, supplement, herbs, type of diet, etc. looking for an answer hoping something would work - I finally did a parasite cleanse not expecting to see Anything & found out I had tons of parasites. The more I researched it, the more I began to think that alot of my mysterious symptoms, GI issues/IBS, amenorrhea, etc. might have been caused by parasites & it all started to make sense how maybe all of these things went together as the symptoms of one larger problem. And, I also began worrying that since I've also had some pretty serious infections (as well as other rare opportunistic infections while I had MRSA & my immune system was just shut down) that the parasites might have been holding onto alot of pathogens & began worrying that alot of these pathogens might get released in the process of killing the parasites (& wondering why I got so so sick at times in the process of killing them, what seemed like more intense than what others experienced during herx reaction). I even began to question how long I'd had the parasites, if they might have had something to do with getting such a bad systemic septic MRSA infection in the first place (& I also had 6 blood transfusions while in the hospital for MRSA & I've heard that they don't screen the blood for parasites & it's a possible infection source). And, I've sort of given up on my doctors being able to treat this parasite problem effectively - they seem to sort of brush it off after giving me a single dose of Albendazole which they believe will kill all the parasites, all at once, forever- the more research I do on this, the more I find this to be a totally ridiculous idea that u can kill them all in a single day with a single RX drug. And, they seem sort of uninterested in finding out exactly what type of parasites I have exactly- they found one type & just wanted to stop there (now I just sent off 2 more stool samples on my own screening for both larger parasites as well as a variety of bacterial/microscopic ones so I can find out for myself so I know how to address this)- finding out exactly what's there seems to Me to be one of the most important parts of addressing how to treat this effectively.
And, you're so right: the longer I do this, the more I've come to realize that it is a long process that I'll have to do in cycles to get all the layers of this thing & that I'm sort of on my own to regain my health from this issue- the various parasites, their eggs, the biofilms, etc. & also with nutritional balancing & restoring various vitamins, probiotics, minerals, etc. to my system & that I have to pull back at times for my own sake (when I first started I just went gung-ho on the parasite cleansing & I believe depleted my already weak body b/c u are in effect poisoning yourself & doing some serious purging of your system which is also very depleting).
But, embarking on this, I want to make sure I'm doing an effective protocol b/c it is alot of work & takes alot of time & effort.
But, back to the original question- so, while both are oxidizing, the Hulda Clark mop-up is more specifically for tape worms while the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement serves a different purpose {& seems Very effective on certain parasites like the ones that cause Malaria which makes me think it'd be very effective for other blood born & microbial parasites as well as other harmful bacteria & viruses which I might also have (& hopefully I'll know more when I get my latest tests back from the lab), it's just harder to know b/c u can't see them the way u can larger ones; but maybe it's good to assume that if u have large ones u can see that u probably have smaller ones u can't see esp since there are so many more species of microscopic ones than there are larger ones} ... I've looked into alot of the stuff about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement & autism- it's what first sort of peaked my interest about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement actually. And, there'a Alot of mixed info about MMS & parasites online: some people say it's the ultimate solution for parasites while other people say that it isn't as effective as the Hulda Clark herbal protocol and/or something like turpentine... And, then I found this protocol : that's sort of a 3 step process of reducing heavy metals, then reducing pathogens like larger parasites & candida via turpentine, then reducing more toxins, pathogens and viruses via MMS then going back & sweeping up all the heavy metals released in the last 2 steps; and the man who created it used it for AIDS as well as alot of other opportunistic infections which seemed serious enough that if it worked for him for his health issue that it'd be strong enough to work for whatever pathogens I'm dealing with (& I was already experimenting w/turpentine after doing some rudimentary heavy metal detox with DE & zeolites) ... It is interesting how it is like peeling an onion- that u can go years w/o really knowing what it is that's causing you to feel so unwell & when you start to Really detox and dig down into the layers of toxicity & pathogens in your body, you just find more & more and start to see more and more of the scope of the problem. And, I guess we all want the magic answer that just makes it go away but it's not that simple- you don't get unwell overnight so you can't fix it overnight either...
Anyways, thanks so much for the info & hope you're having a lovely night!

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