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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: 2/1 response for a "must read" for everybody


Hi Uny,
I’ll try to get to all the questions you left for me.
In regards to the muscle testing I do ask various questions to check, such as “am I sensitive to this”, “am I allergic to this”, “does my body need this”, “could my body use this”, “do I need to use this herb at this time” etc. Based on the answers I get I then give it some thought with common sense in regards to what I was testing and apply was my gut says is right. I also check to see if the person is “switched” / their polarity is off. Quite often I can’t test people due to their being overly exposed to some form of radiation recently such as EMFs or for some other reason. So I am careful to make sure I’m not working with someone who isn’t going to test ok.
I also know when I’m looking for a certain answer or have any form of bias that anything I test that falls under it won’t necessarily be accurate so I’ll step away from it or like I mentioned have someone else test me while I’m blinded/Eyes closed so I won’t know what I’m testing so my biases aren’t involved. At the same time I’m always keeping an open mind to any result.
In regards to challenging it or trying to falsify tests I absolutely agree that it can be done HOWEVER I also believe if a person goes in with any form of intention to see if they can fool the tests or judge the answers which come then you’ll inevitably begin to receive answers that go with that intention.
Beyond all this though I still view it as just a tool that like all things is never perfect as I view nothing as 100% in life so to say I use muscle testing as an absolute would be inaccurate it’s more of an added thing I do generally after I experience a reaction to something and I want answers regarding why.
Regarding the 'negative muscle test' to activated charcoal?  I can see no possible way the test was accurate, because I just checked your orders, and you do not possess any activated charcoal from us (unless you got it from someone else).
I still have some IF as I had actually stopped it a little while back as I have been developing sensitivities to just about everything (Started well before doing Schulze) and eventually it seemed the IF was also an issue. I just started going through the ingredients while muscle testing and charcoal just kept coming up. I didn’t want to believe it (I ordered the blend with extra charcoal for a reason lol!) so I continued taking it, still had reactions of shortness of breath which I only ever seem to have when I have an allergy like reaction. I did about 2 more muscle tests with various questions and it continued to say charcoal and also said it was a sensitivity. This doesn’t surprise me though because like I mentioned I was great with garlic then I started getting this type of reaction from it as well, although I’m a little better with it recently. In fact at the time when I had reacted to the garlic I had juiced a bulb with some celery, something I had been juicing a lot of. I hadn’t even suspected the celery but recently I decided to test it & when I tested it showed that I should lay off the celery, where-as in smaller amounts I would be ok with the garlic.
In regards to the herbs they’re all organic or wildcrafted, none of the wildcrafted being from India or Asia.
You won't be allergic to anything once your liver is healed & decongested.  Btw, you may have noticed, I do not believe adrenal stress is responsible for allergies.  This is another "science/medicine" claim that is not supported by simple logic.  Children develop allergies/asthma after vaccines (and antibiotics/pharmaceuticals) - all are huge stressers on the liver.  Children RARELY have adrenal issues.  Adults develop allergies when exposed to chemicals and other liver stressers...with or without adrenal issues.  I've helped many people over allergies and 'food reactions' via liver healing/cleansing, and of course, there's hundreds of stories on the "liver flush forum" of people that have been cured of allergies via liver flushing alone.   
In regards to my beliefs regarding the adrenals, liver (& now maybe heart : s) issue. I do believe 100% that the liver is at the core and when I eventually get it completely cleansed out I’ll feel supremely better, with fingers crossed the end of all my food & environmental sensitivities. It’s just that my problems really just started out of nowhere after many years of already eating clean, detoxifying etc, far from the SAD diet. Not to say these efforts cleansed my liver out to a significant degree, but I do personally believe I was doing enough to prevent any further harm to my liver at the time I only had my typical allergies to deal with & I was in fact feeling the healthiest I had felt in my entire life... until the heart pain/shortness of breath began out of nowhere which I go into below. Then the neck injury and sudden major stress at work coupled with avoidance of taking any drug based pain killers which the doctors tried to push on me to reduce the neck pain just burned out my adrenals from the excessive cortisol which I’m sure they were pumping out to reduce the inflammation. I’m sure that this probably also had a negative impact on my liver with all the cortisol my body was producing, but I still feel like it was the burnt out adrenals that got me here first. Then there’s the heart pain, shortness of breath which began suddenly and only progressed severely after my neck injury.
Again I’m not sure if this all came as a result of a heart problem or if this was all a symptom of my burnt out adrenals. If I had a superbly working liver prior to any of this it may have made a difference in how my adrenals handled this situation, I’m sure my liver was already in a state of needing further work like anyone elses. But the way it is now I need to get my adrenals up to a level where they’re stabilized so I can get back to focusing on the liver flushing & figuring out if it is in fact my adrenals which have been causing the heart pain & shortness of breath or not. I actually had some caffeinated tea by accident yesterday and I immediately got burnt out from it with shortness of breath so it all leads me believe again I need to pay more attention to my weakened adrenals which when strong enough will allow me to better tolerate things I’m sensitive to (Although the continued liver flushing I believe can then rid me of them for good). You might think this is backwards thinking, however as I mentioned the problem I have is just becoming burnt out from everything including the oils needed for the flushes. Part of this is my own fault as I’ve maintained a poor sleeping pattern for a great deal of my life, especially this past year where I just end up going to be by 4-5am & wake up at 1-2pm.
Just trying to say I absolutely see the need to do these liver flushes without a shadow of a doubt (my first one was before I ran into all of these problems) With all the stories of them eliminating allergies in my opinion only good can come from them, just this heart pain & shortness of breath which scares the hell out of me when it gets severe as it can from a large consumption of fat as the flush requires. As I just mentioned though in my other post I’m able to better tolerate oils somewhat than I was about a week ago. Which comes again to if I don’t sleep well I can’t breathe well all day, if I sleep well I feel like a champ as well my sensitivities/allergies are not as severe. If the problem was simply with my liver and that’s all then this shouldn’t be the case but I know when the adrenals are involved 1 nights sleep can make all the difference.
The shortness of breath though can be brought on from anything from poor sleep, eating too much at once (regardless of fats or something else, although fats seem to have the most prominent effect), exposure to allergens in the air. Even drinking too much vegetable juice too quickly sets me off as well. Had this reaction only occurred due to the juice drinking then I’d automatically assume a detox reaction, but in this case its simply the identical feeling to getting poor sleep or being around a cat for me. I know my toxic room was also another burden which definitely did nothing good for my liver or adrenals though. The room is becoming nothing more than a floor with 4 walls and yet even now when I enter it I can feel the difference right away. Still have no idea whats going on in there as the problematic furniture is all out. I’m starting to lean back to my initial suspicion of mold in the walls.
If I were you, I'd be VERY aggressive with my liver in every possible way that didn't involve oil - I'd immediately go back to 2 coffee enemas daily; definitely a castor oil pack every night; at the very minimum, 3 tablespoons of organic milk thistle seed powder mixed in with each & every Superfood smoothie (at least one daily); what I call "dedicated" foot reflexology for 15-30 minute sessions 2-3 daily ("dedicated" = no 'foot pad thingies' - direct application of intense pressure to the liver & gallbladder points), and hot/cold contrast therapy on the liver during the shower, and two other times daily.
Definitely going to up my Milk Thistle, I’ll get back to the back to back coffee enemas. Doing the hot/cold, I’ll try to spend more time on the liver than I already do. Is the back closer to the liver or the front of the body? I have tried doing castor oil packs on my adrenals which I think may have helped so I’ll try those again as well as the liver ones.
"dedicated" foot reflexology for 15-30 minute sessions 2-3 daily
I was wondering if you have a link to a post or a picture of where the liver spots are you recommend massaging since I can reach my toes relatively well from continued stretching I can do it for myself. (I really didn’t think much of the foot pad anyway lol.)
Again,  was this after you stopped the 2x daily coffee enemas?   I'm hearing a lot of "anxiety"...this protocol calls for cayenne 3x daily, and cayenne is a known reducer of anxiety. So, I have to ask if you're taking the daily cayenne?  (whoops I just see below that you're still taking it).
As I’m a firm believer in all the evidence with Cayenne and also feel if I DO in fact have a heart problem the cayenne can only help. The problem I’ve had though as I mentioned is I get these strange hiccups that make a bizarre sound like I’m inhaling with them, sometimes causes violent reactions, still haven’t vomited but have had feelings of coming close. So my question is how can even such a small amount of cayenne do this? More importantly why? Sometimes a dose as small as 1/16th will do it! I’ve tried both with and without food as well as the tincture and they all cause this. I still take it in divided doses but if I didn’t have this reaction I’d happily take 3 tsp per day which is what I want to do.
I've gotten out stones from CE's - Rocky's cousin (who was on the verge or having her gallbladder removed) got out a LOT of stones from one tablespoon of Epsom Salts.  And my cousin's hubby (a pharmacist) was recently hospitalized, became constipated from the horrible food, and had a major/double dose of some type of  'heavy hitter' milk of magnesia...and wallah, the same exact stones he'd seen with olive oil flushing, came out with absolutely no oil. 
This is very interesting, makes me lean towards believing they must be stones. I don’t know what to think to be honest with the whole liver stone are they real, aren’t they issue as some people tend to debate, I do believe that some of what comes out are genuine stones though. All I know is people feel better and in “most” cases I felt better from them too, which for me is the bottom line every time, hell I could be pooping out fairy dust and as long as I felt better I wouldn’t question it.
If I were you, I hit that "non oil liver regime" with gusto for 2-weeks solid, then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil before each CE for a couple of days...and see what you get. 
I’ll definitely try the olive oil before the CE, will need to start with a lower dose at first. Should be interesting.
How does the Lobelia work for the breathing?
Years ago when I used to get chronic bronchitis in the winter months, lobelia was a life saver, however with these breathing problems it unfortunately doesn’t seem to make a difference. (p.s When I cleaned up my diet & started using oregano the bronchitis went away)
MEAT/PROTEIN?  Oh dear - well, there's one key...excess protein (and especially meat) are the "anti healers".  Schulze/Christopher/Gerson (it doesn't get any better than that trio) - all 'no meat' and it didn't matter what the disease or issue.  Juicing/vegan = 55 grams of protein daily on Gerson's program.  Please read through these if you want to understand why this is true.  
Yeahhhhh, lol. I know you probably saw in my other post, that basically I was wasting away but I can tolerate some meat and I find it really helps me from wasting away with my ectomorphic body of mine : ) I actually read through those links too and immediately after cut out the protein, didn’t really notice too much of a difference to be honest but I did drop about 10 lbs. Since adding it back in and taking protein shakes with Non GMO pea/brown rice protein I’ve managed to gain back about 6 lbs. I do feel better with the protein, it isn’t excessive though by any means though, I still have days without meat & when I do eat it, it’s generally 1 meal and a small-moderate portion size. The entire tiem I was doing detox protocols I avoided meat.
As for pushing through I've been a little ridiculous lately since I've said to hell with my breathing & low energy I want to get fit & exercise and I would try to go out for a walk/run and would soon find myself getting faint and almost passing out & ending up in another burnout panic.
::::sigh:::: what AM I going to do with you?  lol
Haha, yeah I’ve been told that more than a few times for various reasons.
Ooooh, I get a big red flag on Cat's Claw.  If I remember right (quick check) yes, it's high in oxalic acid, hence can cause kidney stones.  And I've never found anything it can do that other (what I consider safer) herbs can do.   It's an immune stimulant, and it's known to cause allergic reactions.  eeek. 
Hmm I’ll let you know how it goes then. I just got it in the mail, definitely not liking the oxalic acid or allergy potential though : ( What would you suggest instead for an anti-inflammatory herb?
make sure you have a stethescope so you can hear just how effective the non-oil protocols are for you...and exactly where the liver/gallbladder spots are on your feet).
I think I need a new one then. I tried using my moms old nursing one when she briefly did that but I couldn’t hear a thing! In fact I think I heard more without it,lol.
I believe doing without the IF#2 (absorbing toxins) and stopping the CE's could be the reason you're starting to have more 'liver issues'/reactions/burnouts.
Not really, to be honest I was having the same reactions before, during & after I took a break from it all recently. I wish I could say this wasn’t the case because then I know I could just follow the protocols, improve and be healthy/happy. But my body seems to have a different plan on how I can approach all this.
Also, I don't know what (if anything) you're doing for stress relief or to induce calmness, but I'd like to hope you're being seriously aggressive on that front.  EFT is great.  Barefooting daily is essential.  Low/no EMFs (certainly no cell phones unless a total emergency).  If you do a search on "adrenal, EMFs", you'll find TONS of documentation that reads similar to this:
The very first rule of healing is to stop doing anything & everything that makes us sick.  And with adrenal issues, that's "eliminate stress"...and ditch anything and everything that can cause stress to the adrenals.   A room/home full of EMFs is JUST as bad for you as your "toxic room" was.  And there's no such thing as too much of doing absolutely NOTHING!  If there is anyway you possibly can, do a lot of "laying around", reading good books, listening to your favorite 'mellow music' (JT is one of my favorites for "chilling" :).  If you live 'in town', get a blanket and a pillow and get OUT of town (or at least to a big part), spread out the blanket and spend a few hours just laying there in the warm of the afternoon or early morning sun just examining the grass (and the incredible'world's of life' in just one square foot).  And when you get bored with that (if you can! lol), then get lost in all the cloud formations...while the earth pulls all the toxic EMFs and stress from your body, the gentle sunlight fills you full of healing energy and recharges your battery, and the soft breeze carries away all your troubles.  Remember, whether we believe we evolved from the earth or God created us from the earth...there's simply no place like home.  Nature is an AWESOME healer :)
EFT does help me at times, although when my breathing is at its weakest nothing helps, most things I try actually make it worse. Barefooting is great and I love it. EMFs are Definitely bad news for me. When I’m away from the city suburban areas and in the country I feel like I’m actually healing (slowly) but it feels like its possible, where-as at home there’s just too much EMF. I’m planning on moving down south for the winter and living on a beach hopefully, I believe the sun and salt water will heal me in ways nothing else can. The best I ever felt was when I went on a cruise ship and just breathed in ocean air for a week, that was over 10 years ago so I’m well overdue. I work online now so I can be anywhere with wi-fi, the downside being I’m also strapped to my laptop to ensure my survival... ironically : (. If I could find a legitamite device to lower EMFs on my laptop that works it would be great. I’ve tried one in the past and I really don’t think it was doing anything. At least the muscle testing concurred ; )
I want to also mention that I read this post here just now and I failed to mention to you that before I had my initial crash I had been experiencing heart pain & shortness of breath for somewhere between 1-2 years before I had my episode that sent me to the hospital unable to breathe properly. That night I had taken an ephedrine pill to stay awake before I went out driving as the shortness of breath fatigue had gotten so bad which only made my shortness of breath that much worse, it was a very low dose but apparently it was enough at the time to push me over the edge. All the symptoms that this person has I have as well & it all began just as his began. Several times I’ve questioned if I had developed a heart problem as I’ll still get pain from my heart and shortness of breath accordingly. I’ve been taking Hawthorn in small amounts each day to help. I’m curious if there’s any kind of test a doctor could do just so I could know if this is in fact the problem, they did an EKG which apparently said I have the heart of an ox which I found a little ironic. This was around the time they thought I was loony and tried to put me on anti-depressants... Which I believe is around the time I started browsing through your brand new forum and I met you : )
At the same time I know even if I found out there was a problem that I would still be on my own as there’s no way I’m letting them cut into my heart or giving me drugs for it. Still I would like to know, since exertion can really bring out the shortness of breath and sometimes even heart pain.



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