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Re: What do you think of my daily supplements?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: What do you think of my daily supplements?

It is my opinion that you are taking too many supplements - if you need to take that many supplements, they no longer supplement your diet and are the main course or focus of your diet. Supplements are far inferior to the real thing like whole foods that are chock full of synergistic nutrients. Use that supplement money on fresh produce instead. Forget the powdered greens and eat real greens that have not been processed. Instead of the digestive enzymes, get real enzymes from real fresh foods like fresh papaya. Even frozen foods have been blanched which removes the enzymes, so get your food from the fresh produce section at the store not the frozen or canned aisle. Produce = enzymes. Frozen/canned = no enzymes. Eat as many greens as possible, stay away from grains - there is a reason why grass fed beef/buffalo are leaner and healthier than grain fed animals, same goes for humans. Free range animals are much healthier because they eat fresh grass leaves and bugs, along with some dirt and bacteria (probiotics) in the sunshine, and we humans eat processed / sterilized / canned / blanched foods loaded with chemicals while sitting under fluorescent lighting and staring at a fluorescent computer screen and wonder why we feel and look like crap.

You should not be eating gluten anyway. Yes some people tolerate wheat but it's not the wonder food most people think even if you are not "gluten intolerant" or have coeliac disease. Soy is bad don't eat it for many reasons - it is estrogenic for one. Milk is loaded with estrogens and hormones that keep cows fat and pregnant, it ends up in the milk you drink, and milk is naturally designed for babies to gain weight. Nature did not design milk for adults, especially milk from a different species, especially from artificially induced "pregnant" cows, especially from those cows that were pumped full of antibiotics, hormones, and were fed pesticide laden grains instead of the grasses that used to produce healthy *baby* *cows*.

Calcium from greens or sardines is far superior to calcium from supplements or milk. Inferior calcium sources cause calcium stones.

The B-complex supplements are probably the cause of your orange urine, which is wasted money and effort. Get B's from real sources where your body can use them like egg yolks (add them to your Vitamixes). Egg yolks are one of the few natural Vitamin D sources that you can get other than the sun. Get a daily dose of sun to control your hormones, and get healthy sleep every night for the same reason. Caffeine and chlorine will harm your adrenals and hormones.

In short, MACROmanage your diet. MICROmanaging your diet is less healthy, more expensive, and you are far more likely to give up. Keep it simple. Shop at the grocery store more than the vitamin store. Get some blackstrap molasses which is filled with nutrients and used to be considered a daily dose regimen for health.

I would also do some liver flushes for the skin problems.

And... congratulations on reversing the lack of nutritional knowledge in your family. Your future generations will thank you for it!


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